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Robert Mueller has become the Nightmare of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

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If there is any single person in America today who can stop Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin from turning America into a Dictatorship right before our eyes, it is Robert Mueller. If Vladimir Putin ever believed he has scored a technical knock-out against America by successfully implanting a KGB sympathizer in the White House just like America had successfully implanted a Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin to break up the old Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, Robert Mueller the independent Prosecutor has clearly proved to Putin he is decidedly wrong just by telling Putin he cannot fool America and get away with it.

The Russian cat is being let out of the bag to be skinned alive by a meticulous genius and absolutely patriotic Robert Mueller whose loyalty to America cannot be bought or short-changed like that of General Flynn, the former Director of the US Military Intelligence who colluded with Donald Trump to enter into a "Quid Pro Quo"agreement under cover of Darkness to make Donald Trump the President of America with some help from Vladimir Putin.

The statement above is what makes Robert Mueller the nightmare to Trump and Putin. The Lion King Robert Mueller "Ekun tan ni keremu" in Akure dialect, has therefore become the most harassed investigator in America today who is being  persistently threatened with blackmail, humiliation and dismissal today by the person constitutionally empowered and sworn on oath to protect him and the whole country. If such harassment and deliberate blackmail and demonization by Donald Trump and the Republicans do not constitute an Obstruction of Justice I don't know what other evidence Robert Mueller must provide to make any Grand Jury to reach that conclusion and to prove beyond all shades of doubt that Vladimir Putin was head and shoulders involved in meddling in American election for more than a year before the 2016 election contrary to their criminal and persistent denials till tomorrow.

If Mr. Mueller were to be a chicken hearted investigator without substance, he would have been shaking in his pants faced with a barrage of innuendoes, accusation and blackmail by the President of the United States using his Bully Pulpit to intimidate Mueller just like he did to FBI Director James Comey whom he fired with callousness and impunity just because he believed the Constitution has offered him the necessary cover as President. The candidate who once told America he was going to be the first candidate to make a profit out of running for President, win or lose, has considered himself a smart Alec who is playing in the big league with a KGB smooth operator who is still advising me till now thru Espionage contact which has not escaped the watchful eye of the same Robert Mueller, one of the best in the business in the whole World.

Donald Trump belongs to a different kettle of fish from Robert Mueller whose action speaks louder than voice. Robert Mueller does not socialize, does not tweet like a Cannery and does not seek immediate gratification and approval and adulation like the narcissist in the White House who loves to parade himself as the best American President who is smarter than all of the American Generals combined, if nobody would ever say that about him because is an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise.

I recall Mitt Romney being the first businessman to ever make a profit out of running the Olympics in Salt Lake City and without gloating about it because he was never in the same league with a Donald Trump. You have never heard Romney gloat about that feat the way Donald Trump has been doing with his claim to have turned around the nation's economy within his first two months in office even though his Harvard-trained predecessor and his Chairman of Foreign Reserve Alice Yelling have done all of the heavy lifting in 8 long years of hard work in the White House and Wall Street.

America has never elected a more unconventional candidate than Donald Trump. Richard Nixon for all of his legal background and crookery did not waste time throwing in the towel the moment his Saturday Night Massacre blew up in his face.

He simply told the nation in frustration "You would not have a Richard Nixon to push around no more" That was the last statement he made before jumping into his Air Force One for his last flight as President back to his home Base in California. He knew the end was near the moment he asked Governor George Wallace of Alabama, if he could still count on him for support, and the Governor gave him a resounding thumbs down when America was still the America we all used to know when everybody used to ask what he or she can do for America and not what America can do for him or her as reminded us by JFK. Embattled Richard Nixon knew the end had come and he made no bones about what to do next. He resigned and disappeared into oblivion before his death, a few years later.

I make that comparison because it is not at all clear today if Donald Trump is not going to play an "Akintola taku" or a President Gbagbo of Ivory Coast on America by refusing to quit if he were to be indicted by the Mueller Report- a move that is totally predictable, given all that that we know today in the public domain.

