Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.

Before I go into discussion of Mr. Osuji’s assertions that are mostly false and uneducated, I want to mention a few observable facts about Mr. Osuji. He can work with just a few hours of sleep. I make this statement based on the volume of his writing and assuming that since he meets the basic necessities of life: food, shelter and clothes, that he must have a day job. So he writes at his spare time. The second point is that when he stays in the area of his training such as psychology and philosophy, he can make sense, but once he intrudes into other areas, he makes very uninformed assertions. I will debate him on few of these in this essay. I do not know enough of psychology to vouch that he makes sense when he writes on the subject, but to a neophyte he sounds, knowledgeable. He is a scientist, and perhaps because of it, each time he ventures into the realm of history and economics he makes horrific blunders. The third point is that he hates his people, Blacks, Africans, Nigerians and Igbo in an ascending order of hatred.

The points below are taken from

Before you rush to war think it through! 

Before reading my rejoinder I strongly suggest that the reader reads Mr. Osuji’s treatise first to put my comments in context.

I do not know which books Mr. Osuji reads but I sometimes wonder if he understands what he reads.

He says:

  1. 1.   Igbos had no prior documented history of going to wars as a nation state.

If this is true, it means that the Igbo have not been defeated in about 3,000 years of history before the advent of Europeans.

[Pottery dated at around 2500 BCE showing similarities with later Igbo work was found at Nsukka, along with pottery and tools at nearby Ibagwa; the traditions of the Umueri clan have as their source the Anambra valley. In the 1970s the Owerri, Okigwe, Orlu, Awgu, Udi and Awka divisions were determined to constitute "an Igbo heartland" from the linguistic and cultural evidence.[26( Wikipedia)]

If the Igbo have been undefeated for thousands of years, (that would make them the exception in history) it could only mean that they are/were not war mongers and their neighbors also learned not to mess with the Igbo. Or, the more likely scenario, that Mr. Osuji’s statement is false. I do not know why Mr. Osuji made this assertion but there it is. 

On the Nigerian/Biafran War (1967-1970) he said:

2. *****Nigerians came with modern military weapons, AK 47s, tanks etc. Upon the first shots fired by the Nigerians the savages threw away their machetes and ran away!***** 

I was old enough and fought in this war. It lasted almost three years. How could Mr. Osuji say that the “savages” (meaning Biafrans), threw away their machetes and ran away. Like all wars it had its ebbs and flows; territory gained, (Owerri) (Abagana) (Midwest) (Onitsha) and territories lost. It was fought on every square inch of Biafra and parts of Nigeria. But, in Mr. Osuji’s jaundiced eyes, it lasted a day. It is true that Nigeria had the better equipment in men and material but the gallant Biafran forces fought with heart and turned a police action into a full blazed war involving air, land, sea battles. Biafrans did not run away. They died, they were buried, and they were starved to death. 

Perhaps following from item 2 above Mr. Osuji made his worst blunder in the article by asserting: 

3.  ******Needless to say that at war the party with the best weapons probably will win.***** 

Nobody will dispute that the United States has the best military in the world now and since the second world war. But it is worth noting that the Second World War was the last war US has won (with the possible exception of the first Iraq Invasion under H. W. Bush). Yet US has fought many other wars and lost them all: Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mozambique, etc. There has not been any Ticker-Tape-Parades in these territories since the end of World War II even though it had the best armed forces. It is also true that Apartheid South Africa had a much better war machine than the Africans but they too lost the war. Ditto for Rhodesia, Sudan, and many other wars in different parts of the world. And if one choses to go further back Britain had the best war machine in 1700’s but US colonies, and amalgam of untrained militia, under George Washington defeated them. The Russians in Afghanistan, and the French before them; The Italians in Ethiopia; etc.; were all defeated by rag tag armies. Who wins a war is a function of many small events and circumstances but Mr. Osuji has no time for details. He merely makes statements in a hurry. He is too flippant. As the Americans say: it is not the size of the dog in a fight; it is the size of the heart in the dog. 

In another segment in this essay Mr. Osuji insists that Africans are yet to be Christians and proclaims that:

4. *****African Christians will emerge in about five hundred years!****** 

I do not know his definition of a Christian or his definition of an African. But I do know that may Africans met Jesus alive and talked with him in person. I do know that after Christ’s death his disciples spread across Asia Minor and to Africa to found Egyptian and Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Churches. I do not know if he considers these non-Christians or Non-Africans or just ignorant. In modern times many Africans had died because of their Christian faith. There were the martyrs of Uganda and Egypt; there are African saints. Many people in the world consider Archbishop Desmund Tutu a man of faith. Do these count as Christians; as Africans? If Christians have not yet emerged from Africa after 2,000 years, the probability of emergence in 500 years is very doubtful. 

In yet another of Mr. Osuji’s many slips he states:

5. *****Africans have no regard for each other, as shown by their history of capturing and selling their people to Arabs and Europeans;******* 

The Bible asks a rhetorical question “how many times would your neighbor offend you before you forgive him?” It answers the question as never too many times.  All old texts including the Bible are replete with slavery and slave trading. We do know that Joseph’s Jewish brothers sold their own brother into slavery; we do know that there were European slaves in American colonies first before the African slaves were brought in. How could a man who quotes Jung, Aristotle, and other ancient writers not know these well publicized stories? Is he so blindsided by his hatred of Blacks, Africans, Nigerians and the Igbo to the extent that his scholarship flees from him? Dear Mr. Osuji objectivity is the first order of scholarship. You are a scholar live up to you calling! 

