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My sole responsibility is to change me not other persons

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

The purpose of seeing other people doing what to you seems unacceptable is not for you to undertake to change them but to change you; the purpose of misbehaving people is for you not to do what you see them do.

What you see other people do, whether you acknowledge it or not, is in you. This is because perception is projection. You cannot see anything as out there that is not in your mind.

In fact, the entire universe that seems out there that you see is in your mind; the external world represents your thinking projected out; the external world mirrors your mind.

Mind is not a concrete thing but metaphor for thinking; mind is everywhere; in as much as mind is thinking, thinking is everywhere in the universe.

Of course you do not know how this is done. However, to get an inkling of how it is done consider your nightly dreams. All you know is that at night you go to sleep and dream; in the dream you see a world that looks like the day world. In your nightly dream you do what you do in the day world; in your dream you interact with people and go to places. Thereafter, you wake up from the dream and know that it was a mere dream and was not real. More importantly, you do not understand how your mind could have produced that dream.

In dreams your mind simultaneously thinks and transforms what it is thinking into pictures of the dream world that you see. The dream world is instantaneous projection of your thinking into pictures. You write the dream script and enact it into a play, drama; there is no time and space interval between when you write the script and when you people it and play it out.

The same goes for the day world; your mind writes the script and acts it out instantaneously so that you do not have time to know when you first thought out the world and then fill the world with people who you see do what you see people do; the script and enacting of it in a drama is done instantaneously.

How is this possible? It is because it is the mind of God in you, the son of God that did the thinking and producing of the world in your dreams.

Consider: in a dream I see a mountain and other parts of planet earth. The dream is taking place in my head. Here is a question: do mountains and planet earth exist in my head? If not it follows that dream mountains and planet earth do not exist.

The physical universe of galaxies, stars, planets, earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, tornadoes, bacteria, virus, fungi, diseases, murderous organizations such as Muslim Jihadists are in our day collective dream; in the dream they seem to exist but when you wake up they do not exist.

The human societies we see with our physical eyes are dream societies; our laws are dream laws; our food, clothes and shelters are dream things and do not exist.

No physical thing exists but we make them seem to exist. This is literal not figurative. Consider that you can take the atoms in all material things and decay them to electrons, protons and neutrons and decay those to quarks and eventually to photons of light.

Ultimately, there is only light. Physical light was transformed from spiritual light.  Only spiritual light exists; only spiritual light is permanent, eternal and changeless (we change it in dreams but outside dreams it remains the same).

We are parts of spiritual light; we denied it and went to sleep and in our sleep see darkness and physical light.

In enlightenment we tune out our physical light and darkness and experience our true self, spiritual light.

But while we are in the dream we, of course, have to study the dream things we see and understand them and devise technologies to adapt to them but all those are mere games; dream games.

(Those who study the physical universe, scientists tend to be in deeper sleep and take their dream world as real hence study it; those beginning to awaken to God, while generally interested in science, as I am, find physics not enough and pay more attention to metaphysics.)

In sum, our physical and social world is the outward projection of our thinking; what we see other people do that we like and do not like is produced by our unified mind.


I see Igbos engage in behaviors that totally annoy me. I see them boast that they are very rich and powerful people and that annoys me no end.  I see them pretending to be superior to other people and that greatly annoys me.  I see them engage in deprecatory talking about other people; just about everything they say is designed to insult, degrade, humiliate and belittle people; these behaviors make me angry at Igbos.

When I see Igbos do what they do I tell myself that I am seeing primitive and contemptible people; I often wish that they are dead so that I did not have to see them; they seem like the detritus of mankind and I avoid them as much as I can.

At the psychological level, I know that they put people down to feel superior to them because they feel inferior and want to seem superior; they are identified with their egos and egos want to seem superior by putting other egos down.

It is those who root their worth and grandeur in God, a force greater than them that do not go about putting folks down to seem superior to them.

Igbos putting folks down to seem superior to them is a godless act; when they find God they would derive worth from him, not from insulting people.

