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Make America fearful, again

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Donald Trump's campaign theme was "Make America great, again". I did not quite get it for I had assumed that America is the greatest country in the world.

I know that America has some issues to fix, such as getting immigrants to assimilate to American culture. I have written extensively against the nonsense called multiculturalism and diversity. Multiculturalism is a way of dividing a country and a divided country, sooner or later, falls. A country is strong when it is unified by one culture. I talked about using what I called scientific culture to unify America.

If you are coming to America check your home culture at the borders; don't come here to practice your culture. If you feel that you must practice your home culture and that it is an essential part of who you are stay in your country.

If you are a Muslim you must adapt to Western secular scientific culture or stay in your Muslim world; don't come here to wear burqa and talk as if Islam has given the world anything that has improved the world. It is only science and technology that has improved our world.

You come to the USA because you are fleeing the poverty generated by your Islamic culture so embrace the scientific culture and don't ever let me hear you talk about Islam in my America. I do not want to hear about Islam, period.  Talk to me about the scientific method if you want to be in my America.

Having immigrants embrace the scientific culture and speak English is one of my pet issues but other than that I did not see how Trump was going to make America greater than it is.

As I see it, give all Americans publicly paid education through university and technical schools and give them a single payer health insurance and leave the free enterprise economic system to do its job of creating jobs for Americans.

In his quest to make America great, again, one of the first things that Trump did is sign an executive order to deport those who are in America illegally, beginning with those with criminal records; he also wants to prevent immigrants from certain Muslim countries from coming to America (although the fate of that executive order seems in Limbo since the judicial system has held it up).

The change that Trump has made in his little over a month in office is making America fearful. There is now great fear in the land.

Immigrants who do not look like regular Americans (white and black) are harassed, some beaten up or even killed (in Kansas a pair of Hindus were shot at, one killed).

At Airports if you do not look or speak like an American you are harassed, detained. There is great fear in the immigrant community. Many of the folks who overstayed their visas or are here illegally are living in tremendous fear.

Indeed, even those with permanent residence (those with Green cards) are now in Limbo. If they leave the country they may not be allowed to renter, especially if there is a wisp of wrong doing in their records (immigration computers have enormous information on folks, including drunken driving records, domestic violence arrests etc.).  If a Green card holder stayed out of the USA for many months he could be prevented from reentering.

Trump does not seem to realize that many of those doing research at American universities are foreigners  and if he scares them away they would stop coming here and go elsewhere, to, say, China. If foreign scientists leave American universities America would fall behind in the sciences.

America's science took off when Jews fled Nazi Europe and came to the then second rate American universities and suddenly those had top notch European scientists.

Since the Second World War American universities have remained the best in the world; all that could change if Trump scares away the best brains at American universities. Consider that at present, Asians receive well over 50% of the PhDs given by American universities in the sciences; many of them do the researches that made America great.

Trump is going to scare off top notch scientists and return America to second rate science status. That is the greatness that he is here to make America!

There are reports that the racists that jumped unto Trump's bandwagon during the election are now writing threatening letters to Jewish synagogues, asking Jews to leave America; in Missouri and Philadelphia they broke hundreds of Jewish tombstones. These people have generated great fear in Jewish Americans (may be Jews would now run to China and go make China's science great, as they made America's science great).

Soon, the fear that Trump is arousing everywhere will percolate into white American communities. Regular Americans will start living in fear (as Trump and his heartless Republicans take away Obamacare health insurance from the poor, the white working class that voted for Trump will soon start dropping dead...the rate at which white folks are dying off is incredible; they seem to have no reason to live and currently drink or drug themselves to early death).

Trump has given to America fear; he has done what dictators do to their people, make them live in insecurity. He has created great insecurity in the land and as long as folks live in fear he would be able to control them.

The problem is that Trump is too old to be a successful dictator; the man is in his seventies for crying out loud; at seventy-something no one has the type of energy required to be a successful tyrant.  Great tyrants, such as Hitler, tend to be so in their forties and fifties.

Moreover, Trump is not particularly smart. Great dictators like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini were really, really smart paranoid personalities. Hitler had genius level IQ (over 140) and so could successfully manipulate the people. Trump is a dumb narcissist (his IQ is probably around 118); he does not have the smarts to make for a great dictator.

Trump is not going to succeed but before he is either impeached and removed from office or voted out in four years the greatness he is going to give America is fearfulness.

Look, I am a supporter of the view that only those with legal status should stay in America; Latin Americans ought to figure out a way to develop their countries' economies and give their people good jobs so that they stopped sneaking into the USA in search of menial jobs. America should not be the only hope for Latinos economic welfare.

African and Middle Eastern people ought to govern their countries right and create jobs for their people so that they stopped sneaking into Europe looking for jobs.

I am for tough immigration policy. But there got to be a better way of doing it than ginning up mass insecurity in the land.

Leaders who give their people mass insecurity, as Trump is currently doing, generally are swept out of office in disgrace. Trump and his crew are living in an alternative universe with, as Kelly Anne Conway said, alternative facts and may meet a disgraceful end.

Mr. Trump, give Americans security not insecurity; give Americans good publicly paid education and health insurance and stop making life more difficult than it already is for Americans.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 27, 2017

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