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Special Tips For Hillary In Tonight's Debate.

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Let me make a confession before you read any further. I am attracted to women that combine brain and beauty like Hillary. My late wife exemplified that combination better than any other women in my life and I still cherish her memories till tomorrow and would forever do till I die.

There was another precious woman in my life who was nicknamed “Margaret Thatcher” to this day by those who know her very well because she is beautiful and amazingly bright and intelligent like my late wife, a product of Christ School Ado Ekiti who gave me 5 amazingly-bright children who I believe took their brains and good looks from their mother because I am a distant second to their mom on both counts and I know it.

I am passionate about women like that and I have been fortunate to meet  and to date quite a few in my life as an only child of my mother and a prince who was pampered from my  childhood to believe that polygamy is not quite as bad as some religious fanatics would tell you My childhood hero, my grandfather “Erinlakatabu, Ogiso  Otolu Apara,  Iwerepe gba ra re gba igi oko”  Kabiyesi Alaiyeluwa Deji Afunbiowo Adesida who raised me was himself an unrepentant polygamist with more than 100 wives to say the least. My own father has more than a dozen. I was supposed to have more than one as the first son and heir-apparent.

 It took quite some time to appreciate and understand that polygamy has far more and negativities than monogamy which is decidedly the better and the more fashionable of the two options if any of you reading this can really take me at my word. You can only love one woman at a time but only few men are lucky to find that one woman that is tailor-made for them by God without beating about the bush.

 Nothing can be more rewarding and exciting than finding your soul mate in your wife. Everything works fine when you do, and you are more patient and more tolerant of each other’s weaknesses and more appreciative of each other’s strength and your “dos and don’ts” if I can say that. You both reach that pinnacle  as a couple when you both realize you don’t want to be like “Olokose” and “Omude”  as explained to me by the greatest Deji  of all times and the pioneer architect of the golden century of Akure history from 1897 to 1997.

My grandfather once settled a dispute between a couple whose marriage was decidedly heading for the rocks in 1950, 7 years before his death at 125. Kabiyesi told the two individuals they must not let their marriage degenerate into wedlock between “Olokose” and “Omude” two popular birds in our own neck of the woods in Akure. Kabiyesi explained that “Olokose” the husband does not copulate at night and his wife “Omude” does not copulate in the day time. If they both would not let go on their habit, they would never enjoy the first and the ultimate blessing of re-procreation which is the goal of marriage second only to partnership. The couple left the Palace holding hands and smiling from cheek to cheek because Kabiyesi has managed to touch their hearts and to reconcile them once and for all. I talk about the development today because I was an eye-witness. The couple is still alive today in Akure more than 65 years later.

I tell this little story as a backdrop to why I so much like Hillary and her marriage to one of the greatest American Presidents of the 21 century. I tell this story to explain why I think Hillary has more than earned her wings to being elected the next President of the United States among the 23 candidates running for that office from the two dominant parties in America.

I was initially rooting for Hillary in 2008 before “Ololu” Barack Obama came from nowhere to narrowly edge her out. I was so happy when the same Obama recognizing Hillary’s strength and profound qualifications for President chose to offer her the most important job in his Cabinet as Secretary of State. Hillary was gracious enough to accept the offer and the two of them collaborated to move the country forward in a symbiosis rare to find in most of their predecessors with the possible exception of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Hillary retired herself from the job after 4 years while the ovation was loudest to go prepare herself for another shot at the presidency in 2016.

The job of Secretary of State was exactly the vacuum that Hillary needed to fill in her amazing resume for President. That her rival for the presidency would give her that chance on a platter of gold exemplified the beauty and the greatness of American Democracy. I don’t care whether or not Joe Biden another good candidate throws his hat to the ring; I can tell you that Joe is not going to be able to dislodge Hillary this late in the game. I would have advised Joe Biden to just retire from Politics while the ovation is loudest because I strongly believe he has actually reached the peak of his career in 8 years of serving as Vice President to the first black President who has made history and has left a legacy that is going to loom larger than life 50 to 100 years from now. Joe Biden at 72 can proudly share out of that legacy and leave the rest to his children and grandchildren in Delaware.

