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De Tocqueville's perception of America is still on the mark today!

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Afis, my main man,

I knew and still know that despite your occasional descent to the gutter, apparently to reach the Biafrans where they choose to live, name calling, in social discourse you have it in you to operate at the most elevated level.

Your write up below, especially your reflections on Alexis Charles Henri Clerel de Tocqueville, Viscount de Tocqueville (1805-1859) proves my thesis that you are a well-educated and smart man who occasionally discards decorum and operates like a street hoodlum. Thank you for the view on de Tocqueville.

The man was a French Aristocrat from Normandy; he attended the best French schools and visited   the USA in the early 1830s and went home and wrote his two volumes "Democracy in America" in 1835 and 1840. He was a member of the French National Assembly and later Chamber of Deputies and served as the Foreign minister for a while. The two books are a must read for anyone who wants to understand American politics; its observations on America have remained true today as they were in the early nineteenth hundreds. Thanks for sharing that piece of information.

You and Bolaji Aluko (by the way, where is that man hiding; I seldom hear from him anymore, his incisive take on all things Nigerian is generally educative) got it correct; the death of the USA is exaggerated!

A chap at Yale University, Paul Kennedy, wrote a book on the coming decline and fall of the USA. (

By Paul Kennedy. Maps and tables. 677 ... particularly American policy makers. ... In his new book, ''The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,'' Mr. Kennedy...)

America will be here for a while longer, certainly in the duration of our lifetimes.  I personally believe that if the USA makes amends for its sin of slavery and discrimination against black folks and make some changes in its body politics that it might postpone its inevitable decline and fall (all empires must eventually fall and become replaced for the spirit that took them up is no longer the zeitgeist of the new age).

America actually knows what to do but refused to do it because of the issue of minorities. It seems to me that white Americans would have given all white folks publicly paid, single payer health insurance and given all whites publicly paid education through university (and given the not so bright ones German styled vocational training after high school) if all Americans were whites. That is to say that the USA would have become more like the Scandinavian countries if the country were all white.

But because of the presence of blacks, the hated minority persons, they refused to make the necessary changes to their political economy to make it last long.

My politics is social democracy (ala Bernie Sanders). I believe that a robust and vigorous mixed economy, capitalism and socialism, and social democracy, is at this stage in human history the best form of political organization.

I believe that most American academics know it hence they tend to be on the left on the political spectrum, but the white ruling establishment does not want to bring it about for they do not want black folks to live long (the life span of African-Americans is 62, for whites 88) and be productive citizens; they like what we currently got, black kids being prison pile, heading from secondary school to jails and prisons.

I believe that if the USA makes appropriate changes it might remain on top of the food chain through this century, but if it does not and instead harken to the worst in human nature, listen to white racists, it will gravitate to fascism.

We all know what happens to fascist regimes (in Italy and Germany); they seldom last more than two decades before they self-destroy. If the likes of the chicken brained racist, Donald Trump are allowed to rule America just because they appeal to racism, well, the days of the USA as a superpower are numbered.

This apparent negative assessment of America is not based on my wish for America to fall to gratify my oppressed African understandable wishes for my oppressor to go away; no, I am a proud American and wish my country the best; I just want it to be improved, not die; but die it must if it does not change its current trajectory.

I do not believe that China or any Asian country is able to replace the USA. For one thing, those Asian countries do not have what the USA has: a universe of many races. The USA has whites (whites give us science and technology), blacks (blacks give us popular any one in Asia capable of giving the world the type of music black Americans give to the world, can Asians do in sports what black Americans do?).

The multiracial composition of the USA makes it very competitive in everything. If the talents of all Americans, whites and blacks are utilized no other country would outcompete the USA in anything.  Yes, the death of the USA is exaggerated! That been said the country must make fundamental changes for it to continue being at the top.

I am doing comparative politics study of the main Western European countries. My goal is to see if the EU (GDP $16 trillion) has what it takes to replace the USA (GDP $17 trillion) in world politics.  Russia's GDP is less than $2 trillion, which is less than California with GDP of almost $3 trillion!

I like your inclination to academic thinking as exhibited in your understanding of Tocqueville's seminal observations on the incipient USA. How I wished that Biafra idiots like Nebu and Chukwuma actually went to school and have read the great books that are supposed to inform the thinking and writing of educated men. They vomit whatever ill-informed ideas are in their heads and in their boastful ignorance believe that they are making useful contributions to social discourse.

They talk nauseously about Biafra; the blow heads have not sat down and written on the political economy and political structure of their proposed heaven on earth.

Joe Atueyi (the man says that he went to St. Gregory's Lagos, UNN and Harvard but reasons like a bush man) tells us that Igbos are republicans and seem to assume that that is all there is to Igbo political organization.

What exactly is republicanism, anyway; is it Igbos wild individualism that leads to lack of cooperation; is it John Lock's limited government (Second Treaty on Government); if so are Igbos not prone to worshipping brain dead dictatorial leaders, such as Ojukwu and Nnamdi Kanu; is it Adam Smith's (Wealth of Nations) free enterprise and if so can that make it in the twenty first century or do we need to inject Karl Marx (Communist Manifesto, Der Capital) into it?

These people do not engage in serious thinking but merely express untested ideas. You are a refreshing alternative to their supercilious ideas on social phenomena!


Ozodiobi Osuji

June 6, 2017

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