Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.

The slogan for Nigeria’s development ought to be in the words of Booker T. Washington in 1895, at the Atlanta Cotton States and International Convention, during which he called on Blacks to “Cast down your bucket where you are.” It was the story of a ship lost at sea that sent passionate pleas to a friendly ship at a distance to send water. The friendly ship knew where the lost ship was and that fresh water was everywhere around it, so he ordered the captain of the lost ship to cast his bucket where they were. The captain of the lost ship cast his bucket where he was and lo and behold, there was fresh water for everybody.

Life for Nigerians is very challenging in 2017, perhaps worse than it ever was since independence. Those of us who lived in Biafra even think that Biafra was much better. It is probably not so but the idea that we were at war and that the war would end soon made adapting to prevailing conditions tolerable. Nigeria is not really at war in the same vein as 1966-1970.

Current Nigerian governments and enterprises are going about development in the wrong way. They think big when they should be thinking small. They think about large airports, and best hospitals, and fancy hotels and mega industries like iron and steel. They think of skyscrapers and dual carriage ways and modern railroads, and car manufacturing. All this are “good-to-have ideas”. But they are difficult to implement.

They are difficult to carry out because of technological obstacles and foreign exchange. To build most of these projects foreign nationals will be involved and the cost of their services is not cheap. Nigerian employees may be denied knowledge of how to continue after the initial construction because of the fear of technology transfer and impending patents. The country does not have sufficient foreign exchange.

The above makes it essential that Nigeria casts her buckets where they are.

Take food for an example. Nigeria imports rice, a stable food item that Nigeria has been producing from time immemorial. How did we get to importing rice in the first place? I do not know but if Nigeria were to stop importing rice and if our governments and entrepreneurs were to invest in the production, preservation, and storage of rice, Nigeria would be self-sufficient in a mere five years. Nothing needs to be imported; from the agricultural tools, the building of storage places and other things. Maybe trucks could be imported for distribution but that would be all.

In many hotel bars, and in “high society” events hard liquor (whiskey, gin, bourbon, rum, etc.) are served. They were purchased at high prices from abroad. When the white man came to Nigeria they told our people that our home-made gins, (akamere, ekpeteshi, oologoro) were contraband and banned them. I have tasted this local brew and tested the imported stuff and cannot tell much difference. Imagine how many jobs would be created if we allow our Warri and Ikwerre brethren to make these gins legally and establish mechanism for quality control and fancy labelling. Ikwerre Dry or Warri Scotch will have no apologies to offer for the European and American Kentucky Bourbon.

Why are we not making bicycles? I doubt that there are any patents on the production of bicycles. A modest investment in the manufacture of bicycles will ease a good deal of our transportation difficulties. In the 50’s and 60’s China made bicycles before graduating to automobile manufacturing. I can remember when Honda the giant automobile manufacturer, made only motor cycles. Why is Nigeria not making these “simple products”? A bicycle plant at Achi, in Oji-River would provide ample jobs to the youth of the area. It will take a very modest capital investment.

And talking about Oji-River, the best pottery makers (china, dishes and plates) in the world are natives of Achi and Inyi. A N5 million investment in pottery in Inyi where pottery clay is easily available would create wonders. Egwusi soup served in oku-Inyi tastes much better. With proper marketing these plates would quickly displace the imported brands.

How about chocolates? Western Nigeria was once the cocoa capital of the world of cocoa production. Nigeria sold the raw material and imported chocolate drinks and snacks. Hershey is multi-billion-dollar corporation. Why is a cocoa factory in Ibadan or Ado Ekiti a bad idea?

Former President Obasanjo upon receiving some shoes made in Aba proclaimed them as good as anything made in Italy or elsewhere. He should know. Why are Aba shoe makers not supplying Nigeria defense forces and police foot wears? The leather from the north and the technology on the ground in Aba could easily create 50,000 high paying jobs overnight.

There are possibly a million other goods and services that could be made from Nigeria’s raw materials and Nigerian technologies and with a minimum of foreign development assistance. And without the need to beg for technology transfers. These intermediate industries would serve as the breeding grounds for managers, accountants, sales force, etc. that would take over once Nigeria graduates to automobile, aircraft, jet, etc., production.

“Cast your buckets where you are” is not a bad advice.


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

February 9, 2017

Wednesday, 08 February 2017 22:36

American Democracy is Under Siege

All the stars are properly aligned for the Republican Party to mold and shape the future of America for the next half century. The presidency, the senate, the House, the judiciary, majority of state houses and legislatures, etc., are all under the Republican leadership. This is good and bad. Good, because most of the gridlock in Washington that stymied the Obama Administration and some others before it can now be overcome. Bad because United State of America can now be counted among nations that have a one-party government. The one party is the Republican Party.

It gets worse.

The Republican Party is a monolithic Party. It is composed of mostly white European descended Christian Americans. The clear majority of its members are white men drawn from the upper segment of American society, the notorious 1%. This evidence can be seen from the composition of President Trump’s cabinet where more than half the executive are billionaires and millionaires, mostly white and Christian or in the senate and House leaderships where again most of the members are rich white men.

In such a closed organization, there are no avenues for the voices of other ethnic groups, or the voices of the downtrodden, or the voices of other religious groups or even the voices of women can be heard.

Since 1776, USA has been sustained by three pillars: the constitution, multi-political parties and the strongest pillar of them all, the integrity of her rulers. One might add an independent press. The importance of a free press was the subject of Thomas Jefferson’s oratory:

"The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them." --Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, 1787. ME 6:57

The earliest leaders had many opportunities to become dictators as was common in other parts of the world of their era but refused to become one principally because it was not the honorable thing to do. George Washington was a prime example. After two term in office he declined to serve a third term and that standard held for over a century before the term limits amendment was passed. The honesty and integrity of the present Republican leadership is being questioned by some people.