The Republicans as confirmed by a member of the Benghazi Inquisition Committee has confessed in a Freudian slip that the Republicans were out for a fishing expedition to get Hillary and to tarnish her as being untrustworthy because there is nothing else they could have said to derail her ambition and to stop her from becoming President in 2016. If the make-believe scandal is not Benghazi, it is going to be the personal E-mails or the private server or some other scandal in the blood sport that Politics has become in America...

Republicans are out to get Hillary because they know she is just too formidable and ready to be President in a two for the price of one kind of scenario that has happened only once in American politics when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President and Eleanor Roosevelt was “first lady”. Can you imagine a Hillary as President and unflappable Bill Clinton as “first Man” and Chelsea Clinton as “first daughter” for the second time running.  That would be awesome to say the least.

I now come to my tips for Hillary in the debate coming up a few hours from now. I regret not writing this piece sooner so Hillary can have a chance to read it before stepping up to the podium as the main attraction in that debate tonight.

 I am aware that Bernie Sanders is doing very well in the opinion polls coming out of Iowa and New Hampshire but we must all remember that opinion polls are snippets of the moment. They may not translate into facts when the rubber meets the road. Even in those polls Hillary has always been a close second to Bernie and could predictably snatch victory from the jaws of a defeat when the chips are down.

I am not overtly concerned about Hillary narrowly losing one of those two early states to Bernie Saunders. I am predicting with more than 70 percent degree of confidence that Hillary would go on to win a major victory on Super Tuesday and become the Democratic Party nominee without any iota of doubt.

Before Hillary does that she still has to make a good showing in the debate tonight and I am offering these tips to help her confront that spectacle sooner than later since there are going to be 5 more debates ahead. Hillary needs to lay a solid foundation and show a good impression in tonight’s debate because she cannot afford to make the same mistake that Obama made against Mitt Romney in their second debate when he became frozen  or went into a nap o the total consternation of most of us rooting for him up to that point. If the situation was taking place in Nigeria, The Yorubas would have concluded that Mitt Romney had placed “Okaraba Baba Edi”on Obama. I hope and pray that Hillary does not allow such a scenario to repeat itself tonight and I am optimistic she would not.

Hillary is always at her best when she has her back against the wall and when she shows the human side of her and when she breaks away from being too careful and too scripted. I understand why she does that because she is a Clinton. For some reason the Republicans have an obsession or a jinx about the Clintons. They just don’t like them because the Clintons have always beaten them in their game, in their animosity or homophobia against them. Republicans are constantly looking for their pound of flesh from the Clintons.

They thought they had an upper hand when they helped Obama to beat a Hillary in 2008, but they were very unhappy when the same Obama offered Hillary the greatest weapon to beat and humiliate the Republicans in 2016. By becoming first lady in Arkansas for 12 years and first lady in Washington for 8 years, and 6 years as junior senator from New York and another 4 years as US Secretary of State, it does not get any better than that for anyone who is destined to be President.

I cannot wait to hear the eloquent Bill Clinton be the keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention and to expertly frame the issues in the election for the whole world to hear. I cannot wait to see Chelsea introduce herself to national politics for the first time as the putative President and CEO of the greatest Philanthropy the world has known. I am talking of the Clinton Global Initiative. Hate them or like them the Clintons of Westchester, New York have become a dynasty in American politics thru the permissive will of God Almighty. Republicans are like the crab hunter who will die on the water edge waiting to see the crab take a nap. It is not going to happen!

I have a few one liner statements I would have recommended for Hillary in trying to introduce herself tonight but I am not going to dwell so much on them because the opportunity to use them effectively may not readily come. It depends on how the moderators frame their questions. But I am sure Hillary in preparing for the debate must have thought about a few to use without my nudging her so to do.  “I know Jack Kennedy, Kennedy is my friend, Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy “That was the one liner statement that was effectively used to derail Dan Quail in the Vice President debate some years back. Tonight could offer another opportunity for any of the candidates on that podium to have his or her day in the sunshine.

There are a few things that Hillary must not leave out today in talking about herself. If the opportunity arises she must find some ways to ask what she and her husband have done to the Republicans for them to be persistently and relentlessly after them for close to 40 years of their political career. The Republicans would surely have been happier if Hillary has used the excuse of the Monica Luwenski scandal to divorce her husband in 1996. They did everything to push her to do that but the woman would not budge. If she had agreed with the Republicans that would have ended her husband’s political career and her own. She would never have been a participant in tonight’s debate talk less of being President. 

