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The meaning of crucifixion of the son of God and his resurrection

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

It is amazing how someone can hear a concept for many years and still do not know what it means. We, Christians, talk about the crucifixion of the son of God (Jesus) and his resurrection (as Christ) and do not get it.

I certainly did not understand what crucifixion and resurrection meant until recently.  So, what does it mean?

It does not mean nailing Jesus the man on the cross and his resurrecting three days later on Easter Sunday. However, Jesus was physically crucified and did resurrect from death; nevertheless, that is metaphor for something else.

Crucifying Jesus on the Cross and his resurrection is metaphoric expression of the human condition and what can be done to change it.

The moment we separated from God and get born as separated selves in bodies and living in the world of space, time and matter we are crucified.

To live in body and on earth is to be crucified. We are dead to our true selves while we live in bodies, space and time.

Separation, body (matter) space and time are the four great illusions with which we crucify ourselves.

To live on earth, in body as separated selves is to suffer (suffering is part of our crucifixion) and die to our true selves.  As long as we live in body we do not know about our real selves; thus, in effect, we are dead to our real selves.

Resurrection on the third day, Easter Sunday, does not mean the literal day when Jesus resurrected from death but means the day each of us decides that he is not an ego living in body, the day we give up our identification with the separated self and its abode in body and give up the desire to live in matter, space and time.

Resurrection is when we give up awareness of ego separated self and become aware of Christ unified self, our real self.

Resurrection is the giving up of the desire to live as separated self and living from our real self, unified self.

Buddha talked about desire for separated self as the cause of our human suffering and giving up that desire as liberation from suffering and if one lives in the egos world to do so with detachment, not see what happens to the ego as what happens to one's real self hence not fretting over not getting what the ego desires. Buddha was correct. All teachers of God teach the same thing (as I am teaching here).

When one gives up the desire to live in separated ego self and stops doing what defends the ego self, what defends one's life in body, space and time one literally awakens from the ego. One experiences oneness with God and all his creation in their real state, their nonphysical, non-separated unified spirit state, aka heaven.

That state of union is perfect peace and joy; it is eternal, permanent and changeless; it is perfect knowledge.


When one has experienced that state one is reborn as the Christ; one has been reborn in the manner that God created one; one is now the Christ, the unified self, as opposed to the ego separated self, the false self we made for ourselves and with which we seem separated from God.

The ego separated self is a replacement self, a substitute self; we use it to substitute for our real self, the unified spirit self; we use it to mask the unified self that God created us as, so as to live as we want to live, separated selves.

God created us unified with him and with each other; we chose to seem dead in God by separating from him and from each other. We cannot separate from God and each other; we merely seem separated by dreaming in a separated illusory world; we cannot separate from God for no power in the universe can separate from God; no one can defy God's will that he and his creation share one self and one mind.

When one has resurrected from the metaphorical ego death one is now living as the Christ unified self. One now has the power of God in one.

One does not have personal power but God's power. In ego one had assumed that one could have personal power not given to one by ones father, God; indeed, it is the pursuit of that separated power that led one to separate from God.

Whereas in ego one has no real power but that does not mean that ego power is not powerful; it is with ego power that we collectively invented the universe of galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals, the illusion of our separated and multitudinous world.

Now, one knows that one cannot have power apart from God's power, apart from the whole of reality.

One's power is always given to one by God but one can use it to miscreate, to invent illusions, such as our world.

As long as one understands that one cannot do anything but with God's power God gives one all his power and one can do whatever one wants to do, as long as it is congruent with God.

God is love; whatever you do that loves God and all God's creation your behavior is congruent with God and you will have the power to do so. On earth you will have the money and ability to do what serves our collective interests.


Christmas is the symbolic day that Christ is reborn in you; the day you consciously allow your ego to die; the day you give up your identification with the separated self; the day you decide that the ego is not in charge of your life; the day you accept that you are the son of God who is always as God created him and resolve not to do anything by yourself but only by the power of God in you.

You give up your ego will and accept God's will. God's will is your real will; the egos will is an alien will in you.

In Christ state, you do only what God wants you to do; you obey God's will, not the ego's will.

To obey God's will is to love at all times; love God (love the whole of creation and its creator) and love all people. No exception permitted.

If you are tempted to make an exception and not love some people, even one human being you have slid back to ego and deviated from Christ.


Americans call themselves Christians but are the most unchristian people on earth; they do not love one another and do not care for people; those that call themselves Republicans are actively evil and satanic in that they hate some children of God.

The racist is the antichrist, the Satan but does not know it.

To be a true Christian you must love all people regardless of their color and gender.

Love does not mean homosexual so-called love; homosexuality is of the ego and body hence part of living as the dead son of God.  When you are resurrected from the ego the idea of homosexual sex will be repulsive to you.

What is done in the ego state is what is done in dreams and what is done by dead people and have not been done.

All one needs to do is decide, right now, to not live as an ego in body and whatever one did in the past is forgiven one for one had not done them.

Overlook your past, overlook other people's past behaviors and live in the present as part of unified spirit self and you are as innocent as God created you.

In love you are always innocent, sinless, guiltless and holy.

If you separate from God, from love what you do is not sinful but mistake; mistake can be corrected.


You do not have the power to separate from God but can pretend to do so and in seeming separation do what folks do on earth.

When you choose to you can stop being ego; all that you did in ego were not done; you feel innocent, peaceful and happy.


Separation from God and his other children is relegation of one's self to suffering; it is to be metaphorically dead.

One is always eternal for death is not possible for the children of eternity. However, to be aware of one's eternity one must give up the belief that one is separated from God.

One cannot die for one's real self is eternal but one can seem dead when one separates from life, God and sleeps that one is dead, live in separated state.

To be crucified is to live as a separated ego self in body and in the world of space, time and matter.

Resurrection is the regaining of the awareness that one is eternally unified with God and his creation and cannot separate from him.

The awareness of resurrection comes to those who love God and all people and overlook what people did in their separated states, for they were done in the dream of death, in dreams of separation, dreams that cannot be real since we are always alive in union, in God.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 24, 2017


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