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Surviving the Trump "Alternate Fact" Presidency & the Icons who make it possible

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America is a nation of icons, legends, heroes and heroines. It is a nation that has more often than not captured 2/3rds of all the Nobel Peace Awards. It is a nation that has dominated the Olympics by always winning the greatest number of gold medals. America was the first nation to colonize the Moon and has already landed a robot on Mars as we speak. It is a nation founded on truth and nothing but the truth which is the opposite of "alternate fact" which actually means a whitewashed falsehood.

You cannot call America a nation in decline unless you are Donald Trump or many in the Republicans who think America is only great when it is feared by other nations of the World. I beg to disagree with their hypothesis and to acknowledge and to honor with this write-up a few of the Americans I know who are making proactive efforts to help us survive the Trump "Talithacumi" Presidency. Veteran Anchorman/ Newscaster, Dan Rather put it best when in an interview with Rachel Maddow he recently advised the country to brace up for action to stop Donald Trump in his tracks as he continues to legitimize his trial and error Presidency.

America has so far been a team player who leads with compassion and empathy and honesty of purpose  to the extent possible the coalition of the willing all over the world by consensus in the full awareness that every other country's interest and bottom line may not always be the same with America's.  In other words America must not be seen to be a bully to other nations, and must learn to seek a middle ground that leaves a wiggle room for those countries to also satisfy the aspirations of their own people while meeting America half way.

A winner- take- all proposition that leaves America to be the one calling the shots all the time at the expense of other nations is not the way to go. Donald Trump apparently does not believe that because he consider himself  the World's greatest negotiator and genius  who can make the other nations sign their own death warrant in deference to America.  He forgets that America alone does not hold the key to wisdom like the tortoise in Yoruba Mythology who gathered all the wisdom in the world in a calabash that he wanted to hang on a Palm tree so nobody else could have access to it. The tortoise soon discovered like Trump is going to soon discover that he is not the wisest man in the world and that wisdom is not the exclusive preserve of Americans alone.

Donald Trump the 45th President wants to use optical illusion to alter the perception of America by projecting or equating his own narcissistic personality with that calculus. He says he wants to make America great again.

It is one of the most senile statements I have ever heard from any American President dead or alive. If you are powerful and awesome you allow other to be the one to make that judgment. Donald Trump does not understand that. He wants to be the judge and the accuser in his own case. If you don't praise him he will praise himself in the superlative and will later turn around to accuse you of some bias and wrong doing by creating an alternative fact of his own and by lying or changing his position like a weather cock.

The truth is that America has never stopped being great as eloquently reminded us by Obama. America has remained the shining City on the Hill that Ronald Reagan once called it. American remains a rainbow coalition of the best and the brightest from other countries of the World. Christian Amanpour of the CNN was an Iranian born and raised in Britain. Fareed Zakaria of the Global Public Square and Raja Manu who work for CNN are both of Indian origin. Dr. Olutoye, a naturalized American with his roots traced to Nigeria has successfully performed a rare operation in Medicine that has been considered a first around the World. There are hundreds and thousands of American immigrants who have done America proud in all fields of endeavor.  America draws her unique strength from her being a microcosm of the whole World.

Donald Trump feigns ignorance of that strength. He is out to redefine America and to run America like he has run his Business Empire. If the whole world remembers that Adolf Hitler was democratically elected German Chancellor in 1933 but in a space of 6 years he has metamorphosed into an unrepentant dictator because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Adolf Hitler led Germany into the Second World War from 1939 to 1945.  I submit that Donald Trump who shares some of the narcissistic profiles of Hitler may well lead America to another World War unless we challenge and stop him before he takes us to a point of no return.

America the Beautiful and the Home of the Brave has always been on the cutting edge of progress, peace, stability and development thru the hard work and foresight of our founding fathers.

If you don't believe me just look thru the window of your plane any time you are flying around the country. You see the pristine beauty of a great and blessed nation and the amazingly beautiful skylines of her major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, New Mexico, Alexandria, and Boston to mention a few.

I have seen it and I am impressed. I cannot afford to see the country go under. I flew the Concord from London to New York in 1983. Flying to America at twice the speed of sound in the majestic aircraft gave me an aerial view of the United States that only an astronaut could have experienced.  I came to realize the sheer beauty and the uniqueness of the American landscape.  The country has always been great and will forever remain great long after the Trump presidency should have gone into oblivion.

Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis in one of their few flights to America once acknowledged the greatness and the beauty of America from the ground and from the air long before KGB Vladimir Putin had got his chance to impose their first American President.

Mr. Trump had won the last election thru the Abracadabra of the Electoral College. Trump had won by a narrow margin of only 36 votes over and above the minimum of 270 required by the Constitution. It was a nightmare that Trump could not get over till now because he knew in his gut that his victory was less than sacrosanct or legit.

He is today leaving substance to pursue shadow by setting up an investigation on what he called "Voter Fraud" to validate his wishful thinking that the popular vote was rigged by "crooked" Hillary. If he can be complaining about an election he is pronounced to have won, there is no telling what he could have done if he had won the popular vote by 3 million votes, but lost Electoral College narrowly. America should have been in a Constitutional crisis by now because Trump would never have conceded victory like Hillary did within 12 hours of her loss in the Electoral College in deference to the stipulations in the American Constitution.

I have said it before and I would say it again. It would forever remain a blemish on the Trump Presidency that the man who lost the popular vote by close to 3 million votes is now the President of the United States.

