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What is the meaning of salvation?

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

You probably hear Christians band the term salvation around and ask: what is salvation? The terms salvation, deliverance and redemption and healing mean the same thing, so, if we understand one we have understood the others.

Very few Christians who talk about salvation actually know what they are talking about! Let me, therefore, talk a bit on salvation.

To be saved is to understand ones current sense of separated self, the ego and voluntarily decide to let it go and no longer have it; to be saved is to completely let go of ones ego and think and behave from a different self, a holistic self, a self that is not a separated self, a self that Christians call the Christ self or in time a self-guided by the Holy Spirit.

In eternity, aka heaven there is unified spirit self; heaven is composed of the union of God and his infinite sons; they literally share one self and one mind; where God ends and his son and sons begin is nowhere; they are in each other; there is no space and time between them.

There is no matter in eternity, for matter is a means of seeming to separate the inseparable. Space and time are also means of separating the inseparable. Since God and his sons cannot be separated therefore the means of separating them, space, time and matter are illusions; they do not in fact exist but to those in the dream of separation, the dream of self-forgetfulness they seem real.

If you must visualize God, although he does not have an image, then visualize him as a coin. The head of that coin is God and the tail is the sons of God. Both of them, father and sons, share one coin. They are not separated from each other. In their state of union they are eternal, permanent and changeless.


Eternity remains unified. However, at a time that has not actually occurred, the sons of God wished to experience the opposite of their true self. Their true self is unified. They sought to experience separation from God and from each other. In truth they cannot separate from God or from each other. Unable to achieve their wishes, as it were, they cast a magical spell on their minds and seem to have gone to sleep and in their sleep dream that they are now separated from God and from each other. They invented space, time and matter and used those to make their dream of separation seem real to them.


If you like you can use the Big Bang hypothesis to explain the origin of the universe that we invented. Before the Big Bang the universe was unified. Then 13.8 billion years ago that which is unified seem to have separated from each other. The unified state invented space and seem to be expanding into that space; it invented time and matter and seem to have housed its now seeming separated selves in the matter it invented.

The universe invented light photons and used those to invent quarks and electrons; and used quarks to invent protons and neutrons; and housed protons and neutrons in nuclei and as the universe expands and cools down it had electrons circle nuclei and atoms were formed.

In time the cloud of helium and hydrogen atoms separated into clumps. Each clump of hydrogen was acted on by gravity; pressure and heat in its core made it fuse hydrogen to helium hence stars are born.

The original stars were very massive in size and did not live long before they exhausted their hydrogen supply and began fusing helium to other elements; when the fusing process reaches iron the star expanded in size and exploded in supernova.

The accompanying heat formed all the elements beyond iron (there are 92 naturally occurring elements in the universe; scientists have made about twenty or so new ones).

From the debris of exploded stars agglomerated medium sized stars and planets. The sun and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Plato; plus asteroids and comets) were formed four and half billion years ago.

On planet earth life forms emerged through the union of certain elements into amino acids, carbohydrates and fats. Single cells were formed. In time single cells joined to form multi-celled creatures.

Evolution continued from simple animals and plants until it reached human beings. In human beings the brain of animals can now be used to understand the universe and themselves. Here we are, thinking animals, animals that can understand themselves and the universe they live in.


As we separated from God and become separated selves living inside matter, human bodies, God and us could no longer communicate as we did in heaven. God created another self, the Holy Spirit and planted him into each of our minds.

Thus, whereas in eternity, heaven, there was (still is) literally one unified mind, in time, on earth we now have two parts to our minds; one part wants to seem separated from God and the other part wants us to remember our eternal union.

In our left mind is our ego mind, the mind that adapts to the exigencies of this world; in our right mind is the Holy Spirit, the part that remembers our union in heaven.

In our earthly minds are two possible ways of thinking and behaving: from the ego separated self, aka the ego self or from the Holy Spirit guided self, the right mind.

The ego tells you that you are separated from other people and all things and urges you to take care of yourself, to, perhaps, in conjunction with other people work for what is good for all people but if needs be for yourself only.

The Holy Spirit guided mind tells you that you and other people are in spirit unified, one, so you should do what is good for all people. Thus, on earth we have split minds: split between ego and Holy Spirit; we have conflicted minds.


