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The Path to Peace in the Middle East and Nuclear Freeze should be above partisan politics

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In the age of Globalization when information travels faster than the speed of sound pretty much like the air we breathe, the path to peace in the world and the path to Nuclear Freeze should be of serious concern to all of Humanity regardless of ideology or national or partisan loyalty.


Kim Jong Un of North Korea has now carried out more than 50 nuclear tests compared to 17 under his father and grandfather. Even though those test are carried out in the Pacific and in North Korea's territorial waters and air space, the whole world could predictably suffer a lot of residual risk from those tests down the road because we all breathe the same air and sooner or later the draconian effect of those tests could lead to some serious health hazards and other ecological and climate and weather devastation in countries far away from North Korea and the Pacific region.


the same token, if the Middle East deteriorates into another costly war, the whole world is going to feel the pinch because that is going to be a war between a nuclearized Israel and the rest of the Muslim nations of the World. It is going to be an ill wind that blows nothing good to the rest of the World.


The whole world should be troubled by tweets and pronouncements coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump who in 24 days from today is going to take the oath as the President of the United States and arguably the most powerful man in the World in succession to the man he and his Party have tried everything in the book to delegitimize and embarrass due to his skin color in all of his 8 amazing years in the White House.


Donald Trump to all intent and purposes  gives the impression as President Elect he is far much wiser and more experienced than  all of the 9 American Presidents, 5 Republicans and 4 Democrats who for 50 years have developed a road map to Peace in the Middle East and a road map to Nuclear Freeze that Donald Trump wants to tear into pieces because he is completely misreading his mandate and the full implications and ramifications of his very narrow victory in the Electoral College Abracadabra while losing the popular vote to his more deserving opponent by close to 3 million votes.


Donald Trump is interpreting his narrow victory to mean he could arguably walk away from all of the Treaty obligations of America and few of the Policies  that America has relentlessly pursued for 50 years and Policies that have catapulted America to the only surviving Super Power and Leader of the Free World without any question. Donald Trump plans to start his presidency on a very wrong premise that America has lost her competitive edge as a great nation by stating he wants to make America great again by re-writing all of the rules of the game on his own terms.


Is, in fact, fraudulently claiming that the American Economy is hitting the roof today not because of what Obama has done in 8 years but merely because of the few pronouncements he has made as President-elect. He is on a mission to completely delegitimize Obama but History is not going to let him. There can only be one President at a time and Obama must resist his attempt to want to make him a lame duck President before his time is up.


The whole world would not be feeling ill at ease today if Donald Trump's life and track record so far have not been that of a loose cannon who shoots from the hip and who wakes up at 3 mid night to start tweeting and taking his case to the people in his own mind as a schizophrenic toddler trapped in a 70 year old body who believes he is second to God and can negotiate himself out of every world crisis because he is smarter than the rest of us.


The risk factor in that kind of mindset for the world is better imagined than described. Let it not be said that America was not warned about where egomaniac Donald Trump could be taking America and the whole world as we speak.


I have just taken a quick glance at the new book titled, "The Path to Peace" authored by one of the best brains in the Business, the former Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate and the great Senator from Maine, the one and only George Mitchell who raised many of the concerns that poor Donald Trump may have dismissed with the wave of the hand in his dangerous and reckless Euphoria as he contemplates all of the power grab coming to him starting from January 20. The guy seems to forget about the separation of Powers between the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judiciary as guaranteed by the American Constitution.


I write this piece as a backdrop to the 70 minute powerful speech of John Kerry, the American Secretary of State. The Secretary has meticulously laid out with clarity as why the Obama Administration views the Two-State solution as the ultimate path to Peace in the protracted and endless Palestinian/Israeli conflict.


Donald Trump seems to think he can administer the America the same way he has run his Real Estate Business and Financial Empire whose ultimate goal is to make money even if it means cutting other peoples' throats to get to where he needs to be.


If he does that with America going forward the whole nation and the world have every reason to be concerned about his presidency. The Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu unlike Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Barak before him on the other hand is behaving as if he has a total lock on how any American President must respond to the security needs of the State of Israel even if that means putting American global leadership and her strategic interest and bottom line in total jeopardy just for the sake of Israel.


