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Transforming the ego to the ego of love

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As long as a person is in our three dimensional world of space, time and matter he must have an ego. The best that can be hoped for is for one to have a humble ego while one is in the world of egos. One can humble ones ego by purifying but not eliminating it.

If one purifies ones ego one will attain some peace and joy. The ego is purified by making it an ego of love. The ego of love occurs where one retains ones ego and uses it to love other persons in egos.

The nineteenth century Hindu mystic, Ramakrishna teaches ways to purify ones ego (see, M. The Gospel of Ramakrishna; also see books by Ramakrishna's star student, Vivekananda).

The Bahia's also teach ways to purify the ego and make it the ego of love; Bahaullah hoped to bring his followers to the gate of heaven and give them the lesser peace but not take them into heaven itself where they would have perfect peace.

At the gate of heaven people are still in forms and still live in the world of space and time albeit that their egos and bodies are now purified. But in heaven people are not in forms, they are part of the nameless force folks call God.

Both Bahaullah (the founder of Bahaism) and Ramakrishna recognized that if one has no ego at all one would exit from this world. If one is in this world one must be in ego state for this world is a world of egos.


The ego is purified by loving all people and forgiving those who wronged one. If one has completely purified ones ego one literally exits from this world and goes to the world of light forms, aka gate of heaven.

In the world of light forms (Hinduism calls it the astral world) people, animals and the things of the earth still look as they look on earth except that they are now in light forms.

The world of light forms is as real as our world of dense forms. Both are dreams in our minds; our world is the world of nightmarish dreams; the world of light forms is the happy dream.

If you are a loving person when you die you will see yourself in the world of light forms where you would see other people who while on earth were loving persons.

Upon death, those who were not loving persons reincarnate back to our earth; evil persons do not even know that they are dead and simply get reborn on earth, in circumstances where they pay off their karmic debt, their negative samsara.


If one is totally purified (that is, is loving and forgiving) one transcends the ego. If one transcends the ego one reclaims ones true self as a part of God; one exits from our world of dense forms and from the world of light forms and returns to the formless world of God, what folks call heaven.

Heaven is a wave of spiritual light where each of us is a particle of that light. Wave (God) and particles (us) are the same. God and his sons share one self and one mind.

Right now, all of us are in heaven (unified state) but those of us on earth while in heaven closed our spiritual eyes to heaven; we chose to seem separated from the eternal union of God and his sons; we chose not to practice perfect love; in seeming separation we see ourselves in the world of space, time and matter.

Only few persons have developed to the point of returning to heaven. Jesus Christ and a few other persons have reached that level of spiritual development; such persons completely let go of their ego separated selves (God is unified state so to have an ego is to be separated from God, is to be in opposition to God).

In God we are formless; in God we are pure thought, pure intelligence; in God we have perfect knowledge whereas in the world of separation hence perception our understanding is always imperfect.


To have no ego at all is to die and leave this world.  The world is a place of space, time and matter and to be in it one must have a separated self in body, an ego that seeks personal survival and does so often at the expense of other people but at best makes efforts to survive with other egos.

In our world one needs to have an ego and use that ego to work to make a living. In the egos work world one has to cooperate with other egos to produce what egos need to survive.

Science does not negate the ego and its world but studies it as it is and devises technology to adapt to it. To be a scientist one must be an ego for one wants to live in the egos world not negate it.

Therefore, we do not go to scientists to find enlightened human beings. Enlightened persons have transcended their egos and returned, first to living in the world of light forms and ultimately to the formless world of God (that is, egolessness).

If one is egoless one would exit from the world of space, time and matter and join Jesus Christ, an egoless self. What one can attain in our world is retain ones ego and make it humble and use it to love other egos.

In doing so one attains imperfect peace and joy; perfect peace and joy can only be attained in egoless heaven (not even in the purified world of light forms).


Our world is a place of space, time and matter; in it people live in bodies and need to work to obtain the means of sustaining their bodies and the means of moving those bodies from point A to B in space and time.  Our world is thus a doing world, not a being world.

There are those whose calling is to study and write about how human beings can attain the lesser peace and joy possible in this world and the world of light forms. We attain the lesser peace by reducing our egos and redirecting our self-centered egos to egos of love.

Persons with less egos show people how to keep their egos and purify them (a choice each of us makes, no one can force other people to do so).

Those who purify their egos live relatively peacefully and happily. Such persons are the true teachers of God, the ministers of Christ.

Teachers of God do not teach people to live egolessly; egolessness is only possible in formless heaven.  Our present task is to purify our egos, not to be egoless, not to return to heaven.

When we have purified our egos we automatically know that we are already and always in heaven (we are always in heaven but block that awareness with our egos).

Our present task is to learn how to undo our egos, and in doing so embark on the homewards journey of returning to egolessness (heaven).

Heaven is not learned; we are already in heaven (union); when we meet heaven's condition (love and forgiveness), when we let go of the ego that we made to separate from heaven (union) we realize that we cannot separate from heaven and that we are always in heaven while we dream that we are apart from it and are in a place called earth.

The physical universe is the dream of separation; a dream is not reality; the universe is not real; in reality we are always in heaven; we are always one with God and with each other.

We always live in love (unified state) and while in it block the awareness of the presence of love we live in (the ego is the means of blocking the awareness of love). Remove the block (remove the ego) to the awareness of love (union) and you experience the love (union) you are eternally in.

We have already been saved and enlightened; we just have to know so by giving up the wish to live as separated ego selves.

It does not do us much good to talk about other planes of existence, such as the world of light forms and the egoless world of God and his heaven. Although those exist they are not going to help us adapt to the realities of our egos' world of space, time and matter.

In our world we have to work to earn a living and use transportation to get from point A to point B. In other dimensions of existence we may not have to work for food for we do not live in bodies made from dense matter.

In heaven we are formless and, as such, are in being, not doing. Unless one has found a way to transcend our world of space, time and matter (and some have) we must do what we have to do to adapt to it as pleasantly as is possible.

Science and technology is the best way to adapt to our world. However, while doing science and technology it is necessary to have in the back of our minds a metaphysics that tells us of the existence of the world of light forms and the formless world of God, for we need such information to live peaceful and happy lives; but that information does not replace doing what we have to do to cope with the exigencies of life in dense matter.

Do science and technology while talking about God; that is the idea.

*Folks like me are in the real world total logical positivists; I am totally immersed in the scientific method and if you are around me and say or write what does not conform to science you are tuned out; yet, we have time to talk about metaphysics. What most folks do not realize is that the best scientists are often the best metaphysicians! Isaac Newton (discoverer of the laws of motion and gravity) and Ludwig Leibnitz, the co-discoverers of calculus, spent the greater part of their times writing metaphysics (Blaise Pascal who wrote on the union of man and God, mysticism, apart from Rene Descartes was probably the best geometrician of the seventeenth century...see his Pensees).

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 7, 2017

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