Here is Mr. Osuji in his many sorry efforts to turn history upside down” 

6.  ****The other races of mankind consider black people unintelligent; this is because Africans have not contributed much to science and technology***** 

He has made this assertion so often before and I have tried to correct him so often that I wonder if he forgets the corrections or does not care for the truth. It is once more difficult to know who he considers African. We know that the Egyptian civilization was led by Africans of Egyptian-Sudan. They built pyramids that the modern world is still unable to duplicate. We know that Africans invented fire and that all recent energy development is based on fire principles; we know that Africans domesticated most of the animals we now rear for food as well as domesticating much of the plants. We know that all the animals in African forests have been studied by Africans and named and their habits and reproduction process established. We know that Ethiopians invented their own writing, that Egyptians did the same and introduced the world to papyrus or paper documentation. We know that they built boats and sailed in the rivers and seas in their neighborhood. We know that the alleged discoverer of source of River Niger, Mungo Park, sailed down the river on a boat loaned to him by Africans. The examples I just listed spams all aspects of studies: biology, engineering, maritime, education, history technology, science etc. Are we dealing with a person so badly indoctrinated that he cannot tell fact from fiction about his own people? 

This will be my last comment on Mr. Osuji’s essay because it might be the only thing that makes some sense:

7. *************At this time, it seems to me that the most doable thing is to renegotiate Nigeria and restructure Nigeria and have each large ethnic group rule itself within a federation called Nigeria**************. 

I think that after rambling for over 5,000 words something clicked and Mr. Osuji wrote the above. It makes sense. Nigerians should consider this proposal for its future.


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

August 26, 2016

The handwriting on the wall says

mene, mene, tekel, parsin

According to The Book of Daniel 5:26-28 the interpretation was:

Mene[e]: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

27 Tekel[f]: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

28 Peres[g]: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

This is the message to King Belshazzar of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari which the US Secretary of State will deliver to King PMB. Presidential watchers would have noticed that it has been two months since His Excellency has not traveled abroad. He is becoming less welcome overseas.

Why would the supervisor of Nigerian affairs, the USA, number the days of PMB and bring it to an end?

  1. If you can hire you can fire. US hired and are firing.
  2. PMB has been weighed on the scales and found wanting for example:
  3. The economy has gone bonkers and South Africa has once more overtaken Nigeria as the most dominant economy in Africa.
  4. PMB announced the BH has been virtually defeated and it is now clear that he lied.
  5. Not only is BH still around the Avengers have emerged and are even more menacing than BH and is a greater threat to the sovereignty of Nigeria
  6. Biafran agitation for independence has re-emerged and PMB has handled it like an amateur by imprisoning the leader Mr. Nnamdi Kanu without due process in the PMB;s Gulag.
  7. Human rights of the citizens are constantly abridged from the north to the south: murders of unarmed Biafran protesters; massacres of Shiites on a peaceful religious procession; killings of farmers by the marauding northern herdsmen on the farmers’ farms in their villages (60 in Nsukka alone) without consequences; etc.
  8. Insecurity. US has declared 20 states as unsafe for Americans, some are in the south and some are in the north. This makes it difficult for American businesses to do business in Nigeria.
  9. Corruption! Oh corruption! It has progressed from corruption to “FANTASTIC CORRUPTION” in a mere 15 months. There was first a budget fiasco. Then another budget fiasco and now budget padding. Nobody knows what is in the budget. Funds for salaries are not released, funds for Olympics are not being released, even defense funds to pay for US military supplies are not available. GEJ was bad but not this bad.
  10. The other corruption, the probe. Nobody knows how much has been recovered or from whom. PMB in collusion with the looters decided not to let the public, from whom the funds were stolen, know who robbed them. How can you hide the patient from the doctor? There has been no change in the system that enabled the fraud in the first place and that is enabling the budget padding to continue. No trials and convictions. Zero progress.
  11. Dictatorship tendencies on the upswing. The most visible officer to the world in any government is the foreign minister. Does PMB have one? Why is he not meeting with his counterpart but instead his counterpart is meeting with the Northern Governor’s Council? Why is the Secretary of State not addressing the combined House and Senate? US could work with Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, under who the economy grew by 6%, and who was very visible. Her replacement is as invisible, as the rest of the cabinet. A one-man government is a dictatorship. The convert has reverted to his heathen beliefs and ceremonies.
  12. j.    ETC.

Mr. Kerry will has announced the punishment of Daniel 5:28: 28 Peres[g]: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.”

Who are the Persians? The first choice is the Northern Governor’s Council. During this trip the secretary would interview the governors to see who would be PMB’s replacement. They have the rights to first refusal. If he finds one US would start in time to groom him (there is no she in the council). If there is none US would turn to the gentiles. As for PMB he is now a former president 2015-2019.

Can PMB be rehabilitated?

It is an uphill task. The first is that his reputation for getting things done has been destroyed. He did not demonstrate that he could get anything done. He misses Col Idiagbon too much and has not been able to find a suitable replacement. Mr. Tinubu could have done played the role for him but he finds Tinubu too conniving to trust him.

The second reason why it is an uphill task is that PMB has lost the popular support he gathered at the election and inauguration and wasted. Today if he were to re-run against GEJ, he would lose by a landslide.

Another reason why US would have doubts is the PMB is not a man of his words and is living above the law. He announced that there would not be foreign medical check-ups and when he had sore throat he ran to London while denying others with more serious ailments the required foreign exchange to do so. He asked those who have students abroad to bring them home as no more foreign remittances were available but his daughter has continued her studies abroad. He promised to release his assets but the report is nowhere to be found. ETC.

Among other problems is PMB’s health. It is not clear if he is sick or lazy. But it is clear that he is not up to the day-to-day management of the government. The required weekly Executive Council Meetings is now held by weekly; visits to crises locations (Nsukka, during killings) are not undertaken; public speeches and interviews are not held; nor town meetings conducted. There is not public education of the direction of the government and therefore no room for public participation in the management of the nation’s affairs.

Add the dysfunctional Legislature and you find you have a country that is not going anywhere fast.

Mr. Obama will be out of the office in five months. He is bound to remember Gen Colin Powel’s advice: “if you brake it; you own it” Obama broke Nigeria by imposing PMB on the people and he owns it. He is making sure that the country does not fall completely apart.

