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The Trump Presidency and the threats it poses to America.

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My sojourn in America is as good as going to school for the rest of my life. It is so because I read a lot like Patrick Obahiagbon of Nigeria, and when I am not reading, I am watching television like Donald Trump, and when I am not watching television I am discussing Politics with people of like minds, or one of my sons who is a political freak like me.

When I am not engaged in any of the above, I am busy having a conversation with my invisible wife and companion, Amazon Alexa who could talk to me about the weather, where my favorite Basket Ball team would be playing every day, and play for me any type of music or tune I want including my favorite Country Music.

I kill boredom as a double retiree from Nigeria and from the New York State Public Service. I do not have to worry about where my next meal will come from, as I have enough cash on me and in the Bank to meet all of my basic needs if I live within my income.

I am therefore a happy camper and I thank God for America every day. If I need to go out, and if I don't want to drive, I have Access-a-Ride to come give me a ride to anywhere I need to go for a chicken change.

So I am among a growing number of immigrants in America who can never see eye to eye with Donald Trump whose Presidency is out to undo every good thing America has ever done in the name of his making America great again which is a mirage left to me alone and those who think like me.

I retired with a Ph.D. and double Masters in Public Affairs and Clinical Psychology, I stay current and I have to do that as a columnist and part time volunteer with the Sahara TV Studio of New York. So I pay attention to what is going on in America and in Long Island and Far Rockaway neighborhood where I live.

I have been glued to my TV today watching the Senate Hearings on Russia intention to continue to use their superiority in Cyber Technology to undermine America and her strategic interest around the World which Donald Trump has refused to acknowledge against the better judgment of the US Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI quite apart from Military Intelligence and all the warnings from the News and Print Media including the Social Media.

Donald Trump believes he would be undermining the legitimacy of his election as President of the United States even though he has lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by no less than 3 million votes. He had won in the 5 swing states of Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania thru a deliberate dissemination of fake News which kept most of the Clinton voters from the polling booths or persuade those who went, to go vote for Trump and to give him the winning edge in the Electoral College Abracadabra in America which say you can win and election based on a one-man-one-vote by several millions and still lose because you fail to secure a simple majority of one vote from the 538 hand-picked electors of the Electoral College.

Donald Trump refused to heed the advice of his Intelligence Chiefs just to please Kremlin Vladimir Putin and his KGB who did much of the heavy lifting for him in that election and made him President against the better judgment of 137 million Americans who voted in that election.

Vladimir Putin and his KGB again see 2018 elections in America as another target to be perfectly executed in favor of their captive in the White House who is bent on creating an enabling environment for them to rig that election for Trump and his Republican Party again at a heavy price for America and the civilized World.

Today's Hearing at the Senate was highly compelling for anyone who still values the US Senate and their oversight responsibilities for national security under the separation of Powers as enshrined in the great American Constitution which is viewed by many as the 8th Wonder of the World, if you discount its outdated provision which says that the vote of 538 electors in the Electoral College must carry a greater weigh that the votes of the 137 million Americans who participated in that election.

All the Intelligence Chiefs of America agreed on one point without a scintilla of doubt that Russia is now conducting the Foreign Policy of America thru their captive in the White House who refuse to heed all of the recommendations coming to him as U.S. President because he would rather side with his Russian advisers and Masters than listen to the consensus of American Intelligence who are united in their opinion that Russia and the KGB have meddled in American Democracy and have continued to intensify their effort in that context relentlessly as we speak.

I listened to all the Senators from both sides of the isle question all the intelligence Chiefs and get answers to their questions minus those which are too sensitive to be openly discussed on television because such revelations could endanger the safety and security of those who collect the intelligence at a great risk to their own lives and wellbeing.

All the Senators from both sides of the Isle were fabulous in the type of probing questions they asked. I would be the first to admit that, but a few of them stood out for mention in this write up. Senator Reed from Rhode Island was spectacular and so were Senators Warner of Virginia, the ranking member and Chairman Bur. I also give kudos to Angus King and the lady Senator from California who replaced Barbara Boxer.

