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The Homosexual coup – Obama can still change his mind

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The mind of an incumbent president or king of a nation is important to God. It influences how God favors or punishes that nation. When the ruler upsets God by choosing evil, the whole nation suffers from the punishment. It is important that President Obama be offered good counsel so that he can lead the nation to repentance and back to the blossom of God.


We are now in the era of political posturing in America, and Obama is faced with issues that challenge the chances of his return to the White House. Apart from discussing the finer issues in debates later on in the year, it is time to begin to identify with major voting blocks of potential sources of funding. Gay rights campaign has continued to intensify in recent years. There is no doubt that Obama benefitted from this group in the last round of electioneering. However, there has never been any form of open American presidential support for the gay campaign until Obama.

In the Obama versus Bush face-off, the sanctity of the traditional family unit of one man, one woman was upheld by both sides. It was clear that the gay campaign favored Obama; yet, he never openly expressed support for this lifestyle. On the contrary, he stated that Americans voted him to the White House after vetting him, and finding that he had been faithful to his wife – Michelle and children ever since. And that this was considered an important requirement for anyone to become the President of the United States of America. There is no doubt that homosexuals occupy important positions that they otherwise qualify for in Obama’s government, and no one complains about this.


Evil in the throne room

God is very clearly condemns homosexuality as an abomination (Lev. 18:22; Lev. 20:13; 1 Cor. 6: 9-10). God also restates that He created everything when Moses complained of stuttering as an obstacle for Exodus project (Exo. 4:11-12). People evoke empathy with homosexuality because theories of potential biological aberrations. Such people need to review the science very well before accepting those theories.

The White House is the throne room of the whole world. If you doubt it, just recollect the debates that preceded American involvement in the Arab Spring in view of the prevailing circumstances in Afghanistan and Iraq at the time. The ongoing debate over the international response to the happenings in Iran and Syria clearly puts the position of America at the forefront of the whole world’s decision.

Moreover, for those who recognize the spiritual basis of such political positions, there arises the worry of how much further the gay campaign will continue to push us against God’s instructions before we are able to stop it or allow it to harm us. Spiritually, it is known that the political protection of Israel by America is a major strength of the country because it directly reaps from the cover that it gives to God’s chosen people. We also know that such a fundamental pillar must be under attack by Satan, irrespective of whether politicians understand it or not. The devil cannot be happier at this moment that it has successfully accessed the throne room.

The Battle-cry

We must begin a concerted effort to route the devil from our throne room. We must understand how vulnerable to security breaches we have been on several fronts. Yet, the peace of America has never been breached irrespective of the number, sophistication or mode of attack. All experts agree that such degree of success surpasses human smartness. In other words, we have been extra-ordinarily luck. God exists in the realm of the extra-ordinary.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan (Prov.29:2).

We do not want to upset someone who has favored us so much. This is why those of us who believe can re-focus our prayers into praying for Obama and his presidency to reverse the steps that he has taken in the wrong direction. I believe that praying with such unity will stop Satan from pushing him further. He may even openly reverse his current public posture. This is not beyond God if we ask Him.

The King ’s Counsel and national punishment

There is no doubt that the President has been under immense pressure from a persistent movement such as the Gay Campaign. I had an occasion to listen in to a conversation between two homosexuals in our hallway the other day. And you can decipher that the people see themselves as an oppressed group fighting for their rights to some freedom. They cared less about what other people think, because essentially non-gays are their enemies who refuse to understand that gays are human beings too. You can observe the unity of a group or nation with a singular purpose with intensity in their reasoning.

It is a wicked person who will not empathize with such pain. Even though, his is very true of the American society, yet, we need to remember that God categorically calls homosexuality an abomination. Therefore, anyone who encourages the President to adopt favorable state policies is risking the safety of the non-gay society.

Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne will be established in righteousness (Prov. 25:5).

Obama should not be allowed to turn personal empathy into state policy. This is the battlecry!


Homosexuals are less than 10 percent of the population of America according to estimates that favor the Gay campaign. Other estimates rate them between 2-4 percent. Even then, one cannot deny the effect of their singular voice in the world. However, if the remaining 90 percent were to appreciate God for His protection, we will understand a need to appeal for God’s help to reverse the grip of Satan on our throne.

Further, we need to take this battle seriously enough such that gays do not compromise the opposition campaign enough to consider aligning with the Obama’s position. On the other hand, if Obama begins to understand how unpopular his position has been, political exigencies may force him to tone down his support for the gay takeover of our government. This is the real threat as the world decays towards its prophesied end.

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