With the Republican Party, being for all practical purposes, the only party of consequence another pillar, the multi-party, seems to be crumbling. The third pillar, the constitution is also getting roughed up at the edges. Some examples include the following actions:

  1. The Presidential Order banning immigration from majority Muslim nations. The government argues that religious requirement was not in the document, but several promises made by the president during the campaign remove any doubt that, that was the intention. Even his initial draft included Islam but was changed on the advice of counsel.
  2. The press has never been under attack by any president as it is now. The press is constantly show-cased as anti-American without evidence.
  3. The senate had refused to vote on the appointment of a Supreme Court judge nominated by former President Obama almost a year before the end of his term merely on the basis that he was a Democrat. It is unprecedented.
  4. The senate rules required that committee meetings would require at least one member of the opposition to be present for a quorum to exist. The idea is to make a one-party decision impossible. Well, this requirement has been suspended so that GOP can make decisions all alone.
  5. Senator Elizabeth Warren while addressing the senate needed to quote a part of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s widow, Lorretta Scot King’s letter to the senate many years ago, but could not do so because the Senate majority leade,r Mitch McConnell, cut her off and disallowed her to continue her speech. The Republican majority voted in support of their leader and Mrs. King’s Letter was not read.

There are other examples but the above serve to prove that the constitution and other requirements for a multi-party government are being compromised to enable an effective one-party government of the United States.

What are the implications of all these?

  1. The nation is now divided along ethnic, religious, class, etc., lines as can be seen in:

Women’s marches across the nation. The women’s march in Washington DC, attracted a larger crowd than attended the Trump’s inauguration ceremonies.

A scientists’ march is being planned and the momentum shows that another huge crowd will descend on DC soon.

Muslim marches are cropping up every day in many parts of the country.

A few Islamic mosques have been vandalized or burnt down by islamophobics encouraged by anti-Islam rhetoric’s in the air.

  1. United States, the one Super Power in the world is slowly losing both its voice and prestige in the world. The British Prime Minister visited with President Trump in Washington and invited him for a return visit. The invitation caused an uproar in Britain such that even the non-political Speaker of the Parliament suggested that US president not speak to the people’s representative in Parliament. An unprecedented move by US’s most dependable ally. Australia, Mexico, China, Canada and other allies are rattled to say nothing about the perceived enemies like China, Iran, etc. US has been the stabilizer in the world since the end of WWII and the end of cold war. If her friends and enemies are concerned, it is not good news for world peace.

The status quo impacts both the domestic issues and world affairs. It makes people fear that American politics is unstable. What will happen if per chance the democratic party attains the same one-party status say in 50 years. Will it govern as the republicans are doing now: stopping senators at the middle of their speeches in Congress; dispensing with quorum requirements; refusing all appointments by the presidents other than the one from their party; etc.?

Those who have powers must learn to weld it with caution. What goes around comes around. All revolutions in history, including American Revolution, were encouraged by authoritarian governments.

Users beware!


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

February 8, 2017

The newly elected US President Trump has come to office with a promise to make America great again; to secure her borders; and to make America's interest the corner stone of all negotiations. In his first week in office he has used his pen to put into effect some of the foundations for accomplishing these goals. We do not know now how far he can go. The next few years will show how far. Some of the foundations put on paper include the start of building the wall with Mexico which Mexico would pay for. Mexico has made it clear that it does not want a wall and would not pay for it. Another foundation is taking US out of the Trans-Pacific Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). Another step is the letter of intent to re-negotiate North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Executive Order has been signed abolishing Sanctuary Cities that harbor illegal aliens with a threat to withhold Federal Government funds from the states where Sanctuary Cities are located There are several other Executive Orders Mr. Trump has initiated.

Executive Orders to build the Mexican wall and to abolish Sanctuary Cities are intended to secure American borders. Were Mr. Trump to look back in time he would discover that when God made America, He made sure that the continent was secure. On one side is the Atlantic Ocean, 13,000 ft. deep and 42 million sq. miles, on the other side is the Pacific Ocean, 35,000 ft. deep and 64 million sq. miles. This would be the equivalent of building walls three and five miles Ocean is 4,00 ft. deep and is covered by high in the sky. On the north side, nature built the Arctic Circle. Arctic Ocean is about 4,000 ft. deep and covered all year round by over 13ft thick ice block. There were no planes and boats or GPS. Yet both the white and black species crossed all the formidable obstacles and entered America. The lesson here is that no walls will be more difficult to climb than sailing across the Pacific and the Atlantic or overcoming the challenges of the Arctic Circle.

Immigrants will enter USA legally or otherwise despite Mr. Trump's best efforts.

The pursuit of US security, by all means necessary, could result in less security for a country that has been very secure relative to other nations. US security comes from good affections of her neighbors and the world. The president wants to rebuild the country's nuclear arsenal even if it could result in nuclear arms race. The thinking is based on an old war theory of OverwhelmingForce, most recently clarified by General Powel. The hypothesis is that in a massed war between two forces, the stronger force would overwhelm the weaker force. Both WWI and WWII proved this theory right. But we do know that generals fight the old war which is what President Donald Trump is trying to do. The last time this kind of war was fought was in Korea.

Vietnam war introduced a different kind of war. In this new warfare, there are no trenches, no borders, no frontlines, no known enemies and no military depots. The difference between combatants and civilians are obliterated. The well-defined rules of engagement such as the Geneva Convention no longer applies. The emphasis is on mobility and speed. It requires no bombers, or huge heavy weapons or nuclear weapons. Boldness of a new kind, and individual's commitment to the "cause" whatever the cause is, are the primary requirements. Hannibal's, Napoleons, Macarthur's are not needed and are not effective. A few hand guns and a few grenades are all that is needed.

It is important to note that USA has not won any of these new wars it entered, not Vietnam, not Iraq, not Afghanistan and not against ISIS. And not even against the Somalian war Lords. Under the old war theory Israel was able to defeat the entire Arab world in three days; US entry into both World wars ended each in a treaty of peace. Each side in the modern war chooses the place and time to fight as we are seeing in Paris, London, California, Berlin, etc.,. Modern wars do not end in any peace treaty because there is no one to impose or enforce the treaty. It will be nice if our president recognizes this Brave New World. A hostile neighbor at the southern border will make the new war so easy for the perceived enemies

Trade agreements benefit all the parties and all signatories to the agreement almost equally. One side agrees to manufacture some products and the other agrees to buy the manufactured goods. Most often different manufacturing and purchasing of different goods and services are involved. On one side of the equation could be manufacturing of industrial products and another side could be the production of agricultural goods and services. All the benefits are mutual. If The president wants an agreement where his side is the sole beneficiary, it will not get any agreements at all and every side would be the loser. For Mexico and Canada in NAFTA US could be substituted with China or EU. It will be more difficult for USA to substitute her north American neighbors with other countries using the formula that was not acceptable to Canada and Mexico.

