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Trump is not just Nixon, Gambino and Hitler on Steroid but a jigsaw puzzle per excellence!

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One would have thought that America with all her sophistication, her military power and technological breakthrough as the only surviving super power should have learned a lesson never again to fool around with a candidate similar in many ways to Richard Nixon, talk less of making him a major Party nominee or electing him to the highest seat of power in the World.

Those who fail to learn from History are predictably doomed to repeat it. By the same token if America does not get to the bottom of how the Russians and the KGB have colluded with Donald Trump to undermine American Elections, you can take it from me, it is going to happen again.

Donald Trump despite his political Armageddon  is already talking of a second term because he knew the Communists would be therefore for him again in 2020 in more clandestine ways than they did in 2016.

Russia is not the only country in the World to have a University devoted to Intelligence and Espionage for nothing. With their proven superiority in Cyber Technology they are going to do it again to fully retaliate for what America did to the old Soviet Union by using a CIA agent Mikhail Gorbachev to destabilize the old Soviet Union in a move that began with Perestroika (Restructure) but ended up becoming the Water loo of the Soviet Union and the moribund Warsaw Pact while NATO grew by leaps and bounds making America the undisputed winner of the Cold War and only remaining Super Power.

The maximum Dictator Vladimir Putin has never forgotten that and he has waited patiently until a Brutus showed up in Donald Trump who was willing and ready to collaborate or collude with  Putin to get him to where wanted to be by hook or crook and to do it in such a way  to avoid detection. Thank God for Robert Mueller the Napoleon on the American side who could prove them wrong and send many to jail for underestimating America.  

I am a retiree from the Nigerian Federal Public Service since1986 and from the New York State Public Service since 2013. I just know for a fact that an employee like Donald Trump would never have passed probation in Nigeria and anywhere in America or the civilized world. No way!

 I confirm with authority that if Trump were to be a new employee of New York State, he would have been placed on administrative leave right from his first day in the White House, and would never have been allowed to preside over or make any major decisions for his employer, let alone going abroad to receive Red Carpet treatment around the World as the President of the United States.

His election is almost tantamount in my opinion to electing Carlo Gambino or Timothy McVeigh or Manuel Noriega of Panama as President of the United States and expecting the best outcome. You reap what you sow and more often than not you reap multiples of what you sow.

 I used to think the whole World of the American Constitution as the 8th Wonder of the World and a perfect document brilliantly crafted and put together by the American founding fathers and carefully edited by Thomas Jefferson the great lawyer. I now know it was not the perfect or sacrosanct document it has been made out to be by acclamation and consensus.  It could not possibly be, given one or two of his major pitfalls that would allow a big crook like Donald to get anywhere the gates of the White House where great Presidents like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Ike Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama once lived.

 Those Presidents are all men of honor who could be trusted to tell the truth regardless of any situation they faced. If they tell you good morning, you don’t have to look at your watch unlike what obtains now under a Donald Trump.

Democrats all over the world have a big problem like I do with a Constitution which technically argues that the verdict from 538 handpicked electors would be accorded a greater weight in a Democracy than a verdict of 137 million voters who participated in the election of Donald Trump,

It is for that and other reasons I am going to highlight in this article a travesty and a national tragedy and an embarrassment that the Trump election now represents in the entire civilized world. I think I now understand and appreciate why the so-called “shithole” country like Nigeria which has plagiarized the American Constitution to replace her own Westminster System. Nigeria has wisely refused to include the Electoral College Abracadabra provision in the American Constitution in the Nigerian Presidential Constitution even though the Literacy level was far lower in Nigeria than what it was in America when the American Constitution was crafted.

The Electoral College provision made some sense when it was first included in the American Constitution but it has long outlived its usefulness and should long have been jettisoned or amended to reflect the ideals of a one-man-one-vote like it is in a vibrant Democracies like Great Britain, France, Germany and other American traditional Allies, in Europe, Australia, Canada and even in Japan and the tiny State of Israel.

I make this article my first in 2018 following my 3 week vacation in the lone Star State of Texas. I spent much of the vacation in the State Capital at Austin and in Dallas where I chose to write my Ph.D. dissertation in the winter of 1983.

 I chose to write my dissertation there using the amazing Library of the Southern Methodist University, the Harvard of the South second to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.   I had found the weather in beautiful Dallas to be far more congenial and friendlier than what I had experienced in the miserably cold winter of the main campus of the University of Connecticut where I graduated.