I am not the only person that Igbos behaviors irritate. Their behaviors so irritate their neighbors in Nigeria that those hate them and occasionally attack and kill them. Yet, they do not learn from the negative consequences of their behaviors for them and change them; instead, they keep boasting and insulting people and people keep hating and occasionally killing them; it is as if they have death wish and want to be killed by those they look down on.

Perceiving Igbos as savages (I call them savages and do not want anything to do with them) I have a desire to change them. I want to change their behaviors and civilize them.

Over time I learned that I cannot change them. But I still wrote about their primitive behaviors instead of just ignoring them.

Finally, I learned that it is not for me to change them. The reason why they are in my world is that I projected them out; my thinking simultaneously produced them and made them do what they do in my dream world.

In effect, they are me projected out. The goal is not for me to change them and the world. Since it is me that projected the people and world I see as out there, to change them I first have to change me. The ugliness I see in people and the world is the ugliness inside me.

The Igbo people I see as ugly do not even see their behaviors as ugly; instead, they fancy themselves as superior people (like most human beings they live unconsciously; only a few of us live consciously).

The goal of the world is not for each of us to change other people, or change the external world, social institutions and nature but to change our minds that produced such conflict ridden world.

Igbos and their ugly behaviors are not there for me to change them. Nigerians and their corrupt and thieving behaviors are not for me to change them. Africans and their inability to govern themselves well are not for me to change them. White people and their racism towards black folks are not for me to change them.

Igbos, Nigerians, Africans, white people and the entire world are my projections in my dream that I am separated from the whole self, aka God; they represent the ugly aspect of me that I denied and projected out and see as not part of me.

The goal is for me to change me. So, how do I change me? I change me by changing my mind, by changing my thinking.


I change by going from thinking and behaving from the left part of my mind, the ego part of me that dreams this world, to thinking and behaving from the right part of my mind, the part where the Holy Spirit and Christ is.

The right mind, the Holy Spirit and Christ tell me to overlook the ugly world I see, to overlook the neurotic Igbos trying to seem superior to other people by pretending to be superior to them, to overlook corrupt Nigerians, to overlook Africans that cannot seem to govern themselves well; and to overlook black Americans that only seem to know how to complain about what white folks did wrong to them while they go about screwing and or killing each other, and not helping each other; to overlook white racists.

To overlook is to forgive.

I am supposed to see the external world as my nightmarish dream and overlook it, forgive it and not take it seriously and instead ask the Holy Spirit to show me a different way of looking at the world that my ego left mind produced.

The Holy Spirit shows me that the people doing ugly things in the world are dream figures; he shows me that the deluded mind of the son of God wants people to do the ugly things they do; the Holy Spirit shows me that the world is a delusion and hallucination (is not real) and asks me to forgive it, overlook it and see the divinity in the people doing the ugly things I see.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, when I see an Igbo boasting about his phantom wealth I would overlook his behavior and see a different him, the Christ him that accepts that all people are the same and coequal.

This way I look at them with Christ vision, aka spiritual seeing; this way, I would see them in beautiful light forms even though they are still in dense forms and do not see themselves in light forms.

If I overlook the world (by forgiving it) I would see a happy world, a light world and occasionally experience Holy Instant while still in this world. I would experience me and the world, at the spiritual level, as one self.

If I experience unified spirit self with all people I am enlightened to my real self, the unified spirit self. Unified spirit self is a wave of light that folks call God; each of us is a particle in that wave of light; the wave and particle are one light; God and his sons are one self with one mind.

My enlightenment would not mean that other people will become enlightened. Jesus Christ became enlightened two thousand years ago yet most of us are not enlightened.

If I become enlightened the Igbos I see will still not be enlightened; they may be in their current dark status (ego is darkness, Christ is light) during the next ten thousand years and not see the obvious, our oneness, sameness and equality.

If I am enlightened to our oneness I become a teacher of God telling Igbos and people in general to love and respect all people, but I cannot change them.

Each person will change when he wants to change (indeed, he has already written the script and placed in it when he is going to experience his real self and become enlightened).

In the meantime, all people, despite their negative behaviors, remain the innocent children of God, for all they are doing is having nightmarish dreams in which they seem separated from each other and consider people not the same and coequal; they will continue to be in fear and hell until they individually become saved by accepting our oneness.

