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Dealing with women's vanity

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Ozodi Osuji


My general observation shows me that what is called normal persons, men and women tend to like their bodies; in fact, they see their bodies as big deals. Because they like their bodies' men can then see their women's bodies as gorgeous and praise them and do so honestly.

It is those people who hate their bodies and seek mentally constructed ideal bodies that cannot get themselves to call their partners' bodies beautiful hence create havoc in their homes. Since women want to be praised as having beautiful bodies', husbands who do not praise their wives beautiful bodies do not have peace in their homes.

Worse, if self-hating hence women hating men criticize their women for not having ideal bodies and egos they really create disharmony in their homes. To criticize a woman is to commit a crime that she cannot forgive.

You must always praise women's bodies.

Actually, if you want to control women praise their bodies, even if you do so deceptively; they will fall for your praise of their bodies, praise of nothingness.


The human body is composed of 64 of the 94 naturally occurring elements; the human body is mainly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, phosphor, sulfur and so on. Those elements are composed of particles, mainly electrons, protons and neutrons. Those particles are composed of quarks and ultimately of photons, light.

Thus, even though dead and rotting human bodies smell like shit and feces they are disguised physical light. Physical light came from spiritual light. Thus, ultimately, the human body is spiritual light disguised as flesh.

If physical light came from spiritual light it follows that the human body actually is spiritual light disguised as physical light. The human body is spirit disguised as matter (body is light energy transformed to matter). Bodies in effect are disguised spiritual beings; bodies are disguised sons of God, and disguised God.

By the same token egos are disguised sons of God. It is the sons of God that sleep and dream; in their dreams they project themselves into bodies and separated ego selves.

Thus, ultimately egos and bodies belong to the sons of God; egos and bodies are masked and disguised sons of God.

As sons of God, egos and bodies have total worth. Thus, one must have total respect for people even though when you look at their bodies only you are tempted to see them as not important.

It is necessary to do all this understanding and philosophizing because when you see dead and rotting bodies you can be tempted to see people as nothing. If you confront a rotting human body it is awful; the smell is shit like.

I can see how a person can develop lack of respect for bodes and use people for one's power goals and then discard them as rubbish.

It is therefore critical for us to understand that behind the nothingness of the human body is the son of God that has ultimate worth; hence we must respect people despite their bodies' nothingness.


Science tells us that a bunch of chemicals mix in our bodies to produce our bodies, our brains and our consciousness. To science mere body produced the human capacity for thinking and consciousness.

In the light of science, human consciousness was produced by body and at some point that consciousness recognizes that its body habitat is not important and feels inferior in body.

Since consciousness must live in body it must make that body seem important in its eyes hence it embarks on a mission to make its body seem important and wants you to recognize its body as important hence vanity.

Man, women, children and animals do seek importance (if you do not treat your dog nicely it will be angry at you; it might even bite you and or leave you).

Science has a point; none of us has seen spirits.

Be that as it may, I prefer to say that a son of God that has total worth and magnificence is the one seeking worth in body; that son of God left spirit and manifested in body, to experience the opposite of spiritual worth. While in body it cannot tolerate not having worth so it embarks on seeking worth in body.


If you have ever lived closely with a woman, say, with a girl friend or wife you would have learned that women are very vain. They spend enormous time in the bathroom putting on their make ups and or in the bedroom dressing up. You have to wait until they are done primping themselves up before they are ready to go out with you.  As you watch these things go on day in and day out you ask: why do they do it? Folks have a simple explanation: vanity.  Okay. But why are they vain?  Here is what is going on with women.


Women, like men, are spiritual beings. When a spirit manifests in body it feels not good enough, inadequate. Spirit sees the human body as not important, as nothing.

Spirit wants to live in body. Since spirit outside body feels important it has to make its new abode, body, seem important in its eyes.

Spirit wants to live in that which has absolutely no value, the human body, so, it must make its body seem important in its eyes and in other person's eyes. Thus, spirit embarks on a mission of trying to make its body, nothingness, seem important in its eyes and in other people's eyes.

As it sees it, if it is going to live in nothingness, body, it might as well make that nothingness seem like something important.

If your body is not important why bother living in it, spirit asks?  Thus, human beings, spirits, value their bodies.

Men do value their bodies but value their egos more than their bodies (the ego is the self that identify with body and separated self; the real self is not in body).

Women tend to identify with their bodies and want you to see their bodies as important.  A woman values her body and wants you, the boyfriend or husband, to value that body (if you do not she would go to other men and or have lesbian relationships; she will go to those who value her body; if she feels that her dog values her body more than men and women do she would prefer to have sex with her dog than with people; that is how much women want their bodies valued).

