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I can only respect a social-democratic mixed economy

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The problem with us human beings is that we think that we have the choice to tolerate injustice or not. The fact is that we do not have such choice; our only choice is to tolerate the just; if something is not just to people we must not tolerate it; we must not rationalize injustice with our usual ego defense mechanisms and live with what we should not live with.

If society's practices are not just our function is to fight for what we believe is just and not just live with the unjust society. If we try to live with the unjust society we become like Americans.

I am sure that you have learned that white Americans are the most contemptible human beings on planet earth; in fact, they ought not to be alive. Why? They have the dreadful habit of tolerating injustice and thinking that they can do so and live well. No, they do not live well; what has happened to them is that they seek ways to salve their uneased conscience by doing drugs, alcohol and homosexuality and flight to other self-destructive life styles.

Americans tolerate evil and their conscience insists that for them to do so they must escape to alcohol, drugs and weird sex.

Alternatively, Americans seek escape in weird religions or religions given absurd interpretations; every kind of oriental religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism) and New age religions and combinations thereof, such as Adidaism where an individual's ego is served...Franklyn Jones called himself the new avatar and urged people to worship his untrammeled ego as a means of attaining what one does do not know, and, increasingly, Islam and its derivatives such as Bahaism, Sufism, Nation of Islam have followers in America.

By escaping into these preposterous religions Americans are able to tune out their unjust society and seem to live peacefully. Alas, you cannot live peacefully where there is injustice.

Human beings are structured in such a manner that whereas what is just is not readily ascertainable they must strive after the just; when they stop seeking justice they die; in fact, if they do not seek justice they are mere animals not human beings.

No one with a clear mind can live in America and not become psychotic; you must do great damage to your mind to avoid going nuts. Thus, in America all sorts of weird religions prevail for folks need them to make sense of their unnatural society, a society that refuses to do the right thing by the people but instead exploit the people.

In America the people are socialized to vote against their self-interests. Education for all and health insurance for all, by any human standard, is in the peoples self-interests. But in America even poor white folks are socialized to say that the public should not play roles in those activities that otherwise would benefit them. In the meantime they cannot afford education for their children or health insurance for themselves.

As we speak, white folks are dropping dead like flies; a serious disease and a white family cannot afford to pay the anticipated exorbitant hospital bills; they accept untimely death instead of work to have a society that gave all people health care as a right.

Those poor white Americans who do not drop dead from curable diseases seek refuge in alcohol and drugs and, yes, suicide. These people are on a fast track to kill themselves!

America is the home of white and black slaves. This is the truth that few persons dare speak about loudly least they get into trouble, get black listed and subsequently not be able to obtain jobs.

The evil system's gate keepers only give folks jobs if they are perceived to be system supporters; dare to criticize the political system and you are seen as un-American and the establishment, conservative and liberal, keeps you out; America marginalizes whoever asks it to become a true human society instead of the present predatory society it is.

Contemporary Americans are essentially what human beings ought to not be. They are living dead persons.

If a man must be alive he ought to evaluate the nature of society and decide what constitutes a just society and live it and if it is absent in his world work to bring it about; he must not just tolerate unjust society just so he survives.

What is one surviving for, what is one living for; is it to be just an animal? That is not good enough reason to be alive.

Americans have capitalism; capitalism is a system of economics introduced to the world in 1776 when the Scott, Adam Smith wrote his seminal book, the Wealth of Nations. Capitalism has some merits but it has loads of injustice in it. It allows a few persons to make all the wealth in society and the many to live in poverty.

Whereas the free enterprise political economy gives people the incentive to pursue their interests and work hard to attain them, it works in such a manner that there will always be winners and losers.

As school boys we all took parts in sports. We all know that if you get a dozen boys and have them be on their marks,  get set and go that a few will win and the many lose. There will be first, second and third and the rest are runner ups. This practice is fine for it gives all  people the incentives to train to be the best that they can be and do their best but the fact is that regardless of their training  a few must win and the many lose.

Therefore, in a capitalist society a few will win and the many will lose.  If this is the case then society must seek ways to help the losers in its midst. Society must tax the winners (each person must pay, at least, 20% of his annual income in taxes) and use the money to give all people education from kindergarten to university and provide all people with publicly paid health insurance and provide a few other publicly paid services for all people (such as subsidized public transportation etc.).

For an understanding of socialism see Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, The Communist Manifesto, also see Karl Marx's theoretical book, Der Capital.

Having provided the basic necessities for the people they are thereafter left to fend for themselves.  If you want to be a millionaire or billionaire that is fine; just go work for it but if you want to be a poet and write beautiful songs that, too, is fine. Each person must be left alone to do what he has interest in doing and has aptitude in doing. In the final analysis all vocations enrich society; the artist certainly makes life beautiful and, as such, is probably as useful to society as the physicist (who studies nature to understand it objectively) and the engineer (who applies the findings of pure science to construct what improves our lives).

