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My ambivalence towards Donald Trump

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Donald Trump And I, The Dance Of Love And Hate

Ozodi Osuji

Years ago, I read The Donald's book, "The Art of the Deal" (New York: Random House, 2006; 384 pages). I even went to a workshop based on the book.  Eventually, I saw the book and the workshop based on it as another American flimflam; I dismissed them and moved on with my life. Thereafter, I did not pay more attention to the Donald.

The Donald came back into my consciousness when he was harassing Barack Obama by questioning his Americanness; he insisted that Obama was not born in the USA and demanded to see his birth certificate. And when Obama released his state of Hawaii issued birth certificate the Donald doubted it and demanded to see his hospital issued birth record.

The Birther movement was led by a non-American, Moldavian Jewish woman called Orly Taitz and a black American called Alan Keyes, both wack jobs.

That whole movement did not make sense to me. Let us see. Obama's mother was an 18 year old white kid from Wichita, Kansas; she was attending the University of Hawaii when she met Obama's father. The guy got her pregnant and really did not hang around to take responsibility for his child. He ran off to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Harvard University and from there returned to Kenya and worked as part of President Jomo Kenyatta's economic team.

Obama was raised by a single woman, Ann Dunham.  In all likelihood the woman probably was not a happy camper because it is not easy raising a child alone and abandoned by the man who got her pregnant; luckily, her parents helped her out.

Now, how could this eighteen year old kid become pregnant and go to Kenya to go give birth to that child then return to Hawaii and colluded with a maternity hospital to say that he was born there and had a local newspaper write notice of his birth?

And why would she do that? She knew in advance that he was going to become the president of Kenya hence had to be born in Kenya?

If she was planning for him to become the President of the USA why would she have him born outside the USA given that the US constitution required presidents to be born in the USA? It does not make sense; it did not add up.

I did not see any reason in the whole birther movement. It simply seemed to me that what was going on is resentment of a black man being the president of the USA. The Birther people, I concluded, are racists and I have no use for racists.

In my view, racism is a mental illness and, as such, a racist needs psychotherapy to heal his sick mind. All human beings originated in Africa; as such, all human beings, regardless of their race, are Africans; therefore, to say that one race is superior to others is insane.

In that light, I dismissed the Donald as a racist who needed psychotherapy more than any other thing.

In terms of personality structure, clearly, Trump is very narcissistic hence very insecure. He feels inferior and masks it over with his drive for admiration and attention. His boastful and blustering utterances are meant to convince you that he is worth your attention. He wants to seem special.

Okay, the man is a narcissist, what else is new. Most politicians are narcissists; personality disorder does not interfere with doing a good job (can you point to a military general or politician or successful business man who is not a narcissist or does not have other personality disorders, such as paranoid personality disorder?).

Despite my anger at the Donald for his apparent racist behavior towards Mr. Obama, I must say that I do not like Barrack Obama's public policies.

Like most black folks, I was thrilled when Obama was elected the president; I said: it is about time that a black man is the president of these United States of America.

Then I began observing his policies and decided that he knows diddlysquat about leadership and management.  Above all he is not decisive; he is simply not a good leader. At best he will be remembered for his history making role as the first nonwhite president of the USA.

I wrote many articles showing why I did not care for Obama.  Ultimately, Obama alienated me with his apparent lovefest with Muslims. Indeed, I wondered if he is a closet Muslim.

Muslim terrorists attacked the world trade center at New York, destroyed it and killed thousands of Americans. The terrorists turned around and wanted to build their mosque on or near the very site they killed Americans! This is an outrage. Barrack Obama supported them! That did it for me. Obama, in my eyes, became garbage.

Take the Muslim Manchurian Candidate out of my sight, was my attitude towards Obama. Muslims are destroyers of civilization; they are anti-science and technology; they want to return us to seventh century primitive Arabia. They want to impose their religion of violence on the world and have a worldwide caliphate based in Mecca. They want all of us to bow to a piece of rock in Mecca.