To be saved is to accept the Holy Spirit, God in the temporal universe that is already in you, in your right mind, as who you are while you believe that you are on earth. To allow the Holy Spirit to guide you is to see all people as parts of your eternally unified self and you choose to love all people.

In eternity you always love all people for you are already in eternal union with them and union is love.

Since you forgot the nature of union, which is love, by behaving as if you are separated, now the Holy Spirit asks you to overlook what your ego rational self asks you to do and simply love people.

On earth to love people is to forgive the wrongs they seem to have done to you. To forgive is to overlook the wrongs done to you and ultimately to overlook the earth itself, to forget the reality of the dream of space, time and matter so as to remember the dreamless union of eternity.

If you choose to, having allowed the Holy Spirit to guide you, at some point you may choose not to see you as on earth, as not in separated realms and completely let go of the separated self that the Holy Spirit is guiding and return to the awareness of our unified self, the only self that is real, the self that is your real self.

Our true self is the union of the father and his sons, a self that is not in the world of space, time and matter; a self that is not in form/ body but is spirit.

God, be he the unified self or God the Holy Spirit is already in your mind; wherever you are God already is in you. You can choose which part of your mind that you are thinking or behaving from.

Salvation is not doing something new but merely undoing what we have already seemed to do; we seem to have done the ego so salvation means undoing the ego; salvation is letting go the ego self you invented to replace the unified self, your real self; When you undo the ego, let it go and no longer think or behave from it you are saved. To be saved is to no longer think and behave from the ego separated self but from the Holy Spirit; ultimately one then let go of the awareness that one is in body that lives in the world of bodies, on earth and regains the awareness of formless unified spirit self.


The experience of union with all is what Orientals call being enlightened to ones already there self, as part of God, the Atman who is one with Brahman. In the experience of union one knows that one is one with all being. In it one knows that one's real self is eternal and permanent; in it one knows that all people are connected to one and one experiences their eternal love. The experience of enlightenment is perfect peace and joy, bliss.

Our lives on earth is literally living in a dream; in the dream it all seems real; we see people do things in space, time and matter and they seem real. But it is not real. One can awaken from the dream and experience the unified formless self, one's real self.

Because the earth is literally a dream, are our individual and collective dreams, what we do in it have not been done. We remain as God created us: eternal and unified with him.

What we see people on earth do is actions in dreams. What is done in dreams have not been done in reality. Therefore, the Holy Spirit, the God in our dreaming minds, asks you to overlook the evils that people do to you so as to remember your love for them that is always there.

The Holy Spirit teaches forgiveness; that is, the overlooking of the evils of this world so as to reawaken to the partially dreaming state of gate of heaven, a place where while we still seem to be in forms we are now in purified forms; here our bodies are made of pure light photons.

The bodies in light forms are still fictional, not real for in truth we are not in body, dense or purified. But from that light bodies we can then give up the wishes for bodies and awaken to our bodiless selves in spirit.

Our true selves are the ideas of the parts in the idea of the whole called God. God and his sons are ideas in each other's mind; they are formless and are everywhere. There is nowhere that God is not. Wherever we are God is.

We go with God to wherever we think that we have gone. The separation journey is a journey to nowhere for we are always with the God that we think that we are separating from; the earth is a journey without distance for all places are in God.

(Quantum non-locality studies show that at sub particles level particle, entangled particles do not recognize space and time and respond to each other instantaneously.)


Two years ago, a Ghanaian friend, an attorney, called me and asked me to talk to his old Law school mate that he wants an opinion on. I asked him why he wants me to do so and he said that he has read some of my writings on mental health issues and wanted to know what I think of his old pal. He gave me his friend's phone number and before I could make up my mind he put me through to him.

Thus, I found myself talking to a strange man (called Dr. O). Thereafter, the man called me, sometimes several times every day and sometimes I called him.

He was always the one talking. I could not get a word through into his monologues. He talked on and on about his plans to rebuild King Solomon's Temple and Jerusalem, but this time builds it in his village (near Owerri, Nigeria); for he believes that his Igbo people are Jews and that the real Jerusalem is his village.

He said that he came to the world to continue the salvation work that Jesus began and that he is to supplant Jesus, for he is given more information than Jesus was; Jesus was his fore runner, he said.

He said that he is the promised savior of the world (Jesus had talked about someone coming after him to consolidate his teaching, which most Christians take to be the Holy Spirit). The man is very conversant with the bible and freely quoted from several parts of it to make his points.

