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In the face of Islamic terrorism, the West needs a unifying scientific culture

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Every society needs a shared belief to unify its people. At present the West has no overarching philosophy that it teaches that holds its people together. As a result, the people are floundering, groping for a new belief and seem ready to fall to another Middle Eastern religion, this time to Islam.

Islam would drag the West back to another one thousand years of dark ages, as Christianity did to Europe when it became Europe's sole weltanschauung.

Ordinarily, people need gods to have faith in and the question is whether the gods are useful or not.  When in the late stages of the Roman Empire there was no god to give people direction a Middle Eastern religion, Christianity came to Europe and took over and gave Europe over a thousand years of dark ages.

Today, the Western world is at a similar stage as was Rome during its height and godless stage. Christianity is now shown to be a superstition.

Sophisticated Europeans have left Christianity; on Sundays Christian cathedrals are virtually empty. Atheistic and agnostic Europeans are now living as mere animals; to mask their nihilism they indulge in every type of depravity that their minds can conceive; they have approved homosexuality and soon will approve pedophilia and bestiality. These folks do everything to excite their bodies and in somatic stimulation forget that they are living meaningless lives. They can gratify their physical senses all they want what is for sure is that those would not give them meaning and direction.

Simply put, Westerners are lost; they are living purposeless and directionless lives. People need a philosophy that attempts to explain their relationship with the universe to give their lives a sense of purpose and meaning. That philosophy does not have to be true but it must seem true to satisfy the human need to have a sense that he lives in a meaningful universe. In the past religions and mythologies satisfied that function.

The West has deconstructed its Christianity but at present has not posited another myth to play the role of giving people meaning in an unknown universe.

Infantile atheists run amok teaching that people are mere animals and, as such, ought to resign themselves to the fact that they are mere animals. Atheists removed all sense of divinity from people and see them as mere animals.

Admittedly, looking at peoples bodies they are not different from other animals' bodies. If you take people as mere bodies and animals you will not have respect for them.

However, the fact is that if you are serious you must acknowledge that human animals have a difference from other animals. Human beings are those animals who have the capacity to think and sometimes understand aspects of their universe. People are animals that can do physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology and the other sciences.

Human beings ability to understand their universe gives any rational person a feeling that there is a mystery about them. I may not believe in old time religions but I have a healthy respect for human beings because there is something mysterious about them.

I think that atheists do not have the sense that people are mysterious beings and by their childishness set people up to be killed by a realistic dictator who would see them as mere animals and conclude that they are living for nothing and  that killing them is not different from killing mosquitoes.

I do not know if God exists or not but what I know is that people have a need to believe that God exists and that there is life after they die.

Belief in God may be a delusion, as our spurious friend, Richard Dawkins said, but the need for life after death is real in people. Very few persons can live meaningful lives if they accepted that all they are, are animals that live for a season and die and disappear from existence.

Because people seem to need a mythology to live by what is going to happen is that with the death of Christianity the Middle East, that breeding ground of superstitious religions, would give Europeans another Middle Eastern superstition, Islam that gives them false sense of meaning and direction.


Western liberals, unable to come up with a philosophy to hold Westerners together, embraced the nonsense that multiculturalism is the alternative to the demise of the West's Christian based culture. They now teach cultural relativism and moral relativism and as a result all behaviors are justified for there are no cultural and or moral absolutes.

Whereas we do not know what is the truth we can search for it and do not have to resign ourselves to superstitions just because some human group accepts them as part of their culture.

The culture that sees the moon as a piece of rock to be studied and, indeed, has landed a man on it is certainly superior to cultures that see the moon as a god and worship it. The culture that landed a man on the moon, whereas it is still infused by loads of superstitions, is more scientific than cultures that have not done so.

What we need to do is accentuate the aspects of science in the culture that took us to the moon and see it as our primary way of living.  Scientific culture ought to be our overarching philosophy.

Additionally, scientific culture would unify diverse humanity; a universal scientific culture would give all people a sense of being one people.