Muslims want us to chant what Salman Rushdie called the Satanic Verses of the Koran. The Koran, ah, the Koran that bundle of gibberish! Have you tried reading that book? I have. I tell you what, that book reads like what a schizophrenic wrote; it is a bunch of disjointed, illogical gibberish.

Muslims want to impose their Sharia law on us! Imagine that, primitive laws that cut off folks hands for stealing a penny while the Wahhabi emirs of Saudi Arabia literally stole their entire country's oil wealth and are not punished. Sharia law relegates women to third class citizenship and for that alone are not tenable in the modern world.

In sum, I do not like Obama; I do not like him because I believe that he does not stand up for our American values and interests.

Last year the Donald declared his intention to run for the US presidency. He reentered my consciousness.

He began talking about shipping all 12 million illegal Latinos back to Latin America, building a tall wall at the US Mexican border and having Mexico pay for it, eliminating and replacing Obamacare, making sure that American companies are not closing their manufacturing plants in America and shipping them to Asia; making sure that Asian countries are not ripping us off; preventing China from making its current $500 billion dollars in trade gains each year while preventing us from selling our goods to them; reworking NAFTA and other trade deals that make it possible for American companies to manufacture their goods in Mexico and other third world countries, thus take advantage of their third world cheap labor and bringing their goods back to sell in America; making sure that American workers are driven out of their jobs or  are employed at lower wages, if at all they are lucky to have jobs; stopping Muslims from coming to the USA; the man promised to generally make America great, again. This is music to many Americans ears!

The man appealed to something in the American psyche. I, therefore, had to take notice. I could not afford to do what folks did in the 1920s when they cavalierly dismissed the homeless boy called Adolf Hitler and did not take him seriously. When the man, with the help of Herman Hesse, wrote his book, Mein Kampf, delineating his political philosophy the literate class did not even bother reading it. They lived to regret their omission, for everything he did in his twelve year run ruling of Germany, 1933-1945, was delineated in his rag.

If folks had read what Hitler said, knew his diabolical plan to kill off all Jews and reduce Eastern Europeans to slaves and take over their land, lebensraum, may be they would have prevented him from coming to power? Thus I resolved that I must find out more about Trump; it is not enough to dismiss him as a clown. He is a clown alright but a clown appealing to something clownish in white Americans' sub conscious minds.

Being me, a systematic and rigorous researcher, I went and read up on Trump. I read everything I could find on the man. His background is not particularly unusual. He is the son of German immigrants; his father was in the real estate business and made loads of dough; he was an unruly teenager so his parents sent him to a military academy to discipline him; he attended Pen-state University and obtained a bachelor's degree in economics in 1968. Thereafter, he joined his father in his real estate business. The rest, as they say, is history. He made tons of smackeroos. He womanized; like the narcissist he is he wanted to be admired by women and collected women as his parlor trophies. The rich do that all the time so what is new in that?

What interest me are the man's political intentions.  I read his political plans for America. And I listened to his speeches. He has limited language skills; in fact, the man is almost an illiterate; he is very inarticulate; his performance at the Republican debates showed his poor education; he is certainly not up to snuff on policy matters; if he were to take one of my political science classes I would give him a C minus grade.

Yet, if truth is said, of all the Republican candidates I decided that the Donald is the best for the job that they are auditioning for, the US President.

Thereafter, I compared him to the probable Democratic candidate for the job, Hillary Clinton.  She is an old time politician. She really has no unique agenda; she will bargain, logroll and compromise and do whatever is possible. She will bandage the system and not heal any of its festering wounds.

She will use Black folks to get elected and then call them "super-predators'';  like Bill Clinton (did in 1994) she will work with Congress to send black kids who are caught in possession of drugs to long  prison terms instead of giving them the drug treatment they deserve (which is what they do in Europe).