What do all these mean?

First our newly minted president needs to sit down and understand the lay of the ground before embarking on any new adventures. For this he needs people with experience in political matters and just as important he needs a strong opposition to give him time to reconsider some of his ideas.

He needs time to switch the "business hat" he has won for decades to the much derided "political hat" that is required for the present calling.

America's institutions such as the legislatures, the courts, the press, the civil and military services need to be a little bit more assertive to ensure that the peace which America and the world have enjoyed for many decades are not interrupted.

We the people must make sure that there is no bull in the china shop.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

January 26, 2017

They first arrested Mr. Nnamdi Kanu for possession of broadcasting equipment which is legal in Nigeria. We shouted Y-E-A-A-A! that is good for him, for he was/is one of those Biafrans. Mr. Ojutalayo and others exclaimed “Let him rot and die in jail!”

They next arrested, gestapo style, some judges. We cried “and them too!” for they accept tainted money from Wilke and PDP! They are dirty judges and part of the corruption. Jail them! Jail them! Nigeria must get rid of corruption! Them too!

Then they arrested the publishers of Sahara Reporters. Many more joined the rabble and proclaimed “he should be number one for he is an Igbo hater.” Do not let him out of Nigeria. Lagos is as good as Queens where he has been hiding and causing havoc. Crucify him!

Emboldened by their successes with arresting officers of the judiciary (judges) and promoters of free speech (Nnamdi Kanu; Sowole) they arrested the publishers of Premium Times, and the mob swelled and cried angrily, “death to these people who hate Nigeria.” President Muhammadu Buhari is God’s gift to Nigeria for he is a messiah. Go get them PMB. God is with you. Allah dey!

… to be continued…

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

January 20, 2017

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 17:31


We have entered 2017, a year that promises to change the world in radical ways. Change is both good and bad and it is this ambiguity that makes the world tremble, tremble, tremble. We do know that changes must occur and that we should not be afraid of them but somehow, we are not able to shake off our fears of the unknown. Here are some of the anticipated changes that could make the world shake:

  1. In America (and in much of the world) the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States is worrisome. The influence and global importance of USA is hard to underestimate. The president elect has made statements that if he implements them would shake up the world. US neighbors such as Mexico and Canada are worried about what would happen to the trade agreement that had worked very well for the past decade. Would he scrap it and what would be the replacement? Would he build a wall at the Mexican border and would he ask that Mexico pay for cost?
  • In the Mideast, the president elect is generating a lot of anxiety and worry. Mr. Trump seems to be rejecting the widely accepted Two-States solution and accepting a Greater Israel solution which would trap the Palestinians in a Greater Israel where they would be second class citizens much like the blacks in the Apartheid South Africa. Both the West and East do not like a one state solution. What will this bring to the Mideast? What would the move of US embassy to Jerusalem mean to the Arabs? When Mr. Trump’s bias against Muslims is introduced into the equation what will the Mideast look like. The Arabs are trembling.
  • President Obama had introduced the concept of a pivot to Asia which was thought to bring America closer to Asia and make the two peoples of Asia and American more friendly. Mr. Trump sees things differently. He seems set on confrontational relationship with the emerging China. China can fight back. Will China and USA be locked in a cold war? Or even in a hot war? Asia is nervous.
  • President elect’s position on NATO is very vague. On the one hard he seems to believe in NATO and on the other hand he seems to consider NATO as an organization whose time has come and gone, a remnant of the cold war. He seems to want to charge Germany and other Europeans the cost of US military in Europe. There are no signs that he would work well with the German Chancellor Angela Meckel. He also seems to support the break-up EU countries. European countries are concerned.
  • On the domestic front, many segments of the country are afraid of what a Trump administration will bring. Blacks, Hispanics, gay and lesbian people, Muslims, and other minorities fear a reversal of the gains of the civil rights movement. There is a divide between cities. suburban and rural communities; a divide between fossil fuels and renewable energies policies; a divide between politicians that had ruled the country since its inception and the industrialists who developed it; a divide between the rich who are getting richer and the poor who are becoming poorer; there is big fracture in the society’s role players: the press, the government, Hollywood, labor and employers of labor; etc. What will the United State look like after 2017 and beyond? People are anxious.
  1. Another factor that makes 2017 a difficult year is the Brexit vote. UK has opted out of the EU and the conservative prime Minister has stated that she would implement the will of the people. What will that mean to Europe? What will that mean to Europeans resident in Britain and the British residents in Europe? There is a wait see attitude. Britain, France and Germany are the economic pillars of EU that is keeping the union together economically as Greece, Italy, and other southern countries undergo economic restructuring. Will Germany and France be able to hold the forth alone? Will more exits follow? More concerns
  2. How about Africa? Will Nigeria survive another full ear under the Buhari Administration? Mr. Buhari is becoming more dictatorial and is increasing employing the tools of dictatorship in governing: secret police and secret trials (Nnamdi Kanu and his lieutenants), military occupation of supposedly hostile territories (SS and SE) suppression of the press; harassment of political opponents under the guise of fighting corruption; neglect of key areas of development such as agriculture, infrastructure and education; etc.
  • Zuma’s South Africa seems to be unravelling. How will the 2018 election go? Is the division in ANC real or imagined?
  • West Africa is in turmoil. It seems that the era of military takeovers is back. The Gambia, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, etc. has each experienced a complete or attempted military takeover. Has the march of democracy been stopped? Ghana is a shining example so far, but can Ghana go it alone?

There are more reasons to be concerned but the above is used to illustrate why so many people are so afraid. It seems that the world, particularly USA, is embarking on an experiment. Who is best suited to rule a nation: the experts as represented by politicians who have ruled nations since the beginning of the world or the business people who have managed business from the get go? Are the skills transferable? Can business people run a country? Can politicians’ run businesses? Can a country be run without politics?