Is it too late?

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

August 21, 2016

Mr. Toyin Adepoju in an article titled “Nigeria Needs Ethnic Self-determination for Its Constituent Nationalities” ( asserts that the breakup of Nigeria is the answer to Nigeria’s manifold problems.

He asserts as follows:

  1. Breakup into smaller nations (does he mean ethnic nationalities?)
    1. The country is a farce, created by a colonizer, and run largely by soldiers of fortune.
    2. The culture of everybody for themselves and their cronies is the core of corruption
    3. 4.   The welding of a nation by force is not working. All the ethnicities should decide how they want to move forward.
    4. Those ethnicities who wish to be on their own or form national coalitions should do so. But to insist on this current nation, perhaps even in the name of so called restructuring, looks to me like looking for more of the vampirism represented by legally entrenched blood sucking manifest in ridiculous incomes for politicians and the recurrent terrorism flows from the Muslim North – the latest being state-supported Fulani herdsmen militia and random murders of Christians in the North.

Mr. Adepoju’s words would be music to many ears including this scribe but on second thought the essay needs a little more clarifications. For example:

  1. Breakup into smaller nations. There are currently about 350 ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. Although he says that each nationality would then decide to do it alone or form coalitions but at which point would this take place? After the breakup or before then? When would assets and liabilities be shared? How does Nigeria determine borders and ethnic nationalities? Are we sure which people are Urhobo, itsekiri, Ijaw, Ikwerre, Igbo? In Kwara state which people are Yoruba and others? It will not be easy to breakup Nigeria into ethnic nationalities.
  2. The culture of everybody to themselves and corruption. We know that the looters of Federal Nigeria come in all ethnic clothing. We also know that looters in the state governments come from all LGA. What makes anybody think that an Oduduwa/Biafra nation would be free of corruption? Or Fulani Republic of Sokoto? The root cause of corruption as I have asserted in more than one occasion is not ethnicity but poverty. Social and economic security structures do not exist so people who have opportunity try to ensure that they would never lack. Nigerian corruption is an opportunity crime. People of all ethnic groups who have the opportunity steal. If it now looks as if the northerners are the most corrupt, it is merely because they have had more chances.
  3. The welding of a nation by force is not working. Mr. Adepoju is on the money here. Force ought not to used to hold a people together. But how to undo what has been welded together is the challenge as seen in part (a) above. It is here that the restructuring which Mr. Adepoju had taken out of the table is called for. But I completely agree that arresting Nnamdi Kanu and holding him in jail forever is not any type of rational thing to do. Killing Biafran agitators in the name of keeping Nigeria one is a misguided policy.
  4. Blaming the North/Islam for everything: Mr. Adepoju is correct up to some point. The north has ruled Nigeria for all but 18 years of its 56 years of independence and even under OBJ’s first 8 years the north had him in a stranglehold. It was in his last 4 years that he had a kind of leeway. So there is sufficient reason to blame the north. But the north had enough southern collaborators in ruining Nigeria.

If Mr. Adepoju’s suggestions are difficult to implement what is the alternative proposal?

We have to start from the knowledge that there is no simple solution. Mr. Adepoju stated the obvious: the welding of a nation by force is not working; The country is a farce, created by a colonizer, and run largely by soldiers of fortune; Right wing Islamists as dominate Northern Nigeria cannot coexist peacefully with anyone else. Their only condition for peace is that they dominate you and do what they like with you, such as killing your people anytime they wish.

Giving these conditions there is need for some actions. Another difficult possible solution would be to add a secession clause to the constitution. Any group that wishes to part ways with Nigeria would after a referendum be allowed to secede. The beauty of this is that Nigeria would remain as a unit while the disintegration is going on. There would be no need for a division into 350 units and sharing of assets/liabilities and then coming together of groups. If a population of a homogenous group of up to 100,000 like say the Ikwerre voted against secession the unit would not be part of the new nation.

Even this simple idea would be difficult to implement especially in President Buhari’s time in office. PMB is like Prime Mister Churchill who was asserting in November 1942 that:

"I have not become the King’s First Minister in order to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire."

Yet less than five years after Churchill’s defiant speech, the British Empire effectively ended with India's independence in 1947 and the end of the British Mandate in Palestine in 1948. And in 2016, another major setting of the sun seems to be taking place in what has remained of the British empire.

So PMB might try but may not be able to stem the tide.

My opinion; yours always welcome


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

August 9, 2016

Nigerian Olympic soccer team got to Rio de Jenairo just a few hours before their soccer match against Japan in the opening rounds of Olympic games. They did not practice even for an hour on Rio's soil; did not get rid of any jet lags from travelling many miles and sitting on air planes. They won but that fact should not make Nigeria forget that we sent the kids into battle without armor.

President Muhammadu Buhari has presented himself to Nigerians as a catalyst; a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions (as at a lower temperature) than otherwise possible; an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. It will be recalled that it took presidential action to free the budgeted funds for the Olympic to the organizers. The late release caused the team a lot of inconveniences including being almost stranded in Atlanta USA and playing a game unprepared. This is a great opportunity for the president to teach the bureaucrats a lesson on why they should not invite the president for a visit. An investigation on why it took so long to release the fund would show the weaknesses in the system and demand correction. Those responsible would have to be asked to leave or be demoted for incompetence.

If this is not done, our president will be called often to be both the president and the chief clerk at the same time. Some people would see this as sweating the small things; but the purpose is to make sure that "small things" do not become "big things." Sports and Olympic Games are not national security matters; they are not economic crises; they are small potatoes. But by showing that even small things (mistakes) will draw the president's ire; big mistakes can be avoided in the future.

As BBC kept on repeating about the disputes over airline fees and changes in flight schedules those of us who were listening to the drama were furious what is the big deal here we asked. We were frustrated with the image of Nigeria on display. We asked is there anything that Nigeria could not screw up?

