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Changing the black white dance of abuse

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If you are African have you visited or lived in the United States of America? What did you see regarding the relationship of black and white folks?  Here is what I see.

White people have no respect for black folks. This is, of course, a generalization and there are exceptions to it; some white folks apparently respect black folks? Be that as it may, many white folks do not even have a little bit of respect for black folks.

If they are conservatives, that is, Republicans, their lack of respect for black folks tends to be overt, those are mostly racist. If they are liberal they feel an urge to hide their disrespect for black folks.

White Americans like Donald Trump disrespect for black folks is overt whereas liberal Americans, like Hillary Clinton, disrespect for black folks is covert, hidden so that you do not immediately see it but when push comes to shove you would see the liberal who hitherto defended black folk's civil rights turn and become the most virulent racist you have ever seen.

If you were married to a white woman and got divorced she can behave towards you as the most racist whites, such as David Duke, behaves towards black folks.

Simply stated, it seems that racism is in the blood of white Americans; it seems that they are programmed to disrespect black folks (African Americans and Africans).

In the civilized part of America, such as college campuses, disrespect for black folks is disguised but deep down many white professors believe that black folks are not intelligent and would rather not hire them and only hire them because they are pressured by law to do so, to have token blacks in their midst.

White disrespect for black folks is overt among working class white folks, such as white policemen. The typical white American policeman came from the working class and barely completed secondary school; just about the only thing he knows how to write well is writing tickets that find black folks guilty of whatever he wants to find them guilty of; beyond that he is a stack illiterate.

If you are a black motorist white police officers are likely to stop you and give you traffic tickets; a white police man is likely to prejudge you guilty in everything and would like to haul you to court.

The typical white judge is more likely to feel that a black person is guilty of whatever crime he is charged of and throw the books at him.

America's racist system's goal is to get as many black persons as is possible to jails and prisons. America's jails and prisons are mostly the home of black and Latino folks. Apparently, as white folks see it, black folks belong in prisons (or should be their slaves doing free work for them).

Once you have a felony record the system has rendered you useless, for it is virtually impossible for you to obtain a job; you cannot even vote or run for public office if you are an ex-convict; you are condemned to living on the fringes of society, in the ghettos, may be, selling drugs and or pimping women to make a miserable living.

In America white folks treat black folks less respectfully than they treat their dogs; if you expect differently you are naive.

In international politics white folks literally assume that no human beings are living in Africa, or that less intelligent persons are living in Africa. They deal with African governments as one deal with dim witted children.  They see Africa as a place they obtain certain raw materials from, such as cooper, zinc, gold, diamonds and oil and do so and that is all that Africa is good for.

In academia white journals literally behave as if Africa does not matter; they write on economics, polities and other subjects and seldom factor aspects of the African economy or politics into their writing.

If you wrote on Africa and submitted it to white American academic journals for publication they would not even bother considering it. Occasionally, they feel compelled to publish one or two articles on something relating to Africa but always when it presents Africa in a negative light (so that they reinforce the image of Africans they want to have, primitive people).

Simply stated, to the white man Africans and black people in general are not relevant and are not taken seriously.

You do not have to stay in America for more than a month to realize white folk's negative attitude towards black folks; you get it.

Once you get it you decide what you do with that information: hate and disrespect white folks or continually talk about their disrespectful attitude towards black folks, as black social scientists do.

Some Africans respond to racism by not having qualms in dealing with white folks; this is the attitude  found in African criminals; they feel that it is right to scam white folks, for to them they are stealing from criminals; they do not feel guilt or remorse from their criminal behaviors.

No one bats an eye if told what white folks do to black folks,  what is not always known to most people is the role black people play in their abuse by white folks.


No one can abuse you unless you want to be abused. No one can disrespect you unless you want to be disrespected.

If it were possible for people to be abused against their will there is no justice in the world.  A world without justice ought to not exist.

If it were possible for white folks to literally screw black folks, as they routinely do, without the cooperation of black folks I would want this world to end, today, not tomorrow. An unjust world does not deserve to exist, not for a second.

Only a just world should exist. In a just world those abused ask to be abused and are abused by those who want to abuse people.

It does not take rocket science to realize that many white Americans are sociopaths, psychopaths and anti-social personalities and narcissistic and or histrionic personality disordered persons.

To be an abuser you must have a person who wants to be abused.   Africans and black people want to be abused.

This point is difficult for Africans to accept but they must accept it for it is the obvious truth.  At any rate, if you doubt it then see if black folks do not disrespect and abuse themselves pretty much as white folks do to them.

Go to Nigeria and or any other African country and see abuse and disrespect at work; right from your point of entry, say, the airport, you observe that Nigerian government officials, such as immigration and custom folks, have no respect for their fellow Nigerians. They take bribes from their fellow Nigerians to allow them entry into their own country!

Thereafter, you step out of the airport and meet the Nigerian police man. The Nigerian police man is literally a highway brigand.  Every few miles that you drive the Nigerian police man stops you and you must give him bribe or else he detains you. He may keep you right there all day long until you pay up. If you go to the police station the bosses there expect more bribes or you are locked up.

