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Obama seems to have finally accepted Republicans opposition

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Yesterday (November 20, 2014), Obama made a bold move on immigration matters: allowing illegal immigrants who have been in the USA for five or more years, have children in the country and have not committed crimes to apply for work permit so that they can work, openly, and apply for proper legal status (green card) and go to the back of the line. With a stroke of his presidential pen, Obama has given an estimated five million persons the right to work in the USA. This is by any ones estimation a courageous move; the man has finally acted presidential. And the television networks, ABC, NBC and CBS were so disdainful of the president that they did not even carry his address to the nation live on television; instead, they showed such important matters as sports and situation comedies; Americans have to be entertained, you know.


From the first day of his stay at the White House, it was clear that members of the Republican Party wanted Mr. Obama to fail. They even met on the day of his inauguration and planned on how to make sure that nothing he did would be allowed to pass through Congress, and since Congress makes laws and policies that way he would accomplish nothing.


The people elected a black man, now, they, Republicans are going to show them that the black man is going to accomplish nothing. That would continue and reinforce the narrative that black people cannot do anything right, that they are no good.


The racist has it in his mind that black people cannot do anything even as it is black people that built America; the racist white person lives in a country built by black folks but refuses to acknowledge the obvious.


Obama played along with racist shenanigans and allowed Republicans to frustrate every move he made. It got to a point that they did not even address the man as their president. Apparently, to them he is an unwelcomed nigger in the White House. He has no authority to rule America, never mind that he was elected by a margin greater than many white presidents were elected.


Obama smiled and allowed himself to be treated in the most disrespectful manner an American president has ever been treated.


Indeed, a class of white racists did not even acknowledge that he was born in America; they claimed that his eighteen year old mother went to Kenya in 1961 to give birth to him and then came right back and arranged for a local hospital to say that he was born there. And this was done by a college fresh woman with no money to her name.


The birther movement, to the present, does not believe that Obama was born in the USA and since the constitution says that one has to be born in America to be the president therefore in their minds Obama is not their president.


Some members of the military actually said that they would not carry out orders Obama gave because he is not their lawful commander in chief.


Wannabe white demagogues like the Cuban, Ted Cruz believed their selves powerful enough to challenge the president at every turn he made. They threaten to shut down the government if he did not do as they asked him to do (Obama should call their bluff and let them shut down the government for however long they want and let us see who suffers).


Obama went along with these clowns parade and it came to pass that folks like me wrote him off as an impotent president. But this move on immigration, hopefully, means that the man has now realized that the president of the United States of America has a lot of powers.


In these United States of America we have separation of powers; the president has as much powers as either of the other two branches of government. Let us hope that from now on, Obama acts on his lawful powers.


If the man does so there is no doubt that the next two years is going to be interesting; the racist elements in Congress will, no doubt, oppose him. Some will even make noise about impeaching him (let them go ahead and impeach a black president who has not committed a crime and blow this country apart with riots). These fools will eventually accept the reality that this is our country and not just their country.


The rest of the industrialized countries of the world, certainly all of Western Europe gave their people publicly paid health insurance. In America just because white folks have jobs and obtain health insurance from their employers, and black people are discriminated out of the work place or relegated to marginal jobs that do not give them health insurance, America refused to do what other countries did: give its people health insurance. They do not want black people to have health insurance; for all they care all black people should die from unattended medical issues.


To befuddle the world, they trot out the supposed wisdom of private enterprise as the best allocator of goods and services in a political economy; okay, the very country that produced Adam Smith, Britain has given its people health insurance and capitalism has not collapsed in that country.


There is no doubt in my mind that if America was an all-white country it would have given all Americans publicly paid health insurance; it is racism that disposes America to not give all Americans health insurance.


Obama tried to do what many of us, those who want a single payer health insurance for all Americans, called Mickey Mouse health insurance reform that asks all Americans to buy health insurance and those with minimal wages to have their premium subsided by the public and Republicans opposed even that.


The man has been so opposed that the wonder is that he kept smiling. The racist white man does not want black men to succeed at anything.


Obama did not seem to be interested in checkmating the racists hounding him; indeed, when they asked him to jump he asked how high he should jump.


Now, he appears to have read the handwriting on the wall and recognized that Republicans want him to fail, and will do what is within his powers if he is going to have a meaningful last two years in the White House.


I hope that he has finally learned the lay of the land, the fact that he lives in a racist environment that wants black folks to fail. Reasonable black folks must not give in to the diabolical force arraigned against them.


Give or take, in fifty years America will have its current minorities (blacks and Latinos) as fifty percent of the population; at that time racist whites would no longer call the shots and must meaningfully cooperate with non-whites if America is to be well governed.


The era of foolish white men telling the rest of the world what to do is almost over. One hopes that Obama begins the mission of teaching those white folks who still have the illusion that the world belongs to them that their delusion of ownership of the world is over.


When Obama came to office they demonstrated saying that they want to take back their country from him; they cannot take back a country that never exclusively belonged to them. They have to learn to accept that this is our country, not just theirs.


Obama seems to have finally accepted the Republican Party’s refusal to accept him as their president; he seems no longer in denial of the facts on the ground. He is now behaving as the president of these United States of America, not some stranger in the White House built by black folks.


Ozodi Osuji


November 21, 2014


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