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America must not allow Trump to redefine American Values his own way!

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As a backdrop to this article I had wanted offload the video of one of the greatest song ever composed and performed together by a collection of the most famous Music Stars around the World but most especially in America. They include individuals like late Michael Jackson, late Uncle Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers, James Ingram, Christina Aguilera and many other big names in the Music World. I am just not computer- savvy enough to download the video so you can all listen to it from beginning to the end before reading this article. 

The amazing artiste were all assembled together and directed in a Symphony kind of format and arrangement by the great Quincy Jones.  The stars all show by that song that we are all connected by the amazing grace of God, a prism that Donald Trump does not understand or embrace.

 The song titled, “We are the World” could be summarized in a few sentences as follows:

“We are the World,

 We are the children

We are the one to make a better day,

So let us start giving just you and me”

If you play the video before reading this, It is only then that you can fully be in tune with my motivation in wanting to draw a comparison between a world envisaged by those amazing stars with that song and the world envisaged for America by racist narcissistic Donald Trump who wants to use his bully pulpit in the White House to create his own reality where America is not going to be first among equals but a world still led by America but in equal partnership with the Kremlin and Communist Dictator who put Trump in the White House and would want to keep him there as long as he remains the good boy of the Kremlin and the KGB.

Donald Trump does not represent or project the values that have made America the greatest experiment in Human History by universal acclamation. Those Music Stars project with that composition the best instincts of Americans to help others be the best they could ever be in life without bullying them to submission like Donald Trump wants to do. Those music stars judge themselves and they treat one another based on their talent and not their skin color because they were all totally color-blind.

 They have joined forces to raise funds for millions of refugees from the Ethiopian and Eritrean War who needed a lot of help to get them back on their feet after a terrible polarizing War. They raised millions of Dollars using their talent as a magnet to help the refugees. They could care less about their skin color or their religion. Their goal was simply to make the World a better place, so those refugees can have the same opportunity and enjoy the dividends of Freedom and Democracy just like most Americans do

They, unlike Donald Trump evidently appreciate the difference between Democracy and Freedom and Communism and Dictatorship which are the two systems that Donald Trump is seeking to promote and market in America by pitching his tents with Vladimir Putin while casting aspersion on traditional allies of America in Europe and elsewhere around the World. 

Donald Trump wants to return America back to retrogression and to the days of the Slave Trade and Segregation which Presidents Abraham Lincoln actually sacrificed his own life to end in America. Donald Trump wants to undo some of the great achievements of Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he signed the Social Security Legislation into Law with the Republicans kicking and screaming as I recall.

Donald Trump wants to denigrate and break up World Institutions like the League of Nations now called the United Nations and time-tested Institutions like NATO, and the European Union which were all put in place by Trump’s predecessors in the White House. Donald Trump working “pari  passu” with Vladimir Putin want to create his own new World Order by putting a wedge between America and her traditional Allies in Europe and elsewhere in the World.

 That ambition has been the ultimate goal of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin who single-handedly put him in the White House against the better judgment of 65 million Americans who did not vote for him in 2016.

Donald Trump is President today because Vladimir Putin has helped him to clandestinely target the 5 swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania to tilt the Electoral College Balance in his favor.  Donald Trump won 306 out of 538 hand-picked electors by subterfuge and was pronounced the winner by default in an election he clearly lost by 3 million votes. America is fast becoming Uganda or some Third World countries where their Presidents lie and cannot be trusted to ever tell the truth.  

 The development has meant that 538 was presumed to be far greater than the 137 million Americans that voted in the 2016 election. America is still reeling from the trauma of that tragedy till now.

Donald Trump got the job by colluding and conspiring with Vladimir Putin and the KGB and the Mafia to get him to the White House. Mr. Felix H. Sater who worked in the Trump Business Empire for upwards of 10 years was a convicted felon who pled guilty as a Mafia but did not serve term in jail before joining the Trump Business.

 It was thru him and a few others whose names could soon be released by the Mueller Report that the Russians Oligarchs were brought in to bankroll many of the Trump Real Estate Business in Panama and other places around the World since American Banks have collectively turned their backs on Trump for swindling them several millions of Dollars only to declare no less than 6 Bankruptcies and thru a high wire tax evasion criminalities for more than 20 years. Mr. Trump had managed to not submit his tax returns and claiming that he could not do so because he was under audit by the IRS. Only God knows what he would do after leaving office.