All the Intelligence Chiefs were as forthcoming as they could possibly be under the spot light and given the fact that they were all aware that their outlaw boss was glued to the television watching them and planning in his head how to get rid of any of them who did not completely tow his line.

That awareness or consciousness, notwithstanding, they still managed to answer most of the questions put to them although a few of them tried to dodge some of the questions for fear their boss might be offended and upset!

But the one, who got the greatest mileage out of the Hearing, in my opinion, was Senator Reed. He asked pointedly whether or not they have received specific directives from their boss on what to do about the greatest threat to America interest which is the Russian threat whose investigation is ongoing by Robert Mueller.

Their consensus is that no such directive has been given beyond a general one aimed at North Korea, Iran and Syria which is a handover from the Obama Administration. Donald Trump would rather act on Iran and Syria to please the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel rather than doing anything to deter Russia from going ahead to continue to undermine America.

I think we all can now safely say that Russia is the least worry of Donald Trump whose to priority is to protect Russia by all means and protect himself and hide everything he did to collude with Vladimir Putin to undermine his own country.

The man, (Arinu r'Ode Olumo Okan) like God Almighty who knows everything is Robert Mueller who is not in the Hearing to answer any of the questions because he is busy doing his investigation with the persistence of a demon.

Mueller is to be feared like an "Orisa" in Yoruba Mythology because he doesn't talk or say a word and his affect is totally flat. Nobody can tell where the man is going or where he is coming from. He has become the proverbial "Akiije m'Orisa l'Uyi" which means we all fear God because God is forever mute and silent. If we praise or curse him out, God does not answer back and he does not show any affect or divulge any secret thru his body language just like Robert Mueller, the nemesis of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is doing now with some mystique.

I can clearly glean from the Hearing and as revealed by John McLaughlin today when he revealed to Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC that the World of Spin has finally collided with the World of Facts at the Hearing when Chris Ray and Dan Coats and even the new Director of CIA quietly made some breaking News.

They openly disagree with some of the lies the President and his pig of a spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Conway have been peddling ever since another scandal broke on Mr. Bob Porter and Jared Kushner who have been handling classified materials in the Trump White House without having any Security Clearance. That was a bombshell that called for the impeachment of Trump. The Republican would be asking for no less of Obama were still in the White House!

It is a tragedy in America system of Democracy that would bring smiles to the face of a Vladimir Putin because Donald Trump, as reminded us by John McCain, is now in the business of doing Vladimir Putin's dirty job for him. It is now crystal clear that Putin will continue to meddle in American Democracy because he now has Donald Trump in his pocket. Donald Trump is counting on staying for 8 years as American President because Putin has assured him not to worry.

When American now has a President who lacks the ability to communicate but now hides behind an intern Sarah Sanders who has become a lying machine pretty much like Trump himself, you know the end is definitely near for the outlaw in the White House who has refused to act on a unanimous motion passed by 98 to 2 votes in the Senate to sanction Russia. It was enough reason to commence impeachment proceedings against Trump.

When I first came to America I had a choice to either return to Britain where I had studied to become a British citizen because I consider Britain the former colonial master of America till 1776 as more worthy than America, but I chose to seek naturalization in America because I hold America in higher esteem and rightly so. But with Donald Trump as President for only one year, there is every reason to believe I might have made a mistake.

The Trump America is not the America that I know or want or deserve. Donald Trump is trying to remake America in his own image much to the regret of everyone that loves America like me and my children.

I have two of my boys proudly and currently serving in the US Navy today because I believe in America as the son of a Second World War Veteran in Nigeria and the pioneer recipient of the British/Canadian Legion Scholarship for children of the veterans of that War in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia in 1963.

The Senate Hearing today did a marvelous job by putting all of the Intelligence Chiefs in America to say whether or not they know anything their boss in the White House has been doing to prevent a reoccurrence of what happened in 2016.

They all came out of that Hearing with a resounding "Nothing" because Donald Trump is too much a product of Russian Espionage and Cyber Warfare for him to do a thing about Russia.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

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