America under Obama has given a robust sense of the two state solutions as the ultimate way to guarantee the security of the State of Israel and to restore peace between the State of Israel and her Arab neighbors in the Middle East and her other Allies around the World.


I am not going to talk about Donald Trump's domestic policies as President in this write-up even though I strongly believe like the US former Speaker, Tip O'Neil, that all politics are local.  I am just going to focus like a laser beam on Donald Trump's Foreign Policies as they affect the road map to Peace and Nuclear Freeze and how that could impact America and the rest of the World down the pike.


President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Abe met today at Pearl Harbor to remind the world again about the surprise attack in 1941 and the first use of the atomic bomb in the region on the orders of an American President. Obama brilliantly summarized his feelings at the Memorial by saying," We cannot choose the History that we inherit but we surely can choose what we do together going forward"


The Obama Administration took precisely the right but most difficult decision a few days ago at the UN Security Council by refusing to veto an unbinding motion which had sought to criticize the intransigence of the Netanyahu Government by pursuing policies that will preclude the two-state solution in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from seeing the light of day.


If the ultimate choice is one state, Israel can only be Jewish or democratic. It cannot be both. That was the truth and nothing but the truth and very well- articulated by a war hero and a highly decorated Purple Heart veteran and Secretary of State who had seen combat and who fully understand the full ramifications of Wars and why they should only be fought as a last resort. Israeli settlements on the West Bank can only escalate tension that can eventually lead to a third world war in that region if care is not taken. It is total rubbish to claim that America under Obama has not been Israel enough for how else can America remain a neutral peace maker between two warring factions if she does is side with one faction one hundred percent of the time. It makes no sense. You tell the truth to your friend and not to your enemy. Somebody has to tell Israel and Palestine to make accommodation if they truly want peace, and the only peacemaker able to do that is America.


The current stance of Donald Trump to promote the arms race by suggesting that countries like Japan and South Korea and other Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and even Turkey could be allowed to arm themselves to the teeth to defend themselves as an antidote to the Iran and North Korea Nuclear Ambition could be a recipe for disaster for world peace. People amass weapons of Mass destruction not for decoration but for war or for deterrence purposes. America arming herself to the teeth under Donald Trump is an invitation to other countries to proactively join the arms race. More often than not countries or manufacturers of those weapons want to test those weapons and they can only that by either fighting wars themselves or encouraging others so to do.


The combination of narcissistic Donald Trump and arrogant Netanyahu and the policies they both promote and canvass could only exacerbate tension in an already volatile region of the World where the Muslim population is already a fifth of the world and could predictably grow to be a third of the World is not a notion to be taken lightly.


I think John Kerry hit all the right notes in his powerful speech today and it has provided a serious food for thought on the way forward from here. America is not abandoning the only Democracy in the Middle East as some Netanyahu loyalist are claiming or alleging. America is only urging Netanyahu and his supporters to give peace a chance and to appreciate that America as the leader of the Free World cannot abandon the rest of the World or dismiss with levity the interest and the unanimity of the remaining 14 members of the Security Council who also want Israel to show some accommodation by stopping the settlement s on the West Bank and the rush to make Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish State by force and by fire. I think John Kerry did what he had to do by condemning Hamas and how and why they too have been a huge impediment to peace by their foolhardiness and refusal not to recognize the existence of the Zionist Regime and their historical and Biblical right to much of the Lands in dispute. The United States did not draft or originate the Resolution at the United Nations. It was believed to have been initiated by England and New Zealand. All America did was to abstain because it has always supported the two-state solution and that fact was well known to Israel which refused to budge.


To veto the motion would have amounted to America capitulating to Israel. Keep in mind that the resolution was unanimously supported and passed by the 14 remaining members of the Security Council. Natanyahu ought to stop trying to incite Donald Trump against the incumbent President of the United States by playing hide and seek with America.


I wish a Merry Christmas in arrears and a Happy New Year to all the fans of this column around the world.


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