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Joe Biden the Healer Emeritus for President in 2020

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I confess to being a very emotional person arguably worse than most of my friends. But I am also a Historian and a certified and licensed clinical social worker by the State of New York and a self-trained columnist who enjoy writing and public oratory and eloquence in people. Little things that would not move most people to tears easily get to me and I have shed a few tears in my life while listening to a song or some interviews or wonderful keynote speeches I have watched on television.

I shed tears when my friends, Mr. and Mrs. Marcus of Jamaica Queens lost their little dog named Madison for 3 days just before Christmas. I shed tears as I listened to a white man eulogize Obama with a song that touched a raw nerve in my psyche. I cannot now remember how many times the greatest orator of my generation, the late Mario Cuomo had moved me to tears the two times he delivered his keynote address to the Democratic Convention. I cried all the time when the first black President Obama my Obama opened his mouth to give some of his best speeches as President of the United States.

I wept again this morning as I listened to an interview of Joseph Biden the star of this write-up by one of the rising stars in Public Speaking, the one and only Chris Cuomo the second son of my political idol Mario Cuomo the 3 time Governor of New York. I have had occasions to write on Chris Cuomo as the chip of the old bloc and a carbon copy of his father. His interview today on CNN with the Healer Emeritus of American Politics is something I could not wait till tomorrow to write about.

I was so deeply moved and touched as I listened to the interviewer and the interviewed make history the way they went about their business before television cameras. You can tell the two juggernauts were raw and they were both as authentic as they come. I quickly got off my bed to do this article before I lost my drive to do it.

Before Donald Trump came on board the Titanic of the Republican Party, I used to consider myself fiscally conservative but socially liberal even though I remain a democrat in my heart. Even though I am a liberal, there are few Republican Presidents I could have voted for if I had the chance. I use to consider the Republican Party the Party of Law and Order and Christian values and Fiscal Responsibility but not anymore. Any Party that could nominate an outlaw and sexual predator like Donald Trump as their flag bearer can never get my vote. I can never belong to such a Party.

This column today is all about Healers and which of the two major Political Parties in America has a lion share of them in my opinion as a Historian. The Republican Party could boast of a few healers in their column but majority of Healers in American Politics all come from the Democratic Party for reasons I cannot explain. Abraham Lincoln was a healer Emeritus, so was Dwight Ike Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush the 43rd President.

Abraham Lincoln , a slave owner himself, overcame his impulses to side with his fellow slave owners to sign into Law the Slave Emancipation Legislation and he paid the price with his own life and he secured his legacies as one of the greatest American Presidents of all times. Dwight Eisenhower the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe led the War and he returned home to be elected President and to heal the nation and the world after such a crippling War.

Gerald Ford healed the nation after taking over to complete the second term of Richard Nixon who brought America his worst scandal in Watergate pretty much like Donald Trump is doing today with his "Russian gate" Scandal.

Ronald Reagan once called Russian the Evil Empire but that did not stop the great communicator from joining hands with Margaret Thatcher to end the cold War and to make peace with Russian Mikhail Gorbachev without firing a single shot. By the same token George Bush the Second performed a feat the way and manner he healed the nation following the attack of the Twin Towers in New York on the orders of Osama Bin Laden and where America lost more than 3000 lives.

When you are talking of Healers in American Politics much of the credit has to go to Democratic Presidents like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, JFK, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama. FDR joined hands with Winston Churchill to lead the allied Powers to defeat Adolf Hitler and to heal the World and America from the deep Depression that followed the War thru much of his Presidency from 1933 to 1945.

The Marshall Plan to rebuild Germany and to restore the rule of Law in Germany and to stabilize the American Economy was all the brain child of FDR. Harry Truman the first American President to authorize the use of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki following the attack off the Japanese on Pearl Harbor also took steps to heal the nation and to rebuild Japan.

JFK the youngest American President at 42 led America from the frustration of having to play a second fiddle to the defunct Soviet Union in the race for Space and the race to the Moon which Russian had started by launching Yuri Gagarin into space and he confronted Nikita Khrushchev who used to bang his desk at the United Nations threatening to teach the United States a lesson they would not forget in a hurry by daring to arm tiny Cuba in the backyard of America with a nuclear arsenal.

JFK took up the challenge fired up the imagination of Americans to put the Soviet Union in her place and to put the first Man Neil Armstrong on the Moon and back to Earth within 8 years of the initial 10 years he gave America to get the job done.

Jimmy Carter took up the leadership of America after the scary days of the Watergate scandal and he healed the whole nation and promoted peace in the Middle East, the most volatile part of the World by initiating the Camp David Accord which reconciled Egypt and Israel and managed to dislodge Egypt from leading the Arab nations in their endless confrontation with tiny Israel.

