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Racism gives Americans false meaning and worth

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Many Americans have nothing meaningful to do with their lives and instead engage in racism and discrimination against minority people; this evil behavior gives their meaningless lives pseudo meaning. Moreover, it gives them a sense of false worth; by looking down on other people they derive a sense of worth thus masking their existential sense of worthlessness.

If they did not discriminate against some persons they would recognize the utter meaninglessness and worthlessness of their existence and perhaps become depressed and commit suicide.

They avoid depression and suicide by engaging in racism and efforts to keep other people away from the country. They assume that the country belongs to them; they are wrong, the entire world belongs to all human beings.

If birds have a right to fly to any part of the world and live there, at least for a while, there is no reason why a human being should not be able to live at any part of the world. Keeping people out of your so-called country, an animal territorial behavior, is exercise of ego power; there is nothing natural in it. In nature all lands belong to all animals; it is accidental that powerful animals keep weaker ones out of their territories but that is not evidence that they own the land they keep others out; they are just exercising raw ego based power; their behavior is not moral.

The entire American conservative echo chamber and liberal talking points are efforts to avert knowledge of their underlying existential meaningless and worthless existence; these are ways of giving their meaningless lives pseudo meaning and worthless lives pseudo worth.

One must therefore understand what these folks are doing and why they are doing it; one may choose to overlook their childish attempts to give their lives false meaning and worth or one gives them the means to obtain real meaning and worth, if one has found such means in one's own life.


In the above few paragraphs I pointed out that Americans proclivity to racism and racial discrimination is probably due to their efforts to mask their underlying sense of worthlessness and meaninglessness. Now, let me cite an African group that has taken stupidity to a whole new level, Igbos.

Igbos are always claiming to be rich hence important. They are always comparing themselves to other people and telling us how they are better than other people (within Igbo land how one Igbo is better than other Igbos and as members of a group how their group is superior to other groups).

If an Igbo makes some chomp change it goes to his empty head and he boasts about his wealth. Just about everything these folks do is geared to making them seem superior to other persons and other ethnic groups.

I believe that they engage in these infantile behaviors to mask their existential depression, depression from their awareness of the utter worthlessness and meaninglessness of living in bodies that would die.  Their obsessive compulsive and narcissistic boasting are efforts to avert awareness of their meaningless existence hence avert suicide; their childish boastfulness is a means of giving their meaningless and worthless lives some sort of pseudo meaning and worth.

Claiming superiority to other people gives their worthless feeling egos a sense of worth and meaning. If they did not do so they would be depressed and possibly commit group suicide. Igbo fools like Chukwuma and their infantile boastfulness are trying to mask the awareness of their underlying depression and urge to kill themselves.

If one wants them to stay alive in ego and body, in meaninglessness and worthlessness one must allow them to keep on pretending worth and meaning from their silly boastfulness, their incessant reminding you of their phantom accomplishments.

The alternative is for them to find out if life has meaning and worth (their current childish minds are probably too lazy to do the serious thinking needed to find out if life has meaning; philosophy is not the cup of tea of childish minds).


The reason why people's lives have no intrinsic meaning and worth is because they will die and their bodies rot. As long as people are born to die their lives have no existential worth and meaning.

People's bodies are not different from animals and trees bodies; they exist and die; their bodies decay to the 64 elements that compose them and those decay to protons, neutrons and electrons and those decay to quarks and photons and photons return to the nothingness from whence it came during the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago.

Perceiving death as the source of their sense of worthlessness and meaninglessness (all their activities and creations return to sand, even the great pyramids will, sooner or later, return to the sand it really is) people posit religions. Their religions tell them that there is life after they die. Belief in life after death gives their worthless lives false worth and meaningless lives false meaning.

Mouthing silly religion is one way folks think that they give their lives meaning but that behavior does not give them meaning; regardless of their religiosity, as long as people must die and rot they are meaningless animals. It is only if they can transcend death that their lives have real meaning.

If, in fact, it is true, as religion teaches, that people came from a place of eternity, a place where they do not die, and eventually return to it, the question is why did they leave that world and come to our physical universe, a place they must die? In our experience people do not consciously choose to go from a good place to a bad place, unless, of course, they are insane!


It does not make sense that people would leave a place of timelessness and go to a place of time; and leave a place of immortality to go live in a place of mortality. So, why would people do such a thing?

There is a hypothesis that says that people deliberately chose to go experience the opposite of their natural state in heaven; this hypothesis says that our physical universe is an opportunity that people gave to themselves because it enables them to experience death, the opposite of their eternity in heaven. This is the hypothesis of willful separation in search of the opposite of heaven.

Another motivating force in separating from eternity is the opportunity it offers the children of God to play God, to go create their own universe and be the boss of their lives, and not always obey their creator, God.

The children of God are said to be intrinsically part of God and cannot separate from him; however, they can dream that they are separated from him.

To believe that they can separate from God, their real selves, is to be deluded. Since to be in our world is to believe that we are separated from God, eternity and timelessness and those are our reality and we cannot separate from them then we are deluded. To be in our world is to be insane!

To regain sanity people are said to be required to jettison separation and return to their eternal union with God and one another; in other words, they are required to awaken from the dream of separation.

To return to God in other to have meaning and worth in their lives, however, requires people to negate this world; it requires people to escape from this world and return to unified spirit.

If pure spirit is real and not just a hypothesis I suppose that it makes sense to return to it but if it is a mere psychological solace then people must be left to seek their false meaning and worth from their  ceaseless earthly activities, activities that enable them to forget their existential depression.