His favorite quotes are from the Gospel of John chapter 14 where Jesus said that he is the way and that no one comes to the father except through him and that he and God are one.

In effect, the man is saying that no one comes to God without coming through him, Dr. O and that he and God are one self. He said that he is God manifested in the world at this time to establish a New Jerusalem with new men in it.

I asked him how he is going to get the money to accomplish what seemed to me grandiose tasks he set for himself. He said that he is going to win the lotto and have billions of dollars with which to carry out his projects. Indeed, he had already hired an architect who designed the new temple and city of David, Jerusalem for him.

The man was so sure that he was going to win the lotto (this is magical thinking) that he asked me to quit my day job and come be his secretary at where he lives, Washington DC; he said that he would dictate his message to the world and I write it down. He promised to pay me millions of dollars if I did so.

In the meantime, he had no money and lives in a woman's house, rent free. He told me that he is blind in both eyes and hopes that soon God (that is, his real self) would restore his sight.

After listening to him for about three months I called his lawyer friend and told him what I thought of him. The friend asked me to tell him what I think of him. I did; I told him that I believe that he has delusion disorder, grandiose type, and that he is what mental health professionals call the paranoid prophet.

The paranoid prophet believes that he is here to save the world and that only he can do so. I told him that seeing himself as the savior of the world gratifies his ego's desire to be the most powerful and knowledgeable person in the world.

He felt angry at me for telling him that he is crazy; he said that when he began his ministry, thirty years ago, that his family members felt that he is insane and, apparently, requested that he be evaluated by mental health professionals. Apparently, since he was not a danger to himself or to other people they did not commit him to a psychiatric hospital.

He told me that he is done with me and since then has not called me. On two occasions I called him to wish him a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

So, why did he not call me? It was because I hurt his pride, his vanity and his narcissism by seeing him as mentally ill. I told him that he is not god, which is what he wants to be seen as. I deflated his grandiose ego.

The man bears enormous grudges (and seeks vengeance and revenge) and does not forgive those who he believes humiliated and belittled his big ego self. He has not forgiven me since I told him that he is crazy.

The saviors of the world, such as Jesus, do not have egos, do not bear grudges and do forgive those who wronged them. On the other hand, this man is incapable of forgiving any one so he is not a savior; he is a plain religious egotist.

He is full of ego pride and therefore is not saved and, as such, cannot save anyone else. Mohammed was full of ego pride and bore grudge and as such was not a savior of the world. Jesus Christ forgave those who murdered his ego and body so he did not bear grudges; he remains mankind's only savior.


I made my perception of the failed savior known to him and did not worry about why, out of nowhere, his friend asked me to talk to him. Lately, thinking about him I now realize that the universe, through his friend, wanted me to encounter him for he is pretty much like me; he is me writ large; he is me projected out and I could learn from him about me.

I, too, want to save the world; I, too, retain my ego; I am egoistic and full of pride hence not a true savior of the world.

The man was presented to me for me to see clearly the folly of trying to change people while retaining my ego.

What are we being saved from? We are being saved from the ego sense of separation; until one has given up one's ego, given up the desire for separation one is not saved. If one is not saved one cannot save other people.

I am supposed to learn from him and let go of my ego and become saved. Every person one meets is there for one to learn from him to see one's self more clearly and heal one's self.

It is not for one to save other people but to save one's self. God shows one other people for one to learn from them about what one needs to do to become saved. In my case, it is to see that I am full of ego and pride and give it up and become a saved person.

Dr. O is deluded alright; however, that is not the point; the point is that the universe used him to show me that I am like him, full of myself, deluded.

To be deluded is to identify with the ego and have ego based pride. To be healed is to let go of the ego and its pride.

The insane people that I see out there (such as Dr. O and EJ) are deluded alright; I am not seeing them falsely; they are there for me to see delusion at work and learn from them and work on letting go of my own ego and pride and become healed.

It is not for me to heal them for I cannot heal them; I can only heal me. Salvation is for one; it is for one to become saved by letting go of ones ego and live from an egoless Christ self and model it for other people to copy from one.

When one is healed one projects sane persons out into ones dream and sees them in one's dream, in the people around one.