I had planned to be out-door for most of my vacation in a quasi- tropical weather I was hoping to get in Texas but all of that changed as soon as I arrived. It was damn too cold for me to start driving around visiting old friends in Dallas. So I went back to my past time of watching Television all day long  and reflecting on some of my articles on Donald Trump who continues to sink deeper and deeper  into the Canyon of scandal in reference to his possible obstruction of justice, or the possible abuse of his constitutional authority and collusion with Vladimir Putin and the KGB to undermine his own country in his desperate attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of a very humiliating defeat having lost the popular vote by a whopping margin of 3 million votes to a woman who was clearly on her way to becoming the first female President of the United States.

I had previously written an article comparing Donald Trump to JFK and FDR. I wrote another one widely publicized on the Social Media Outlets that Donald Trump was a “Richard Nixon on Steroid”. I took the opportunity of my vacation to do more research on Trump using the huge Library of the Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

By the time I have compiled all of the materials for the write-up; it became clear to me that it was an understatement to call Trump a Richard Nixon on Steroid. Trump was in fact a Richard Nixon, a Carlo Gambino and Adolf Hitler on Steroid and the worst jigsaw puzzle America has ever elected to such a high visibility job.     

My profile of Trump in that unflattering way is an opinion I feel entitled to by conventional wisdom but it is also an opinion I am able to defend with facts and figures.

What I am not entitled to like every one of you reading this narrative are my facts, if they cannot be verified or substantiated. I do not want to be like Donald Trump or his collaborators in Congress who are seeking to present opinions as facts on Trump without any proof to back up their position.

Why compare Donald Trump to Nixon, Gambino and Adolf Hitler to begin with is a legitimate question to ask?

Richard Milhous Nixon was born in January 9th 1913 and he died on April 22, 1994. Nixon was a lawyer by profession and an institutionalist by inclination or persuasion. He became the 37th President of the United States from 1969 to 1974 when he resigned from the Presidency following the Watergate Scandal which he engineered but tried to cover up by manipulating the FBI and some of his Cabinet members like Archibald Cox and Howard Dean just like Donald Trump has been trying to do by firing James Comey the FBI Director for refusing to make a pledge of loyalty to him and by doing everything in his power with impunity  to blackmail and delegitimize and even fire Robert Mueller, a Republican who had been hired  as the independent special prosecutor to investigate him.

  Donald Trump is definitely borrowing a script from Richard Nixon by pretending to be cooperating with the special prosecutor. His lawyers claimed they have been giving Mueller all the information or documents Mueller has asked for.

He was therefore implying that if he had anything to hide and if he was obstructing Justice, he would not have done that.  I say “foul over the bar” to such a dubious claim. The move is clearly a ruse because Trump is not above the Law and he as President is mandated by Law to provide such information upon request whether he likes it or not.  If he refused to cooperate the information could be obtained thru a “sub poena”

Trump is also indirectly insinuating that a President is allowed to break the law just like he falsely claimed that Obama illegally signed the Immigration legislation into Law and that he therefore reserve the right like Obama to also break the Law which is an argument based on total falsehood because Obama never at any time broke the Law as being suggested or insinuated by Donald Trump, a pathological liar who has lied a million times and would lie again if he has his back against the wall.

 Trump is being clever by half to claim such a prerogative and to insinuate that Obama, a Constitutional lawyer by certification and license did break the Law and was never challenged for so doing. The whole insinuation was a big tissue of lie that the Robert Mueller would very easily debunk. Trumps goes all over the place claiming there was no collusion and he seems to get some psychic satisfaction from saying that all he was doing was fighting back. He totally forgets that one man’s fighting back is another man’s obstruction of Justice.

 He should leave Mueller alone to make that determination. Donald Trump can make himself a Judge in his own case and he cannot approbate and reprobate at the same time in legal parlance.  

Donald Trump is indirectly serving notice to anyone who will listen that if Robert Mueller did not discharge and acquit him, he reserve the right to delegitimize Mueller’s probe and final report or even to fire him.

Trump’s threat in that context was very similar to the same threat he had issued to the whole nation as a candidate  that he would not accept the result of the 2016 Election and would not concede defeat if he lost.

No candidate has ever said anything like that in American History but the Teflon candidate and pathological liar say it, and he miraculously got away with it like he has done for all of his entire life escaping justice or asking to settle out of Court if he knows he cannot win. Only God can keep track of all the cases he has had to settle out of Court and how many Bankruptcies he has filed in his life time just to beat the system or take undue advantage of the Law.