I confronted existential meaninglessness early in life. First, I tried to overcome it by giving me meaning by having ambitions to accomplish this or that but that was empty for all the accomplishments of this world cannot wash away meaninglessness if one must age and die. Thus, I could not settle for any profession for no official profession offered me meaning in it.

I threw myself into searching for meaning in the study of spirituality; that effort became an end in itself, something to kill time with; it was not yielding the experience that would give my life meaning.

Like Gautama Buddha I decided to stop formal search for a religion that would give my life meaning and answer a few simple questions.

Since to pursue the ego and its goals of greatness gives one anxiety it follows that to let go of that pursuit is to give one peace of mind. Thus, I decided to let go of the ego and its quest for glory.  In the cessation of the ego quest for glory I attained peace.

Extrapolating from my journey, I see teenagers who do not find meaning in the vocations of this world and become depressed and contemplate suicide. They need to be given pursuits that would give their lives meaning.

Success in western professions and or the pursuit of wealth and sex will not give people who are aware of the meaninglessness of existence in body that would die meaning and worth.


It is not for animals in human forms to change before I changed; it is for me to accept that they are too low in spiritual evolution to change and leave them alone and instead do what I have to do to change.

For me change means tolerating Americans ceaseless activities meant to fill up their empty lives and give them pseudo meaning and worth; it means tolerating the childish boastfulness of Igbos.

These people do what they do to give them false meaning and worth; they will sell and buy each other to seem to obtain worth and importance and give their meaningless lives pseudo meaning.

My function is to seek real meaning and live accordingly and not worry about other people. For now, real meaning is obtained from the awareness that we feel meaningless from our awareness of death and that we try to mask that awareness with our ego behaviors. Engaging in non-egoistic behaviors is one way to live peacefully.

Ultimately, if there is life after death, if that reality can be demonstrated as a fact and not merely believed in, then there is meaning in our lives.

Religion, philosophy and doing science and technology are necessary activities in our search for meaning.


People engage in ceaseless activities to enable them seem busy and to forget their existential reality, the reality of their meaningless, purposeless and worthless existence on planet earth.

What is the alternatives to what they are doing; would thinking about their meaninglessness and worthlessness help?  That probably would only depress them and make them commit suicide?

Forgetting their miserable fate seem correlated with living fairly well.

Religion offers answers that are not demonstrated as the truth; religion asks people to believe in its speculations that there is life after death.

Rational persons do not want to believe anything on faith. Is it a fact that there is life after people die, true or false?

The clinical psychologist, Dr. Helen Schucman (A course in miracles) was an existentialist; as such, she recognized that most of the activities of this world is an exercise in futility. Nevertheless, she said that if people overlooked this world that they would see another world, one remade from this world.

She said that the Holy Spirit has remade our world for us. The reinvented world, she said, is in light form hence not subject to death and decay as are the things in our world.  The remade world, she said, is still illusory, albeit a better illusion than our death bound world.

The world of light forms is an illusion because although it approximates reality it is not reality. Reality is not in forms and is not perceptual.

She said that reality is the union of all things as one thing and that they are formless and eternal.  She said that the world of light forms will last for as long as it takes people in the world of gross matter, our world to change their minds about their truth and come to it.

When all people have entered the world of light forms, instead of dying that world would be gently translated to the formless world of God; people would awaken in the formless world where they know that all of them share oneself with God.

But is what the lady professor saying true or false? We do not know. If you have not verified what she claims are alternatives to our world it is probably the case that you would remain an existentialist thinker. In which case you accept that our world is meaningless and pointless but nevertheless offers some joy.

There is joy in investigating the nature of the physical universe, our bodies included. One can find joy in doing science and technology. One can find joy in being an artist. One can draw beautiful buildings, as architects do, and find joy from doing so. Never mind that the buildings one builds will eventually decay and return to sand, as is everything in the universe.

The existentialist grinds his teeth and makes the most of this world by doing what he likes doing, while tolerating the world's meaninglessness.  I am an existentialist.


People are born and must die; death makes their lives not special. As long as people are born to die they must feel like they are worthless and see their lives as meaningless.

Ideally, if they can establish that there is life after death their lives would have meaning but at present all that is said about life after death is conjectural, not demonstrated truth.

In the meantime, people want to live in bodies. They do everything they could to prolong their lives in bodies. Science and technology offers them the means to do what prolongs their lives in bodies.

However, just as they are prolonging their lives other forces shorten their lives. Diseases caused by bacteria, virus and natural forces such as earthquakes, volcanos, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis etc. destroy their lives.

Other human beings who have the wish to do so can destroy people's lives. People establish governments and give them police and military powers to protect them.

As we speak, Arab Muslim terrorists kill people at will thus showing that life can be snuffed out by anyone who so desires it.

Since people desire to live they are afraid of death; many of them are paranoid of whoever can snuff out their lives.

As a result, these days just about every government office in the Western world have security guards searching people before they enter them. The West is becoming an armored truck. It costs money to do so; this business of perpetual protectiveness could bankrupt the West! Islamists probably desire that out come? Whatever weakens the West makes it easier for them to accomplish their goal of imposing Islam on the world!

To fight Islamic jihadism the West is bombing the Muslim world to rubbles, to seventh century level of development.

The individual can extricate his self from the fear and anxiety posed by our conflicted world by simply accepting that he is born and must die and resolve to live as fully as he could without fearing death. He could figure out what he has aptitude for doing and go do it and have a ball of existence despite its meaningless nature.

Ozodi Osuji

May 25, 2017

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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