By restoring peace between Israel and Egypt was tantamount to cutting off the head of the snake or the Arab resistance to Israel. That move has avoided a major showdown between the Arabs and Israel following the 6 days War which Israel had won before the war started. The Peace which had lasted up till now has emboldened Donald Trump to now have the effrontery to suggest that Israel move her capital to Jerusalem. Trump has to know fully well that the Arab solidarity had been shattered forever by the Camp David Accord mobilized by Carter. The same Carter quickly moved to aid the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and to make the country an ally of America by his promise to help Saudi Arabia curtail the dominant power of the predominantly Sunni Muslims of Iran their nemesis in that region.

Bill Clinton took over from George Bush Senior in an election that even Mario Cuomo thought he could not win because George Bush opinion poll was close to 90 percent when Bush Snr flushed Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.  Bill Clinton picked up the challenge and he went on to defeat Bush Snr by a narrow margin.

He healed the nation and restored the American Economy by creating more than 22 million jobs in so doing in his 8 years in office. He saved Bosnia and Herzegovina following the break-up of former Yugoslavia. He beat the Monica Lewinski scandal and won a second term on a platter of gold leaving office with 67 percent opinion poll approval.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are two of the World greatest healers of all times. Barack Obama knew enough to tap Joe Biden as his Vice President which means Joe was his first choice to succeed him.

I give Obama high marks for being among the first to see what is now so obvious to the whole nation that the candidate in the most impregnable position to beat Donald Trump if by some miracle he is not impeached and disgraced out of that office has to be Joe Biden despite his age and what devilish Republican might want to make out of that to make him lose in 2020. But most Americans know Joe Biden enough for anybody to worry about any cheap blackmail from the Republicans against their beloved Joe Biden.

I cannot think of any democrat better positioned and more qualified and ready to beat either Trump or Pence in 2020 than Joe Biden.

I would now use the remaining paragraphs of this write up to say why I believe that to be the case? I go back to the compelling interview between him and Chris Cuomo aired by CNN today. It was a virtuoso performance by the two of them but my focus is on Joe Biden as the most compelling candidate to run for President in 2020.

I first took notice of Joe Biden while he presided over the Senate Hearing on the confirmation of Justice Thomas Clarence and the allegation of Professor Anita's sexual harassment charges against the Judge. I just knew Joe was a breed apart. He was cut out for greatness the way he ran that Hearing as Chairman of that Senate Committee. He was simply fabulous to say the least as the senior Senator from the tiny state of Delaware where his name is magic till tomorrow.

Biden later entered the race for President but had to withdraw the first time around because he was accused of Plagiarism by quoting a statement from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock without acknowledging his source.

If you compare the little gaffe he made with Donald Trump who was accused of sexual assault by no less than 14 women, who has not paid Federal tax for 20 years and who has refused to submit his tax returns for public scrutiny, you will understand what I am talking about.

Donald Trump wants the Department of Justice and the FBI completely blackmailed and destroyed for appointing a special prosecutor to probe some of his criminal violations and the man fired James Comey and he wants to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who would then fire Robert Mueller just to derail the whole investigation.

Trump was a shameless candidate who lost the popular vote by 3 million votes but became President thru his clandestine victory in the Electoral College on the sponsorship of Vladimir Putin and the KGB.  Two or more of his top aides had pled guilty to a crime as we speak, and many are soon to be charged for more criminal violations, but the center of the whole criminality, Donald Trump who may soon plead the 5th in order to escape self- incrimination is gloating around telling the whole world he is not guilty. He should long have tendered his resignation if he was your conventional candidate like Joe Biden.

I cannot think of any worse candidate than Trump to be called President of the United States. Joe Biden belongs to a different kettle of fish from Donald Trump. He would go the White House in 2020 to restore the image and reputation of America.

There is nobody in the horizon on both sides of the isle who matches his impeccable credentials for President of the United States. Not young Joseph Kennedy the Third or Bernie Saunders or Oprah Winfrey. Nobody!

Joe Biden instinctively understands what to do to heal the country, to unite and not polarize the country and to move the country forward. He does not have credibility and precision problem and criminal record of a Donald Trump.  He remains one of the greatest orators of our time.

Even though his Party is moving far more to the left of the Joe Biden School of thought in Politics, I see him as the only candidate capable of maintaining the right balance for the Party to remain successful in the 2020 election and to win enough support from both sides of the Isle and from the Independent-leaning Americans to win not just the popular vote but also the Electoral College Tally in a land slide if his opponent is Donald Trump or Mike Pence.

Joe Biden would chew Donald Trump and spit him out in the Debates and reduce him to nothing since the Mueller Report would have guaranteed that Vladimir Putin and the KGB could no longer find a loop hole to help Donald Trump win again using subterfuge and Espionage like he did against Hillary Clinton the woman he robbed of his chance to become the first female President of the United States.

Need I say anything more?

I rest m

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