It is a bold experiment.


We will be watching.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

January 18, 2017

Mr. Ozodi Osuji in a rambling essay attached below asks if the Igbo are taught stupidity or were born stupid. My direct answer is that they are both taught to be stupid and are born stupid. The axiom embedded in the question is that Ndigbo are stupid. I will not challenge axioms as they are established rule, principle or law. I will assume that after a careful, rigorous and exhaustive  research Mr. Osuji has established that the Igbo are stupid and have made the world accept this as true.

Mr. Osuji has the qualifications to do research and to convince the world of the veracity of his researches. Per his bio, he:

  1. Has 4 PhD’s from Universities that have more Nobel Laurette’s than Harvard.
  2. Has an IQ of 140 which greater than any living or dead Nigerian or black person. The closest competitor to his IQ (Bolaji Aluko) has an IQ of 120, 20 points below his out-of-this-world achievement.
  3. He is/was/have been a professor in all business school subjects as well as professor in psychology, psychiatry and sociology. He is a scientist and he is currently involved in philosophy and religion and trying to create an African religion.
  4. He has published over a hundred books and thousands of articles in peer reviewed journals.
  5. He is Igbo born of Igbo parents but has lived in Igboland for a total of 4 years during the war. Before then and since they he has not lived in Igboland and has had minimal involvement in Igbo affairs or with Ndigbo.
  6. He lives in Alaska USA, and has several children.

The above qualifications should remove any doubts about his abilities/capabilities. He is a first rate academician and intellectual, without any biases with the possible exception to Islamic Jihadists.

I will now proceed to answer Mr. Osuji’s question of the source or origins of Igbo stupidity. I will use only the scientific/mathematical principles.

All creatures are influenced by two complementary factors: gene (nature) and environment (nurture). According to Mr. Osuji, the Igbo have not contributed anything to human civilization from Adam. If that is so then they were created by their Maker stupid. There has not risen from their clan any wise or creative individual with the noted exception of Dr. Ozodi Osuji which is the exception that proves the rule. We can therefore append quod erat demonstradum (QED) to the theory that the Igbo is stupid.

We now come to the first part of the question: Do Igbo go to school where they are taught to be stupid?

As mentioned earlier the two greatest factors in human development are nature and nurture. The impact of one could be offset by the other. Nurturing can make a stupid person less stupid. Part of the environment of a growing child such as good neighborhoods, good schools, good diets, etc. could enhance the chances of a stupid child. This could be the reason why Mr. Osuji turned out to be so smart. His life in Lagos, his marriage to a white woman, his US education in fancy schools, his limited intercourse with the stupid Igbo, etc., all these had made him very wise.

On the other hand, we have proved that the Ndigbo were created as stupid people. Nurturing could have changed things if it were available to Ndigbo as it did for Mr. Osuji, but unfortunately good environment has not come to Igbo land. The Igbo love to live in a common area. In Igbo land all schools are run by 100% stupid Igbo people. Although Igbo teachers can found around the world including such IVY’s as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Brown, etc., universities, there are no non-Igbo teachers in Igbo land institutions to complement and enhance Igbo stupidity. When the Igbo leave Igbo land they congregate in a place such as the Sabongari’s, build Igbo Schools where they are taught Igbo language and Igbo stupid crude cultures. They hire their sisters and brothers and teach them how to steal; and how to deal in drugs and contraband goods. They intermarry and worship false gods in their so-called Christian churches where the same stupid pastors preach to them falsehood.

Even when they travel abroad, the same practices exist. A trip to Houston for example would illustrate that the Igbo congregate in Igbo ghettos and would not allow any fresh air to come in. You will see Igbo restaurants, Igbo clubs, World Igbo Congress, Igbo World Assembly, Anambra Union, Imo Congress, Oraukwu Congress, Oji-River LGA Association, etc. They tie themselves together with these village, town. LGA, state and national associations. There is no room for any outsiders to get in and therefore for enlightened leadership to emerge.

What makes it impossible is that even when other LESS stupid people such as the Yoruba attempt to find a common ground with the Igbo, the Igbo would defraud them or at least construct obstacles to a unified Nigerian community. Since Nigerian Independence the Igbo focus has been to separate from Nigeria. This time around, led by the most stupid of them all (if that is possible), by one Nnamdi Kanu the agitation for the Independent Republic of Biafra is on the upswing. How can a stupid people led by stupid leaders be anything but stupid?

The straight answer to Mr. Osuji’s question is: Ndigbo are born stupid, are led by stupid leaders, and taught stupidity, by stupid teachers at stupid Igbo schools.


There is no hope for the Igbo.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

January 12, 2017


Here is Osuji’s essay:



Ozodi Osuji


      In real life, I generally stay away from those I consider to be stupid; I do not have the ability to tolerate fools well.  

       I am an Igbo and cannot escape the consequences of Igbos apparent stupid behaviors; what Igbos do willy-nilly affect me; if Igbos behave as idiots and they are perceived as idiots I will be perceived as an idiot.

      If Igbos insult Hausas and Yorubas and in retaliation those groups occasionally attack them I will be attacked. The individual Igbo’s private behavior has public consequences for all Igbos.

     Thus, much as I do not like to concern myself with the behavior of Igbos I have to pay attention to them. Consider many Igbos incredible support of Donald Trump.

     Let me put things in context. I was opposed to much of what Barrack Obama did. In fact, right from his first year in office I wrote negative articles about him.  I wrote about his poor leadership behaviors. I have written extensively on leadership; some of my writings on leadership were published by reputable academic journals so I know what I am talking about when I criticized Obama’s leadership behaviors.   My opposition to Obama was strictly professional; I saw him as a weak leader and wanted him to become a strong leader; there was nothing personal about my writing on him; indeed like most black folks I was kind of proud that he made worldwide black folks proud to become the president of the most powerful country in the world. 

      Donald Trump was not an American politician until recently. He was a business man; business folks pursue money and profits. His pursuit of money was not of interest to those who pay attention to public policy matters, so I had no particular reason to get to know him.