The way the system was designed by the founding fathers any candidate who lost the popular vote by such a wide margin was expected to also win the Electoral College tally very easily. What the founding fathers did not envisage or factor into their calculation was that a powerful foreign Government  like Russia and the KGB  were never going to be able to use "Disinformation Espionage"  to thwart the will of the American people and the outcome of any American election under any circumstance.

They never envisaged that a political party or a candidate in America would be so desperate for power that it would turn a blind eye to anything a foreign country may have been doing to destabilize or compromise American Democracy.

The communist countries now know, for a fact, that America is not as impregnable as they once thought and that the bastion of Democracy that America has always been can be easily compromised if only they can find an American willing and ready t to work with them or dance to their tune.

Donald Trump is a dream come thru for Putin. If he dares to dump Putin after using him, you can be sure there is going to be a heavy price to pay because like the Elephant, the KGB does not forget or forgive. Some way somehow, the KGB is going to strike back and the picture is not going to be pretty.

Those communist states and other Democracies in Europe and elsewhere now question the rational and the judgment of the American Constitution which is says that the vote of 538 electors is more important and should be given more credibility than the votes of the 130 million people that came out to vote in that election.

If you do not see that as a huge voter fraud or suppression worse than the allegation Donald Trump is now making that he lost the popular vote only because illegal immigrants in America had all voted for his opponent in many big states like New York and California. That tells me loud and clear that Trump would never have conceded defeat if he had won the popular vote but had narrowly lost at the Electoral College.

The Electoral College contraption might well have been rational and logical when it was first conceived, but right now, it has outlived its usefulness and should long have been jettisoned and thrown into the dust bin of History as a very retrogressive and dictatorial formula unworthy of a great nation like America.

I lie to you if I tell you I have not had some sleepless nights about where America is headed with Donald Trump as President even if it is only for one not to talk of 4 or 8 years statutorily mandated for all Presidents.

I wake up every day wondering how and why it has come to this for America and what America can and must do to chart her way out of the "cul de sac" or quagmire created by an American President who openly glorify and publicly tells anyone who will listen that America needs to learn and take some lessons from the play book of the relic of the former Soviet Union and Vladimir Putin of all people.

I could never have believed that Americans would ever live to see the day that this kind of observation will become the rule and not the exception in God's own country.

I do know for a fact that great American Presidents like George Washington (1789-1797), Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809) Andrew Jackson (1865-1869), Abe Lincoln (1861-1865), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945), Harry Truman (1945-1953), Dwight Eisenhower (1953-1961), JFK (1961-1963), Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) Bill Clinton, (1993-2001) to mention a few would never have approved of the way that Donald Trump is now making policy statement on tweets  and extolling the virtues of a communist leader the way he has been doing with impunity. Donald Trump is certainly one of the least qualified candidates by his education and temperament and any cognate experience in Government prior to his election.

We could all complain from now to Eternity or till we turn blue in the face, nothing is going to change the direction America is going unless we all mobilize to stop Trump in his tracks before he does irreversible damage to the country.

The few individuals I want to acknowledge and pay tribute to with this write up are the few among many in America who have been doing a lot in their power to educate and provide information which is a tool for decision-making. There is no way I could mention them all in this short essay because they are just too many.

Michael Moore the Film Maker is decidedly one of them. His has been a one man Battalion in my opinion. That man from Flint Michigan has been doing a lot to create an awareness  in people thru his writings, his movies and community organization skills to recognize the danger that the Trump election poses and will continue to pose to America and what could be done about it. His decision to restore Torture as a means of gathering Intelligence is one on which he and Theresa May the British Prime Minister could begin to part ways.

The stand-up Comedian Bill Maher has been a giant in that effort using Humor and his great education intelligence and knowledge to mobilize people. He is doing so with great success because millions of people listen to his programs and follow his tweet. The three late night comedians on Channels 2, 4, and 7 led by Steve Colbert have been awesome in that role as they all get the attention of millions of people in America and around the globe.

I take off my hat for all of them including the geniuses at Saturday Night Live led by the great Baldwin  and his associates who impersonate the political leaders of this country in a way that get our attention and respect

Individual reporters like Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Al Sharpton, Chuck Todd, Eugene Robinson, Joy Reid, Laurence O'Donnell of MSNBC, Chris Cuomo, Anderson Cuomo and Don Lemon and Jake Tapper of CNN are all a force to reckon with in the ongoing effort to stop or put a check on Donald Trump and the Republicans from driving this country into a ditch.

I recently watched a documentary of the B14 air planes by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and how Barack Obama in the last 48 hours as President had ordered the B 14 jet fighters to fly 15 hours with few refueling along the way to go bomb the ISIS new military bases in Libya. It was a flawlessly executed mission that would have earned Obama another Nobel Peace. He carried out the mission without running his mouth like Donald Trump.

Republicans and Donald Trump can say all they want about Obama. The man has proved to America and the whole World that he was not a President to be taken lightly or pushed around. He courageously refused to let Donald Trump reduce him to a lame duck President to the very last minute of his Presidency.

I predict it won't be long before America becomes a Police state where political opinions and dissent are criminalized and punished with kidnap and death and all forms of torture like water-boarding and what have you just like Yahya Jammeh has done in the Gambia for 22 years.

Awareness is all we need and the individuals I have listed above are doing a marvelous job in that regard and they all deserve our adulation and commendation.

I rest my case.

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