Sooner or later Robert Mueller who is following  the money to the gates of Hell with Donald Trump kicking and screaming and threatening to fire Mueller for having the effrontery to go after his Finances. His hatchet in Congress like Congressman Nunez are crying foul and looking for any excuse to get Mueller fired.

 They all knew that Donald Trump cannot survive a thorough audit of his financial transactions around the World because the man is an outlaw who became rich by taking undue advantage of the Law and breaking the Law with impunity and getting away for so long.

The most dangerous threat America faces today is the fact that Vladimir Putin is still actively working with Trump and dictating to him what he must do or not do.

 Trump knows what the rest of us have come to suspect all along that he is scared to death to have Putin flip on him just like General Flynn has done and that is why he is doing everything to please Putin and to assure Flynn not to worry and that he would use his power of clemency to pardon him regardless of how unethical such a move could be perceived by the Public.  General Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI. He has admitted other serious crimes that could possibly send him to jail for the rest of his life.

Other American President would have tendered their resignation once their top Security Adviser has pled guilty to a crime but that was then not now. Donald Trump would never resign for that kind of development. He would simply throw Flynn under the bus and declare victory because he is so criminally-minded. 

 Donald Trump forgets that General Flynn and individuals like Manafort and his partners in crime like Jared Kushner and his children could all still be charged and convicted by the State Authorities in a state like New York or California where most of the crimes might have been committed.

There is really no escape route for Donald Trump. He has survived thus far in collusion with few Republican members of Congress who are tied to his apron strings and who are hell-bent to provide some cover for him till they could no longer hide and until more incriminating evidences are provided by Robert Mueller.

 That is why in collusion with Donald Trump few Republicans are hell-bent in firing Mueller and taking out or reassigning all of the staff in the US Department of Justice who could possibly expose them or serve as State witnesses.

The Saturday Night Massacre that ended the Presidency of Richard Nixon is hovering right around the corner as we speak because it is about the only recourse left to Donald Trump. It might gain him a little time to survive a bit longer, but it could never be a permanent solution to his problems which are just too many and too serious.

Donald Trump has murdered sleep in the words of Julius Caesar, and he shall sleep no more.  I strongly believe he is going to fire Mueller and cause a Constitutional crisis the end of which nobody can predict. He would be impeached for Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy with the Russians to meddle in American Elections.  He would also be impeached for serious Money Laundering and heavy tax evasion crimes as more evidences come out.

The only hope he is clinging to right now like a drowning man is his hope and belief that if he is able to put some money into the pockets of the top one percent of America’s richest millionaires, and if by some miracle the Economy stays strong and if Unemployment goes down to 3 percent or lower, that Americans might lose their appetite to have him impeached and removed from office.

He is, however making a wrong calculation that his base and the Republicans in Congress would find some ways to muddy the waters to bail him out eventually. I am predicting that the time would come when the Republicans would have no other choice than to jump out of his sinking Titanic.

It is totally inconceivable that Donald Trump can survive the onslaught from the Media  like the CNN, MSNBC and the print Media who  will not let go as more information emerge. Donald Trump has an uphill task to surmount because he has acted with impunity all his life in conceding or thinking that he is smartest deal maker in the World. Yes I agree he is quite an evil genius.

 I will give him that but there is no man created by God that can escape the judgment of God. He has committed too many crimes in his life time. It is only a question of time before Nemesis catches up with him.

Democrats must not let down their guard thinking that the 2018 election is a foregone conclusion. Unless Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office, Vladimir Putin one way or the other is going to meddle in American elections again and find some ways to totally rig the elections for Trump. That is why Trump wants to create an FBI and a CIA of his own image by trying to blackmail and delegitimize the FBI he inherited from all of his predecessors. He must be stopped from doing that by all means. His goal is to be a dictator and to use all the means and methods available to dictators to always get their way. That is why he has declared War on the Press and News Media which he has already blackmailed as fake News, Very soon journalist and columnists will start to disappear on his orders under cover of darkness.

Americans have their job cut out for them. The 2018 elections have to be a war to reject and repudiate the man in the White House. Nothing I repeat that nothing is written in stone. The KGB will find some more clandestine ways to keep their man in the highest seat of Power in the World. They did it before like God they can surely do it again. Americans must never forget that and Democrats must never again take the Blacks, the Minorities and the Unions for granted.

See you all of you in the New Year. I am off on vacation in the next 8 weeks. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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