      However, when Trump declared his interest in the US Presidency, I took a look at his personality and in June of 2015 decided that he is a narcissistic personality disordered person. Later on the mainstream media picked up on that subject and harped on it.

     Trump is developmentally stuck at what Psychoanalysts call narcissistic stage of child development (Erik Erickson would say that his emotional age is no more than twelve).  Like a child, Trump is motivated by efforts to get other people’s attention, and to seem special in their eyes; he uses people to optimize his attention seeking goals, to make profits and then discards them like rubbish. Despite his alleged great wealth, Trump is not particularly intelligent

     I liked the fact that Trump said that he is going to be tough on radical, Islamic jihadist terrorists. I was totally angry at Obama for allowing ISIS to metastasize and keep on killing people.    

   Beyond my support for Trump’s anti- jihadist rhetoric I evaluated him as a light weight, a clown, really. I didn’t think that he knew any worthwhile thing in public policies and certainly not in foreign policy affairs.

       I voted for Hilary Clinton not because I particularly care for her; she is weak on jihadists and engaged in social engineering that wanted to ram down our throats whatever deviant behavior of the day is deemed no longer deviant. To me, she is more knowledgeable on public policies and international politics matters.

     Here is my dilemma, many Igbos seem to believe that Trump is going to make Biafra come into being. How exactly is he going to do so? Trump is a conservative.  

     Republicans supported apartheid policies in South Africa. Trump refused to rent his rental properties to black folks (he was sued for racism and probably out of fear of the law rented to a couple of them).

     Clearly, Trump is a racist. So, how is a white supremacist, an American nationalist who wants to make his white people great again, going to help an obscure African group, Igbos?  Has he anywhere said that he is going to help Igbos? No.

     Some say that it is because Trump is a Christian and Igbos are Christians that he is going to support the so-called Biafra course.

     Let me put on my political realism hat and ask: when has religion ever directed US foreign policy? Foreign policy is driven by national interests. If it is in the US national interest the US will support an idea but if it not it will not support it.

     In case you are an ostrich and buried your head in sand and do not know how Igbos are perceived let me disabuse you a bit. Igbos are increasingly perceived as criminals. Why? It is because Igbos scam US and European citizens; through their various 419 scams, bank loans scams, credit cards scams etc. Igbos take money away from white folks. These criminal activities have been the subject of US Congressional hearings, thus, the leaders of America know who Igbos are!

     All over the world, Igbos are now known as drug dealers.  Folks all over the world know that Igbos would do anything to make money.

     All over the world, people have no pity for drug pushers. In that light, Americans actually hate Igbos more than they hate other Nigerians who are not selling drugs to destroy their people (or scamming them).

       So, where exactly did Igbos get the idea that Trump is going to support their desired Biafra? Listen, if anything, Trump will support putting Igbos into a cage (as in caging criminals) and prevent them from coming to the USA.

      It, therefore, baffles me that many Igbos support Trump; on Facebook there are Igbo trolls for Trump; these clowns dutifully post whatever fake news that support Trump or denigrate his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

     One such Igbo clown, Zubbie Ekwueme, goes as far as denigrating black Americans, portraying them as ghetto criminals who do not understand that Trump is their God and savior; this clown does not feel guilty that his heartless Igbo ancestors caused black Americans to be oppressed by white folks by selling them into slavery; he adds to that injustice by denigrating them; for assaulting black Americans Ekwueme ought to be put away; his continued freedom is a disgrace to humanity!

      You may not like Liberals but it is liberals in American politics that fight for black folks.  The Civil rights legislation (1964) and the fair housing legislation (1965) were done by liberals; Republicans like Barry Goldwater opposed civil rights for black Americans. Yet, this Igbo clown called Ekwueme does not see anything about conservatives that he does not admire. He is always putting down liberals. He fancies that I am a liberal and calls me a dingbat liberal and other pejorative names.

     I am not a liberal; I am a social democrat; I accept the need to mix socialism and capitalism to create a just society; American liberals shy away from robust socialism; they merely use government to provide some half-hearted help to those the rulers of America oppress, poor folks. I am for Scandinavian type political economy where it is our solemn obligation to publicly pay for all citizens health insurance and pay for their education through university and also provide them with some other help.

      Can anyone please tell me what conservatives have done for the good of black Americans?  I know that Republicans fought to end slavery but that was when Republicans were the progressive party; there was a party realignment so that Democrats that used to be conservative are now are liberals.

     Apparently, miseducated Igbos fancy that their petty trading skills and ability to make chomp change from trading makes them capitalists hence the natural ally of capitalist America.  Some of these fools say that Igbos are naturally republicans where every person takes care of his self and the public does nothing for the individual and that this social structure makes them the same as Republican Americans hence Republicans ought to like them.

    Since when were Igbos not their brothers keepers, if I may ask? In traditional Igbo villages the people donated their labor for free to help each other cut down their bush and farm on the land and to build their houses. Traditional Igbo society was more communalistic than American styled do nothing for your neighbors’ philosophy. Know-nothing Igbos run around talking about Igbo society been more like exploitative white capitalist society; these folks do not know anything about Igbo society!

      Some misguided Igbos say that Obama is a Muslim and got Muslim Buhari elected to office. Obama had nothing to do with Buhari’s election.  I do not know anything for sure about Obama’s religious affiliation.   Obama seems lacking in desire to protect Christians slaughtered by Muslim Jihadist; I can see how that could lead to paranoid theory that he is a Muslim sympathizer, if not Muslim.

     Obama is not the subject of this essay, Trump is. How is a white supremacist racist who probably thinks that black folks are unintelligent going to be Igbos savior?

     It is really annoying to see Igbos who presumably went to universities saying arrant nonsense about what Trump is going to do for their desired Biafra. May be it is because, as they say, a drowning man grasps at straws. Those who desperately want Biafra to become a reality grasp at stupid straws, including the improbable hope that a white racist would help black them.

     Here is my question:  do Igbos go to a special school where they teach them to be stupid or are they born stupid?  