I will become a passive dream figure in their dream of separation; that is, I will not join them in their desire for war with each other but merely keep telling them that the right thing to do is to love each other.

More importantly, I will practice what I preach: love all people (forgiveness is a means to getting to love; what is crucial is love for one's self and for people).


It is extremely difficult for our human minds to accept that the day world we see with our physical eyes does not exist. Everything in the world is designed to make us believe that the world exists independent of our minds. We see causal factors out there seeming to produce the effects we see in the world.

It is equally extremely difficult for us to accept that our minds produce the world we see and that we are collectively and individually responsible for the world we see. We would rather see ourselves as victims produced and determined by the external world.

I eat food and feel stomach upset and attribute the upset to the food I ate. I see cause and effect and thus believe that the external world distressed my stomach; it is difficult for me to accept that there is no external food and no stomach it causes distress and that all that exists is my mind.

Yet we are asked to accept that only mind exists. It is difficult to accept this idea, so we resist accepting it.  In all of human history only a few persons have accepted this thesis and behaved accordingly.

If you accept it then you know that the world is your dream and forgive all that people did to you; you overlook peoples good or bad behaviors because you know that what they did was done in dreams and what was done in dreams have not been done, in fact.

You, thus, see people's essence as innocent regardless of what you see them do on planet earth.  If you adopt this view you would no longer have anger towards any one, and you would not fear what other people could do to harm you for they can only harm your dream self, a false self; you know that your real self is part of eternal unified spirit.

Obviously, other people can harm your body, even destroy it, but they cannot do so without your permission; you projected them out in a dream and therefore made them harm your dream body; nothing a son of God does not want to experience can ever happen to him.

Talking about eternal unified spirit, as I am typing this essay I am listening to Handel's music, Zadok the priest. Instantly, I knew that I have been Handel in a past life time and that that accounts for my love of his spiritual music (his music puts me in a state of bliss...I practically have all his compositions). I also realized that I have been a king and have been sang to and worshipped by people (this accounts for my regal demeanor; I tend to expect all people to obey me and if you do not I wonder who the hell that you think that you are). I also knew that I have lived in a more civilized society than where I was born, Alaigbo and that accounts for me seeing Igbos as totally primitive; I have seen them as primitive since I was a child; I wanted to get out of their world and did so after secondary school and have never had any desire to return to it (though nominally Igbo I do not identify with Igbos or with blacks but with human beings in general).

We are part of eternal unified spirit; while in unified spirit we sleep and dream; we have had many dream times in a dream place we call planet earth. In those dreams we have existed as different persons.

Is reincarnation true? Of course it is true provided that you understand that we only reincarnate in dreams; our true self, the son of God is not born in body nor does he die to reincarnate; we are merely having dream reincarnations.

These ideas are difficult to accept but you must accept them if you are going to be saved from your identification with the ego separated self.

Listen, if these ideas do not make sense to you yet then let them be and move on with whatever makes sense to you (the Holy Spirit in you have accepted them for you and when you are ready for them he will give them to you).

I was agnostic and did not find ideas on God reasonable. Each of us must accept only what he wants to accept until he is ready for higher thoughts.


It is not for me to change other people; it is for me to learn from their screwed up behaviors; it is not for me to change the ugly external world but to learn from it and change my behaviors.

When I am enlightened I am now like a lit lamp placed on a hill showing people living in darkness, in the world, my light; showing people, by example, how to behave but not behaving for them.

If I change my mind, that is, if I change my thinking, know that my mind sought separation from the whole, God hence produced this world and my problems and now accept union with God and all his creation I heal my mind.

When my mind, thinking is healed by returning it to union, thinking unified thoughts, my body would no longer be sick and disturb my peace.

(In the past I used to think that my body made itself sick, but now I know that my wish for separation is the sickness and that that wish produced disturbances in my stomach and body in general and disturbed my peace. A healed mind produces a healed body.)

Post Script:

Some of the ideas in this essay were derived from A course in miracles, Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism. In the end they are my ideas on the nature of reality; I take total responsibility for what I think, say and do.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 4, 2017

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