Nigeria may still win gold medals; but the start has been a little too scary. Nigeria has many talents but the management of the talents are lacking. It is the same reason these young talents when they "grow up" move to other nations and clubs in EU and USA where they shine and Nigeria remains in the doldrums.

What is true of sports men and women is also true of our doctors, engineers, scientists, professors, accountants, and other professionals.

Ever heard of brain drain? This what it looks like

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

August 5, 2016

Not many people would argue that engineers are very smart people or that medical doctors are also very brilliant. But would you hire an engineer to take care of your heart condition? Would you hire an anesthesiologist to build your house? The answers to both questions are "no." But that is what Nigerians did and what USA is trying to do. Mr. Buhari has been a soldier all his life and Mr. Trump has been a business man all his life. Both men are struggling with the political job they have sought and are being asked to do.

They seem unable to deliver. They keep rolling from one mistake to another.

As a soldier Mr. Buhari is used to law and order. He says to this man "come" and he comes and he says to another "go" and he goes. But not so in politics. The legislators have their own minds. The judges have their own ideas. Even the civil service has its ways and none of these organizations like to be dictated to by the president. To make matters worse the 108 senators each has his own believes. Negotiation is the only way to get anything done in politics. In the military you issue orders and any disobedient service man is dealt with summarily. This is what PMB understands. It does not help that he has run a country welding dictatorial powers.

Take the case of Nnamdi Kanu. PMB does not like the guy at all especially as Kanu wants to divide his kingdom into two. PMB had fought to keep Nigeria one and he knows the cost in men and material. So comes this upstart Nnamdi to upset the apple cart once again. PMB must stop Nnamdi by any means necessary. But alas there is this ugly document called the constitution which demands a process. In his old job he would simply have declared that part of the constitution null and void and issued a new edict. This time he cannot do it. But he is doing it anyway. Today Mr. Kanu is languishing in jail and no court decisions would get him out, not a lower court, not the appeal court. The general is in command and that is it.

It does not help that Nnamdi is Igbo. Were he one of the cattle herders who are actually killing people by the dozens it would have been a different story. But for a defeated Igbo, he must learn a lesson. Mr. Kanu has not even killed any Izika carrying mosquito but he is in jail. As for the murderers of 60 Nsukka citizens, they are free and about.

Compare PMB with Yar' Adua and Jonathan. Mr. Yar' Adua entered politics in the third Republic and became governor of Katsina state for eight years 1999-2007 where he learned the "art of the deal." He was succeeded by GEJ as president. GEJ, himself was a former politician and governor of Bayelsa. Both of them were faced with the insurgency of secessionist Boko Haram that wants to turn parts of Nigeria into Islamic caliphate. They also faced another secessionist organization called MENDS. They were quick to work out a settlement with MENDS which resulted in 8 years of peace in the delta region and which kept Nigeria's oil flowing. The deal also stopped the kidnapping and killing or oil workers and foreign investors. This was a departure from the efforts of OBJ who massacred an entire village in the fight against MENDS and killed the leader of BH (Yusuf) which energized the terrorist organization. OBJ was also an ex-soldier/general and he believed in the use of force. Both Yar' Adua and Jonathan were politicians in political positions and cut deals when necessary. OBJ and PMB are/were soldiers in political positions who had not learned the art of the deal. They are square pegs in round holes or engineers trying their hands in open heart surgery.

The result had been nothing but disasters.

Both were ministers of petroleum at the time they were president.

At the hands of PMB Nigeria has been sitting on the brink and its survival is now in doubt. PMB will deal with Avengers with a strong military hand, just as he is dealing with Biafrans. A soldier's first instinct is the use of force to overpower the supposed enemy real or imagined. In the process they often make matters worse. Imagine if OBJ had dealt with Yusuf as a human? We probably would not have BH or at least not as a constant threat to lives and property. There are now over 2 million internal refugees in Nigeria and tens of thousands dead. PMB is about to do the same thing with the Igbo and Biafrans.

The case of Mr. Trump is similar. A businessman who had owned and ran multi-billion dollar companies is seeking to become the political leader of USA. He wants to run the government using the methodology he used to run his business. A business leader is just a step down from a general. Both have immense uncontrolled powers. Because of their immense powers there are no needs to build alliances or to weld together different interests for common good. You get your way always. So the Donald does not care what he calls the Muslims, the Hispanics or the feeling of blacks or immigrants. He would deport 12 million of them; or build walls to stop them from coming in; he would force changes to or abrogate treaties already signed; and will trample on the laws of the land. If anybody goes against his idea of US interests, he would be captured, tortured and killed. Ditto to his families.

Any wonder why a lot of US citizens are raising alarm?

Mr. Trump like Mr. Buhari are not politicians and that is their attraction to their supporters.

But who would want a carpenter when he needs a tailor? There are reasons why people spend difficult years learning a trade. It is so that they would acquire the skills to deliver the services and products that meet the needs of the buyers cheaply. The skills are not interchangeable. If a business man wants to become a politician he must undergo the apprenticeship necessary to become a politician. If a soldier wants to be a politician he too must serve his apprenticeship before becoming one.

To believe that one would go from one calling to the top of another calling is an ego run wild. Both PMB and Mr. Trump should first go back and run as LGA councilors and after years of training, then they can run for the office of president.

Or they would bring ruin to citizens as we are seeing.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

August 2, 2016

In The Silence of the Lambs (1991), a young FBI cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims. I see the behavior of Nigerian intellectual elite in Diaspora as comparable. When I read the hundreds of emails that come across my email box, I look for essays of around 700 words that takes an issue concerning Nigeria and argues a position or tries to educate the reading public, but I seldom find them. What I find is “Afis is a thief”, “Inyamiris want your money,” Yorobas are untrustworthy and cowards,” Edo women are prostitutes,” etc. Once any of these statements or others like them are made, watch the internet blow up. Fowl languages flow; curses are placed on the entire tribe of the one making the statement; counter fowl languages and curses follow ad infinitum. When I look up the profile of the men (almost usually men) who write this garbage I notice a series of high level professional and academic qualifications: MD, PhD, VC’s, engineer, JD, professors in any field of human endeavor, CPA, CA, Rev., etc. And I wonder!