    I ask this question because I notice that at Nigerian Internet forums, many Igbo members write the most stupid things and no amount of efforts to redirect them makes them to budge. For example, practically everything they write is designed to humiliate other Nigerians.

     For some reason these verbally abusive Igbos do not seem to understand that if you humiliate a human being or group of human beings you inflict narcissistic injury to them and that human beings do kill to assuage their injured pride and vanity.

      Common sense tells us to respect our neighbors for if they decide to they can kill us. Igbos do not seem to accept common sense and instead, like people operating outside reality, that is, deluded persons, verbally abuse their neighbors, right, left and center, making them angry at Igbos and disposing some of them to attack and kill Igbos (or marginalize them from Nigerian politics).

     Because of their constant denigration of Nigerians, Nigerians shut Igbos out of position of power in Nigeria.  Igbos then see themselves as victims and complain about it. They naively think that the rest of the world is going to rescue them from their self-caused untenable position.

      No other country is willing to bring about Biafra; the sooner Igbos accept this reality and work to restructure Nigeria and bring about good governance in Nigeria the better they are served.


PS: Rational persons participate at forums where their views are respected; they do not want to be where for merely expressing what seems to them rational opinions Igbos rain verbal abuses on them. As a result of been constantly abused by misguided Igbos many of the people who actually say something worthwhile at the forums have left. They left the forums to Igbo abusers like Nebucadinzer, Chukwuma, Assigwara, Ukaegbo, Madu etc. The forums are now clown shows for Igbo clowns to clown around and for those Nigerians who like to clown with them to do so.  This is sad for there are actually well educated Nigerians whose presence at the forums did contribute to the continuing education of all members. (Good people leave and idiots stay and transform the forums to idiot forums; how come the idiots do not leave?)


Ozodi Osuji

January 11, 2017


One only needs to read the story at the end of this piece to understand why President Buhari’s purported corruption fight is a hoax being perpetrated on Nigerians and the world. Here is a quote from the minister of information Alhaji Lai Mohammed:

The Minister said the strategy has proven so effective that it has led to, among others, the recovery of 40 brand new SUVs and other vehicles from one former Permanent Secretary who single-handedly appropriated the vehicles to himself when he left office

The minister of information could not name the corrupt permanent secretary; could not give when the incident happened and could not say what else happened after the recovery. Was he punished? How?

The conclusion of this writer after he read this piece was that no such thing happened. There is no way to independently confirm that the recovery ever took place or that the SUV’s were ever stolen. If this indeed happened and the perpetrator is shielded, the most effective way to stop others from repeating the incident is public shaming of the Perm Sec. To protect “his holy name” is collusion with the criminal activity of the Secretary.

Late Mr. Awolowo’s advise to the then military governments that wore this same cloak of fighting corruption was that if a tree falls in the forest and another tree falls on top of it, people should first cut up the tree on top before they could gate to the one below. This advice still applies to the government of Buhari, one of the former military governors, that Awo spoke of and to.

If PMB is serious about fighting corruption, he should follow the direction used by doctors in healing a patient.

  1. He should stop the bleeding before diagnosing the patient
  2. He should diagnose the patient
  3. He should treat the disease
  4. He should advise the patient on future risks and what to do to avoid his condition.

To apply this to the Dr. Muhammadu Buhari, the doctor trying to cure corruption of Nigeria, he should stop the bleeding first. He should ensure that people in his administration are not corrupt. We have seen the budget he submitted for 2016 was thrown out by the senate because it did not add up. The resubmitted budget was padded. As of December 2016, can PMB show on the ground road construction completed from the 2016 budget or hospital improvements or salaries paid on time? Will the amounts equal to the budgeted amounts? One must first remove the sand in one’s eyes before he can see clearly what is in another’s eyes.

Dr. Buhari should diagnose the patient correctly. Most of what goes on as corruption in Nigeria are not really corruption from this writer’s perspective. A civil servant who is owed three or four month’s salary and who appropriates government inventory or money is not corrupt. He is trying to survive. He pays rent, feeds his family, pays transportation to come to work. He is merely trying to survive. The government wants him to commit suicide and he refuses to do so. The government must properly define what corruption is after the government has done its duty to her staff. The civil servant, the teachers, police, etc. could be incorruptible if treated well, just as it used to be, before the war.

Dr. Buhari’s treatment of Nigerian corruption should start by putting the fight on the second shelf and putting food production; payment of living wages; rebuilding infrastructures; etc.; on the top shelf. It is when these are completed or sufficient progress have been made that the fight against corruption could be effective.

Dr. Buhari’s discharge documents would include openness. If a corrupt permanent secretary is caught his name would be made public and his trial and punishment will be there for all to see. PMB’s love for secret trials (remember Nnamdi Kanu and Perm Sec who stole 40 cars) is no means to stop corruption or insecurities.

Read this and cry.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts,

December 29, 2016

Federal permsec run away with 40 cars



29 DECEMBER 2016

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A former Federal permanent secretary retired from office recently and  took away  40 brand new SUVs and other vehicles.

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed disclosed this today, while explaining President Muhammadu Buhari’s well-articulated strategy in the fight against corruption in the country.

Mohammed was reacting to criticisms that the anti-corruption war lacks strategy.

"The Federal Government is being guided by a well-articulated strategy in its fight against corruption in the country, contrary to the misconception in certain circles that the government is fighting corruption without a strategy, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has said.
The Minister said the strategy has proven so effective that it has led to, among others, the recovery of 40 brand new SUVs and other vehicles from one former Permanent Secretary who single-handedly appropriated the vehicles to himself when he left office
He said the federal government is not just fixated on prosecution alone but is also taking preventive measures to make corruption unattractive
Alhaji Mohammed listed the strict enforcement of the Treasury Singles Account (TSA), which has largely reduced the diversion of government funds into various secret accounts, and the constant fishing out of ghost workers in the public service, which many states are now adopting, as some of the preventive measures against corruption.

He however said some other measures have been perfected to strengthen the anti-corruption fight, adding that the measures include the establishment of the Presidential Committee on Asset Recovery and the Asset Tracing Committee; the setting up of an Asset Register, and the Whistle Blower Policy.