How does Trump square with Carlo Gambino?  Carlo was an illegal Italian trying to rise to power in America thru the auspices of organized crime. Gambino was born on August 24, 1902. He headed one of the most powerful crime families in New York.  Donald Trump was born by a German immigrant father and a Scottish immigrant mother.

The organized crime activities otherwise referred to as Mafia crimes and notorious rumor peddling had been one of the factors that have prevented talented Italian immigrants like Geraldine Ferraro and Mario Cuomo in America from being able to seek or run for higher public office like the President or Vice President or Associate Justice of the Supreme Court for fear they might be blackmailed as having Mafia connections.

Tongues have been wagging in high places across the country that Donald Trump was a sympathizer of the Mafia and that he has used such connections to dominate and manipulate the Real Estate Business around the World and the purchase of several high rising buildings in Panama City using millions of Dollars laundered from Russian Oligarchs who had used the Trump Plaza in New York as Headquarters for years.

The truth is that Donald Trump has used many of such draconian methods and strategies of the Mafia for years without being caught Just like Carlo Gambino had done time and again.

Let me now quickly move to the Hitler connection. Hitler was a German politician who was leader of the Nazi Party from 1933 to 1945. Hitler initiated the Second World War by his invasion of Poland on the presumption that Germans were the superior race among the Caucasian race and that Germany had a right to rule and dominate the World pretty much like Donald Trump wants to do by declaring war on Islam. 

My point here is that Donald Trump shares all of the character profiles of these three individuals plus his own unique profiles which make him an enigma and a jigsaw puzzle in his own right.  But before I get into that, I want to briefly acknowledge that America herself remains a jigsaw puzzle of a country, all things considered.

That the Trump scandal like any scandal in America is not only being investigated  in the inner chambers of the FBI in Washington DC or the floors of the Capitol, it is like the scandal is being investigated on the television screens and in all of the News and Print Media across America.

There are exceptional TV Personalities like Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and Jake Tapper. Chris Cuomo and Allayn Camarata to mention a few on CNN that readily comes to mind. There are Brian Williams, Chris Matthew, Rachel Maddow, Laurence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid to mention of few at MSNBC not to talk of Sean Hannity and few of his colleagues of Fox Cable News and many on ABC, CBS and NBC.

 There are the late night Talk Show hosts like Steve Corbert, Jim Fallon, Kimmel and Trevor Noir and so many others like Bill Maher and Michael Moore and David Axelrod, and Errol Louis who add their own voice to the amazing debate and turning the whole scandal into a learning curve and teachable moments. There are books like “Fire and Fury”- A look into how the Trump White House Works.

There is the investigative scoops done by world- renowned Newspapers like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post and so many others that time and space will not permit me to mention.

The bottom line is that the Public has learned so much since the scandal broke and a lot more remains to be learned.

That said let me now return to the character profiles I have identified as shared by Donald Trump and the three villains I have compared him to:

  • ·         They all share obsession for total loyalty from people working for them even if that goes against or endanger or compromise the vital interest of the country.
  • ·         They all believe they are the smartest people in the World and can outsmart any other person
  • ·         They are all delusional and narcissistic in their core
  • ·         They are all pathological liars who see a virtue in lying and that if you keep lying consistently, it is bound to pay off one way or the other.
  • ·         They all argue that fighting back is their right and not an obstruction of Justice.
  • ·         They all believe that Fake News are News they do not like or News that do not affirm their own version of reality or the truth.
  • ·         They are all vicious and never forgive and would do everything to impugn the reputation and integrity of their opponents or political enemies.
  • ·         They all believe in never trusting the Media to only warm up to the ones that favor them.
  • ·         They all view Retreat as a sign of weakness and that it is alright to cheat and to cut corners as long as you don’t get caught.

Donald Trump is a jigsaw puzzle because he does not like to be managed or micro-managed or overshadowed or constrained in any way. He has a low tolerance level for challenge or anyone trying to prove to him he is not as smart as he claims.  

Donald Trump believes that money is everything and that the end justifies the means. He believes that if he puts money in the pockets of Americans they would forget all of his ineptitude and outlaw behaviors and violations of the Law and he would survive.

Any leader with that kind of mind set and shortcomings can hardly be a good role model for the rest of the country

All of these inform my frustration and pessimism about Donald Trump and how he would eventually turn out to be an unmitigated disaster and tragedy for America.

I strongly believe he would not survive. He would do everything in the book to escape justice or even cause a constitutional crisis but in the end he is bound to resign or be impeached.

 That is my final answer.     


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