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How much of a strategic thinker and deal maker is Donald Trump?

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Be careful what you wish for or sow because you just might get it in multiples of what you sow or desire. Republicans out of desperation to win the White House back in 2016, by hook or crook, were willing to self-destruct and to sell their soul and their conscience to put just any crook in the White House without counting the cost.

A Jeb Bush of Florida or John Kasich of Ohio would certainly have made a better President than the crook in the White House. Republican blew it. They had to know Trump was the wrong candidate but they could care less. They created the monster. They have got to deal with him to their everlasting regret.

The Party has long ceased to be the Party of Abraham Lincoln. It has become the Party of "Tricky Dicky" Richard Nixon the only American President forced by circumstances beyond his control to voluntarily resign from the Presidency total disgrace due to the fallout from the Watergate Scandal.

History is about to repeat itself one more time as the scoundrel or the villain they have put in the White House thru the Abracadabra of the Electoral College absurdity, is actively working his way into oblivion and ignominy while riding on the coattail of Vladimir Putin the KGB leader of a country that great Republican President Ronald Reagan, the great communicator, has rightly described as the "Axis of Evil" or the "Evil Empire"

My column is not coming out as frequently as it used to because I now spent much of my time writing little comments and rejoinders to issues or debates raised on the Facebook by many contributors I so much admire and respect like Sunday Iwalaye, Hajia Juliet Ademilayo, Vickie Owodunni, Mayowa Adeleye, Professor Ozodi Osuji, Justice Faloye, Laolu Fasuyi, and Wande Agunloye and so many others.

I just happen to know that those rejoinders reach many more millions of Facebook fans around the World that I really want to touch. So why waste my precious time writing pages of stuff that many don't get to read because they are either too long or not topical or current enough to attract attention. The Facebook appears to have a jinx on Nigerians like no other country in the World. If you don't believe me just open up the Facebook platform and you will see why Zuckerberg wants to make Lagos, the Facebook Capital of the Third World.  I still do my column once in a while like I am doing now with this article on Donald Trump because I love to write in my leisure time.

The most important role and responsibility of any President, in my own opinion is to be a strategic thinker and a deal maker and a positive role model for his citizens across the board but more so the youth, male and female, who reserve the right to look up to that President for inspiration and faith in themselves and their country.

Americans got that inspiration from George Washington the first President of the United States (1789-1797). They sure got their inspiration from Abraham Lincoln, the slave owner who abolished Slavery because he passionately believed it was wrong. They sure got the inspiration from Franklin Delano Roosevelt who introduced Social Security that subsequent Presidents in America have not been able to jettison.

They sure drew inspiration from JFK the youngest American President who at 42 had fired the imagination of American Scientist to out-perform the old Soviet Union in the Race for Space, and to put the first Man on the Moon and to safely bring him back to Earth thereby making the Moon an American Colony so to speak.

Americans surely got that inspiration from Lyndon Baines Johnson with his Great Society and Welfare Program knowing fully well that the move might cause much of the South to abandon or reject his Party at the Polls for decades thereafter. President Johnson did it nonetheless because he knew it was not politically correct but it was the right thing to do in good conscience which the current Land lord of the White House does not have.

Americans drew such inspiration from Peanut farmer but the first Nuclear Physicist in the White House when he certainly put his Presidency at risk by negotiating the Camp David Accord which achieved Peace between the Arabs and the Zionist Regime for close to 50 years and counting, and saved several millions of people from death and destruction that cannot be quantified in Dollar value.

American drew such inspiration from George Bush who refused to exceed his mandate but to keep his promise to go flush Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and not to drag American into a long and costly protracted War in the Middle East. Just because of his ego and self-gratification. Americans drew some inspiration from Bill Clinton who master-minded the break-up of the former Yugoslavia without dragging America into an endless war. Bill Clinton found a way to mend the Social Welfare Program signed into Law by FDR and to preserve it for the great majority of Americans who use it as a safety net to keep body and soul together for the less affluent in society.

Americans drew some inspiration from George Herbert Walker Bush Jnr. the 43rd President who quietly poured money and American resources to end the Aides Epidemic in Africa without gloating about it like the lunatic in the White House who specifically demanded gratification for helping to release from jail 2 or 3 American young basketball players who were imprisoned in China for Shoplifting.

