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If what the individual does not want to experience could happen to him there is no God.

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Listen, if anything that I do not want to experience can happen to me, say, you can do bad things to me that I did not want to experience, you can say whatever you want the universe is unfair to me and if the universe is unfair God does not exist.

God can only exist if there is justice in the universe.

Justice in the universe requires me to experience only what I want to experience.

If Arab and white folks can choose and enslave Africans and if some Africans can kidnap some Africans and sell them to Arabs and Europeans, that is, do to those enslaved Africans what they did not want to experience there is no justice for them in the universe hence there is no God, for God can only exist if there is justice in the universe.

Why is this view important? It is important because it is my general philosophy; I had reached that view during my teenage years. Since I believed that what I did not like tended to happen to me I concluded that there is no justice in the universe hence no God. As a result, I rejected the idea of God and called myself agnostic.

A course in miracles expresses a philosophy that made me rethink my agnosticism; it says that nothing can happen to the individual that he does not want to experience. Because it says what I already said is the basis for justice and God: that it is only if what the individual wants to experience happens to him that there is justice in the universe, therefore, what it says agrees with me hence I accept it as a guiding philosophy, albeit in a poetic form.

So, do I only experience what I want to experience? At the conscious level I do not always experience only what I want to experience. What other people do affect me. As a black man, I am adversely affected by the laws made by white racists.

At the subconscious level, I tend to believe that what other people do to me that seem to be what I do not want to experience at the conscious level is really what I unconsciously want to experience.

At first this seemed like a rationalization for the injustice that I experience in the world, as my conscious mind tricking itself into reconciling itself to the injustices of the world by saying that I desired to experience them. After much thinking I came to the conclusion that it is not mere rationalization but the truth!

Does this mean that I like it when other people do what to my conscious mind seem bad to me? Of course not. Like most people I resent what my conscious mind construes as injustice and feel angry. I feel angry at bad things happening to me and often lash out at perceived purveyors of the bad.

I am what is called alpha male; I am extremely aggressive so you do not want to do bad things to me for I would hit you and do so with the intention of having you die. And your death would mean nothing to me since I see people as living for nothing. I see people as mere animals who are eating and reproducing and other than that are nothing; therefore, defending myself by killing you would not make me lose sleep; your death is the death of an animal and that is all there is to it.

The point is that I am as defensive as any human being. In our world we are defensive and set up a judicial system to defend us, to put bad people into jails and prisons so as to protect us.

We set up governments and have police and military to protect us from those who could harm us; the world is a defensive place, never forget that reality if you are tempted to harm other people for they will defend themselves or have the constituted political authorities to do so for them. If you want to be alive respect every person you see, do not harm anyone.

Yet, something tells me that at a different level we asked those who did bad things to us to do so; that we did so to be defensive towards them and eventually learn defenselessness.

Defenseless is the same as forgiving, overlooking the bad other people do to you from the realization that you asked them to do so and that they did nothing real to you since the world is a dream and what we do in it is done in a dream.

No one has attacked you despite you seeing attacks on you in the dream, the world. We all remain innocent despite the apparent evils we do on earth for they were done in dream settings; we have not changed ourselves into dream figures, separated ego selves; we remain as God created us, his sons: formless, eternally unified spirits with God and with each other.

Look, I tend to believe that I wanted to experience racism and America's racist environment. Why would I want to experience discriminatory behaviors from Americans? This is a good question.

I believe that this world is the opposite of love; we came here to experience the opposite of love. In the spirit of experiencing anti-love I exposed myself to racism, which is the opposite of love.

By being in a racist environment I am experiencing an unloving environment. In so doing I met the desire to experience the opposite of love, what I came to this world to experience.

Having experienced the opposite of love that I came to this world to experience I then realized that love is sanity and that the opposite of love is insanity.

That is, I learned that I made a mistake in separating from love, from unified state to go experience the opposite of love, opposite of union.

That is, I learned that I need to end the journey to separation; the fall from grace (separation from God is fall from grace), the descent into darkness was a mistake.

Having accepted that this world of separation, the opposite of love and opposite of union is a mistake I began learning about love, my return to love and union, what folks call the journey back to God.

When I love me and all people, that is, when I unify with all people I feel oneness with them and feel total peace and joy; I return to the bliss that is our home in heaven, in eternity.

I am saying that I chose to experience the opposite of love hence contrived to have bad things happen to me and experience them and from such experience learn the need to love and return to union.

In effect, the bad things that happened to me on earth that seem like they are not my wish, such as discriminatory treatment in America's work place was what I wanted to experience so as to return to love.

This is what I believe and it is what A course in miracles teaches. Since A course in miracles teaches what I already believe then I accept it; in fact, for all intents and purposes I might as well have written it.

What I write on metaphysical matters is totally congruent with what Helen Schucman wrote in A course in miracles and what our senior brother Joshua Emmanuel Ben Joseph taught 2000 years ago in Palestine.

All teachers of God teach the same message albeit in different languages; Jesus taught in parables, Helen taught in poetic form, and I teach in simple prose. If you understand one of us you have understood the others. Some learn from reading prose (and will learn from me), others learn from poetry (they learn from Sister Helen) and others learn from parables (they learn from Brother Joshua).

  • Last night, around 11 PM, I wrote an article called America has fake democracy. That piece is written from my politically realistic mind. This morning I write from my, as folks say, sentimental, unrealistic part of my mind, an essay on the need to forgive those who harmed us for the events of this world are done in dreams hence have not been done. It would seem that I am confusing folks, creating cognitive dissonance in their minds. I wear two hats, the realistic scientist and the metaphysical person. We all can do the same, be hardnosed scientists as well as understand that which transcends empirical phenomena.
  • I am editing my completed 850 pages manuscript: The Three Levels of Being. If you want to learn metaphysics and change your life you can buy it when it comes out (published). Cheers,

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 18, 2017

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