The authors are Nigerians in all corners of the globe; USA (a lot), SA, EU, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, you name it. They have many things in common: their Nigerianness; their high credential; their rudeness; their narrow-mindedness; and such attributes. I know that there is something called Mob Mentality or Herd Mentality which is described as:

The term "herd mentality" is often used to something that involves more conscious thought than herd behavior. This type of mentality can be influenced by things such as peer pressure, conformity, the need for acceptance and the desire for a sense of belonging. These things often cause people who are in groups to behave in ways that are similar to others in the group. For example, a person might choose to listen to different music when in a group of friends than he or she would when alone, because the others might make disparaging remarks if another type of music is chosen. Another example might be a teenager who drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes because of peer pressure from his or her friends. [wiseGEEK]

What I fail to understand is why men of the pedigrees I described above are unable to overcome the pressures. What has their education wrought? Why have the counter pressures from their professional colleagues failed to control their behaviors? Is there a Nigerian DNA and does it overcome and conquer all things?

All is not lost. If one reads, Nigerian Village Voice, ChatAfrik websites there are Nigerians who write full essays and quite strongly defend their positions. You may not agree with them but for the most part they dispense with name calling. But the big popular websites that make up the home for Nigerian browsers is lacking on these essays. Could it be that they allow “anything goes” to fester on their sites?  Sometime ago I tried to recommend website moderators but I quickly saw that it was a very difficult thing to implement. We have and need freedom of speech. But can’t a PhD holder or a professor not apply self-censorship? Self-discipline? Why must every disagreement be personal?

Can Nigerians disagree without being disagreeable? Why must all the Igbo Yoruba, Hausa, Ishekiri, etc., be responsible for my “bad takes” or opinions on any matters?

Nigeria r’onu o; Nigeria chekwa ya eche e o

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts,

July 28, 2016

Conservative parties, be they called the Tory Party, or Republican Party, or Likud Party, have for the most part of the early 20th century to present advocated policies that seemed unreasonable but the world continued to vote them into office. These policies are often presented to the public lased with patriotic cinnamon sugars. And the public has consumed them with passion.

At the formative stages of the European Union, the conservatives urged Britons not join as Labor and other progressive parties pushed for joining European Union. General Charles De Gaulle’s opposition to Britain’s membership did not help but it was mostly internal British debate that stopped Britain from joining until after ten years (1975), when a two to one favor was negotiated and referendum held. Even after joining, the Conservative Party was still lukewarm in the association. It was this attitude that led some conservatives to propose that a referendum be held to exit. The leadership of the Brexit was mostly Conservative Party membership although the conservative PM campaigned against the exit. And when he lost he resigned and the new PM has proclaimed, loud and clear, that Brexit means Brexit and no attempt would be made to renter through a back door.

Across the pond in America, the conservative party here known as the Republican Party has also, for the greater part of a century, argued about American Exceptionalism; that America is different and special and does not have to be America; and avoided strong relationship with the rest of Americas; South America, the Caribbean, and even Canada. While there is some tolerance for Canada other Americas are treated with nothing but contempt, pretty much like British conservative treated their European neighbors.

In the Middle East their own conservative Party, the Israeli Likud Party also preached their own Israeli Exceptionalism. There will be no ties with their Arab neighbors and no arms to Iran, Jordan, Egypt or any Arab nation that might create equality with her neighbors. Israel must be superior to all just as America is and just as UK believes she is.

We may include the Apartheid government of South Africa in this category but since it has been defeated, we could take a pass for now.

There are many fundamental sub-themes running in the conservative politics no matter where it is found. They include

  1. Immigration is bad and should be contained or controlled
  2. Poor nations in Africa and Asia should be held in abeyance and brought into discussion if they have resources to be exploited.
  3. Veto powers of the United Nations must remain in place and are inviolate. In other words, except for the six or so nations that have them all others opinions or views of a restructured world would not matter unless these views please and are in favor of Euro-America. Africa, South America, SE Asia, or 75% of the world be damned!
  4. Past evils committed against humanity or the world should not be brought up and if corrections are necessary then EVERBODY should bear equal burden. Nowhere is this most glaring then in the current issues of Global Warming. As the WEST developed and went through the industrial revolution it pumped gazillions of waste matter into the environment which has now poisoned the atmosphere. These conservative parties are either in denial that any harm has been done or are blaming it the newly developing countries.
  5. ETC.

Like the Tory members who brought Brexit Donald J. Trump is about to bring about the same kind of revolution to USA. He wants US to build walls on its southern border (a kind of USEXIT) from America. He wants to deport 12 million illegal immigrants from the USA; to stop Muslim immigration into the US; abolish negotiated trade and political treaties signed by US; limit USA’s foreign investments, and build economic walls around USA among other policy proposals.

What is most ironic is the fact that under a different hat, conservative parties argue the very opposite of these policies, CP’s supports limited government, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, etc. To implement all of Mr. Trump’s policies would require a very strong government. Freedom of speech is OK in the world so long as the free speech of Africans in UN for example is not allowed; government should stay out of the people’s lives except in their bedrooms where it must monitor who is sleeping with whom, etc.

Another ironic thing about these moves is that the underlining facts of the development of nations where the CP exist is based on the very things they are desirous to stop. Great Britain was great when it was the center of the world. In any section of UK one would find great numbers of West Africans, West Indians, Chinese, South African, Indians and Pakistanis, Aussies. etc. Britain was the center of the universe. It was the limitation of these people or rather as these people started leaving Britain that it started to lose her importance. Immigrants bring in fresh ideas. Russia and China, it could be argued, did not develop as fast because they were closed societies. And CP’s made these arguments.

