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Germany must be embedded in the European Union

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Adeyinka Makinde:

Given your fascination with what seems to you Russians' power, I felt an urge to show you that Russia is a tootles tiger that can be knocked out by a resurgent Germany ; as we speak Germany has almost total control of the Russian industrial sector! You are invited to read "In Praise of Transatlantic Divorce", by Stephen M. Wait, in Foreign Policy Magazine, May 30, 2017. See below excerpt from Mr. Wait's excellent article. "The EU has a population of more than 500 million and a combined economy of roughly $16 trillion (the US GDP is about 17 trillion, ed. Ozodi Osuji). By contrast, the supposedly fearsome Russia of Vladimir Putin has a population of 144 million and a GDP that is less than $2 trillion. NATO's European members spend more than four times more than Russia does on defense every year, and Russia's long-term prospects are gloomy as its population shrinks and ages and as oil and gas become less and less important in the global economy. Russia can cause trouble of various kinds in nearby areas, but there is no chance that it could expand significantly (or effectively rule any territories it seized)."


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

On November 8, 2016, the American electorate elected a bumbling fool as their President, Donald J. Trump. The man is a fool and does not even try to hide it. Anyone who paid attention to him during the long campaign for the Presidency must have concluded that his brain is literally empty, that there is nothing of substance in it. His language is that of a third grader, an eight years old. I doubt that he has vocabulary of more than a thousand words!

The question is this: how in the world did a country with outstanding individuals and universities produce this idiot and make him their President? Wonders never cease occurring in this world we live in.

Okay, Donald John Trump is now the American President and we have to live with that fact until he realizes that he is in above his head and resigns or is impeached. The question now is how to manage this idiot boy (emotionally, he is developmentally arrested at what psychoanalysts call narcissistic stage of child development, usually before age ten; see Erick Erickson, Childhood and Society) in the White House.

Someone must manage Trump, as adults manage children before his actions produce a war that all of us will regret. A case in point is his patronizing behavior, at the recently concluded NATO, EU and G 7 meetings, towards the German Chancellor, Angela Merkle. The woman was so irate that upon returning home she said that Europe can no longer rely on the USA but must take its destiny in its hands.

Does the clueless Trump realize what she just said? Is he even smart enough to realize what a resurgent Germany can do to the world?

The Second World War ended in 1945. The problem in Europe was how to arrange Europe so that Germany is hemmed in and does not have to go on another war path.

America decided to leave thousands of troops in Germany; we created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1948 and in 1958 created European Economic Community (which turned into the European Union).

The NATO idea, inter alia, containing the USSR, was to embed Germany in Europe. The idea was to get her to work closely with France and Britain, the two other great powers in Europe.

Everybody who had taken a course in European history and International politics understands that unless Germany is corralled into seeing itself as part of Europe that she may do what she does best, go to war.  We all know what happens when Germans go to war.

The Roman Empire ruled the known world and a bunch of unorganized German tribes warred with this greatest power on earth, wore it down and defeated it. The Germanic groups subsequently took over Northern Italy (the Lombard's), France (Franks), Spain and Portugal (Visigoths), England (Anglo-Saxons), North Africa (Vandals); Eastern and southern Europe (Ostrogoth's) and Scandinavia (Nordic). German Teutonic knights made the Slavic lands their play grounds; they literally enslaved Slavs, took them to the Middle East and sold them to Arabs! Many a Muslim Sheik had Eastern European women in his harem!

Germans took over Western Europe. Western Europe as we know it today is a German enclave.  Some of those Germans, specifically those in Portugal, Spain, Britain and France discovered the Americas and today dominate North and South America. They also established colonies in Africa and Asia (although those are now gone but their influence is still there, such as Africans speaking English, or French, Germanic languages).

Let us leave ancient history aside and talk about recent history. During World War 1 (1914-1918), Germany and Austria (both Germans) fought with Britain, France, Russia and the USA; it took almost five years to fight that war to a standstill; Germany was not defeated.

During the Second World War (1939-1945), again, Germany took on Russia, France, Britain and the USA and fought them for five years.

If Germany is not reined in how long do you think that it would take her to rebuild her military and go on a war path? I doubt that it would take more than five years before Germany's military exceeded that of Russia.

A resurgent Germany can lunch a ferocious attack on Eastern Europe, overrun Poland, Ukraine and, yes, Russia within a year.  I can see the German military going as far as the Bering Sea, not just stopping at the Urals as Hitler's Lebensraum had visualized, thus, taking over what we now call Russia.

(See Adolf Hitler's books, Mein Kampf and Table Talks; also see Albert Speer, The Third Reich; William Sheer, Inside the Third Reich and Alan Bullocks, Study in Tyranny.)

Russia is no match for Germany, any day. We must recall what Germany did to Russia in a few months, via operation Barbarossa: drive to the gates of Moscow before hubris led Hitler to ask his generals to swing south and go capture the oil fields of the Caucasus. Then winter set in (no external country wins wars in Russia during its brutal winter, Napoleon found that out).

Germany made additional mistakes, such as declaring war against the USA (when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941) hence getting America into the war (Hitler should not have declared war on the USA; she should have made the Yankees her ally).

Thereafter, Americans supplied Russia with arms.

Hitler probably sent his most able general, Rommel (the conqueror of France) to North Africa to rescue the feckless Italians bogged down in Libya. Thus, Germany now had three war fronts: against Britain, Russia and in North Africa.