If you do not value a woman's body and make her feel valuable in her body she feels angry at you; a woman wants you to tell her in words or deeds twenty-four seven that her body is important to you; if you do anything that makes her suspect that you do not value her body she feels attacked by you; her vanity is pricked.

A woman will kill you if she feels that you do not value her body; she will leave you, boyfriend or husband if she feels that you do not value her body, especially if you do not value her vagina and tell her that it is great and tell her that having sex with her is great (lesbians leave each other when their partners no longer value their vaginas and their bodies).

What all these mean is that a woman is spirit; as spirit she has total worth; currently, she has left spirit state and now lives in body state and in body feels like she is worthless.

She is now trying to make her body have as much worth as her spirit self has; hence she does what makes her body seem important.

A woman struggles to make her bodily self-seem important in her eyes and in other people's eyes. She normally does all these struggles quietly; she just dresses up well and wants you to recognize her beauty; she makes her hair look nice and wants you to tell her that it looks nice (if you do not notice her changed hair style she would not forgive you).

Women quietly seek worth in body whereas men seek worth in egoism; if you do not respect men's egos they can go to war with you and enjoy killing you for demeaning them.


If you want to harmoniously live with a woman you must continually acknowledge her worth; you must constantly give her the feedback that in body she has total worth; you must respect her body and ego.

Even if you find the vagina filthy you must give the woman in your life the impression that her vagina is the most important thing in your life (that is how she wants you to see it).

If you disrespect a woman she will withhold her love for you and ultimately will not want to have sex with you; you must admire her and she must feel that you like her body for her to feel sexual towards you. If you ignore a woman she literally cannot make her vagina become wet enough to have sex with you.

A woman must feel admired and desired by a man (or woman) to have sex with him (or her). Disrespect her and she leaves you (she may even go get a boyfriend and have you killed for devaluing her).

If you are the spiritual kind and know that body has no worth and that only spirit has worth then leave women alone and live without them. From afar value the spirit in them and ignore their bodies. But if you want to live up close with women you must value their bodies.


As one sees one's self one sees other people.

In our human relationships we relate to other people as we first relate to ourselves. Most relationships are projections, or should I say that one is mostly relating to one's self when one thinks that one is relating to other persons.

I see my body as literally shit, as feces; I see my body as worthless and reject it. Having rejected it I want to have a different body; I want an idealized body, a body that is not what we normally see in human form; I want a body made of pure light. Ultimately, I do not want to live in body for to me body is shit. (All these are symbolic of my highly advanced state; I am on the return journey to God whereas normal persons are still on the separating journey from God.)

As I see me I see other persons; I see other people's bodies as shit and reject their bodies. I see other people's bodies as not important; I want to change their bodies to bodies of light forms and ultimately, I do not want people to live in bodies but to live in formless spirit.

My desire to live in formless spirit means that I hate my body; the desire to live as in light form also means that I hate my body. That is, I have, in my evolution on earth, reached a point where I know that the world is nothing and that I should not value the world but I did not know this fact hence made a mess in my relating to women.

Having hated my body and hated all people's bodies, when I relate to people I do not respect their bodies. I could care less about the bodies of those around me. I want them to have light bodies or bodiless selves.  I do not ever say to people that they have beautiful and handsome bodies for, to me, bodies are literally shit, and shit cannot be gorgeous.

In relating to women my approach to body creates havoc.  Women want you to admire their bodies and see them as gorgeous. Since I see my body and their bodies as shit it follows that I do not tell them what they want me to tell them. They therefore do not like me.

Because I do not admire their bodies, women avoid my presence.

To have successful relationship with women one must love, respect and value their bodies.  You must tell your girlfriend or wife that she is gorgeous if you want her to like you.

May God protect you if tell a woman that she is ugly, even if she is objectively the most ugly woman on planet earth. You must tell ugly women lies to the effect that they are beautiful.

In our world black women's bodies are not valued and respected by white society; it is white women's bodies that are admired by white society; therefore, black women try to make their bodies and hair look white. They want you to admire and respect their black bodies; if you do not admire and respect their black bodies they will hate you with vengeance.

The trick is to understand that women identify with body and ego and give them what they want: love and respect for their bodies and egos while keeping to yourself your distaste for bodies.

Respect the spirit in women and go along with their egos and bodies and appear to respect their bodies.

Under no circumstances should you ever tell a woman that you do not like and respect her body.

Ozodi Osuji

January 1, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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