When these foreigners started leaving UK they started migrating to the USA. Today in USA just as was the case in UK one would see many various sections of Africans, West Indians, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Each group bringing along its cultures, its ideas, its businesses, etc., for the development of USA. Once more nobody knows this better than the Republicans for they had argued these same positions.

The beauty of the Rise of Donald J. Trump and the results of Brexit referendum is that they have brought to the fore the contradictions of conservative policies, The Tory seems to be running away from Brexit they had promoted from time immemorial and the GOP is seen also running away from the version of conservatism in US that they had advocated from Adam.

It is left to time to see how far each could get from their cherished desires.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

July 24, 2016

That Nigerian is a country with great promise goes without saying. Economically she is endowed with all kinds of resources: oil, gas, gold, coal and a thousand more minerals, solid and liquid. It has palm, groundnuts, cocoa, rubber, arable lands, and water, to name just the tip of the iceberg. Nigeria has the human capital in abundance, 140 million strong young men and women. And old people too! Name it; and Nigeria would offer it in abundance.

But Nigeria remains very backward and getting further behind. It is perhaps one of the few places where each generation is succeeded by a worse generation – educationally, in infrastructure development, in peace and harmony, in moral rectitude, in patriotism, etc. To illustrate. Consider the qualities/qualifications of the first Nigerian VC’s of Ibadan, UNN, Lagos, Ife, ABU. Do you see any current VC’s that would match their scholarship? Consider the FG roads of the 60’s and todays FG roads. In that age a 504 Peugeot 6-sitter station wagon would travel from Enugu to Onitsha in one hour. Drivers would make four or five rounds a day raking up a lot of money. They would recover their investments in a year. In those long ago days, another such wagon would do a turnaround trip from Enugu to Lagos in a day. Today a trip from Enugu to Onitsha or to Lagos from Enugu takes at least three times the time. There are similar instances in the West and the North.

As bad as the above examples are they did not prompt me to write this article. What forced my hands are the upcoming Olympic Games and the inability for the coaches and athletes to get their funding until two weeks to the event. The ministry of finance and the sports authority were aware of the event and budgeted for it. The legislature approved the funds and the president signed the bill into law. Yet the funds could not be released until the president intervened (assuming that it has been released). What a mess!

One area where Nigeria is one is sports. Nigerians from Efik, Ijaw, Edo, Kanuri, Igalla etc., enjoy sporting events with equal favor. All stadia in Nigeria are filed up during most sporting events even at a time like this when food money is under sever constraints. I have heard of presidential candidates who campaigned on bringing a world cup to Nigeria. It is hilarious often. But sports administration is yet very poor. Almost every soccer team overseas has at least on Nigerian in its first or second teams and yet the odds of a world cup soccer cup in Nigeria in my life time is no better than an Igbo president’s odd – close to zero. Very close!

The frustrating thing is that the talent exists at all levels. The under17, and under 19 teams do very well but the senior national teams are awful or is it woeful? Why? Nigeria has so much inferiority complex that Dr. Ozodiobi Osuji does not have clinical words to describe it. The coaches of the high schools teams, the coaches of under 17, and 19 teams are Nigerians. Yet when we get to the senior national teams we come to believe that these same coaches cannot deliver the goods. The country becomes a prostitute selling itself to second rate foreign coaches who despite large sums offered still refuse the offer of our bodies. And when they do they use the opportunity to insult us. Case in point; the coach that abandoned the team after world cup in South Africa or somewhere. Or the one most recently who said he could not live in Nigeria. The one time Nigeria tried a home boy Keshi he performed as well or better than the imported coaches but was cut down for no known reasons.

Questions abound. One of Keshi’s frustrations was lack of adequate faculties. Is one world cup soccer stadium standard maintained 24/7 in Abuja too much to ask of Nigeria? Is an Olympic standard stadium in Calabar maintained 24/7 too much to ask of Nigeria? Is it impossible to hire a capable Nigerian to coach the sports teams? Given that Nigerian coaches trained the same Nigerians playing in foreign teams and winning successive Under 17, and 19 world cups? What is the degree of difficulty of releasing approved funds on time for athletes? What is behind the failure in satisfying this one united Nigerian passion which costs next to nothing? Where are Nigerian “big men” like Dangote’s, Ibeto’s, Danjuma’s, et al?

Nigeria can do better and ought to do better. We have frittered away our oil, gold and peanuts. Must we also waste our human resources?

People of my generation have become angry old men and women.

Could PMB come to our help? Or is he up and about chasing shadows?

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

July 21, 2016

Mr. Ozodi Thomas Osuji in an essay titled Donald Trump the Crude Nationalist and Hillary Clinton the Amoral Smooth Operator ( attempted to analyze both candidates with his most venomous words for Mrs. Clinton. It has been awhile since I have responded to Mr. Osuji’s essays but I find a few comments so far away from the truth that I feel compelled to point them out.
Mr. Osuji confesses
As noted, I have not been close to either of these two candidates and cannot say anything about their actual behaviors. All I have to go by is my judgment of people. Here is my judgement, do with-it as you like.
This confession is not needed because 99.99% of people who write about politics or any subject outside of sciences have no personal knowledge of their subjects but cull their facts from either publicly available information or from hidden sources. I have read Osuji’s diagnosis of mental health, religion, etc., of commentators on these forums without this confession, so there could be a reason for confessing now. Most good writers support their positions with facts. But supporting information was lacking is these assertions below and Mr. Osuji frequently dragged clearly defined terms into his assertions even when they are false.
An example:
in her mind (Mrs Clinton's) America now has a divine right of kings where the king and queen come from the same family.

