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It is fake News if it does not project or paint Donald Trump in a positive light!

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I need all of you to rewind the tape to see all of my articles on Donald Trump on the Internet, or on Chatafrik or the Sahara Reporters websites and all of my predictions on his presidency as a concerned American senior citizen with two of my sons currently and proudly serving in the US Navy with my approval and consent because I love America too much to stay neutral. Like Winston Churchill once stated when he said he refused to stay unbiased and neutral if he has to choose between the Fire and the Fire Brigade" If we all have to choose between saving America or saving Donald Trump, the obvious choice is America.

I made the prediction I reaffirm in this write-up that Donald Trump would not serve out his first term based on what we know today even though he is foolhardy enough to dismiss the development as nothing but fake News or just a storm in a tea cup.

I predict he would be swallowed by all of the new alligators and crocodiles he himself has added into the swamps he told us he has come to clean up as the first KGB-sponsored President of the United States.

The same fake news he has so often talked about is precisely what KGB Vladimir Putin has used to defame, to mislead, to confuse, to obstruct and to irredeemably damage Hillary Clinton the clear winner of the 2016 election by more than 3 million of the popular votes but the loser by less than 100 votes at the Electoral College which has long outlived its usefulness in a Democracy.

The obnoxious contraption is still being retained by America due to a senseless ego and naive rationalization that the founding fathers who crafted that obnoxious provision in the American Constitution could never be wrong because they were presumed to be next to God in our esteem.

Much I respect those founding fathers and their need to ensure that the ultimate selection of the President and the Leader of the Free World ought not to be left to the whim and caprices of those who do not fully understand the full ramifications of their vote and why their decision need to be revisited and second-guess by 538 wise men and women randomly selected across the 50 states of America. The contraption made a lot of sense as at the time it was made and arguably for the first 100 years of America's independent as a sovereign state but not in today's America where education has permeated the very fabric of American nature and where every American is by law required to be able to read and write and the have their children sent to school by Law.

The provision on the Electoral College should long have been amended and jettisoned. The subsequent generation of American leaders conveniently forget the refrain by Socrates that "Anything made by man and even things made by God can be infinitely improved" When God created the Earth he did not include all of the fine structures and sky scrapers we see today in downtown Manhattan, downtown London, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Cape town, Johannesburg, Lagos, Accra, Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast and Dakar and Tripoli and in most of the city centers around the World.  It was human ingenuity that added all of those structures and beautification from coast to coast and from Sea to shining Sea and from one country to another.

I submit with all the emphasis at my command that  with the Electoral College contraption in the American Electoral process, America has lost her right to criticize  authoritarian regimes in all of the Communist states  like Russia or North Korea where ultimate power rests in just one leader who can make and unmake or even in a Theocracy like Saudi Arabia where Government  power is vested just in one family or in a places like Iran where their spiritual leader the Ayatollah can overrule the democratically elected President and the Parliament of the country.

Ii is absurd that the votes of 538 electors of the Electoral College in America carry far greater weight than the votes of the more than 135 million Americans who participated in the election.  Where is the outrage?

It makes no sense to me that the woman who won by 3 million votes in the popular vote is declared the loser while the actual loser, Donald Trump was declared the winner  and he recently went to Europe to call the terrorists implicated in the Manchester massacre the losers. I agree they are losers but he is a worse looser by taking a victory that does not belong to him and parading himself as a winner. He completely forgot how he has come from behind to snatch victory from the jaw of defeat in 5 out of the Swing States of America namely Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania where the KGB has focused most of their Disinformation Espionage and Fake News to confuse and to discourage enough of the Clinton voters to either stay home or vote for Trump.

The KGB has massively sponsored and spread the fake News that Hilton has been indicted by FBI and could end up in jail even if she won the election. It was a wicked propaganda that turned the table against Hillary in very mysterious circumstance that only the KGB could explain.

What the KGB did is not Rocket Science. It is now common knowledge confirmed by Mr. Brennan a former CIA Director and 17American Intelligence Agencies that the KGB is far more advanced in Cyber Technology than America and has used that technology to collude with Donald Trump and his campaign  to help Trump win the Presidency by default at the Electoral College.