Everything seems to be pointing in that direction if you factor in the refusal of his alter ego, the racist Judge Moore to concede defeat after his humiliating loss to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate Race and presumably after consulting with his fellow sexual predator in the White House who would not resign as any more seasoned politician in America or Britain would have done without anyone pointing a gun to their head.

British War Prime Minister Winston Churchill quietly threw in the towel following his defeat after the Second World War. The man had every reason to want to remind the British that he had led them thru a very important and costly war.

That is exactly what Donald Trump would have done and he would have lied about it just like he is currently telling America that second only to Abraham Lincoln his Presidency was about the most eventful in his convoluted mind as a delusional narcissist who gave America a Tax Law that was designed to make him and his family the richest beneficiaries when the rubber meets the road.

One Nigerian critic commenting on one of my serial articles on Donald Trump posted on the Opinion Column of Sahara Reporters website has wondered aloud why I was so preoccupied with Trump when I should be writing on Buhari or Atiku or Ojengberedu Ibori  of Nigeria and what have you.

I could not help but laugh at such a silly statement. The Nigerian sadist evidently likes Donald Trump so much that he now views me as Trump's enemy. My loyalty is to Morality and Principle and never to any individual.

I want to let that commentator know that I wear his criticism as a badge of honor and I thank him and those who share his views on Trump and me that I owe no apologies to any one for expressing an opinion in a country where freedom of expression is one of their foundation pillars.

Expressing an opinion is my job as one of the syndicated Opinion Columnists for the Sahara Media Company of New York which includes some of the best Nigerian writers I am very proud to associate with. They include the first Nigerian Nobel Peace Laureate in Literature, Wole  Soyinka, Professor Okey Ndibe, Rudolf Okonkwo, Hannatu Musawa, Chido Onumah, Chika Ezeanya, Ogaga Ifowodo, Pius Adesanmi, and Sonala Olumhense.

I have nothing to worry about anyone criticizing me for doing my job. I emulate the star of this article the unflappable and unruffled Robert J. Mueller who I describe as a nightmare to two of the worst Dictators in the Universe today.

I am talking of Donald Trump the first KGB sponsored President of the United States and Vladimir Putin the KGB smooth operator who believed he scored a home run when he succeeded in making a Mikhail Gorbachev of Donald Trump by aiding and abetting him to win an election he clearly lost and by putting him in the highest seat of Power in the whole World.

Mr. Putin had done it by polarizing America and her traditional allies around the World, by trying to break up NATO and by trying to bring back the defunct Warsaw Pact and even making it stronger by adding Communist China into the mix. He is doing it to reclaim some of Russia's 15 Republics in Eastern Europe which used to be dominated by Russia.

Vladimir Putin wants to take back Ukraine, Crimea and Georgia. Putin still looks on Ukraine as the heartbeat or the Crown Jewel of the old Soviet Union and he wants to use Ukraine as a trade-off for Syria which he was prepared to sacrifice and give away, if narcissistic and abrasive and praise-loving Donald Trump would immediately lift the crippling sanctions imposed on Russia by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Putin knew that Hillary was poised to become the first female President of America had Kremlin and the KGB not muddy the waters for her by spreading enough fake News on her to make her lose two or three of the Swing States she could easily have won to clench the Electoral College Abracadabra that stipulates that you cannot become President in America if you don't win a majority among the 538 handpicked electors in the Electoral College House of Cards which has completely outlived its usefulness and should long have been jettisoned for the good of Democracy and the image and reputation of America as the Beacon of Hope for Democracy.

The Electoral College foggy Mathematics has implied that the verdict of the 538 electors must supersede the verdict of the more than 137 million Americans who participated in the Election and gave Hillary Clinton a 3 million margin of victory over and above Donald Trump.

