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The Generic White Man Has Inferior Spiritual Mind

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This essay says that people from Europe tend to be very good in the sciences and technology; that they are so because they see themselves as separated selves housed in bodies, egos, and tend not to see themselves as spiritual beings. It says that because they denied their spiritual selves they tend to feel inadequate and inferior, deny their inferiority and project it to black folks and thereafter see black folks as inferior to them. It concludes that whereas each of us, individual and groups, must do what he does well that all of us must pay attention to both scientific and spiritual matters so as to live peacefully and happily.


Psychoanalysts say that a person may see a trait in him, do not like it, deny it and project it to other persons. Having now located the hated trait in other persons he justifies hating them for having what he hates in him. A man, for example, who is intensely interested in sex, due to his religious upbringing may hate himself for his inordinate interest in sex, deny it and project it to other persons and now hate them for being over sexed. In this light, some white men perceive black men as over sexed and hate them; they see every black person as only preoccupied with sex (in actual fact the typical black person does not have more frequent sex than the typical white person...the African men and women that I know of generally associate sex with procreation and have sex for that purposes mostly but seldom for pleasure as white folks do).

More to our present task: generally, white folks see black folk as inferior human beings. I believe that what is going on here is that white folks believe themselves to be inferior human beings, deny it and project what they think that they are to black folks. Having located what they see in themselves and hate to black folks they feel justified in looking down at black folks after all they are now supposed to be inferior folk.(Those white persons who want to look down on Africans can use Africans seeming backwardness to justify their desire to seem superior to other persons; actually, Africans backwardness has a purpose for such persons: it gives them opportunity to accept people without conditions that they must first meet before they are accepted hence opportunity to be mentally healthy for mental health lies in unconditional positive self-acceptance of ones self and all people; as you treat other people you treat you; if you accept other people unconditionally as human beings you must accept you unconditionally as a human being; conversely, if you have conditions that people must meet before you accept them so must you treat you hence must you remain an unhealthy self.)

I have observed white men and their civilization for much of my life. I admire white contributions to science. I believe that their discovery of the scientific method is their greatest gift to mankind. For giving us this methodological approach to phenomena all of us must show our gratitude to white men. Following the scientific method, since Galileo made it a key factor in his science, has improved our understanding of physical phenomena. I say thank you to our brother white men.

On the other hand, my observation shows me that white men are dense on spiritual matters. They have not contributed anything to my spiritual understanding. Their ancient religions (Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic and Germanic) were too primitive to be bothered with. These people found solace in other persons religion, the Jewish religion of Christianity (which they have not even understood; they bastardized it).

I am very conversant with Western theology, from the early Church fathers, such as Origin, Ambrose, Athanasius, St Augustine, to middle age theologians such as Thomas Aquinas, Erasmus, Meister Eckhart (Eckhart came close to understanding spirituality), Calvin, Wesley, etc. and must confess that they come across to me as second rate religious thinkers. Simply stated, I have not come across a white person who struck me as intensely spiritual in his understanding of the essence of human beings.

In our age, a Jewish woman, Helen Schucman, through her Jesus Christ, has given white men a correct interpretation of what Christianity is supposed to teach; one, however, doubts that they have the mental presence to understand this accurate rendition of the teachings of Jesus the Christ; they would probably bastardize it, as they bastardized early Christianity when it got to Europe; the socialism taught by Jesus became the horrible self-centered so-called Christianity of White Americans.

My thesis is that white men are outstanding in understanding physical phenomena, science, but are mentally challenged when it comes to spiritual matters. Their sordid history of wars, enslavement of black folks etc. is rooted in their spiritual denseness.

No one who understands our spirit nature can afford anything but love for all human beings. If you knew that God is love and that his son, Christ, is like him, love, you would love all human beings, for all of us are Christ, are love.

Our hateful behaviors are rooted in our lack of understanding of our true nature, and the nature of our father, God.

I believe that white persons feel inferior in spiritual matters, deny it and project their inferiority feeling to black folks and then hate black folks, those they projected to.

I must hasten to add that the run of the mill black folk is not any more spiritually advanced than the white man. I have comprehensive understanding of African religions and can unequivocally say that at best they are rudimentary and not developed. Black men are like white men: both are spiritually challenged. This accounts for their slave-master song and dance.

One must be spiritually dead to enslave another human being; one must also be spiritually dead to allow himself to accept slavery. Slaves did not have to tolerate their slave status; they could have done one of two things, one secular, the other spiritual: fought their slave masters and if needs be in the process got killed and in dying made sure that would be slave masters had no one to turn into hosts serving their parasitic desires .Alternatively, if they were spiritually advanced, were at the level of Jesus, they would have overlooked the would be slave masters, and simply loved them but refused to do what they asked them to do that is not loving; that is, refused to be slaves and if the would be slave masters killed them, died defenselessly, as Jesus did, and forgiven their killers, as Jesus did. If they did the later they would, like Jesus, immediately attain salvation; that is, return to the world of light forms that the Holy Spirit had already remade our world of dense forms into .But being lacking in belief in life after death, in God, they feared dying and wanted to live in bodies at all costs hence allowed the sadists from Europe to enslave them.

No one who understands that God is love would permit other persons to enslave him or enslave other persons.

