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Observations on the Big Bang origin of the universe

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Educated Westerners rejected their Judeo-Christian hypothesis on the origin of the universe as delineated in the Bible (Genesis) and have been looking for an alternative hypothesis on the origin of the universe.

At present, their scientists seem to have accepted one hypothesis on the origin of the universe. This is the big bang hypothesis on the origin of the universe.

The hypothesis makes sense to me and I accept it but with a provision.  I believe that space is infinite in size. I believe that there are infinite local universes in space. I believe that each local universe probably came into being as scientists say our universe came into being.

As I see it, every once in a while a point of light comes from seeming nowhere, explodes and begin evolving a new universe. That way our local universe came into being 13.8 billion years ago.  I believe that there are other local universes in infinite space and time.

I also accept the Western hypothesis on how biological life came into being. This hypothesis says that in a pool of water on earth many elements mixed to form the basis for biological life.

I accept that our bodies, animals and plants evolved as Charles Darwin and evolutionary biologists claim that they evolved.

Where I differ with the West is that I believe that there is a spirit that is sleeping and dreaming and using the intelligence in his mind to evolve our local universe and the biological life forms and at some point seem to have entered into a species of animals, us and now seem to be living in our bodies (but is really not in our bodies, it remains as part of unified spirit, God and his son).

I am not obligated to accept Western hypotheses if they do not make sense to me. Stories of creation come and go; the present Western story of creation, no matter how much they try to make it a science is unproven, is mythology, a necessary one for the time being but like ancient mythologies, such as those depicted in Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, Virgil's Aeneid and the Christian bible will in the future be discarded and new ones fashioned.

Every story of the origin of the universe and man carries with it a social theory. The idea that the universe accidentally came out of nothing and nowhere and is evolving to nowhere and produced people accidentally carry with it the capitalist economic system; it supports Darwin's idea of competition where the fittest survive and the weakest die off.

I am saying that the contemporary hypothesis on the origin of man and his universe is a philosophy, a political ideology and, if you like, a religion that justifies the oppressive nature of capitalism.

I believe that whereas the physical universe is evolving that there is a part of us that is not physical; as I see it, our true self is spirit.

We are part of original unified spirit that currently experience separation and competition hence our world but the long term purpose is to recover union while we are in the world of seeming separation.

I believe that we are to evolve from capitalist dog eat dog world to a mixed capitalist-Socialist political economy and a social democracy where we care for one other.

My political philosophy is social democracy, as exists in the Scandinavian countries. I work for such a society to come into being in the USA and all over the world.  That is what I am living for, what keeps me alive.

Each of us must have an ideology that keeps him alive, that he lives for; mine is social democracy and my metaphysics (I have explained my metaphysics in several writings).

My social democracy is not utopian because I accept that in our world folks have different talents; there are intelligent people and dumb people, strong people and weak people. Therefore, regardless of the political arrangement a few will always rule the many and a few will be rich and the many will be poor. I accept that even in my social democracy there will be rulers and the ruled. It is naïve to believe that all human beings are going to be equal; the fact is that on earth we are not equal but in spirit we are equal. On earth there are the Einstein's with IQ of over 160 and the dumb Donald Trumps of this world.

The differences is that we shall provide all people with opportunity to live well at whatever level they fall;  give all people publicly paid health insurance and publicly paid education through university. Perhaps we can do some other things for most people but thereafter we allow each individual to compete and get whatever he wants from the political economy, to be rich and socially powerful if that is what he wants. Those who want to just be artists and or thinkers will be allowed to do so without feeling diminished.


Let me state that if something does not make sense to me it does not make sense to me. And if I tell you that something does not make sense to me please do not try to force me to accept it. I am by nature a free man. I am not a typical European who is by nature a serf who accepts something because those in authority position in his society tell him to accept it.

The Big bang hypothesis that something came out of nowhere, is expanding and is creating the space it is expanding into is simply nonsense. It is actually more magical thinking than the nonsensical story of creation written in Genesis of the Christian bible.

Something cannot come out of nothing; something always comes from an existing something. Something does not expand into space it creates (to say so is to make that something more powerful than the mythological gods of religion); whatever is expanding is expanding into an already existing space.