If you are charged to court the Nigerian judge is literally a thief. He does not hide the fact that you must pay him before he renders what he calls judgment. The more money you pay to the pompous thief the more you get away with murder. In Nigeria the rich seldom ever go to jails even if arrested with a billion dollars they heisted from the people.

Do you want a form from a government office that is supposed to be free? You must pay for it; do you want a Nigerian passport, you must bribe for it. Do you want a government contract to do something, such as construct roads, you must bribe the relevant government officials and then you pour tar over sand and call it paved road and the first rain fall washes the tar away and the people go back to driving on mud.

Nothing is done in Nigeria without someone paying some government official bribes. Bribing is now part of the Nigerian culture; folks do not even know that there are alternatives to their corrupt culture.

Listen, we do not need to rehash the absurd level of corruption in Nigeria; every person already knows about it.


What we need to ask is: what kind of person subjects his people to the absurd level of bribing that we see in Nigeria and other African countries? It is a person who does not respect his people and does not respect himself.

Africans do not respect themselves and do not respect human beings in general. They are a people who see themselves as garbage and literally ask other people to see them as garbage and treat them as garbage.

How is it that Africans see themselves as garbage? Consider their history.  African history tells us that Africans have been selling their people to Arabs right from when they encountered Arabs around 700 AD. Africans went from selling their people to Arabs to selling them to Europeans in the mid-1400s.

Slavery ended in the nineteenth century meaning that for over one thousand years Africans sold their people to Arabs and white folks.

What kind of people went and captured their people and sold them to foreigners? It is a people with no respect for their people, a people who want their people to be abused.

The habit of selling their people to others is continuing in different forms today; today African leaders do not care for their people; they steal their people's monies and do nothing to lift them up from the abject poverty they live in.

In the inner cities of America where white folks shoved African Americans into you see black folks killing each other like they have no regard for their lives. For the silliest  reason, say, a  cigarette, a marijuana joint, a black man whips out his gun and shoot to death his fellow black man.

Every week hundreds of black folks are killed at South Chicago; Harlem, New York; North East Washington DC; Watts, Los Angeles, Oakland, California and in other black neighborhoods of American cities.

Black folks kill each other because they have no respect for each other.  Please do not go telling me about how racism made black folks devalue their lives hence they kill each other like they are flies. As I pointed out above, Africans do the same thing to each other even in their traditional villages, so it must be an existential issue.

Of course we may speculate on why they do it (in America it is attributed to absent fathers, collapsed marriages, 75% of black kids are born out of wedlock and raised by single mothers, poverty, street and gang culture etc.) but what is self-evident is that black folks have no respect for each other.

My perception is that the negative opinion that black folks have of themselves literally ask other people to treat them as they treat them, without respect (no one respects those who sell their people or do not work for their people's welfare).

Having invited disrespect from other people and are treated with disrespect black people complain about it. What is black scholarship but endless narration of how white people enslaved and discriminated against them?

What is missing in all the endless, pathetic narration of what white folks did to black folks (Africans ignore what Arabs did to them and instead only focus on what Europeans did to them) is the absence of what black folks did to contribute to their unenviable condition!

Consider these facts. The average black man in a physical fight with the average Arab and white man would beat him up. So, how come Arabs and white men enslaved black men?

Weak Arabs and Europeans enslaved Africans because black folks are fearful. It is the fearful coward who because he is afraid of death that allows other people to enslave him.

Think about it; if you resolve to die rather than be enslaved you fight for your freedom and if necessary get killed and not live as a slave.

Slaves live as slaves because they are cowards who fear death. Stand up to the bully and he shows his cowardice. If black people stand up to bullying Arabs and white folks they would quickly learn that psychopaths are cowards.

The Arab must carry a sword and the white man must carry a gun; these folks parade around as tough. Now go get your own gun and if the psychopath tries to terrorize you, you confront him and he would run away.

Arabs and white folks are the world's greatest cowards but black men do not know it and, instead, allow them to intimidate them.

Arabs and white men, especially their police men are terrorists; they use guns and threat of murdering black folks to terrorize them, to intimidate them to living by the mostly unjust laws of Arabia and America.

The day black folks rise up and are willing to demand respect and equality or they die fighting for it is the day that Arabia and America come crumpling down.

Arabia and America are places of injustice; the countries laws are unjust. Shake them and they would collapse like a house built on sand.

Arabia has already collapsed; America in its present form cannot last beyond this century before it collapses, for injustice lasts only as long as the people tolerate it.

The basic framework of America must be reworked so that it treats all people respectfully; for that to happen the people must demand to be treated respectfully; but until then, as long as black folks accept abuse and disrespect, America would exist as the unjust country it is.

America is the sick man of the extant world; it is sick because it oppresses human beings. A person is healthy if he loves and does not abuse people.


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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: (907) 310-8176