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Sunday, 16 October 2011 01:18

The Truth About The Holy Grail

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According to testimonies, the Talmudic tradition, and A.C Celsius, an encyclopaedist, there was a Jesus ben Panthera between (100 – 50 BCE.) He was the son of a Roman soldier and a Jewish prostitute. He claimed to have been a miracle worker and briefly plied his trade in Judea. He may have been stoned to death for impersonating Horus, the ‘Divine One,’ and claiming to be his reincarnation, when everyone knew his family background. The Talmudic tradition’s vague memory is not identifiable with the Gospel figure. It emphasizes that “the Christian religion partially modeled their Jesus of Nazareth (that ought…
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 02:52

Faith is just that … Faith!

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It is funny how a definition that shocked me into its truth has become my primary defense today. We had an assignment to sort out the needs of a business that was struggling to re-invent itself. We needed to write a short description of the business. My team mate blurted out out "it is a faith-based book distribution venture ...". As a pastor, I felt somewhat shocked and honestly insulted by the way that he had reduced this big and monstrous, ageless outlet of Christian literature with so little verbiage. But honestly, when you look at it critically, this is…
The extent and diversity of the forms taken by the resurgence of Islamic fundamentalism, which has marked the beginning of the last quarter of the twentieth century, preclude any hasty, generalized conjectures about it. It would be totally mistaken to equate the Catholicism of the Polish workers with that of Franco's reaction, though this should not make us overlook the common features of the agrarian histories of Spain and Poland or the political and ideological content that their respective forms of Catholicism share. Boko Haram leaderIt is not surprising that the Boko Haram question is fast gaining space in Nigeria.…