To be in the dream, to be on earth is to have denied our true self, unified self and identified with a false self. To identify with false selves is to be deluded; to be on earth is to be deluded.

Right now we all projected out deluded selves for each other and are waiting for someone to let go of his delusion and become a sane person and project out sane persons, hence save them because one is saved.


April 5, 2017

5: 20 AM

In this dream I went to a house to check out a room an old couple had advertised for rent. The man and his wife were in their living room and without getting up he pointed out the room to be rented. Before I could go inside it someone, outside the building, was knocking at the window to the living room. The old man told me that the knocker is a criminal; he went into another room and got out his ancient gun and gave it to me. I pointed the gun at the man outside and he went away. I left the building and was now in a large hallway and the bugler was now coming towards me with a gun pointing at me. I did not feel fear and instead brought out a gun and pointed it at him and he walked away. I went back into the renter's house and was about to enter the room for rent when the criminal, now a black man was again by the window with a gun pointing at us and asking us to open the door for him to enter and come and rob us. I got out the renter's old clunky gun and pointed it at him and asked him to go away. He went away. I finally entered the room for rent and it was sort of like a green-house. It was made of glass walls on three sides and folks could look into it and I recalled also walking through it so it is a thoroughfare passage way and I was wondering why I would rent a place where folks would look into my room and walk through it and I have no privacy and woke up.

The dream is my ego telling me that to live in our world where there are dangerous people that I need to be a strong ego and have guns to ward off criminals and that I cannot afford to let go of my ego and its vigilance if I wanted to survive in our dangerous world.

I reach this conclusion because before going to sleep I was thinking about finally letting go of my ego (as typed in the first part of this essay) and become saved from the ego. The old ego in me is trying to get me not to let go of it by reminding me that the world is a dangerous place.

I can interpret the dream from the ego perspective and keep my ego and be realistic to the egos world, and have guns to protect me.

Alternatively, I can interpret it from the Holy Spirit's perspective and let go of my ego.

Since the world (night or day world) is my dream if I let go of my ego I will not dream of criminals trying to harm me hence there is no need for fear and desire to protect me with guns.


Each human being at base is spirit but when he chooses to manifest in body the body he manifests in, which is his choice, influences how his spirit operates on earth; he is now, as it were, operating as a partial spirit and a partial body/animal; an ego separated self.

The individual looks at the world through the lenses of the body he is born in; his body affects his thinking and behaviors.

You cannot change other people's bodies and behaviors, their ego personalities for them; indeed, you cannot change your own body and behavior if you rely only on your rational ego thinking.

You hear people saying that if you change your thinking you change your behavior and life; that is not quite true; as long as you think from the ego you cannot change your behavior; it is only when you think from your right mind, the part of your mind directed by the Holy Spirit (the part that is in touch with your real self and God) that you can change your behavior.

What you can do is understand the nature of your body and the personality it disposed you to develop. If you understand your ego and body you can choose to continue behaving as your body and ego makes you do or choose to no longer identify with your ego and body and identify with a different part of you, the spiritual you, the part of you that is part of God, aka the son of God, the Christ, unified you.

The spiritual you have nothing to do with your body; you must completely not ask what is good for your body and ego if you want to behave from the spirit in you.

You know what your ego and body wants you to do to survive and you must deliberately ignore it and instead pay attention to your right mind, your higher self, the Holy Spirit in you.

That part of you always tells you to overlook what you see other people do to you, good or bad, for you asked them to do so for you, and they did so in your dream of separation and what they did in your dream has not been done.

You overlook their behaviors towards you; that is, you forgive it and in doing so love their real selves to love your own real self.

People, you included, have not done what you see them do on earth, good or bad, hence are always innocent and are the Holy sons of God. They are always in God, safe and while there they dream that they are on earth doing the seeming awful things we do to each other, things done in our dream of separation, a dream that has not occurred.

Your real self is one with other people's real selves, so if you love other people's real selves you have automatically loved your real self; if you hate your real self by identifying with the ego and doing what it asks you to do you have hated other people's real selves and your real self.


The ego is the concept one formulated on who one is; it is based on ones inherited body and how that body experienced itself in the temporal universe; it is a product of body and learning. It is conceptual and perceptual but now one defends it as if it is who one in fact is. It is not who one in fact is.

Who one in fact is, is not conceptual, is part of unified mind and unified self, is the holy son of God and his father.

