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The Olympics And China’s Rise To World Power

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Take a look at the medals count at the 2012 London Olympics. What do you see? You see China with the largest number of medals. Now take a look at the Olympics of yesteryears, say, in the 1990s. What do you see? You see the USA with the largest medals. Now go back further and what do you see? You see the USSR and USA battling it out for the largest medals. Today the USA is second to China. Russia is nowhere to be seen. Germany, France and Britain, yesteryears world powers, are way back. So what do you think is happening?

What is happening before our very eyes is the reshuffling of world power. Economic power goes with power in other areas, including sports, military and culture.

It is predicted by the leading economists that by 2015, three years from now, China would be the number one world economy; she is now number two.

China is already flexing her muscles in the military sphere by building aircraft carrying ships, sending men into space and planning to land on the moon. Give or take, in two decades China would overshadow the USA.

This is how history moves on; world powers come and world powers go. Americans only recently did not think that any other people would supersede them; they were living in the delusion of American exceptionalism, the delusion that history would stop with them and they would be the only empire that did not fall. Poor devils!

Where are Sumer, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Spain, Portugal, France, Britain and Russia, the previous world powers? They are now in the garbage heap of history.

America is soon to join the" have been world powers" as China rises to the top. The immediate world would be dominated by China, Brazil (and the second tier powers would be USA, Japan, India, Germany and Russia).

So where are African countries in this picture? Take a look at the medal count? South Africa has some medals. How about the noise making Nigeria?

Nigeria, a country of 150 million persons cannot even win one medal, not even one bronze! Nigeria is found in the corner of talkers ("Nba Onus"), not doers. Nigerians are always lost in action but when it comes to boasting about how great they are you find them ("iban nba" is their specialty).

The International Olympic Committee ought to add a competition on who is the most able to steal people, and thus give Nigeria the opportunity to win over everyone else!

Economic power comes with power in other spheres of living and China is increasingly proving that axiom to be true. Let us hope that somewhere in the future real leaders, not thieves, would rise to power in Nigeria and actually resolve to train their people so that they can win some Olympic medals and other international competitions (such as secondary school kids' competitions in the sciences and mathematics...where, so far, Nigeria and Africa is missing in action and Asians dominate!).

Ozodi Osuji

July 31, 2012


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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

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