Hillary stuck to her man because she loved him and out of consideration for their only child. She defended Bill in the public even though she gave him a black eye behind closed doors and she made the President of the United States sleep on the couch and to share the space with their dog for several weeks during the very embarrassing scandal.

That is my kind of woman. That is the kind of a woman America needs to be their first female President. Hillary has class. Hillary has brains and beauty. Hillary is more than ready to lead America. Hillary should find some ways to incorporate into her personal history and narrative tonight why she stuck by her man in strict adherence to her religious faith and in the true spirit of forgiveness and redemption and strong family values that Republicans only talk about in slogans but hardly ever practice.

 Hillary must demonstrate tonight the same authority and independence she showed when she crafted her speech in China when she, as first lady of the United States reminded the whole world that “Human Rights are Women Rights and that Women Rights are Human Rights”.  It was her finest moment as a politician. She should display her wide knowledge on a range of policy issues, and she has to do it in a way that draws a distinction between her and Barack Obama without appearing to criticize the President.  Nobody should expect Hillary Administration to be the carbon copy of Obama’s. Hillary is going to improve on the record of Obama because Politics is more about the future than about  yesterday and the best of America is yet to come as understood and articulated  by JFK, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Hillary has to find a way to keep her front runner status without appearing abrasive or condescending. It is a hard act to follow, but I believe Hillary has the brain power and the temperament to do it and do it well in tonight’s debate. She should have anticipated what her opponents are likely to say and be fully ready to answer them without necessarily antagonizing them because she is going to need them and their supporters after the primary season is over.

The whole world now knows that the Benghazi Hearing is a Kangaroo Court and an Inquisition designed to distract, provoke, irritate and blackmail Hillary. If the Republicans cannot and would not hold 9/11 terrorism against George Bush, it is completely disingenuous of them to want to hold Benghazi against Hillary who did everything possible as Secretary of State to not put the American Ambassador and the 4 Americans who died in harm’s way.

With regards to the E-mails and the private server, she should show sufficient contrition and not trivialize the fact that she made a mistake. If I were in her shoes I would explain  that since I live under the same roof with my husband who has his own security clearance that cannot be easily hacked I thought I had some cover as well because I am not one to knowingly and deliberately compromise the security of a country that has given me so much.

I would also admit that I chose to keep my own personal E-mails the way I did because I was under some pressure not to give my political enemies more leverage to want to pry into my privacy beyond what they reasonably have a need to know. Even though Hillary has never admitted that point in any of her defenses about what she did, I strongly believe it was part of her calculation and it is completely human and natural for any human being in her circumstance or predicament to think or act that way.

The name of the game is full disclosure. I know Republicans are never going to be satisfied with her explanations and answers, but there are many Americans who will cut her a slack for that and leave the issue alone. To try and be too legalistic and lawyerly about the issue is not the way to go because many might still believe she was hiding something. 

Most Republican diehards are never going to be satisfied with any explanation Hillary gives because they are out to get her and her husband. They have done that for more than 40 years without anything to show for it.

Let Hillary talk about her relationship with her little granddaughter and how she has labored hard with God’s help to raise her only daughter during her days as first lady of Arkansas and first lady of the United States. She and her husband have done a good job of that, and she does no harm by putting a human face to some of the good things she has done as a mother and as a life partner to her great husband by keeping the sanctity of marriage.

 Let Hillary talk about her parents and most especially her mother who were both Republicans  and how they raised her to be a Republican and how she evolved as a democrat from her University days at Wellesley College and Yale, and how her  marriage to Bill Clinton has played a dominant part in her life.

That is the kind of story many more Americans need to know about her to seal her populist credentials as a human being and not as a robot or caricature the Republicans want to make her. Let her talk her life work for children and women in general and how she has remained a champion for the full emancipation of women around the world. Let her use some of the lessons she drew not only from her first book, “It takes a village to raise a child” and her second book titled, “Hard Choices” which reveal the kind of President Americans can expect her to be.

Hillary would be fine if she finds a way to incorporate some of these tips in this opening or closing statements in tonight’s debate as an agent for change in America.

I rest my case.     

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