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The Olympic Games And Nigeria’s Greatness

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Nigeria likes to tell the world that it has 150 million people, the most populous nation in Africa and the wealthiest country in Africa. The idea is to say that Nigeria is a very important country, a country to be reckoned with by other countries. Nigeria is the giant of Africa and any one who wants to talk about Africa must talk about Nigeria.

But here comes the Olympic Games and the giant of Africa did not even win one single medal, not even a little bronze medal (South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Botswana won medals).

Why didn't it win some medals? It is because the Giant of Africa is not into the game of competition; apparently, its rulers shared the number of people who are going to go to London proportionately, that is, according to the ethnic make up of the country, as it does most things. Having selected a bunch of non-competitive athletes it sent them to London on vacation, not to compete, mind you, but to go and have jamboree at the expense of the national treasury (why not, the leaders of the country after all are having jamboree paid for by the national treasury and doing nothing for the country).

In a normal country given the abysmal performance of the Nigerian Olympic team the minister of sports...that is correct, they have a minister of sports and minister for every thing; including minister of how to use the toilet; the USA has about fifteen secretaries/departments and Nigeria has may be forty...would resign in shame. But instead of shame the minister would laugh broadly, from ear to ear as if he had just accomplished a great deal by merely going to London with his team of do-nothing pseudo athletes.

And if he did not voluntarily resign, one could see the political leadership of a normal country feeling humiliated by the dreadful performance of the team and sacking every person involved with sports in the country and selecting a different leadership for sports in the country and tasking them to win medals during the next Olympic Games.

Nigeria would not do that; we are talking about a country where everything is upside down. Nigeria's idea of normalcy is what other people call insanity!

One reason why the political leadership of the country would not make the sports sector competitive is because to do so would require making all sectors of the economy competitive; that is, allowing merit to determine who gets what job in the country.

Can you imagine Nigerian education made competitive and students learning something at schools so that they participate in International Scholars Olympics and emerge as outstanding students in the sciences and mathematics? Of course not. All we have to go by is the word of mouth that Nigerians are geniuses as long as they do not have to demonstrate their knowledge in actual performance!

In Nigeria the dumber you are the more you are likely to be given a job. Nigeria is a country from hell, literally.

You see, Nigeria has oil money and folks have fun with that money; they do not have to work to earn it but just have to vie for the opportunity to be one of those who spend it.

The Olympics shows what Nigeria is, a failure. Her educational institutions are not really educational institutions. The country's primary and secondary schools produce graduates who cannot write in complete sentences; the universities admit students' not on merit and pass them on not on merit but on political correctness. The political big wigs (political garbage, really) want so many people to move along and they are moved along and in four years they are said to graduate. Many of the so-called university graduates can not write a letter in Standard English yet they are said to be University graduates, Nigerian style.

More importantly, Nigeria wants these semi- illiterates to compete with the rest of the world. Of course she does not want them to compete in any thing; she wants the rest of the world to see her graduates as educated without them actually demonstrating that education in performance! The rest of the world must make exception for Nigeria and define things differently when Nigeria is involved.

Why make exceptions for Nigerians? It is because Nigerians are Africans and exceptions must be made for Africans; they must not be evaluated as we normally judge other people, by merit; we must not judge Nigerians by what they do but because of being who they are: human beings. By just showing up and being people Nigerians hope to win universal applause!

In politics Nigeria's supposed leaders are there to share the oil revenue coming to them. They are not there to generate revenue from other sectors of the economy; they must put all their eggs in one basket, oil and when that oil runs dry the country falls and the people suffer (what are Africans meant for but to suffer, suffering brought unto them by them).

Nigerians leaders are very important persons, VIPs by virtue of occupying the political offices they rigged themselves into; they are not important because of what they do for the people.

The question is this: are Nigerians human beings as we know them or are they a different breed of human beings? This is really a question that we must at this juncture address.

After fifty two years of independence it is now obvious that Nigerians cannot govern themselves correctly and cannot do anything well, so, should we see Nigerians as we see other people?

Nigerians are talkers and not doers. They are thieves' not honest people. They are a good for nothing people.

Of course, Nigerians do not want us to say these ugly facts about them; instead, they want us to look the other way and pretend that they are like the rest of the world.

Let me put it as it is: Nigerians are colossal nothing; they are a heap of rubbish and the sooner we told them this ugly fact about themselves the better for them to wake up and smell the coffee.

If you want a thief have a Nigerian around you; if you want a person who wants to be important without doing anything to earn it have a Nigerian around you. On the other hand, if you want someone who would earn importance do not have a Nigerian around you.

Nigeria's pseudo intellectuals give us excuses why they are unable to do anything right; they blame it all on their former colonial masters (except that nobody is listening to their infernal excuses making any more; Asians were ruled by Europeans and given independence around the same time Africans were given independence and today their economies are almost at the same level as those of Europeans).

Alternatively, Nigerians would blame their shiftlessness on the tribes currently in power. Igbos would blame it on Hausas and Yorubas and in so doing fancy themselves giants (giants who cannot even win one bronze medal at the Olympics).

These people are a heap of rubbish and it is time we acknowledged this reality and stopped rationalizing their failures.

I tried my best to be of help to these shiftless people, failed and have given up.

Being away from these folks for a while has finally taught me that my seven years of writing extended pieces has not changed any Nigerian's views on anything.

I had read what some Nigerians wrote and thought that they were either uneducated or primitive and set out to try to educate them and get them to change their views. But none of the members of the groups where I posted my essays appear to have changed; if anything, they now seem more degenerate than before. In other words I did not make any impact on any of them.

I had the illusion that I could change people. But now that illusion is disabused. People are who they are by their genetic make up and early cultural upbringing. Once they are adults you cannot change them. To want to change them is based on ignorance. The truth is that you cannot change people.

Indeed, it is even doubtful whether one can change ones self. In this light one must therefore desist from any further efforts to change Nigerians. One must leave folks to live as they see fit and not worry about them.

The only thing Nigerians know how to do best is insult each other. When you try to help them they come at you with their insulting language (usually written in bad English).

In their underdeveloped minds they seem to believe that if they called you put down names that you would either go away or accept their infantile epithets. They are so deluded in their grandiose self assessment that many of them actually believe that if they called you a negative name that you would accept such names (and this is coming from folks who on the average are mentally retarded). The Nigerian name calling squad is mostly warped and stunted in their mental development.

I must, however, say that from my relationship with them, I have learned certain lessons about them. In particular I have clarified my view of Igbos. Hitherto, I had the illusion that they are different from other Nigerians, are even special and smart but now I know better.

These people are not going to make any contributions to mankind's evolution to higher states; therefore one has no business concerning one's self with their issues. One must leave them alone. And move away from them.

Ozodi Osuji

August 11, 2012


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