In his mind and conscience Donald Trump knew there was no way he could have been President without some clandestine treasonable collusion or conspiracy with Vladimir Putin. That was why he could not get himself to criticize Vladimir Putin even if he had affairs on his bed with Melania or Ivanka.

That was why he has so far rejected American Intelligence Consensus on Russian Meddling in American Elections and why he has not, up till now, taken any remedial action to prevent or preempt a reoccurrence despite massive and relentless pressures on him so to do.

Trump has managed to maintain that position because his Party controls a majority in the Congress and the Judiciary and becomes he thinks he is above the Law. The Republican Party is desperate on keeping the White House by hook or crook and the only way they could do that is to put their Party interest over and above the interest of the whole country.  Alabama has thought them a lesson they would not forget in a hurry when she put the nation's interest about Party interest by replacing John Sessions in the Senate with the first democrat in a quarter of a century.

The Republicans all knew that Donald Trump had done something that no American President has ever done before by colluding with a foreign Adversary to destabilize his own country all in the name of making America great again.

But since he was not caught red-handed with his hands in the cookie jar, some Republican power brokers in the Congress had thought their best interest would be served, if they look the other way or just go easy on Donald Trump or face Armageddon with him if the push comes to shove.

There is an element of them that looks on Donald Trump as a Houdini who clearly made an omelet without breaking an egg. They had no doubt he did collude with Vladimir Putin to get himself into the White House and to win a majority for them in the Congress, but they were not overtly concerned about how he did it because to them the end justifies the means

To Hell with morality and political correctness!  What mattered to the Republicans is winning and they have won and are hell-bent to defend their victory, come rain or shine. I can assure them they are going to reap the result of their betrayal starting from 2018 and thereafter when the country returns the Congress to the Democrats on a platter of Gold.

They are all currently operating on the same wave length with Donald Trump who became a multi-millionaire by cooking the books and thru Money Laundering in collusion with filthy-rich Russian Oligarchs who are looking for ways and means to hide their loot from Russia by buying properties using the brand name of Donald Trump in New York, in Mexico, in Panama and in China and Japan and Brazil and South Africa.

Trump believed that Money which is the root of all good and evil is all that counts in his own world. He wants to defeat Iraq and Afghanistan so he can take their oil fields and minerals. As long as America remains the richest country and the most powerful nation in the Universe, American could care less about his antics and lies as President or his plan and intention to become a dictator like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN, or Idi Amin Dada or Mobutu Sese Seko.

He believes that Americans would play along with him as long as he is flying a kite that he is going to make everybody rich by cutting their taxes and by removing all of the regulations that could stop the rich and the well-to-do from taking undue advantage of the Poor and the down-trodden in America.

It is a massive lie that would cause a yawning gap between the rich and the poor in Society in less than 2 years. Trump does not mind creating the problem because he knew he would have been dead and gone by the time the problem becomes a consuming Inferno. He wants to just make his money and pass on his limitless wealth to generations of his children and grandchildren yet unborn.

That was where America was, before Donald Trump drove himself into a Cul de Sac by being clever by half to fire James Comey the FBI Director who, like Robert Mueller has bluntly refused to pledge any oath of Allegiance to Donald Trump.

Despite his limitations as a human being, James Comey could not get himself to do what the outlaw President was illegally nudging him to do.  Donald Trump was trying by all means to cover his trail by urging Comey to go easy on General Michael Flynn and to let him go scot-free.

General Flynn was the center of the storm who knew every bloody crime that Trump has committed. He as a former Head of Military Intelligence gave Trump all the confidence he needed. But now that General Flynn and Manafort and Pampadopoulos have flipped on him, he could tell the end is near and the man behind it all is Robert J. Mueller who must now be discredited, blackmailed and delegitimized before completing his damning report on Donald Trump and his fellow partners in crime who are all going to jail.

Donald Trump was initiating his own Saturday Night Massacre by borrowing a script from tricky Dicky Nixon by firing Comey. One precipitate action led to another. The firing of Comey had forced John Sessions to recuse himself from the whole Russian investigation.