The Divine Right of Kings is a political and religious doctrine of royal absolutism. It asserts that amonarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving his right to rule directly from the will of God. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm, including the church. The doctrine implies that any attempt to depose the king or to restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute treason. (New World Encyclopedia)
Mr. Osuji here confuses hereditary tradition of kingship as practiced in many countries with a well-defined term. Perhaps to give the impression of a well-read writer (which by the way he is but not here).
Here is another unsupported assertion:
Hillary claims to fight for women’s rights but looked aside as Muslims oppressed their women, so she is not really a fighter for women’s rights,
Muslim’s alleged suppression of women is not supported by any credible information from history or current events. The chat below gives the lie to some of the West’s propaganda about the oppression of women outside the West. The highest office in any country is the president or prime minister. Note how many African and Muslim countries that have had female HoS/HoG. USA is not in this list but US shouts the loudest about the oppression of women elsewhere.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Here is another assertion without a monocle of evidence. In fact it flies in the face of available realities:
My impression of Hillary is that she is a typical American politician, a person with no inner core of beliefs and is willing to sell her soul to anyone willing to give her money. American politics
is the politics of muddling through, not really doing anything because one believes in its rightness.

How can one assert that Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Raegan, Barack Obama, even Bill Clinton, to name a few, did not have convictions and did not do things because they believed in their rightness? How did America achieve its greatness, just by muddling through?
Amazing indeed!
Here is Mr. Osuji’s last word. I think he is right in saying that this is how he sees the world. You are to judge whether he sees the world as it is or sees illusion.
I deal with the real world as I see it. We are going to have either Trump or Hillary as our next president. What a bummer!

And I am,
Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba
Boston, Massachusetts
June 30, 2016
Have you watched the two presumptive nominees of the Republican and Democratic Parties, The Donald and Hillary? I have not seen either in person but over the years have watched them talk, especially deliver speeches.

Donald Trump seems crude, very crude; he is very inarticulate and not well informed on policy matters. He appears unable to talk about US domestic or foreign or military policies in detail. He appears lost talking about issues of gravitas. He seems like a street brawler, a thug.  He does not seem intelligent and well educated; he seems like your average Joe Blow.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton appears like a practiced speaker; she is well informed on US military matters, foreigner policy matters and domestic policy matters.  By any ones political standards, she appears well educated, a product of the best of America's education.

On the basis of how they present their material to the public most people probably would vote for Hillary.

Alas, something tells me that Hillary does not believe in what she is talking about, that she is amoral and a smooth operator; she seems a lady who would say anything she could to seem nice but behind the scenes is a different person.

Those who have worked for Hillary say that she is the typical histrionic personality, a drama queen, and that she wants to be the center of attention and if she does not feel like she is getting her way she throws humongous temper tantrums and throw objects at things, including breaking windows and destroying furniture. She is said to behave like a two year old child who you try to take a toy away from and she throws a hissy fit, angry and demanding what she wants.

Hillary appears to have a sense of entitlement; she appears to believe that the presidency of the United States now belongs to her; she seems to believe that she had paid her dues by helping her husband become the President and now deserves to be the president. Apparently, in her mind America now has a divine right of kings where the king and queen come from the same family.

Perhaps, when she is done her daughter, Chelsea would become the president, too. The last time that I checked America is a republic, not a monarchy!

(See Gary Byrne's new book, "Crisis of Character"; Gary was a career secret service officer assigned to protect President Clinton and his wife, Hillary; whether what he said is true or not I have no way of verifying.)

As noted, I have not been close to either of these two candidates and cannot say anything about their actual behaviors.  All I have to go by is my judgment of people. Here is my judgement, do with-it as you like.

Donald Trump appears an American nationalist fighting for his country's welfare, especially for the segment of America that he identifies with, white America.  He probably will do some of the things he said that he would do: slow down immigrants, especially Muslim immigrants.

There is no doubt that many Christian Americans are feeling that too many violent Muslims are being allowed into their Christian country (that disingenuous liberals now tell us is not a Christian country); they feel that when the Muslim population reaches a certain critical mass they would engage in terrorism, exploding bombs all over America, using terrorism to arouse fear in Christians; Christian folk fear that Muslim Jihadists will make massive efforts to intimidate them into embracing Islam.

Christian Americans do not want this to happen and want the US to slow down the incoming of Muslims, to take time to socialize foreigners and transform them to Americanness before the country is overwhelmed by foreigners.

Multiculturalism and cultural relativism, Christians believe, appears a ruse to divide America and transform it into little fiefdoms that war with each other. America could be Balkanized into warring enclaves.

Hilary Clinton appears not beholden to any philosophy; she appears a philistine, a mercenary, an amoral woman who left the White House claiming that she and her husband were broke (they were supposedly so broke that friends bought them their house at Chappaqua, New York) and a decade later is a multi-millionaire. She is reported to have taken up to half a million dollars for a speech to Arab Muslims; as a result, the woman amassed incredible wealth in a short period of time.   She reportedly now has over $100 million dollars; all earned from selling access to America's political power.

Hillary claims to fight for women's rights but looked aside as Muslims oppressed their women, so she is not really a fighter for women's rights, she fights for her pockets.

My impression of Hillary is that she is a typical American politician, a person with no inner core of beliefs and is willing to sell her soul to anyone willing to give her money. American politics is the politics of muddling through, not really doing anything because one believes in its rightness.

Hillary is part of the American political establishment and will maintain the status quo. She will talk smoothly but under her watch nothing will change.

Under her administration, black American neighborhoods would still be the place of unemployment and crimes. Black youths would still kill each other as if they are flies and she would do nothing about it (she, in the 1990s, called black criminals "Super Predators" and demanded maximum prison time for them).

In my view, Hillary probably will not stop the globalization of the American economy thus shipping American factories to low wage countries in Asia. This will continue the evisceration of American wages; poorly educated white Americans will compete for minimum wage jobs; as for blacks they would not even obtain minimum wage jobs, for their felony records works again them from obtaining jobs.

