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IF POLITICIANS GO TO JAIL FOR LYING: Only very few Politicians in America but more in the UK would survive.

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It was British Prime Minister Harold Wilson who once called "Survival as the Art of Politics. I have turned  70 and above, and I know a thing or two because I have seen a thing or two in my life journey and my sojourn in America for 32 years minus my years as a student at the State University of Connecticut and the Yeshiva Jewish University of New York.

I have seen more bastardization of America in just one year of the Trump Presidency than I have seen in all American Presidents since Richard Nixon. I confess that I was not here to witness the Saturday Night Massacre of Richard Nixon and the delusional firing of Archibald Cox, but I have seen enough from the Trump scandals to draw some pertinent comparison between Nixon and Trump.

In fact I once wrote an article widely publicized on the Internet and titled, "Donald Trump is Richard Nixon on Steroids" and rightly so because the two of them are like Siamese twins. The only difference is that they both governed America 44 years apart. It is astounding that they both could predictably their political career the same way, given all we know about Donald Trump today the 1st of February, 2018. It is an understatement to state that the two of them are delusional crooks who strongly believed they were intellectually smarter than other Americans and that they could pull a fast one  on America even though neither of them went to Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton or Oxford or Cambridge.

The endless scandals Trump has confronted and the avalanche of lies he has told since his inauguration till now are enough to make anyone wonder what the Hell has gone wrong with America? It goes without saying that Donald Trump views Lying as a piece of hyperbole or alternative fact because that is the way he has lived his life as a 5 year old child of privilege but trapped in a 71 year old body like I said before.

He has taken lying in the Oval Office to a completely different level in America. He has done it to point that now forces me to question the judgment of Harold Wilson when he made his statement that survival was the art of Politics.

While I concede that the statement could be true in a country like Britain where lying by anybody, be it politician or not, is considered a major character flaw unlike in America and in much of the Third World where you could be a pathological liar and still make it to the highest seat of Power in the in a Democracy. A politician like Donald Trump could never have made it to the top in the United Kingdom. Their system is so perfected that he would long have been forced to drop out but anything goes in America. Only in America with all her sophistication could an empty barrel like Trump ever make it to the top like he did!

I think I can say without any iota of doubt from all I have seen in America that Lying has trounced Survival as the art of Politics. If any American President since JFK could be singled out for being the worst culprit in that regard, that President has to be nobody else but Donald John Trump the 45th American President who came to office riding on a train of Lies and Hypocrisy never before witnessed in this part of the World. If Trump is lying about smaller things who knows what else the guy could be lying about in his Olympian height as the putative Leader of the Free World?

Donald Trump lies in his dreams. He lies when he is awake. He lies while riding in his bullet-proof official Limousine called "The Beast" and while flying in the Air Force One, the Pentagon and a 5 Star Hotel in the Air. He lies in the Oval Office. He lies in his Camp David Retreat in Maryland and he lies in his famous Holiday Resort at Mar-A-Lago, Florida and he lies at his Trump Plaza in New York He lies during all of his official tours within the United States and he lies while on overseas trips carrying the flag and the emblem of the greatest country on Earth.

His hypocrisy is legendary. You can only imagine how deadly and poisonous his hypocrisy and that of his Republican Party would have been had he lost the election to Hillary who whooped his ass by a whopping margin of 3 million in the popular vote out of the total of 137 million votes cast in that election. But because Trump had won the Electoral College total of 538 hand-picked electors by 100 votes, Donald Trump is President today and Hillary Clinton the big winner is not. Only in America! Rather than take his fraudulent victory and take a hike, the guy is so paranoid about Hillary that he cannot get himself to stop talking about Hillary even in his dreams.

Can any of you reading this imagine what Trump and the Republicans would have done to cripple the Hillary Presidency, given all their insinuations and wicked innuendoes against the poor woman who was robbed of her victory in broad day light due to the clandestine complicity of Vladimir Putin and the KGB and the abominable mistake of James Comey, the FBI Director who walked into a trap set for him by Trump to announce only 10 days before the election that another investigation was going to be opened by the FBI on Hillary  for mishandling some of her private E-mails while she was the American Secretary of State. The poor woman was investigated and traumatized for months but nothing came out of those investigations because they were trumped-up charges.