The Minister also announced the plan by the government – working through the Code of Conduct Bureau - to commence, starting in 2017, a trial run of electronic asset declaration to facilitate compliance and also to search and retrieve data on the assets of public officers

In addition, he said, the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption is working with relevant MDAs, especially the National Bureau of Statistics, to improve data collection on corruption indicators generally.

''Once perfected, the data will be shared with government periodically, if possible as regularly as government receives data on inflation and unemployment trends, to indicate trends in corruption
and influence government measures to correct the situation before it gets out of hand as we have now,'' Alhaji Mohammed said.

Expatiating on the Presidential Committee on Asset Recovery, he said it meets regularly to take reports from key law enforcement agencies
on government's anti-corruption effort, share information and intelligence, review the challenges being faced in the anti-corruption efforts generally and give directives on the way forward.

''This same body, on the recommendation of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, has directed a centralized management of
recovered looted assets through the Central Asset Management Committee under the leadership of Minister of Finance as legal custodian of government asset.

''This singular move has reduced the opportunity for re-looting of recovered assets that was prevalent under previous regime. By this measure, EFCC, ICPC and all asset recovery law enforcement agencies
are mandatorily required to furnish the Minister of Finance with full details of recovered asset whether cash or otherwise,'' the Minister said, adding that data reconciliation will soon be completed and the information will be made available to the public.

On the Asset Register, he said it has made very difficult the looting of government physical assets, most notably vehicles, by departing political appointees as well as senior and middle level officers.

Alhaji Mohammed said the recently approved Whistle Blower policy is designed to further enhance government's effort to recover looted
funds, noting: ''People who give credible and useful information to government that leads to recovery of stolen public assets will be rewarded with between 2.5% - 5% of the recovered fund and government will keep the identity of the whistle blower absolutely confidential.''
He said the government is finalizing the constitution of an Asset Tracing Team to work with internationally reputably bodies to trace and recover public assets in private pockets.
''In this regard, government will also escalate the use of non-conviction-based asset recovery methods to boost revenue and diminish corruption and the perception that crime pays or criminals can keep their loot. The Federal Government is getting Nigerians in diaspora and international civil society organizations involved in the campaign for return of looted assets,'' the Minister added.


I am very pleased to see Mr. Obama's two terms as the president of the Unites States come to a successful end. I am so grateful that he overcame those who wanted his presidency to fail. I thank God that those who wanted to make him a one-term president failed. I am so glad that his terms in office are almost over.

I have never been as involved in the political process as I was in Obama's elections and administrations I campaigned in three states including Ohio and attended both inaugurations. The cold winter of 2008 did not stop me as I stood on street and watched Mitchell and Barack Obama walk (waltz) from the Capitol towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I bought up all newspapers and publications of the event for my children to see and behold and to pass on to their children and children's children up to the 10th generation.

But one might ask why am I so happy to see what has been so pleasing to me end? There are many reasons which I will soon get to but Mr. Obama's presidency has been a tense period for me. I am so afraid that something terrible could happen either to himself and his family or he could make a mistake that would harm the nation like going to war with any of the nation's enemies. Many people were pushing for wars and disguising them by use of seemingly harmless words such as "booths on the ground." Uninformed citizens usually forget that "booths on the ground" are won by men and women in the nation's security forces. They (the booths on the ground) are our children.

Obama and I are intimate.

Because Obama is black and thinks he is black. This is important because there are blacks who do not know that they are black. I say this in the context of Harriet Tubman's quote that she could have saved more slaves if the people had known they were slaves. Obama felt the pains and anguish of the black people even as he realized that he was the president of the United States of America and not of black America. It was a tough balancing act and he managed it successful. There are voices that have expressed that he did not do enough for Black America. But they do not understand. I happen to subscribe that by just being elected to the office of the president of US Obama has done his job. I can tell my children that they can be POTUS and would have a precedent to point to. There is hope for my grandchildren.

Obama and I are intimate because he has African blood in his veins. All African Americans have African blood in them but Obama was from the blood of a recent immigrant like me. His father and I are soul mates. He came here to go to school just as I did. He married and had a child, Barack, just as I did and have offspring. And his son became the president of US in one generation. To me and other recent African immigrants, it signifies that nothing is impossible. That is how friendship and intimacy develop: common aspirations and experiences. My one regret is that the elder Obama did not live to see this event and this success.

At the start of Obama presidency, the Swedish Academy awarded him a Nobel Peace Prize. He was not qualified to receive one at the time. He most certainly had not done the kind of work that Martin Luther King did to earn one. Some of us saw the award as both a bribe and a plea. The plea was for him to save the world from another war. Mr. prayer was that by accepting the award he promised to keep the peace during his terms.

But could he?

As one who sees the president as a member of my family I was worried that he would have accepted the bribery and the plea and not deliver. With under one month to go I feel relieved that he has lived up to his promise. It was not easy. What with Mr. Netanyahu of Israel pushing for US to attack Iran on behalf of Israel and challenging him even in US congress? What with Mr. McCain and Mr. McConnell in the senate calling on him to enter The Syrian civil war more aggressively? How about many in United State crying against withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan?

War mongers were aplenty.

No man with less than his courage and self-confidence could have withstood the pressure but my man did. By these actions, he saved the people of the United States trillions of dollars in war actions and more importantly he saved thousands of US and enemies lives. He has earned his Nobel Peace Prize several folds.

I am happy that Obama's presidency is coming to the end because he has tried and succeeded to go to places where no man had gone before. Health care was a no go area especially after Mr. Edward Kennedy traveled to the beyond. Everybody understood that it was important but believed that it would cost too much or that the lives of poor Americans are not worth the costs and so did nothing. President Clinton tried but was forced out of it. Others before Clinton had tried but nothing came out of it. Obama came, and saw, and conquered. The faith of Obamacare is hanging in the balance and may be overturned by the income g administration and congress, but Obama has delivered. Let them destroy it if they choose.

Let the world judge Obama. Let them judge considering his efforts with gun control, his giving full American citizenship to gays and lesbians; his starting the race to the top in education; snaring the most wanted American enemy, Usman Bin Laden (May 2, 2011); securing American homeland from attack by any foreign terrorists for 8 years of his stewardship; etc.