It therefore fell on his Deputy Attorney General whose hands were tied by the Law and the existing mandatory protocols in the Department of Justice to appoint an independent Counsel in Robert Mueller, a retired Director of FBI in good standing, a Republican by registration but a totally independent and a honest and dependable American who fully understands that the Law should be no respecter of persons and who was going to follow the evidence to wherever it leads including the gates of Hell without fear or favor.

Donald Trump has forgotten that America is not Russia and that the strong Institutional pillars of American Democracy and the Rule of Law would not let him do what he had planned to do and that if he goes ahead to do it, he is bound to pay a heavy price pretty much like Richard Nixon.

Donald Trump can surely run from the Law. What he cannot do is hide and the only person who will not allow him to hide is Robert J. Mueller, an alumnus of Chicago University, a former Marine and the pleni potentiary former  FBI Director that the Yorubas in their rich language would have called " Eru jeje Oko Aje, Egun Mogaji and Are Onakankanfo" the Supreme War Commander

Ghanaians would have called Mueller the Osagyefo Robert J. Mueller and the Zairians would have called him "Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Waza Banga" meaning the "Father Cock that crows in the midst of chickens"

Now the Republicans are foolishly alleging that Robert Mueller had committed a crime and deserved to be investigated and fired for hiring somebody who had once criticized Donald Trump in some of his private E-mails.

Even though Robert Mueller had fired the person without being pressurized so to do, Republicans wanted Mueller blackmailed, pilloried, crucified for keeping the person for one minute among his staff. It was simply laughable.

Part of the beauty of Democracy is the freedom of Speech engrained in it. Dictatorship begins the moment you see an American President who criminalizes freedom of speech simply because it does not favor him. Donald Trump is that kind of President.

He calls CNN and MSNBC fake News but idolizes Fox News. He hates Robert Mueller like Poison because he is scared of him and because Mueller is a nonsense man who does his job with ultimate professionalism and would not kowtow to anybody regardless of his position in the Hierarchy of Power in America

Republicans and Donald Trump were only trying to distract, divert and obfuscate to shift the focus on the very embarrassing Russian meddling in American elections to blackmail Robert Mueller. They just don't want Robert Mueller to do his job because they knew he is going to get to the bottom of what really happened and send all of the criminals to jail.

Under no condition should Donald Trump and the Republicans be allowed to intimidate Robert Mueller. I therefore rise in defense of the based all the points I have made above.

Donald Trump is making a huge mistake to put all his trust on Vladimir Putin who does not mean well for America.  Donald Trump foolishly believes that if he can strike some close relationship with important World leaders across the globe, they are all going to dance to his tune and do everything that he wants because he is the greatest negotiator of all who can turn daylight into utter darkness because he believes he just has the skill. He also believes that if all preventive regulatory actions including the good and the bad are jettisoned, America will prosper. Only a fool will believe that. Laws and rules are made to create some order in society

I say foul over the bar. It is not going to happen. The problem is that Donald Trump is a law breaker who does not his hands to be tied by any Law. It is going to be a recipe for Disaster, if he is allowed to do that. Trump believes that Laws are only made to be kept by his enemies and not by his friends. He is fine with you when you praise him but feels diminished and insulted if you dare to criticize him or force him to obey the Law.

Robert Mueller is about the only person apart from the Judiciary who is able to call his bluff because a Congress controlled by the Republicans has proved itself incapable of curtailing the excesses of Donald Trump because the two Houses are equally as corrupt and misinformed as Donald Trump.

The only saving grace now outside the Court of Law is Robert Mueller. Donald Trump knows it but does not want to play by the rule. He thinks he should be allowed to exercise maximum power pretty much like Idi Amin was doing in Uganda before his overthrow

It is time to call the bluff of Donald Trump and to ask him to steer clear of Robert Mueller and to let him do his work without let or hindrance.

I rest my case.

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