How that came about is now the subject of a detailed investigations by 2 Committees of Congress and a Special Counsel named Robert Mueller, a credible and consummate FBI genius who would help get to the bottom of Russian involvement in the hacking of American Electoral Process and the undermining of Democracy in America and in all of her strategic allies in the European Union and NATO. They repeated the same Espionage in France and were planning to do the same in Germany if their complicity has not been exposed.

The noose is now tightening around the neck of Donald Trump and his collaborators in Russia. But the damage is already done as members of the European Union led by Germany and France are now terribly concerned that they can no longer count on America under Donald Trump like they did with all of America's past Presidents from Dwight Ike Eisenhower to Barrack Hussein Obama.

The observation is even worse in NATO whose member countries are worried sick and can no longer count on the iron-clad guarantee given them under Article 5 of the NATO Charter that an attack on one member country is as an attack on all member countries just like the NATO members and the European Union members did for America on September 11, 2001 when the Al Qaeda terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden brought down the Twin Towers and killed more than 3000 Americans.

Donald Trump in deference to his slave master, Vladimir Putin could not get himself to give any such assurance to NATO members in his prepared speech. He was more deferential to the Arab Summit in Riyadh than the traditional allies of America in Europe and in NATO. It was a complete outrage that must have brought some smiles to the face of Vladimir Putin and his KGB collaborators.

Russia got all it bargained for by helping Donald Trump to win. The problem now is how much compromised and diminished American foreign policy has become under the transient tenure of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has had to fire in one fell swoop 46 US District Attorneys including Bharara in New York who was already following the money in his investigation of all the financial transactions of Russian-affiliated companies which might have been involved in some shady business deals with the Donald Trump financial Empire since Donald Trump would not voluntarily release his tax returns or let anyone have access to all of his financial transactions around the World.

He has quickly fired James Comey, the FBI Director in a way that makes it impossible to tighten up the loose ends of his on-going investigations and in a way that makes it impossible to leave any paper trail to nail Donald Trump. He has made it impossible for Mr. Comey to even prepare handing over notes and an orderly transfer of power to his successor all in an effort to obstruct or make it harder for the investigation to make any headway. There is no other name to call that but obstruction of Justice.

The chickens are now coming home to roost in drip, drip, drip as the investigation gathers momentum and it is now becoming clear that the security clearance of many of the people in the Trump Campaign and the Trump White House may now be in legal jeopardy to be revoked for criminal naivety or absolute insanity or deliberate amnesia.

If people's security clearance can be pulled or revoked  for a simple infraction of an unpaid bills that have gone to collection talk less of more serious violations and concealment of some of the activities of a Reality TV President  who wants all his activities covered alive on television with the exception  of the criminal ones  he did not want anybody to share or know about except his inner circle of partners in crime which include his two eldest sons, Eric and Donald, his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner whose security clearance if they have any should long have been pulled, given their role in the Espionage collusion with the KGB Vladimir Putin.

Any News is Fake News if it does not project Donald Trump in a very positive light. That is exactly the mindset of dictators and authoritarian regimes around the World. That is why individuals like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Syrian Assad, Rodrigo Duterte are always at logger heads with the Media and dissenting voices and whistle blowers they would want to eliminate or assassinate or silence with a sledge hammer which is exactly where Donald Trump is headed if he has his way, and if the rest of us would let him.

He wants to be close to the KGB so he can learn their ways and use some of their techniques to deny, deflect and obstruct and obfuscate and silence any dissenting voice in America. That is the scariest thing about the Trump Presidency that all Americans and American allies around the World would be foolhardy to overlook or underestimate or ignore much to their own peril.

The sad development must never be a partisan issue because America is greater than the sum of its parts and every effort must be made to salvage the country before it is too late and regardless of party label or loyalty.

My candid advice to Donald Trump is "Don't fall too much in love with yourself or too close to any of your buddies in the White House because they may not there tomorrow. You may in fact you be the first to throw them under the bus when the noose tightens around your neck for betraying your country through the illegal concealment of your activities with a foreign adversary even before your taking the oath of office. Selective amnesia after getting caught cannot save you from the vengeance of the Law"

The only winner in all of this development and comedy of errors and illegality is the KGB and Vladimir Putin who now have a fighting chance to regain the lost ground for Russia by breaking up NATO and the European Union. Only a fool would not come to that conclusion.

I rest my case.

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