In a rational society, you cannot just allow a few to win and the many to be losers and live in penury. If you allow for a few to be winners and the many to be losers you create the cursed society such as the USA where illiterate rich white folks, such as Donald Trump, run around looking for poor people to stick it to (or do drugs to make their useless existence tolerable).

The USA in its present configuration is a society that ought to not exist; it is totally unnatural; it is an inhumane society. But the gatekeepers of this weird contraption call it the best society on earth. They market themselves to the rest of the world as God's best country on planet earth.

Indeed, they call themselves democratic and preach the virtues of democracy. But are they democratic? Let us see; they rig the system so that minority persons (black folks) are largely prevented from voting (knowing that many black folks do not have government issued ID cards they require government issued ID cards before you vote; in the past they shut black folks out of voting by requiring them to pay poll taxes, and pass literacy tests and through other shenanigans used to prevent African Americans from voting).

At present Republicans, who are actually the minority party, have so gerrymandered the states that they are in control of, that their members are elected to Congress with fewer votes than those who voted for the Democratic Party.

The members of the Democratic Party in Congress collectively had more people vote for them than those who voted for the Republicans yet Republicans have so-called majority positions in both houses of Congress. In effect, in the USA the minority party rules the majority party and yet the people are told that they have democracy! A democracy where the minority rules the majority is a contradiction in terms!

One had thought that democracy is the rule of the majority not the minority. The USA is an apartheid country where the minority rules the majority and expect the majority to accept their absurd rule.

The people are prevailed upon to accept this upside down presentation of reality because the founding fathers who are deemed all-knowing set it up.

Many of the founding fathers were slave owners hence garbage in human forms but their fallible deeds are presented as ordained by God, the racist god of America, that is.

The USA is a country in search of violent revolution. There is no doubt that, sooner or later, there will be a violent revolution in the USA; it will be the French and Russian type revolution where the rich are massacred in great numbers.

A revolution needs to happen in the USA to purge the land of the absurdity it has become; a revolution will heal Americans of their slave mentality.

Americans, white and blacks, are actually slaves; the whites tolerated slavery and perverted the religion of love called Christianity to justify slavery and racial discrimination; of course, black folks tolerated slavery and racial discrimination; thus, Americans, black and white, are slaves, for only slaves tolerate social injustice.

Americans toleration of social injustice must be purged from their psyches; the people must be taught that the only type of life worth living is a just life in a just society.

However, given the number that the ruling circles have done on the American psyche so that the people tolerate injustice and seek escape in alcohol and drugs there must be political violence to jolt the people out of their slumber.

Look, I am not saying that other societies are heaven. Nigeria, for example, is hell on earth. In Nigeria and most Africans countries criminals rule the land; the thieves of Abuja cart Nigeria's revenue from oil to their personal pockets whereas the people live in abject poverty. Clearly, Nigerians must rise up and fight for social justice. Until they do so they can hardly be called human beings; Nigerians are animals, not people; they so want to live at all costs and so fear harm and death that they fear taking up arms to fight the criminals that steal their monies and give them poverty.

As John Stuart Mill pointed out in his seminal book, On Liberty, until a people overcome the fear of harm and death that keep them in bondage to their criminal rulers they are not worthy of liberty. Liberty, Thomas Paine, in Common Sense, tells us is watered with the blood of patriots.

Let us not detain ourselves here talking about Africans, for they are really not relevant in serious social discourse. At any rate, in this essay, I am talking about America's society, not Africa's shiftless and thieving countries.

In sum, I can only respect a just society; I know that we can get into unending debate as to what constitutes a just society (in his book, the Republic, Plato had the leading lights of Athenian society, among other things, debate what constitutes justice and they did not come up with a definition that satisfies all people) but for now I define a just society as a social democratic society with a mixed economy (mixture of capitalism and socialism).

My ideal countries are the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Those are the only countries in the extant world whose leaders I respect. I respect them because they serve social interest; they put public good ahead of individual good.

The leaders of the USA are worse than garbage and I have no respect for them; just look at the clown who is operating at third grade levels in knowledge that Americans just elected their president, Donald Trump.

Does Trump deserve any adult person's respect? What does he stand for that makes him respectable, re-arrange wealth, from the middle class to the rich? And that is good, right? The USA is the planet of apes, not loving and rational human beings!

African leaders are mostly egomaniacal criminals and as such are not worthy of my respect; Asian leaders are doing their best to develop their countries and as such are worthy of my respect but ultimately they must embrace social democracy to earn my lasting respect.

I am an unabashed social democrat (like Bernie Sanders) and make no apologies for it. I am a political ideologue, if by that you mean a person who works for all people's welfare, not just welfare for the few at the expense of the many.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 21, 2017

Dr. Osuji is on vacation; he wrote this piece in phoenix, Arizona; from there he goes to the US East Coast and thereafter to Britain and continental Europe. If you would like to chat with him in the various cities he is visiting please feel free to call and arrange for a meeting with him. He is also available to do workshops on leadership and management. In addition to reading his several books on management and leadership, you can read his latest article on the transformation of Nigerian leaders from negative to positive leaders, published in an international journal of management. He can be reached at (907) 310-8176

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