I define scientific culture as any culture that embraces the scientific method, a culture that accepts a way of living that is predicated on empiricism, observation, ideas that can be verified as true and are falsifiable.

Scientific culture embraces physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology and the other physical sciences and tries to apply the same methodology to its social living.

In the light of scientific culture, all religions must be required to teach only what comports with science. This is the only solution for the West. The alternative is for the West to have no philosophy and muddle through and collapse and another Middle Eastern superstition takes over to hold mankind back for another one thousand years.

I have observed Islam in every which way is possible; I have read all its main books including the Koran, Hadith and Sharia; in my honest opinion, Islam is not a religion; Islam is a political ideology with which Arabs use in dominating the world.

Since Islam is not a religion, we must therefore get rid of it, now. We must do so for Islam is a murderous political ideology; in its pages are at least 89 passages asking Muslims to murder non-Muslims. I have not seen emphasis on love in Islam.

Christianity talks about love; on that basis alone one is willing to tolerate it. Yes, I cannot prove the existence of Christianity's God but in as much as Christianity propagates love for all people and gives people dignity I am willing to live with it.

Given Islam's lack of respect for human beings, its perception of people as mere instruments for propagating Mohammed's message, its encouragement of people to die for Mohammed's message, whatever that is, I am not willing to live with it.

In my judgment, Islam is a violent religion, a religion of war and a religion of death. Islam appeals to people with suicidal and homicidal wishes. Islam is a nihilistic religion; it does not give meaning to life although it does give people who want to kill people purpose: to go and kill people under the name of God.

A rational God who created all of us cannot ask that we kill on his behalf; thus, Islam is not a rational religion.


Yes, we do not yet have a scientific culture and yes all cultures enabled their owners to adapt to their world.  It is also true that some cultures adapted more effectively to their environment than others. Western cultures, while not yet scientific we must admit are effective in adapting to nature than other cultures.

We cannot have African Americans teaching non-scientific Afrocentrism; Native Americans and Latinos teaching their non-science based cultures.

These days, in America folks from all over the world are teaching their own cultures. This encouragement of multiculturalism has produced a cacophony of cultures so that no one knows what is the right way to live; above all, there is no unifying culture to hold the West together.

The acceptance of many cultures in a country leads to the balkanization of that country.

Yes, all cultures enabled their people to adapt to their world but we know that science is the best culture that helps people to adapt most effectively to their environment. We must teach scientific culture and stop the nonsense of teaching multiculturalism.

The West has allowed their people to be drifting, directionless, without a purpose; if a westerner has technical skills, say, in computer science and medicine, he obtains a job but he does not know what he is living for so he spends the considerable money he makes on drugs; drugs seem to make his life exciting but do not give it meaning.

As Joseph Campbell pointed out in his seminal book, The Power of Myth, people need a mythology to live by; if folks are lacking in an accepted mythology they self-destroy with drugs as young Americans are currently doing.

Liberals troop out the idea of freedom of self-expression and in the USA they talk of the first and second amendment to the US constitution; they tell us that people are allowed to live however they want to live even if it means to destroying their lives, or embracing a violent religion masquerading as a religion of peace, Islam.

Islam enslaves women; this aspect of it is overlooked by liberals; liberals are too busy telling us that they are protecting "minority Muslims" rights to practice their religion of slavery and death.

These days, no one has the courage to state the obvious: whereas there is no known truth but we must search for it and as of now only the scientific method enables us to search for the truth.  In so far that there is God, and there is intelligence in the universe, there ought to be a scientific way to look for him.


Instead of seeking the truth, American whites fill their meaningless existence with the bugaboo of racism. In talking rubbish about racial differences they falsely believe that they are making sense.

The fact is that there are absolutely no differences between the so-called races; there are cultural differences but not biological differences.

All we need to do is teach all people a unifying scientific culture and no one would even notice color differences between people.

If you discriminate against black people you leave them no option but for their pride to kick in and  talk about their separate culture; talking about their separate culture makes them feel proud in a society that discriminates against them and tells them that they have no culture.  In the process they separate themselves from those who look down on them and the result is the chaotic cultures called America.