American drew some inspiration from the first black President who executed the plan to kill and bury Osama Bin Laden without losing a drop of American blood and without forever making a martyr of the radical Islamic terrorist. They drew some inspiration from Barack Obama who passed the Affordable Health Care Reform Legislation and signed it into Law thereby giving 46 million Americans medical coverage with the stroke of his pen. It was a feat that no less than 4 Presidents before him starting with Richard Nixon have tried to do, but woefully failed to achieve. Rather than find some ways to amend some of the provisions of that Law to make it better, the lunatic in the White House  is looking for ways and means to delegitimize his predecessor and to uproot the Law forever and to return to the ugly "status quo ante bellum"

All the Past American Presidents have proved themselves to be strategic thinkers and deal makers who know how to create a bi-partisan coalition to move America forward as the Beacon of Hope for Humanity and as the Leader of the Free World by maintaining strategic Alliances with Europe and most nations of the World and to keep enough members of the UN Security Council on America's column to keep America as the greatest Experiment in Human History and the greatest force for good in the Universe without undermining the sovereignty of other countries  to cater to the interest and security of their own people. He wants North Korea to abandon its own Nuclear Ambition and for China to work against its own strategic interest to protect America. It was a dog dream at best that only a lunatic could have contemplated or canvassed. Donald Trump wanted that because he is totally delusional and needs to see a psychiatrist.

That said,  the goal of this article is to ask how much of a strategic thinker and deal maker is Donald Trump compared to all of his predecessors in America but more so with competitors in other countries like President Mikhail Gorbachev,  Vladimir Putin, President Xi of China and World leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair and former South African President Madiba Nelson Mandela  to mention a few that readily come to my mind as I craft this write-up?

If you agree that Mr. Putin asked for his own pound of flesh from the Americans in a pay-back scenario that punishes America for using Mikhail Gorbachev to destabilize and break up the old Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin has succeeded in using Donald Trump to destabilize American Democracy and to level up the playing field for Russia  to redraw the old map of Europe and to bring back to life the Warsaw Pact and to weaken NATO.

Republicans may want to trivialize this observation but it is the absolute truth. Donald Trump has proactively leaned on Vladimir Putin and his Russian collaborators to pave his way to the highest seat of Power in the West as Robert Mueller's Report is going to confirm and validate.

I guess my question now to all of you reading this is how much of a strategic thinker or deal maker is Donald Trump compared to Mikhail Gorbachev who was used by the CIA to break up the old Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact? How well does Donald Trump compare to the KGB smooth operator Vladimir Putin who has achieved for Russia what Napoleon could not do by making a stooge of Donald Trump who appointed Rex Tillerson as the American Secretary of State because he was the preferred candidate of Putin.

Donald Trump as President of the United States is completely in the pocket of Putin as we speak, believe it or not! But for the strong Institutions which were the foundation pillars of America as laid out by America's founding fathers. The whole World should have lost all hope that America can never recover from the calamity that Donald Trump has unleashed on America thru some of his policies.

I am optimistic that Donald Trump is going to fall a victim of his own machinations and be disgraced out of power without a scintilla of any doubt in my mind because the foundation pillars of America are far much stronger than the foundation pillars of the Twin Towers in New York which merely imploded rather than tumble to cause far more damages than the terrorist who flew a commercial plane against the edifice had intended or envisaged.

A thousand Donald Trump cannot make America buckle or crash under its own weight. Rather than do that it is Donald Trump who would have to fall over his own sword and be forced out of office if the push comes to shove and when the rubber meets the road. I am predicting that America is sure to survive Donald Trump.

The man has boasted that he is the greatest deal maker in the world. But I see him as nothing more than Kermit the Frog of a deal maker who only boasts to impress his abrasive wife, Miss Piggy. The guy is an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise.

He is totally wrong to project that the way he runs his Multi-National Real Estate Company around the World is the same way he is going to run America. He is living in a fool's Paradise to ever contemplate and believe that. He is the quintessential chaos President that Jeb Bush has accurately predicted he was going to be.

He rushed to judgment to declare victory in his encounter with the young man with the bad haircut in North Korea. The crazy young man made a big fool of Donald Trump this morning when he launched and tested a more powerful ballistic missile able to reach the Mainland of America.

That was the man Donald Trump had said he was going to wipe off the surface of the Earth with fire and fury never before seen anywhere in the World. He was going to tighten the noose on Kim Jung UN by using China to do his dirty work for him by eulogizing and praising the Chinese President to high Heavens as if President XI is a fool and a delusional narcissist like him who would fall a victim to empty and hyperbolic praises or cheap blackmail.

Vladimir Putin a smooth operator and a KGB evil genius must be cracking his ribs with laughter as he looks on Donald Trump as Mr. Bozo who has been put in a box under lock and key by the Kremlin or the  only University of Intelligence in the in Moscow  where all they do is Espionage and strategic thinking  that are designed to elevate the relics of old Soviet Union to be in a position to challenge and compete with America and to ultimately make a second fiddle of America to the benefit of Russia. Inexperienced Donald Trump believes he can micro-manage a KGB smooth and ruthless Vladimir Putin who rules Russia with an iron hand and views Democracy and Capitalism as far inferior to Dictatorship and Communism.

I conclude this write-up by answering the question I posed at the beginning of this essay. Donald Trump is the exact opposite of what he wants America to believe and to become. He is a Lilliputian strategic thinker and deal maker who is going to drag America into another protracted War he could never finish before he is excommunicated from the White House in total disgrace and humiliation as more of his collaborators are charged, found guilty and convicted.

I rest my case.

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