If you defend the ego concept you block your awareness of your real self. When you stop defending the ego it dies but you do not die for you are not the ego; what happens is that you then experience your real self when you stop thinking that you are your ego and defend it.

Of course, you will still see you in body and perhaps defend body with food, medications, clothes and shelter but you do not have to defend the ego for the ego is a mental and social construct that does not exist and if defended it seems real but if not defended it disappears for it has never existed for a second.

What exists eternally is your eternal self, the spirit self. Do not equate your ego with your real spirit self, as the ego tells you to do.

The ego tells you that if you do not defend the ego that you would die. That is not true. The ego is merely your idea of who you think that you are, a separated self in body; the ego is a replacement self, a substitute self we used to mask our real self, the son of God; the ego is a false self, your false identity; if you do not defend the ego it disappears from your mental awareness and you experience your real self.

If you do not defend the ego you feel your mind empty and you feel light, peaceful and happy; if you defend the ego you feel heavy and unhappy.

The ego is literally an alien self that we planted on where our real self, unified, self is. We must let go of this foreign self in our minds to regain awareness of our true self.

Of course, body must be defended with food, medications, clothes and shelter to survive. But even that is a lie for if you experience your real self by not defending the ego you realize that you do not need your physical body to live; you see you in light body and, ultimately, experience you in nonphysical, formless self.


If you want to relate well to people do not analyze them with the yardstick of the ego for the ego is a made up self, a false mental construct and is not real; the ego and body is not who people are. Just relate to people as you see them, in bodies and ego, dream selves, knowing that they are imperfect in bodies and egos and that you are imperfect in body and ego.

Do not wait for people to become perfect before you relate to them. As long as people live in bodies they cannot be perfect, so relate to them without analysis.

The neurotic and psychotic analyze himself and other people using the impossible perfect standards of the false ego to do so.

No matter what you do, the ego cannot become perfect, for it does not exist and what does not exist cannot become perfect; you obsessive-compulsive analysis of the ego, yours and other peoples cannot make it perfect.

The son of God is spirit, and is formless; in spirit we are perfect and do not need analysis or judgment to be perfect, for we are always perfect in God, in spirit, in the state of unified self.

It is when you see you and people as bodies which are imperfect that you feel motivated to evaluate and judge them with imaginary ideal bodies and egos to make them perfect and you cannot succeed for body and ego are mere ideas given form in the dream of separation.


The basis of salvation (that is, the justification for forgiveness, for to be saved is to forgive) is the fact that you chose whatever has happened to you in the past, in the present and in the future; this includes what you call the good or bad that happen to you; there is no way that what you did not want to experience, good or bad, can happen to you.

If what you did not wish to experience happens to you then the world is not your dream, it is accidental, as science says that it is; if it is accidental then there is no justice in it and if there is no justice in it there is no God.

God can only exist if there is justice in the world and we experience only what we want to experience, albeit misguided wishes for self-punishment.

We believe that we separated from God hence have sinned and deserve punishment and then punish ourselves for our sin of separation; but we have not separated and have not sinned and are not to be punished.

The world is your individual and collective dream (you dream it with other people); you are the dreamer of everything happening to you.

If what happens to you is not your dream it follows that other people are dreaming for you; which is impossible in a just universe. In a just universe only what you wish can enter your dream, happen to you.

Your wishes and dreams are different from other people's wishes and dreams so do not worry about what happens to other people but worry about your own dream.

For example, you may see other people die at wars etc. That is their dream, their wishes. If you do not wish to be at war and die at war you will not be in a war situation.

The situation you find yourself in right now is your own dream, your choice. See it for what it is and know that you chose it.

For example, if you are black and see white folks discriminating against you know that it is a response to your wishes to be badly treated by your brothers; racism and discrimination is not what happens to you against your wishes.

What you now need to do is choose to dream differently, dream with forgiveness and love. Totally choose not to have other people discriminate against you and choose to forgive those who in the past you asked to discriminate against you; you forgive the wrongs done to you by racists and love the Christ in them.

If you love the Christ in all people you have loved the Christ in you. With your mind now parked in love you would no longer invite racists and discriminators into your life. You would attract into your life those not going to discriminate against you.

You would project non-discriminators out just as in the past you projected out discriminators, for all people, loving and discriminators are in your mind; you projected out the people to do to you what you want to experience, good or bad.


