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The world is a matrix

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

All the sons of God are one son of God (each of them contains all of them and contains God).  When one of them decided to separate from God all of them decided to separate from God. They wrote a matrix mathematical equation and enacted it into a movie.

For matrix equations in quantum mechanics see Werner Heisenberg, Max Born, Pascual Jordan and Neils Bohr. For wave equations in quantum physics see Emil Schrodinger. Both wave and matrix equations are saying the same thing; particles of light behave as particles and or wave!

They projected themselves into the roles that the matrix movie called for each of them to play but still remain in God.

Thus, they projected out our physical universe and each of them agrees to play a role and plays it while he is still in God, unified spirit self.

In the movie they believe that they are the persons they see in it, the ego in body; they must forget that the ego in body was projected out by their spirits.

The entire movie is a dream in their minds, literally, not figuratively. The condition for being in the movie is that they forget that it is a movie, a dream and take it as if it is real.

If they knew that it is a make belief game they would not have fun with it.

When any of them learns that it is a movie that they all are enacting, he learns it when the role he is playing asks that he learn it, so it is not an accidental learning, he wakes up and then tells the others who are still in self forgetful state, who still believe that it is real that it is a movie.

The movie calls for those whose roles have not determined that they wake up to laugh at him and ignore him and keep doing what they are doing.

Each of them eventually, at stipulated time, learns that it is a matrix movie.  When all of them have learned that it is a movie the movie ends.

In time this will take trillions of years to happen; the physical universe will continue existing until all sons of God have come to play their parts in the movie and eventually wake up to the realization that it is a mere make belief play, a drama that all of them wrote and enact out on the world stage called planet earth.

In time the stage will shift to other planets in the Milky Way galaxy and thereafter to other galaxies and throughout the universe before it ends in a couple trillion years in the future.

Indeed, the movie will continue to other universes for the future sons of God would discover ways to tunnel their ways to the infinite universes that exist. The sons of God must always do something to keep themselves busy, make belief busy, that is; something to amuse themselves. They have been doing this eternally and will keep doing it eternally; those who wake up return to unified spirit state, rest for a while and embark on other games that require them to forget their real selves and enact their self-written play until they wake up and the game continues in other forms.

In case what I said above about the world being a matrix seems strange to you just remember that all I did is put Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism into the language of quantum physics and movies. Hinduism is the original matrix movie. In it Brahman, God extended his oneself to infinite sons (called Atmans). Atmans, the sons of God, went to sleep and dream this world; each enacts a part in the dream and then at a planned time awakens and a Kalpa or Yuga, a universe ends, and another one begins. (See the writings of Hindu philosophers, such as the eight century Hindu philosopher Shankara and also Ramanuja.)

You just got to learn to put ancient wisdom into contemporary scientific language; that is all I did here!  There is nothing new under the sun! Thinkers like me find a way to cast the perennial philosophy of mankind in contemporary language.


It is the son of God who wished to separate from God; it is he who while still in God closes his eyes, sleep and dreams.

The term sleep is not literal; it is metaphor for our self-forgetfulness; in truth we are part of unified spirit, God but we chose to forget that knowledge in other to play parts in the matrix movie called our physical universe.

The son of God dreams through the ego (the human self, the dream figure). The ego merely does what the dreamer, son of God, projects him out to do. In, effect, the ego is a mere slave of the sleeper, the son of God.

The ego, the human self in body is innocent. If anyone is guilty it is the son of God who acts through the dream figure called ego.

However, since the son of God has really not separated from God and is still in God he has not sinned. He merely dreamed and dreams mean nothing.

If you want to have a happy dream you see the dream figures, people, no matter what they do as innocent, for they are slaves of the sons of God dreaming through them.

The sons of God themselves are innocent since the dream has, in fact, not taken place. The world does not exist, not for a second has it existed.

Everything I have so far said here was said by the Hindu philosopher, Shankara, in the eight century of our common era, that is thirteen hundred years ago. I merely re-presented his philosophy, which happen to be true, in my own language.

We believe that the world exists; therefore, we should see it as nothing and have a happy dream through using our right minds, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit tells us that nothing done in the dream has been done and that the sons of God who dream it are still in God and asks us to have a happy dream by not taking the world seriously.

The world is a fantasy that goes through a part of the son of God's mind, the part that wished separation; another fantasy goes through the part of his mind that knows that separation is impossible, the Holy Spirit. It is two impossible fantasies; so, choose the one you like and that is all there is to it.

Please note that the terms Ego and Holy Spirit are merely parts of our minds; each of us has two parts to his mind, the left side that urges him to separate from God and all people; another part of his mind urges him to see all people and God as parts of his self.

One should not concretize the terms ego and Holy Spirit and see them as persons apart from one. You are the ego and the Holy Spirit; it all depends on how you choose to see the world.

Indeed, you are God (unified spirit self). But that level of knowledge is beyond what I want to convey in this essay. We are God when we act in tandem, in concert with each other; God is that part of our minds that knows that it is all people and acts as one with all people; since it is all people it knows only love.

God is love. When you are love you are God. Love is union; when you unify with all people you are God.

In separation, which is where you currently think that you are, you are not God; in separation you are either ego or Holy Spirit.

Don't go be a psychotic and call yourself God while acting as a self-centered, separated self! In God you are pure love and does only what serves our collective interests.

As for me, I choose to study science; that is, I study the fantasy that says in fourteen billion years of sleeping we built up this physical universe.

The physical universe does not exist but we can study it as if it exists and do science and technology and have a happy dream, happy game studying what does not exist.


I can just see some smart Alek saying that since the world is a dream and nothing done in it is either good or bad that he is justified in enslaving and or discriminating against some persons. They can convince themselves that there is no need for them to feel guilt or remorse for their antisocial, sociopathic and psychopathic behaviors.

True, one can do exactly that. The caveat  is that just as you can believe that it is okay to enslave or discriminate other people they too can also believe that it is okay to kill you. Thus, you try enslaving people and they kill you. If that happens you got what you asked for, for enlightened self-interest ought to tell you that you do not like to be enslaved or discriminated against hence you should not do that to other people.

The would be slave killing the would be enslaver did nothing wrong; he merely taught the enslaver the lesson of never trying to harm a son of God.

The goal of the dream is for all of us to have a happy dream where all of us love all of us. We do not want a nightmarish dream where some people are exploiting people.

The law of karma is built into the universe; our behaviors have consequences for us and other people, those they affect. If we hurt people we shall be hurt by some people in return.

Today's oppressed people oppress their oppressors in the future (and in other life times). Today's leaders are tomorrow's followers.

Each of us plays different roles in the dream called life on planet earth.

Listen, we are the sons of love so always love you and all people; those who do not love are asleep and have forgotten their nature as love; you do not need to do what they do; you remember that we are love and love all of us and give us a happy dream on earth.

We need a happy dream until we are ready to wake up in the dreamless state of heaven, unified state.

Our real home is in the wave of spiritual light; each of us is a particle of that eternal spiritual light. That spiritual light is pure love. Therefore, while on earth, abode of separation, remember to love your neighbor as you love yourself. When you love all of us you return to love, to unified state, to God and heaven.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 29, 2017

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