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LIE, DENY, DEFLECT, OBFUSCATE & OBSTRUCT:The new normal in a troubled Presidency in serious conflict of interest.

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All Presidents and Heads of Government and Politicians the world over can hardly admit on oath that they do not lie or do all of the above when cornered or when they have their backs against the wall or when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar like this obnoxious President.

I sure get that but  this observation has assumed a new level with Donald Trump becoming the first KGB-sponsored President of what I used to call the greatest country on Earth and my country by choice and naturalization.

I have traveled quite a bit around the World in my prime. I am yet to find any other country with the possible exception of Great Britain that comes anywhere close to America in terms of all round development.

I have a big problem with the Trump assertion that he inherited a mess when he came to office only 110 days ago. No Mr. President. America has always been great ever before you showed up with some help from the KGB. I can tell you that the country will predictably remain great long after you leave office either thru the front or back door depending on how long you are able to lie your way to oblivion before nemesis catches up with you like it did to Richard Nixon who was a lot smarter than you as an attorney by profession and like happened to Adolf Hitler before his defeat and removal as Chancellor of Germany in the aftermath of his loss in the Second World War.

The firing of James Comey and the circumstance in which it occurred and the release of his tax returns thru a "sub poena" are predictably going to be the last straw that broke the Camel's back for Trump.

All the dots as to whether or not he and his campaign actually colluded with Russia Vladimir Putin and the KGB to undermine American Democracy and its electoral process would be easily connected even by the doubting Thomases in the Republican Party who have all abandoned their loyalty to country only to pitch their tent with a narcissistic President who would abandon them in a heartbeat just like he has quickly done to Bharara in New York, Manafort, Roger Ales, Steve Bannon, General Michael Flynn and now to James Comey to save his neck and to prolong the evil day which is around the corner if you see what I see.. I can tell you that more firings are yet to come and I am predicting that Sean Spicer and the new Security Adviser are going to be the next casualty.

I can name 6 individual American among a host of other ace reporters and whistle blowers who would make that happen sooner than ever expected or envisaged.

Two of them are Great Intelligence juggernauts and experts named Malcolm Nance and Tim Weiner who wrote one of the most profoundly exciting books I have ever read on Intelligence gathering, and the pitfalls.

The other two are  Oxford-trained  Rachel Maddow who is not even a lawyer by training and profession  and  the other is the legal luminary of an ace reporter named Laurence O'Donnell all of MSNBC. The last two are razor-blade sharp Chris Cuomo and Harvard-trained reportorial juggernaut, Fareed Zakaria of the CNN

Their analysis of the Russian collusion with Trump and his team and the many failings of the Trump Presidency are beyond reproach. They all have the ability to connect the dots for gullible Americans and the legislators and senators who you would think are very smart but are really very naïve and damn too partisan to realize or appreciate that duplicity and partisanship have to stop at the water edge like they say in America.

If the Congress men and senators value and love America more than they love any transient President, they would beat a retreat and fully understand that Donald Trump is leading America to the precipice and total destruction if they do not call his bluff.

I love this country too much for me to just "sit down they look" in the words of late Uncle Bola Ige of Nigeria. There is just too much at stake and there is just so much more in America that is still worth dying for like many of our founding fathers have done as acknowledged by Tom Brokaw in his best seller book titled, "The Greatest Generation"

Donald Trump fired James Comey because he realized the noose was tightening up around his neck even though no criminal charge has been leveled again him as we speak. Like the artful dodger he has become he had been expecting Mr. Comey to aggressively defend and cover up for him much more forcefully than he has been doing hitherto. Donald Trump calls the US Military "My Military and FBI "My FBI" He expected those national Institutions to work for him and never against him even he was deliberately violating or undermining America.

He fired Comey to serve notice to Comey's successor and all the individuals in the Intelligence Community that the same fate would await them if they would not dance to his tune, or do his biddings from now on regardless of what the Constitution says. Donald Trump is like the proverbial strayed hunt dog that would never hear the whistle of his master or owner.

Donald Trump's ultimate goal is to destroy the norms and all the essential safeguards of a Democratic Government and to reduce it to the Dictatorship of the Communist regimes that put him over the top in the last election by destroying Hillary Clinton who was running head and shoulders above him in the opinion polls a week or two before the elections and was expected to easily defeat him with effortless ease in the final tally.

Even though Hillary still went on to beat him arms down in the popular vote of a total of 135 million Americans but not among the 538 voters in the anachronistic Electoral College Abracadabra that has long outlived its usefulness and should long have been jettisoned. Trump scored 306 while Hillary scored 232 in the Electoral College Vote. The minority all of a sudden became the majority in a twinkle of an eye.

The whole development has made a total mockery of Democracy which is part of the goal of Donald Trump who wants to destabilize the United Nations, the European Union and NATO to give Russian Vladimir Putin a fighting chance to level up the playing field for Russia to catch up with America.

Putin was proactively working to establish his own United Nations by organizing a union of Russia, China and North Korea as a counterforce to the United Nations  by launching his own Dialogue of Nations in Moscow with Russia as the King pin and the undisputed leader after destabilizing or breaking up the European Union and making sure that India and Pakistan can become the 6th and the 7th members of the UN Security Council  with 4 of those nations namely, Russia, China, India and Pakistan  coming from the Pacific region and the Indian Ocean.

Putin wants his own" Perestroika" like Gorbachev to include a Re-Alignment of Forces around the World where America must not remain the only Super Power.

Donald Trump who shoots from the hip all the time and cannot differentiate between appeasement and strength or between Wisdom and Foolhardiness actually believe that he could outmaneuver Vladimir Putin as the World's greatest negotiator who believe he can beat anyone in the game even though he is an amateur in the game who is shooting blindfolded or shooting in the dark without counting on the consequences of his action.

His new normal in American politics is to lie as much as he can, blackmail any opposition to him as fake News. He continues to deny the truth, deflect, obfuscate and actively obstruct justice and to delay justice and procrastinate till he eventually turns American system into a Monarchy or Dictatorship where he could now fully assume his role as King Louis XIV of France  when he declared in French "L'Etat C'est Moi" meaning  "I am the State and my words carry the force of Law", and anyone who disagrees with him must go jump to the Sea or forever keep his peace  or face assassination and sure death by any means possible.

That is precisely why the new normal in America is so scary and totally unacceptable. Donald Trump is doing everything to derail the ongoing investigation of Russia and he is hoping that his premeditated attack on North Korea would present a diversionary tactic to make America forget all of his blunders and to rally round him right or wrong because Americans never abandon their President in War times. He calculated that George Bush Junior won a second part in large part because he managed to drag America into a totally needless war that dragged on for years.

I rest my case.

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