If you inflate a balloon (the example used by astronomers to tell us how the universe is expanding) it expands but it must have an already existing vacuum that it is expanding into. If there is a wall behind the balloon it cannot expand. There must be a vacuum for something to expand into.

Our universe is expanding into a preexisting vacuum. Both Albert Einstein and Fred Hoyle agreed with this view (they called their view the steady state view of the universe) before the George Lemaitre and George Gamow's view of the Big Bang was accepted.

Gamow's big bang hypothesis is supposedly proved by Robert Wilson and Arnold Penzias' discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation in 1965. Perhaps, that radiation is from the light that escaped when nuclei captured electron to form atoms at the 400, 000 year mark of the existence of our universe; be that as it may, there are other ways to explain the existence of that microwave light.

In this statement of belief, I am not going to detail how the Big Bang is supposed to have expanded and how the universe of galaxies, stars, planets and human beings came into being. I have probably written hundreds of pages on that subject. Here, I assume that the reader understands contemporary astrophysics and its conjecture as to how the universe came into being and expands. I am merely stating my objection to certain aspects of the Big Bang hypothesis.

To me, the Big Bang is a story of creation, a myth of how we came into being; it is a useful myth for we must always have mythologies. What is knowable is infinite and we do not even know one percent of it (we do not know anything about dark energy which is 73% of our universe; or dark matter which is 23% of our universe, meaning that we do not know anything about 96% of our universe; of the 4% we are beginning to understand perhaps we have understood one percent of it).

Given that we do not know much about the universe (where did the light that came out and exploded came from, what existed before the Big bang...nothing, give me a  break, will you), I am compelled to just state what does not make sense to me.

Please do not try to shout me down; do not try to browbeat me into silence. As I said before, I am not a European peasant that is used to been told what to do by the criminals that ruled him, the European aristocracy.

If you want to relate to me you must do so from the perspective of pure reason; it is either what you say is reasonable or I reject it. Don't pull authority on me. There is no such person as an authority figure when we are talking about unknown things like where the universe came from and the fate of the universe.

As I see it, the universe has existed forever and ever and is infinite in size. However, every once in a while a local universe comes into being and expands.  It expands into an already existing space; eventually all the galaxies, stars and planets in the new universe die and it goes out of existence. Other universes come into being.  There are infinite universes.


Whereas it will take many pages to delineate my metaphysics, let me just say that the light that supposedly came out of nothing and nowhere to begin our local universe did not come from nothing and nowhere. It came from another realm, the realm of light.

There is another universe, the universe of light. That universe is what folks call God and his heaven. That universe is composed of one wave of light.

The wave has infinite particles in it. Particles and waves are the same. Each particle contains the entire wave, for it is a holographic universe.

A particle chooses to experience the opposite of wave function.  As it were, it closes its spiritual eyes and sees darkness everywhere.

It brought its nature, light (knowledge), into the darkness (not knowing) it now sees.  Since its goal for coming into darkness is separation, it appears to have shattered into fragments.

The fragments are quickly reassembled into quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons; those eventually were used to form atoms and atoms were used to form stars, galaxies, planets and plants and animals.

The point is that the point of light that supposedly came from nowhere came from another realm of existence, a wave of light, aka God.

At this state that point of light is regaining its consciousness; it is now trying to understand the universe it made.

We are the inventors of the physical universe; we are currently trying understanding our handiwork. In a few thousand years we would have thoroughly understood our local universe. We shall understand the universe we made and technologically play with it for a while and then leave it and return to the universe of light forms (where everything in our universe is now seen in light forms) and eventually return to our true home, the formless wave of light that is called heaven.

That wave of light is pure intelligence, the type of intelligence we in the world of darkness cannot understand, an intelligence that created this physical universe in three minutes!

Stephen Weinberg, in his book the first three minutes, talked about how everything was created during the first three minutes after the big bang; photons came into being; photons became electrons and quarks; quarks formed protons and neutrons; protons and neutrons combined to form nuclei; the inflationary expansion of the universe; the matter, anti-matter attack aimed at annihilation and the remaining of some matter to continue a matter based universe. The formation of atoms and later the formation of stars, planets, plants and animals on planet earth were all done with mathematical precision.

All these amazing formations were not done by accident but by an insane but intelligent force; insane because that force wanted to separate from its self and live as it's opposite.

Ozodi Osuji

May 5, 2017

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