I see women placing expensive jewelry on their bodies, wearing beautiful clothes, decorating their bodies with perfumes, wearing mascara and wonder why they do it.

In time, I learned that they do it because they want to believe that as bodies they are beautiful. They adorn themselves in beautiful attire and look themselves in the mirror and tell themselves that they are beautiful (bodies). If they live in fancy houses and have expensive cars those add to their sense of self and social worth; they believe that they are somebody very important and then present themselves to other women and men and essentially ask them to treat them as very important persons.

God forgive you if you do not treat a woman as a very beautiful and important person. In my part of the world there is a saying that if you want a woman to like you that you must treat her as the queen of the world. In crude language, they say love and respect a woman and she would allow you to fuck her like a whore but if you do not first love and respect her that she would send you to prison for merely looking at her or touching her body. You get the idea.

Men do what women are doing but in a different way. Generally, men seek worth and attention through their jobs and social accomplishments. If a man went to the right schools, has college degrees, has a good job, has made money, has a big house and expensive cars and is considered well to do he feels kind of important.

Men seek importance and worth through their social accomplishments. If a man is socially accomplishing he expects you to see him as a very important person.

If you do not respect a socially accomplished man he feels his pride insulted and some of them may feel so angry at you that killing you would not be out of the question. Men want you to recognize their assumed worth and if you dare not do so you inflict injury to their narcissism and they react with narcissistic rage and get back at you in any which way they deem viable.

Men seek social importance and if you are rational you had better treat them as such or their vanity is affronted; men who feel their vanity attacked by you will do to you what you do not expect civilized folks to do.

If you are aware of the nature of human beings you try to be on their good sides. This is what I do. From early childhood, I recognized that the human body and ego amounts to nothing (our bodies will die, rot and smell like shit so they do not have intrinsic worth; our egos are social and individual constructs that do not exist apart from the minds that constructed them); therefore, I do not take egos and bodies seriously; I see them as nothing.

Nevertheless, I know enough about human ego nature to realize that people want to be respected. However, since I do not value their bodies and egos what I do is overlook their bodies and egos and simply love what I call their real selves, which I sensed are spirit.

Thus, I would see a girl bedecked in fineries or men dressed in expensive clothes and overlook their bodies and behaviors and simply love their real selves.

I overlook people's ego personalities and their social dances to get worth and love the spirit in them (what Christians call the son of God or Christ in them).

As long as I treat people with love I got along with them. Occasionally, I forget who people are and do not respect their bodies, egos as well as their essences and they feel angry at me and come at me with their rusted swords, attacking wherever they think that I am. Many attack to kill me (that is, destroy my body and ego). I hide in plain sight and they cannot harm me.


On earth, in the dream of separation we identify as egos; as egos we feel incomplete and seek completion by seeking other people's attention and admiration.

Egos are not who we are so no amount of attention and admiration of our egos by other people would make us feel complete.

We can only feel complete when we let go of the ego and return to the awareness of our unified self. In the unified self we are already one with all people and therefore do not need to seek their attention.

Having said this, please note that as long as people deny their unified selves and see themselves as separated egos they must seek other people's attention and admiration. That brings us to Americans, the attention seeking, narcissistic egos.


In America I quickly recognized that white folks want black folks to see them as big deals. But given my awareness that they, like all human beings, are bodies that will die and rot and further awareness that they are egos that are mere social constructs and as such are not real I smile at their dance for worth.

I have uncanny understanding of the American character. White Americans are essentially cowards; they are driven by fear of harm and death and do not criticize the rotten society they live in, for to do so is to incur its wrath.

Their society oppresses them more than most other societies oppress their people. They are given abundant food and material comfort and told not to say anything negative about the satanic premise of their government (that says do not care for other people, care only for you) and they pretend that all is well in their slave plantation.

These days their mental health and physical health experts teach them to search and see something wrong with either their minds and or bodies and dwell on those and see themselves as in need of mental and or physical health experts to heal them.

Thus, the typical white American is convinced that he or she has some kind of mental or physical disease and struggles to heal it and pays allegiance to those he believes would heal him, mental and or physical doctors.

In seeking mental and bodily healing he forgets paying attention to his real problem: his unnatural and oppressive government.