Racism, therefore, is a force separating Americans from each other hence making America vulnerable to external defeat. What America needs to do is teach a scientific culture and use it to unify its entire people.


In 2008, Americans elected a literal idiot called Barack Obama as their president; thus, for eight years the idiot keeps telling us that Islam is a religion of peace and we need to respect it. The man failed to realize that Muslims are on a mission to kill Christians and impose Islam on the entire world.

In Iraq and Syria, Muslims cut off the heads of Christians and that is no big deal to Obama so the man goes golfing; the man has no sense of compassion for the Christians killed; that would suggest that the man is either a Muslim radical jihadist or is not different from jihadists!

I do not understand how a man who supposedly went to an Ivy League university could be as ignorant and idiotic as Obama is.

And if one opposes his childish foreign policies he tells us that only he understands the complexities of foreign policy, as if he knows anything about foreign policy and world history; the man is either a literal dunce or a Muslim candidate in the White House.

Listen, Islam is a threat to scientific civilization and must be gotten rid of from the world. Islam is not a religion; it is a system of insanity founded by a madman and pedophile called Mohammed.

Compare and contrast Obama's feckless foreign policy with Vladimir Putin's responses to terrorists. Putin is a real leader, he is an ego per excellence; the ego feels grievances when wronged and seeks vengeance for the wrong done to it; attack Putin and he comes after you; the man does not forgive those who hurt Russia's interests. This is what a leader needs to do to enable his people survive in a competitive world where enemies would like to defeat them and control them, if not kill them.

I have this question for Obama: why spend over half a trillion dollars each year building a powerful military if you are not going to use it for public good? You had better spend that money on programs that served the peoples domestic needs if the military is superfluous.

Apparently, Obama sees spending on the military as only a means of giving lucrative contracts to the manufacturers of military weapons but not to use those weapons in the service of a better world.

Why did Obama refuse to use the US military to do something about Syria? The man set a red line, that if Assad used chemical weapons on his people, he would go to war with Assad; Assad crossed it and he did nothing because he was afraid of going to war.

I did not support setting the red line in the first place, for we should not be going all over the world changing governments, certainly we should not go to Syria where many social forces, such as Alawites, Sunnis, Shiites and Christians are jostling for coexistence.

In Syria Obama supports Sunnis; this support means instant death for Christians (the Sunnis would like to wipe Christians out).

Sometimes, one wonders whether Obama is really an uninformed child or plain evil soul; he does not seem to understand anything about the ancient conflicts in Middle Eastern countries or if he does he does not seem to care that Christians are murdered by Muslims.

Obama has done too much harm to the world. Thus, upon leaving office, in my opinion he ought to be arrested, tried and executed; the man was an ally of Muslims and was out to propagate Islam; Obama wanted to help Muslims take over the Christian West.  In my opinion, Obama is an enemy of scientific civilization; he does not deserve to be alive.

By his cowardly do nothing and leading from behind foreign policy, Obama allowed ISIS to acquire a large swathe of land in Syria and Iraq and metastasize all over the world hence we are now regularly exposed to ISIS terrorism (as I write a Muslim jihadist used a truck to kill people in Berlin Germany; daily killing of innocent people is now the new normal in Obama's world; honestly, I wish that one of the people killed in Berlin today is Barack Hussein Obama!).

Muslim terrorists kill people all over the world and feckless Obama does nothing; what would it take for the man to realize that Muslims are out to kill all Christians or convert them to Islam?


The election of the political novice called Barack Obama was a great mistake. Let us hope that the election of Donald Trump is the correction of that mistake.

Hitherto, Trump was not in politics so he had no antecedent policies on which one can objectively evaluate his future policies. So, all one can do is hope that he does what he says that he is going to do.

We need to declare war on Islam and get rid of it from the world. The solution to Muslim terrorism is as simple as that.

We need to have a unifying culture; that culture is scientific culture (and the aspects of Christianity that stresses love for all people).

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 20, 2016

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: (907) 310-8176