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FBI's Latest Statement to Congress & Donald Trump's Reaction To It: One more reason Donald Trump should never be President

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James Comey the FBI Director who is generally well regarded as fiercely independent and non-partisan  by both sides of the isle has just put himself in the middle of a political quagmire that he should have seen coming, if he was more politically-savvy and sensitive to what is happening around him.

I would nonetheless cut him a slack on his little but serious mistake just like he himself had cut Hillary a slack when he wisely recommended to Loretta Lynch the Attorney General that while Hillary may have been careless with some of her E-mails, the FBI has not found any criminal intent and that her conduct does not rise to the level of a prosecutable crime despite all of the partisan noises and bickering coming from the Republican side.

Mr. Comey made the determination as he was statutorily expected to do that he would not recommend criminal prosecution or indictment under any circumstance. The Attorney General accepted his recommendation and that, to all intent and purposes should have been the end of the matter. It was the right decision if you ask me.

Mr. Comey got himself into this quagmire right now because of partisan politics and the relentless prodding by the Republicans and Donald Trump in their desperation to find something they could use to irredeemably damage the Democrats and Hillary Clinton who they know is far more qualified and ready to be President from day one.

Republicans also knew that their crazy Donald Trump has to throw everything including the kitchen sink at Hillary out of desperation. They knew that their candidate is not in the same league with a woman who is more than ready to be President at a minutes notice, and whose campaign and ground operations and track record and her virtuoso performance in the 3 debates have already guaranteed her success in this election beyond any shades of doubt, as Republicans and Donald Trump would find out on November 8.

If Mr. James Comey is not tone deaf and politically inexperienced and insensitive as a bureaucrat he should have realized that his dry statement is sure to be misconstrued and taken out of context by both sides of the isle, but more so by a psychopath who shoots from the hip and likes to shoot in the dark because he lacks the experience, the judgment, the temperament, the civility, the integrity and the restraint to be President of the United States.

Director Comey has walked into an "Ugbunigwe" Land mine clandestinely laid out for him by the Donald Trump in particular and the Republicans in general who knew they were trailing badly in the polls and they needed some October surprise that Mr. Comey has offered them if they are to have any chance at all of surviving their Waterloo on November 8. They know they are still going to lose but they needed some help from James Comey, a former Republican by registration to mitigate their losses in November. That is what it is. The move has done some damage but nearly enough to drastically change the outcome of the election. It is too little too late. I can tell you that.

Even though Mr. James Comey claims he is no longer registered as a Republican since his appointment for 10 years as Director of FBI, but he is still human like the rest of us. He wants to eat his cake and still have it. There is a part of him that wants to help the Republican but he is far more intent on helping himself and his career and his reputation for fairness, just in case the Republicans narrowly retain their control of the House but less so the Senate, and then set up a panel to probe him and to ruin or dent his career or reputation which means so much to him.

He made the bad move on the calculation that if he waited till after the election, that the Republicans would blame him for not helping them at the nick of time. They might even accuse him of cover-up for Hillary and the Democrats. That was why he issued the statement expecting the worst but hoping and praying for the best. That is about the only way I could explain his turning down the advice of the Attorney General to not issue the statement. He was being overly political with his amorphous statement eleven days before an important election.

The headlines in the Newspaper the next morning did not help matters as all the papers and more so Donald Trump began to read criminal intent into the Comey's statement. They were completely taking the statement out of context for their own selfish gain but much to the embarrassment of Mr. Comey and to some extent the Attorney General.

Mr. Comey had thought he would be seen as wanting to be transparent rather than condemned by both sides of the isle. Donald Trump who lacked the judgment and the temperament to be a leader quickly jumped on the statement stating that America is now living in a third world country and beating his chest a little bit prematurely that he has hit a jackpot by forcing the FBI to side with him and to indict Hillary. It was all a big lie as usual. The Adolf Hitler instincts in Donald Trump we have all suspected came out loud and clear as Trump began to cry wolf where there is none.

It was the most incendiary statement that any responsible presidential candidate anywhere in the world should not have rushed to judgment to make. Mr. Comey should have anticipated that Donald Trump was going to do what he did, based on his track record per se.

A man who admitted and gloated about how he used to grab women by their genitals without any resistance would never have hesitated to use the FBI statement to score a cheap point.

Donald Trump has been going round telling anybody who will listen. He is telling them that FBI is just about ready to indict Hillary. He is making the false case that a candidate who has a criminal investigation hanging over her neck like the sword of Damocles before an election is not fit to be elected.

Many now believed that Donald Trump made his statement on a campaign stump because he arguably had some advanced knowledge or notice of the James Comey's statement when he joked that Americans should just cancel the whole election and hand over the presidency to him.

Donald Trump said "We must not allow Hillary to take her criminal scheme into the White House" It was the most irresponsible statement ever made by a man in his position, He did not stop there. The man doubled down when he said and I quote, "this scandal is bigger than Watergate" That was a hyperbolic distortion of what actually happened. Can you imagine voting for a President who will make this kind of a wild and baseless allegation against another foreign leader without thinking twice? Americans would be taking a horrendous risk to ever think of electing Trump. If some of you feel comfortable doing that, you are on your own.

James Comey could be said to be grossly careless and insensitive by not adding a caveat to his statement and warning the Congress and individuals like Donald Trump on both sides of the isle not to take his statement out of context by reading into it what it does not contain. He should have explained that without being forced so to do by anybody.

The beauty, the sophistication and the uniqueness of the American political system are all played out in this election but so are few of its flaws and shortcomings. All of these observations speak to the fact that the system is not perfect and still needs to be revisited and made more perfect. Donald Trump who says America has become a third world country because of that is just an empty barrel and a buffoon who does not know what he is talking about.

Who could ever have imagined that a candidate like Donald Trump could have emerged as a candidate of a major political Party in America? That is shock number one for me. The second observation I have to make is that a candidate like Donald Trump could never have made it this far if he was running for the job of Party leader of the Labor or Conservative Party who is viewed as Prime Minister-in-waiting in Great Britain or even in the tiny state of Israel talk less of other democratic countries like Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to mention just a few.

I said it before and I would say it again for emphasis. American voters always get it right after all is said and done. They are going to see thru the antics of the Republicans but more so the insanity of Donald Trump. They would never allow Trump to pull a fast one on us comes November 8.

I am still supporting Hillary who may lose one or half a point as a result of the Comey statement but would still go on to win a landslide victory against Donald Trump on November 8 without any question in my mind.

Those who fear that the Republicans might then go on a fishing expedition against a President Hillary Clinton for the next 4 years, have nothing to fear but fear itself as assured us by the longest-reigning President in American History, the one and only Franklin Delano  Roosevelt of New York.

The Republicans on November 9th are going to quickly reassess where they all went wrong. They would lick their wounds for some time, put all the blame on Donald Trump and turn a new page.

I am predicting that President Hillary would have a smoother ride with the Republicans than Obama did because she knows how to walk across Party lines to make deals like she did with great success for 6 years as the junior Senator from New York.

With Bill Clinton now holding the door for Madam President like Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburg has done for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for 60 years and counting, I believe Madam President would work out a deal with the Republicans like Bill Clinton did as President for 8 successful years in the White House.

That is the more reason I am rooting for Hillary. Her presidency is going to be two for the price of one. Buy one and get one free.

I rest my case.

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