That was all the excuse that Donald Trump and his Republican renegades needed to discourage millions of the Hillary voters in the 5 Swing States of America namely, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to either stay home and not go out to vote at all for Hillary because Vladimir Putin working in a treasonable collusion with Trump had managed to spread wild rumors that Hillary was on her way to jail for imaginary Obstruction of Justice and for mishandling classified information which they argued had seriously jeopardized American Security all over the World.

If you compare what they are now doing to smear the FBI and the patriotic 37,000 Americans who work in the Agency plus their Director and the special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, you would realize they are doing exactly the same thing they were accusing Hillary of.

Trump and his partners in crime are right now busy  mishandling classified information which was the same albatross they have tried to hang on the neck of Hillary Clinton to snatch victory from the jaw of Defeat on November 8 2016. They evidently conspired with the KGB to deny Hillary of her victory in that election and painfully so, I might add.

All Donald Trump and the Republicans are doing now is recklessly releasing classified information and Intelligence Reports regardless of the threat it poses to serving Intelligence officers and their informants all over the world.

They have to do it not to protect America but to cover up for a fraudulent President who is right on his way to jail for Obstruction of Justice , for impunity and for abuse of his constitutional authority, for tax evasion for Perjury and lying under Oath to Congress or lying to the Special Prosecutor and to all American people. Trump is being investigated for Money Laundering and Mafia Connections and ethical violations and sexual misconduct of the worse order, and for collusion and conspiracy with a foreign adversary to undermine and destabilize American Democracy and American alliance with all of her traditional allies in Europe and elsewhere around the World within one year of his coming to office. Now Nemesis is catching up with the scoundrel.

That said let me now use the remaining paragraphs of this article to do justice to Lying and how it has become the constant factor in American Politics in the era of Donald Trump and the dangers it poses to the image and reputation of the greatest country on Earth.

One of the reason I am so happy to be blessed with most of my children born, raised, and educated  in America is the culture of telling the truth that is impacted to all of them from the kindergarten. It was the kind of culture I myself did not fully experience growing up in my own neck of the woods in Nigeria where my ability to lie and not get caught is considered a virtue.

I grew up learning the Akure proverb which says, "Aseku lagba seran" meaning the wise and the old must lie and never confess to a lie till they turn blue in the face. What was that proverb supposed to teach the young ones like me at the time?

The goal was to teach the young to" lie" their way out of every situation or problem. You lie continuously even when you are caught with your hands in the cookie jar. You tell your parents somebody else did it. That was the environment I grew up in for much of my Primary School and Secondary School days at Oyemekun.

My grandchildren I talk so much about with pride that were all born and raised in America all belong to a different kettle of fish. The youngest of them, 5 year old Teniola Famuyiro of Houston Texas and little  Adedara bi Oba, the 4 year old girl of South Reading in Virginia used to dazzle me with their culture of truthfulness every time I go to spend time with them and their siblings and their parents.

I clearly see in them what I could have been when I was their age and I feel blessed and proud to be their Grandpa. They are all far smarter than I was in their age bracket. I would be the first to admit that and I am not shy to say it. I thank God and I thank America for them.

I learnt during my student days at the Royal Institute of Public Administration, Mabledon Place London that the greatness of the white world is predicated on their culture of truth telling regardless of the circumstance. I would rank the United Kingdom the greatest country on Earth and the Bastion of Democracy where the Majestic Parliament Building, the mother of Parliament is built.

The UK is far superior to America in that context if you see what I see and most certainly in the era of Donald Trump when America has pretty much become the butt of every joke all over the World because of lawless antics and brigandage of a Donald Trump.

I am not going to waste your time trying to prove to you that Donald Trump remains the worst liar ever to be elected to the high office of the President of the United States.