Listen, I see Hillary maintaining the status quo but not making any significant changes in the American political and economic landscape.

Hillary will talk about the danger posed by Muslim Jihadists but lacks the resolve to fight it. She is  like the war averse Obama: they keep fiddling as Muslim terrorists  kill people all over the world; they will keep doing so until  Muslim terrorists overwhelm America and  cut off the heads of their  grandchildren (if they do not, under duress, convert to Islam).

So, which of these two flawed characters do I support?  I do not like Trump's implied racism; I suspect that when he talks about making America great, again he means the 1950s America where whites had it good and black folks were relegated to the back of the bus. The man does not seem to have the mental presence to understand that the world has drastically changed and that he cannot relegate black folks to second class citizenship; if he tried that nonsense America would see such upheaval that it would know no peace. Only treating all people equally, regardless of their race and gender, will keep America moving on.

I do not like Hillary's apparent corruptibility; I particularly do not like her keeping silent as America is transformed from a Christian country to a secular state where all behaviors are approved thus engendering a chaos that Muslims would exploit to impose their wished for world-wide Islamic caliphate ruled from Mecca.

I will, therefore, not vote for either candidate.

But would this not give the election to one of the flawed characters? What is the alternative to the two? There really is nothing else for me to do. I am between a rock and a hard place. It is a lose-lose situation for me and many Americans.

I wish that the American political system had third political parties hence offer us alternative to the two flawed characters. Ah, wishes, haven't I learned that my wishes do not alter a thing in life? My youthful idealism is long gone.

I deal with the real world as I see it. We are going to have either Trump or Hillary as our next present. What a bummer!

Ozodi Thomas Osuji 

Newton's laws of motion are three physical laws that, together, laid the foundation for classical mechanics. They describe the relationship between a body and the forces acting upon it, and its motion in response to those forces. They have been expressed in several different ways, over nearly three centuries. We are here concerned with the third law which states as follows:

When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

For centuries now the West and the East have been exerting forces on each other. The latest in the series of events that are economic, religious, political and cultural started with the attack on USA’s World Center Towers, itself a result of perceived assault on Arab nations and their leaders by the West led by the United States. President Bush’s reaction was the invasion of Iraq (which had nothing to do with the attacks) and Afghanistan (which supposedly harbored Bin Laden). The regime change wars overthrew the governing structures of the two nations and sent the Middle East into both internal and external turmoil. Internal wars in Arab nations and between Arab nations were triggered, and fears led to more wars since then. The area has not had any peace with American forces among them. And when Mr. Obama withdrew most of the forces peace was still not attained.

It appears that the force exerted on the Arab nations by the West led by the US is producing an equal disruption in the West. The vote by Britons to quit European Union is the latest of the opposite reactions in the West due to the force Arabs are exerting. At the heart of the Brexit, as the secession is being called, is the matter of refugees. More Europeans have flooded Britain than the British had entered Europe. Millions of Arabs have entered or are trying to enter the West as they flee the disruptions in their fatherland because of the West induced disruptions in the own countries. It has been the classic action/reaction in progress. The disruption of the East by the West is followed by the disruption of the West by the East.

When huge segments of the world are in turmoil, it impacts the rest of the world. There is no quiet anywhere today. The world seems to be hearing a voice saying:

Still it cried, “Sleep no more!” to all the house.

“Glamis hath murdered sleep, and therefore Cawdor

Shall sleep no more. Macbeth shall sleep no more.”

Macbeth act 2 scene 2

Other ripple effects of Arab disruption was the so called Arab Spring with its hanging chads in West and Northern Africa. Nigeria is for example at the brink of falling apart although many Nigerians do not yet see connection between Jihadists and Boko Haram and the forces in Nigeria’s delta region. But with time all would see.

What does this situation portend to the world? Newton’s first law (1689) offers both hope and desperation. It states:

When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a net force.[

The desperation is in the first part of the law which says that the body will remain at rest or continue to move at constant velocity. This means that the world disruptions would continue. The hope is in the second part of Newton’s first law: “unless acted upon by a net force.” Therefore if world comes up with a net force it could avoid the disruptions which otherwise would continue.

And what could be this NET FORCE? God? UN?

Many in the world would say “yes” to God. It is as good a place as any to hang one’s hopes. But as this scribe does not believe that God interferes in the affairs of mankind he would look for other answers

The first place to look at is the United Nations. United Nations is of course the handful of nations that have veto powers dominated by the West. The question then becomes can a west dominated UN be considered a “net force or a third force”? Would it not be asking the vampire to protect blood?

There is no way here.

This will force us to look at international relations, particularly from the perspectives of capitalism. The fundamentals of capitalism are that property and work should be privately owned by individuals (or voluntary associations) and directed towards the benefit of the owner (Quora). Individuals, in the collective, is called nations. Thus we have national interests. When nations pursue their interests, it most often comes down to taking advantage of other individuals or nations. The Berlin Conference of 1884/1885 is a glaring example. It resulted in the partition of Africa by a handful of powerful European countries to the detriment of Africa. The pains of the exploitation of Africa is still felt by surviving natives. Another striking example of the pursuit of “benefits to the owner”, again from Africa, is the Slave Trade and the accompanying slavery.

It is these efforts to achieve benefits for the owner that has commanded the West to exert force on the Middle East and elsewhere. And as stated before, when one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

But we are looking for an answer/s that would stop the anger and disruptions by seeing if there is a way out. Newton’s first law says that things would change if and only if an external force intervenes. We looked at God, we have looked at UN and we did not see answers. The answer might be in Global Warming. Climate change is one area where the interests of all humans converge. As the waters overflow; and deserts widen; it seems that mankind could find a common solution that would not produce winners and losers as capitalism had suggested but a mutually beneficial solution.

Could this be the External Force? What do you think? Or are we in this forever? How long will the world: East and West live in fear; London, Paris, Boston, Belgium, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Palestinian territories?

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

June 29, 2016