Let the world judge.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

December 28, 2016

The 2016 election is over and the winners and losers have been identified. In this preliminary result sheet are the major winners and losers. As time goes on we will keep updating the results. The final report card will be issued in 2018 December which will correspond to Mr. Donald J. Trumps mid-term.

Readers are invited to add, delete and move around the pieces as they see fit.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

December 20, 2016








Donald J. Trump For beating Democrats, Republicans and Wall Street


Mitt Romney. Trump ended his political career


The Republican Party despite themselves


The Democratic Party despite their best efforts


Hillary Rodham Clinton for being the first woman for a major party and for winning the popular vote


Hillary Clinton for coming so close but no cigar


Vladimir Putin for successfully inserting himself into America Election and electing his friend. It is what America

 does to other countries


Minorities especially Latinos for sitting on their behind when voting was asked


President Barack Obama. His approval rating soared


President Obama. His legacy is in question now


Sean Hannity and talk radio. For sticking with conservatism when it was unpopular


Pollsters and the media. They either lied or were blind


USA. She got the change it wanted


USA. The change it got may be different from the change it got


Christianity and the Christian Right


Muslim. They may be banned in US if Allah permits




Immigrants legal and illegal. They have been fingered as the Problem




Globalization. In the 80's and 90's every Business School student was asked to think globally. It has become a bad word.


Big banks. They can once more be too big to fell


Main Street. They lost all government Protections they had




Senior Citizens. Their social security could be auctioned off to Goldman Sachs




College Students. Bye bye to lower student loans welcome to $100,000 student loans after graduate school no matter you major


Big Corporations and their CEO's. Free at last, free at last, thanks POTUS, no more regulations and caps on compensation


Labor. No more unions or union bargaining


Billionaires and millionaires and capitalism, the hell with taxes


Middleclass and the poor. To whom much is given less is required


During the campaign season, Mr. Trump promised to change the ways of Washington permanently. Based on his cabinet selection thus far, he seems to be on his way to actualizing the promises. The best part of his choices is that it would end long debates over some very important America’s policy issues.

The case of US foreign policies come to mind. From the end of World War II US intelligence has seen Russia as the greatest security threat to US. A few liberal politicians had called for an easing of tension between the world’s number one and two powers but did not make any headway. But majority of policy leaders, mostly conservatives wanted no rapprochement between the countries. The tension continued through the cold war, to the breakup of the Soviet Union to present. It included assassinations and attempted assassinations of third world leaders who favored one over the other and catastrophes in one is hailed in the other. The unending wars in the Middle East and Africa have their roots in the rivalry between Russia and US. Now President-elect Trump seems to have seen what former President Bush II saw in Putin’s eyes; a dear friend of America. But Trump went further when he seems to suggest that the intelligence community is mistaken in their analysis. His appointment of Ricky Tillerson a Putin friend and business partner as the Secretary of state makes the case for his desire to build stronger relations with Putin.

Will this result in a calmer world? The jury is still out.

But shift in foreign policy it is.

To cement the shift in foreign police Trump chose James Mattis as the secretary for defense. Mr. Mattis sees Iran as an existential threat. He opposes Iran Nuclear Deal. But Russia supports the deal and will make this clear to Trump through Tillerson. If Tillerson takes Russian position and if Mattis sticks to his guns Trump would have a war in his cabinet. A fight in the cabinet is not necessarily a bad thing for it makes for deeper consideration of policy choices. We shall see how the security team coheres.

Mr. Trump’s choices in the domestic front also signal a desire to change things. Scott Pruitt, the EPA nominee believes, along with Tillerson and Trump that Climate Change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese and opposes Climate Change policies of Obama. He would like to roll back EPA regulations or even abolish the department. This will be a huge change as it involves most of the world and will result in throwing away the Paris Accord which was most recently ratified in Casablanca. Still on the domestic front, Mr. Trump’s choice for Education Secretary Betty DeVos, would like to abolish the department of education; the choice for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is an avid opponent of minorities which resulted in his rejection during a previous nomination; Steve Bannon, the Chief Strategist is known to be a promoter of White Supremacy and a holocaust denier; at Energy Ricky Perry who wants to drill anywhere oil can be found on federal land will take care of things; at labor, the nominee is Andrew Pudzer who does not believe in collective bargaining; etc.

One thing is clear from the nominations, President-elect Trump would want to try different things during his administration. He wants the long ongoing debate about America and how it is managed decided once and for all during his term.

Some of the issues include:

  1. Is Climate Change real or a hoax? What should America be doing?
  2. What should be the relationship between East and West (Russia/America)?
  3. Should US keep troops abroad and pay for them or should those who want American troops on their soil hire and pay for them? Should America have troops outside USA?
  4. How about the illegal immigrants? Deport them? Give them a road to citizenship?
  5. Is there a need to keep Social Security or should it be privatized?
  6. Does the FG have any role in education? If so what should be FG and what should be state’s duties
  7. What about taxes? Who should pay and how much?
  8. Should abortion be legal?
  9. How will health care be administered for those who cannot afford health insurance.

10  Should US be inward looking or be part of the world?

11  ETC.

These were issues raised during the campaign and Americans were to decide. But unfortunately, Americans could not decide as Trump won the Electoral votes and Clinton won the popular vote in a landslide (over 3 million votes and counting).

Mr. Trump is likely to do away with the press. His first scheduled press conference is not until January a few weeks before his inauguration. That would be a first and different from all the preceding administrations. Even with the announcements of his choices he has refrained from presenting the chosen ones in a press conference. He prefers to go directly to the people or to send his message via twits.

He seems to be saying to the press “eat your hearts out”.

There is good news in all this. Old political hands had said that things look different when one sits in the Oval Office. Perhaps when Mr. Trump and his team sees the world from the Oval Office he and they might understand why things are the way they are or he might see the that since the end of WWII that US leaders have lied to Americans.

Either way Americans (and the World) will be better for it. He would be considered an independent reporter.

God bless America.


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston, Massachusetts

December 16, 2016