Jews and Hindus appear to be the most spiritually gifted human beings on planet earth. Of course, in all human groups there are a few persons with extraordinarily knowledge of spiritual matters, but in group aggregate terms Jews and Hindus are especially blessed in showing the light of God to all human beings. Hindu religion, especially Vedanta has no rival in articulating the nature of God, that is, until Helen Schuman's reinterpretation of Gnosticism in her book, a course in miracles.

Understanding of spiritual matters is something one is born with; education may enhance it but those born with low propensity to spiritual matters would not go far in spiritual matters. An analogy is physics. Some are born very well at understanding physic and mathematics. Those of us who are not particularly gifted in physics and mathematics, with great effort may learn its rudiments but are not going to be Albert Einstein in this lifetime? People come to the world with propensities to certain things.

Those who have propensity to spiritual matter go through the following stages; in childhood they see their bodies and their egos as not good and reject them; they also see other persons bodies and egos as not good enough and reject them; they see the social institutions of their world as not good and reject them. They reject everything in their world. No one can live by merely rejecting what is extant in the world thus such persons seek ideal alternatives to what is. They use their minds, ala Karen Horney's neurotic to invent ideal selves for them and other persons, ideal social institutions, and ideal everything that exist in the world. Thereafter, they seek to attain their imaginary ideal selves and world.

For most of their lives they pursue perfection. Generally, in their thirties they recognize that the desire to change themselves, the people and their world is a will of the wisp. By his own efforts, no human being can change yourself, change other people, change social institutions and change the world.

Recognizing that they cannot bring their ideals and perfection in to being, they feel ego deflation. They experience some sort of existential depression. They were hitherto on a power trip to change them and change the world but now they know that they do not have such power. They give up.

At this point they begin their spiritual understanding of reality. That understanding is complete when they realize that we, as the children of God, who are extensions of God, rebelled against God and invented this world and that we desire the world of separation and cannot by our powers change it. A different power is needed to change this world. That power already exists; it is the Holy Spirit.

When we separated from God, God created another self, the Holy Spirit. God gave the Holy Spirit the function of not destroying the world we made but reinventing it and making it ideal and perfect, that is, loving.

The Holy Spirit has already performed his function. He has already remade our bodies and world into perfect bodies and world; where we have dense bodies of light he remade them into light bodies; where our world is in dense forms he remade it into light forms.

The world remade by the Holy Spirit is not our current world. That world is not the world we see with our physical eyes. But it is right here where our world is and we cannot see is when we purify our seeing, attain Christ vision, that is, see with love and forgiveness, that we see that world. No one who hates one human being can see the world already invented by the Holy Spirit. It is when one loves ones self, loves other persons and forgives the wrongs other persons did to him and hence forgave his own wrongs to other persons that one attains that new world

(Traditional Christians euphemistically call that New World New Jerusalem or New Israel, a world led by Jesus Christ; they are correct).

The new world contains the new man and new animals; in it there is no attack and harm for any creation. Lion and lamb lay side by side, the lion not eating the lamb. The lion has no need to eat the lamb because he is in light form, as is the sheep, and therefore does not need to eat food to sustain its body. In the new world we are all in light forms and do not eat food.

That light world is what traditional Christians call salvation, redemption, deliverance, resurrection etc. When we attain the new world of light we are saved, delivered, redeemed from our current gross ego state. In light forms we are healed and are healthy. To love is to be healthy and in the world of salvation we know only love, not hate.

A course in miracles calls that new world by many names including gate of heaven, happy dream, real world, the borderland between heaven and earth; it is not yet heaven but near it; it is not heaven because we are still in forms albeit light forms, whereas in heaven we are not in forms. In heaven we have no forms.

Heaven is light, light that has no beginning and end. That light contains all of us. If you like, that light is both wave and at the same time particles. As wave it is called God, and as units, particles; we may say that each of us is a particles of that light. But the wave and the particles are one.

There is no space or gap between particles; there is no separation between us and between us and God. We are in God and he is in us. We are one yet have individuality, but not separated individuality.

The inventions of the Holy Spirit are still not reality; they are, like our world, is a dream world but they are a better dream than our unloving world. They bring us to the gate of heaven from whence we can finally enter the formless world of heaven, into pure light.

It is not up to us to change ourselves and change other people; that function is given to the Holy Spirit and he has already accomplished his task; the world he has already reinvented from our world is waiting for us to accept it (we accept it when we forgive all children of God, ourselves included).

Our current world, the light forms world and heaven all exist in the same space. Where we currently are is the light world and is heaven. Our world, light world and heaven are not in different places, they are states of mind. You are in the one your mind prepares you to be. Right now you see yourself in our world. If you love all people and forgive all of us your awareness changes and you see yourself in the world of light forms. If you give up the wish to be in form and individuality altogether and accept no ego self and no body, dense or light, you become aware that you are in heaven.

We are already in heaven but, as it were, sleep and dream that we are on earth, and later, with the aid of the Holy Spirit dream that we are in the world of light forms.

When we awaken from our various dreaming states we know that we were/are always in heaven, in God, in oneness while fancying ourselves elsewhere.

Our material world does not exist. Our bodies do not exist. What we see as our egos and bodies do not exist. What we see as our world does not exist. Only spirit exists.

We are always in spirit, in God, in heaven but dream ourselves in bodies and on earth. Bodies do not exist. We try to make them seem to exist; everything we do on planet earth is a futile effort to make our bodies and egos seem to exist.

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