If Hitler had not started bombing Britain and left her to escape from Dunkirk and worked to get Winston Churchill to be a friend, I believe that the Germans would have easily driven to the Pacific Ocean, for Russians were and still are bloody alcoholics, not real soldiers.  Hitler made a series of bloody tactical and strategic mistakes and those caused Germany the war.

(Of course, one does not support Hitler's racism but here I am limiting my discourse to pure military considerations. As an aside, one may ask: why did Hitler want to kill Jews? Jews are one of the most productive groups of human beings on planet earth; you need to make them your friends and not your enemies. As for the Slavs and Africans that Hitler also hated with passion, he railed against Senegalese troops in Europe, well, there was no need for that hatred, for all people are the same although some are more advanced than others. Our job is to help primitive groups to attain scientific level of development rather than killing them.)

One can remind us that things have changed and that today Russia has nuclear weapons. True. Who discovered how to make nuclear weapons? The Germans, not lazy Russians.

Let us see. In 1803, Thomas Young performed the double slit experiment that established that light is wave; in 1897 J.J. Thompson, an Englishman (where I say Englishman replace with German) discovered the electron. In 1900 Max Plank discovered the quanta of Light; that is, proved that light is also particles. In 1905 Albert Einstein (Jew) renamed quanta photons. In 1911 Ernest Rutherford (English New Zealander) discovered the nucleus of atoms, specifically protons. In 1932 James Chadwick discovered the neutron.  In 1913 Neils Bohr posited the idea of elections circling the nucleus of atoms. In the 1920s we had Louis Broglie, Weiner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, Pauli, Max Born, Paul Dirac adding to quantum mechanics; in the 1930s we had Lise Meitner, Otto Hahn, Enrico Fermi (Italian) and Strassman showing us how atoms can be split open (nuclear fission).

Please notice that these quantum physicists were mostly Germans. Russians have contributed diddlysquat to pure science (oh, one of them, Dimitri Mendeleev, arranged Chemistry's Periodic Table; Nicolas Copernicus was a Pole; he posited the heliocentric nature of our solar system, Marie Curie was a Pole; she, Rontgen and Henri Becquerel helped us understand radiation of nuclei).

Galileo, Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler, Huygens, Tyco Brahe, Dalton, Boyle, La Place, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, James Clark Maxwell, Ludwig Boltzmann, William Harvey (discovered the circulation of Blood); Mendel (Genetics) Jenner, Alexander Flaming (discovered Penicillin), Francis Crick, James Watson, Alexander Friedman (Jew), George Lemaitre,  Edwin Hubble, George Gamow (Russian), James Wheeler, John Bell, Hugh Everett, Stephen Weinberg, Eugene Wigner, Murray Gell-Man, Alan Guth, James Watt, Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs (Arab), Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg (Jew) and other great names in science and technology were from the Germanic race.

Russia has atomic and hydrogen weapons alright (in atomic weapons neutrons are used to strike uranium nuclei and split it open, to separate neutrons from protons and release the strong nuclear force holding protons and neutrons together in nuclei; in hydrogen bombs two processes are followed; first, is obtaining chain reaction through splitting the nuclei of uranium and that releases heat approximating the type of heat in stars to fuse, nuclear fusion, protons and neutrons and heat and light is released).

Whether it is atomic weapons or hydrogen weapons Germans are responsible for our knowledge of it.  In rocketry who gave Russians and Americans knowledge of jet propulsion? Germans! A German, Von Braun essentially began the American space program; Russians kidnapped some German scientists and technologists and had them show them how to do everything, even how to hold forks and spoons to eat properly. Without Germans showing them how to do stuff Russians are a mere bunch of primitive Slavs.

Germany currently has nuclear reactors powering its nuclear energy. In them uranium is used to produce nuclear energy; thus, they have the capacity for producing nuclear fission, splitting of atoms. Within a couple of years, Germany would have as many if not more nuclear weapons as Russia.

If you let Germans loose they would quickly rearm and probably plunge the world to war. Donald Trump is asking Germans to rearm so as to reduce the burden of carrying NATO's cost.

Well, America needs to carry that burden for a little longer until Germans have internalized democratic processes, for if you cut them lose, now, they would revert to what they are, a predatory, warrior race, take over Russian lands and subjugate Russians to slavery.

You might infer from this essay that I admire Germans and Western Europeans; you are damn correct. I admire them because I admire pure and applied science and must necessarily admire those who have given us all that we today use ( computers, Internet, cell phones, Fax, television, radio, email, cars, trains, airplanes etc.).

Russians did not give us anything that we use in our daily lives, nor have Muslim Arabs done so (those, as religious terrorists, understand only how to cut off folks throats).

I am interested in producers not mere consumers (such as Africans, Eastern Europeans...Asians seem good at technology so I also admire them).

I conclude by reminding us that Germans are a warrior race and that we do not want to exclude them from what Metternich, Edward Carr and Henry Kissinger would call the European concert, as Donald Trump is trying to do. If we do so we risk world war three.

Therefore, experienced foreign policy hands ought to rein in Trump and get him to start behaving like a statesman, not the present, brain dead, school yard bully that he is.

Post Script: I did not talk about the number of nuclear weapons Russia and the USA have, or their intercontinental ballistic missiles, or their overall defense posture; those are technical matters; they are beyond the scope of this piece that is meant for popular consumption.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 30, 2017

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