I submit without any scintilla of doubt and without waiting for Robert Mueller to complete his report that Donald Trump is guilty of Obstruction of Justice and collusion and conspiracy with Russian Vladimir Putin and the KGB to meddle in American elections. I am convinced that Russia would do it again in 2018 and in 2020 if Americans do not insist on getting to the bottom of the Mueller investigation.

I intend to prove it by just citing the case of Carter Page and talk less of General Michael Flynn and Papadopoulos who have already pled guilty to committing a crime and are now actively cooperating with Robert Mueller as we speak. I am aware of Paul Manafort who is surely going to jail for all of his crimes with Donald Trump. I also add Rick Gates who knows everything between Manafort and Donald Trump. If Mr. Gates flips on Trump, there is nothing left for Donald Trump to hide behind. It is all over for Trump

Donald Trump and his partners in crime told a blatant lie in reference to Carter Page who is the "Fons et origo" of the powerful case of collusion and plain Obstruction of Justice against Donald Trump. Carter Page has become the greatest problem for Trump as he tried to cover up his treasonable collusion and conspiracy with Russia.

Carter Page was the Russian Asset in the Espionage Ring. He visited Moscow multiple times as the spy agent of Donald Trump. The Russian spies had been meeting with him long before the 2016 elections but unknown to Trump. Mr. Page was being closely monitored by the CIA and the FBI when he went to Moscow and met with the Deputy Prime Minister and other Russian spies under cover of darkness and anonymity and on the pretext he went to Moscow as a private businessman.

The FBI had a FISA Warrant issued on him and renewed no less than 4 times before the election in 2016. United States Intelligence Agents knew all of his illegal meetings and they kept briefing senior members of Congress about him ever before the 2016 election. That was one of the reasons Harry Reid the former Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate wrote a letter to the Director of the CIA copied to FBI in October 2016 shortly before his retirement from the US Senate.

Confronted with all these incontrovertible evidences, Carter Page denied all of those charges as sheer baloney before he was required to appear under oath only to confess to all of those charges. Donald Trump still continued to deny any illegal "Quid pro Quo" arrangement with Vladimir Putin and the KGB. Now the chickens are coming home to roost and Trump is as nervous as Hell knowing what he did. Everybody can tell from Trump's body language that he is an unrepentant crook who cannot survive a cross-examination by Robert Mueller melting like a bowl of Ice cream in the Summer time and further incriminating himself and letting the cat out of the bag pretty much like Richard Nixon did when he had his back against the wall in 1974.

All Trump is now doing is to distract and obfuscate by trying to hang his non-collusion hat on the current FBI Director and James Comey whom he fired and so many others who have had to resign or be fired. All he now wants to do is to stage his own Saturday Night Massacre by firing Robert Mueller even if it means risking a constitutional crisis just to save his fumbling Administration. Trump is in criminal collusion with Congressman Devin Nunes of California and Paul Ryan the Speaker and Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader.

The beginning of the end has already begun for Trump. It is only a question of time before Donald Trump is forced by too much pressure and circumstances beyond his control to throw in the towel.

I want to end this article the same way I started it. That if politicians go to jail for lying; only very few politicians in America and more in the UK would survive. Donald Trump like the Carmelion takes over the color of its immediate environment.

All the retired military officers he has managed to bring to his Kitchen Cabinet like General Flynn like McMaster and John Kelly have all taken to lying like him till they turn blue in the face and all of them could predictably tarnish their squeaky-clean reputation and image by the time Donald Trump is taken  out.

Donald Trump is counting on the fact that if the economy remains stable and buoyant and if Americans get some pay raise and tax rebates, they would be more than ready to forgive all of his criminalities and his attempt to undermine the Rule of Law in America in his determined effort to metamorphose himself into a Dictator like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin his boss and slave master.

That is a bridge too far for America but Donald Trump does not understand that in his egregious self-delusion and narcissistic Delirium. He is going to soon discover he is alone like Richard Nixon found out too late to beat a retreat.

I rest my case.

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