Simply stated, to me, Hillary, like her husband, Slick Willy, seems amoral and will do whatever she must do to be in the political limelight.

Are we now an oligarchy where the presidency rotates from one family member to another, from Bill to Hillary and then to Chelsea; is that what our founding fathers meant by government of the people and for the people? We are slouching towards oligarchy and plutocracy and I am not happy with that development; for that reason alone I am not voting for Hillary.

America has problems; we need serious leaders to solve them, not some lying, deceitful and politically calculating woman.

Given my political ideology, democratic socialism (Scandinavian type), Bernie Sanders, in my judgment, is the best candidate of them all. I like his desire to have the public pay for education at all levels and provide all Americans with publicly paid health insurance. His Scandinavian type "capitalist socialism" (mixed economy) is music to my ears.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sanders is weak on foreign affairs. He does not seem aware that Muslims want to take over the world and pose grave danger to our democratic way of life. Muslims will destroy our civil liberties and give us their primitive beliefs in superstitious nonsense masquerading as religion.

Sander's policy towards Muslims would be like Obama's: do nothing as those murderers run amok killing innocent people in the name of their nonexistent god, Allah.

So, despite liking the Bern's wish for democratic socialism I decided that I would not vote for him. I want a person who understands the clash of civilizations going on between our Christian West and the Muslim East (please read Samuel Huntington's excellent book, the Clash of Civilizations).

I want us to go after the Mahomets and defeat them. I want the cancer called Islam crushed, period.

Hillary and the Berns are not going to do so and that leaves me with only the semi-illiterate called Mr. Trump. The man appears willing to go after the camel humpers and checkmate them before they transformed the world to seventh century feudal status and imposed their religion of violence on us. If Islam succeeds the world would be made to look like Afghanistan: Stone Age!

I therefore have a problem. I would have preferred for Bernie Sanders to become the president of these United States of America but that is not going to happen. Hillary Clinton is not a good choice. That leaves me with Donald Trump.

The Donald is probably going to win and become the president.  He is going to win for a variety of reasons; including the fact that white America is angry that liberals have given away their country to third world folks.

Liberals encourage multiculturalism that places nonscientific cultures on the same level as our Western scientific culture (based on a tolerable substratum of Judeo Christianity).  Liberals are rapidly transforming America to Sodom and Gomorrah. Not only have they approved homosexuality but soon will approve pedophilia and bestiality (and foist those absurd life styles on us). Why not, those are natural behaviors; some people claim that they are born homosexuals or pedophiles and or bestialities.

Indeed, antisocial behavior seems rooted in genes hence is natural to some people; sociopaths can claim that they are born that way and liberals would approve their behavior. In the liberals handbook all behaviors are okay; society should not use its judgment to proscribe behaviors it deems anti-human dignity.

Clearly, Liberals are running America down; they are transforming America to third world status. Thus, conservatives are justifiably angry and want to take their country back.

I understand Conservatives anger for I share their belief in John Locke's limited government (see his Second Treaty on Government). However, I do not share their masked racism.

I think that the Donald is going to become our next president yet I am not so sure that he is not a racist. I like his plans to rebuild America's infrastructure and make America great but something tells me that he might be a racist.

If the Donald can convince me that he is not a racist I will work for his success. So, Mr. Trump, are you a racist? If you are a racist you are a sub-human being and we need to throw you into the Hudson River and get rid of you before you do what the other sub-human being called Adolf Hitler did to the world, kill over 50 million people.

On the other hand, if you are just an American nationalist who wants to rebuild America, I am with you.

I need to resolve my cognitive dissonance over this Trump thing; my love and hate relationship with him; I must figure out a way to be either for him or be against him.

Mr. Trump, you can help me resolve my quandary and ambivalence by convincing me that you are not a small minded, mean spirited white racist.

Mr. Donald: are you a son of a bitch or a son of God? Are you a hater or a lover of mankind? Tell us; the ball is now in your court.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD (UCLA)

May 8, 2016

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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