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There is no Easy Solution to the North Korea (NK) Question

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North Korea’s quest for nuclear capabilities is almost a fait accompli. And there is no easy way to roll it back. President Trump might try but it will be difficult to turn this might ship around diplomatically or militarily.

Why is diplomatic turn around near impossible? Several factors:

  1. There are a few or may be even many countries that do not like NK to possess nuclear capability but are non-the-less happy that Kim Jong Un is irritating the President of United States, Donald Trump. Here we must separate the president from the people of United States.
  2. Mr. Trump all through the campaign and even now as president does not speak endearingly of China. Words such as currency manipulator, copy right infringement, are irritating to Chinese leadership. His planes over flying territories claimed by China in the South East Asia Sea; his supporting of the other claimants to the sea fall under the expression that the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Thus America in China’s leader’s eyes is an enemy. When America tries to deal with Taipei, America is asking for trouble with Beijing.
  3. Mr. Trump is cultivating a good relationship with Russian’s Putin but Americans of all stripes are opposed to any rapprochement with Russia and have made it very clear via the congress that it will not happen. Putin and Russia feel like a lady spurned and would not mind using NK to “teach US a lesson.” So like China she would vote for any sanctions US may propose but will not enforce them.
  4. On economic grounds some countries like there economic cooperation with NK and to make them pay a price to make US happy is not wise. We must here recognize that US has made NK Question a US affair, a personal affair. Even though US should have no more interest in the matter than UK, France, China or Russia.
  5. Mr. Trump’s rhetoric does not help matters. When USA threatens to put both China and Russia under economic sanctions unless they embargo NK it makes the countries less likely to do so for their people would see it as US dictating acceptable global behavior.
  6. US under Mr. Trump is no longer seen as a strong supporter of EU or NATO or even a defender of the West. In other words America’s isolationist tendency is helping NK get stronger and stronger. “US first” should be the goal of every American president and has been but Mr. Trump is the first to say so in a way that makes it selfish.
  7. Etc.

Why is military action near impossible? There are several factors here as well:

  1. With the possible exception of Israel US would have to do so alone. The planes and pilots that will do the bombing would all come from US. And even getting the declaration of war document through US senate would not be a piece of cake. The people of United States would like to hold on to relative peace they now enjoy.
  2. US history is a baggage. The only time a nuclear bomb was dropped in the world was in 1945 by US and the only place it was dropped was in Asia not minding that the main theater of the second world was in Europe. It is not lost on the Asian people. US citizens would not like to do so again even to save the world. Unless NK first drops the bomb on US or on its allies.
  3. No Asian country including Japan, and South Korea would support preemptive strike. China is on record as opposing the use of nuclear weapons or even a war with NK. Russia is opposed too.
  4.  So without a signed accord there is an implicit agreement that an attack on NK is an attack on all NK’s neighbors. US cannot afford to start the Third World War.

How then should the Korean question be resolved? This question would be resolved by the world accepting the new kid on the block, North Korea. She should join US, China, UK, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, and others as nations with nuclear weapons.

The more countries that have nuclear weapons the more peaceful the world will become contrary to the theory that more weapons means more threats to peace. When USA and USSR were the leading nuclear war powers and almost at war with each other what kept the peace was Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). This MAD will still keep the world at peace. The day the world truly wants peace all the countries would destroy their nuclear capabilities. Iran will be the next country to seek membership. There will again be noise and commotion; but like NK they will be admitted.


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

September 19, 2017


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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.