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If Americans Do Not Remove Guns From The Streets; Guns Will Remove Americans From The Streets

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The news headlines for October 2, 2017 was that Nevada was the scene of the worst mass killings in America in modern times. This exact headline was used about a year or so ago when an American invaded a gay club in Orlando and killed young men and women who went out to have fun after a week’s labor in the vineyard. A modified version was used when another citizen visited Virginia Tech. University a few years earlier (2007).

We Americans must take guns off the streets or guns will take us off the streets.

Fear of guns are already taking people off the streets.

Since the massacre of worshipers in Charleston, I have been to churches where guards often called wardens or greeters are posted at the entrance to the church. Their ostensible role is to help visitors to the church; but the actual role is to be on the look-out for any gun welding citizen and warn the worshippers. I cannot help but be tickled by the irony of God’s people not trusting God enough to protect them but relying on human being to help in their protection. It is a strange world.

When my children were in school, a mere 30 years ago, I would walk into the principal’s office without notice and without search and hold discussions with him/her. Not anymore. There is now a get keeper often a police officer who would do the pre-screen before one can get into any school house. There are buzzers and searches. To make matters worse, teachers are being exhorted to take shooting lessons and to carry guns. These are the results of too many school shootings in Colorado, Connecticut and places in between. Once teachers are made to believe that they may have to kill one of their students, a major damage has been done to the relationship between a teacher and a student. Teachers are supposed to see their students as their own children. Teachers in Sandy Hook Elementary School demonstrated this relationship when their school was attacked. The gun lobby suggested arming school teachers and this seems to be the lesson learned. Strange, strange, strange.

Parents in some cities like Chicago, LA, etc. are now putting strict rules on the young ones about going out to play. It is “get out of the school bus walk straight into the house, do your homework and watch TV. No gong outside.” And even then some kids had been hit by stray bullets while inside. Growing kids need exercise to get rid of stored energy they have; they need streets to learn to run things like soccer teams and basketball; to learn “team work”; and learn to be adults. The homes and schools do not provide practical training grounds for these learnings. Take the kids off the streets and you remove the natural way of raising children.

In other words, fear of guns is taking our kids off the streets already.

There was a song that started with “Everybody likes Saturday Night”, the idea was that it was the night when people looked up to having a few hours of relaxation usually in a night club, bar, or concert. If these options are taking away from people, they would stay home. Without ever truly relaxing tensions will build in the home and sooner than later the homes would become Orlando or Las Vegas where shooting takes place.

The reason for the presence of guns in the streets is that it is a protected right of every American. The legislators and members of the Supreme Court have decided that it is what the nation’s founders intended. But they refuse to see that time has changed and that we will change also. The founders did not know or anticipate rapid firearms. They did not know or foresee that citizens would turn their arms against one another. The general rule had been that if a rule was abused the rule was changed to remove the abuse. But not our legislature or our court has seen the abuse and therefore the blood of the innocent concert goers in Orlando, Las Vegas; etc. are in the hands of our legislators and members of the Supreme Court.

So are the bloods of Sandy Hook Elementary School Children and the worshipers in the Christian Church in Charleston VA who lost their lives and all other places in USA.

More people have died in USA last year than the combined deaths from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other theaters of war US is engaged in.

It could well be that the enemy is within.


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

October 3, 2017

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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.