Until Americans develop some spine and work to change their government, transform it to a social democracy with mixed capitalist and socialist economy, an economy that provides all people with publicly paid health insurance and pays the school fees of all young people through university and technical colleges they are going nowhere.

All that contemporary Americans are doing is escaping from their real problem, the need to restructure their Satanic view of human beings and start seeing people as the children of God to be cared for and loved.

We have to save white Americans from their uncaring behaviors and teach them that we are all our brothers keepers; we all must affirmatively answer the question that Caine posed to his conscience, God, as to whether, he, human beings are their brothers keepers.

Yes we are our brothers' keepers; self-centered behavior is a sickness, an evil that must be purged from people's behavior repertoire.

We have only one problem, our belief that we are separated from our unified self, God; there is only one solution to that problem, return to union with God and all selves. When we jettison separation and embrace union with all our mental and physical issues are healed.


Every thought system throws up critical looks at it. The idea that nothing can happen to one without ones desire to experience it generates the question: how about other people; as we talk there are people who are killing people at wars all over the world; in the middle east some persons are using gas to kill civilians, children included.

Did those that President Assad gassed to death choose it? Yes, they did. That been said, it is evil for one to simply say that those killed wished to die and one does nothing about it.

If one sees a child being raped, tortured and eventually killed and one walks away and does not do anything about it one is complicit in the child's abuse and death.

If one tells one's self that the child wants to be abused and killed by the killer that is a lame excuse for not stopping the abuse and killing; such an attitude is self-centered.

The right thing to do is to intervene and remove the rapist, torturer and killer. It is not enough to say that those been harmed asked for it.

In our world if you see what seems to you harmful behavior, behavior that harms people it is incumbent on you to intervene and stop it and if you are unable to stop it you mobilize public effort to stop it.

If there is a war going on out there and you believe it unjust and you do nothing about it and only tell you that the parties at it are doing what they want to do, which is true, you are derelict in your duty to make our world a loving place; it is for you to do whatever you can to stop abuses in this world, albeit that the abuses are taking place in dreams; we deserve a happy not nightmarish dream.

You do not ask for whom the bell tolls but know that it tolls for you, so intervene and do what you can to stop wars and bring about good governance in our world.

The world is our collective dream; whether you like it or not other people's dreams segue into your dream just as your dream segues into other people dreams; we all affect each other; you affect other people and other people affect you; so, you must do what you can to make sure that other people's dreams are peaceful not violent.

It is true that some people are at a lower level of evolution and thus find it easy to kill and be killed and that some people are at a higher level of evolution and do not get involved in anti-social behaviors.

Given human freedom to do good or bad and the fact that some people choose to do evil, and that is allowed, so we must have governments and use force to go after harmful people, capture them and imprison them, even kill them if that needs to be done (if they are killed the killing is done in dreams and in fact no one is actually killed).


To be saved is to realize that you are one with all people and with the spiritual universe; it means only doing what affirms your oneness with all people.

God is all people; God is the whole of existence, so by loving all people you love God. If you are saved you must love all people with no exception at all.

There is no such thing as partial love or partial salvation; you must see yourself as part of all people and love them all; if you hate any one you are not saved.

Dr. O is a recluse; he escaped from the world and took refuge in praying and trying to figure out a way to save all people. In the meantime, he abandoned work and did not make money to support his children or find a way to help humanity in the here and now imperfect world.

Those who help people do so in the imperfect world they live in; they do not wait until they figured out a way to be godlike so that they can completely change people.

If you wait for the opportunity to perfectly save people you are going to wait forever. In the here and now world, the fact is that you are imperfect and all you need to do is use your imperfect self and imperfect knowledge to help as many imperfect people as is possible. This is the lesson that I learned from Dr. O.

I use my incomplete knowledge (all ego based knowledge is perceptual hence incomplete) to help incomplete people; I do not wait until I have complete knowledge before I can help them.

I share with people my little insights, knowing that they are not perfect knowledge. Perfection, they say, is the enemy of the good.

The ego is not a person but an opinion of who one thinks that one is. One's true self is the son of God, also an idea; the idea of being part of a whole that is beholden to the whole, God, but the ego is a concept that one is separated from the whole, God.

Ego is the concept of separated self. If you accept the idea of separated self that self is made into an image that says that it is your body and it is placed in your mind and used to replace your real self; it takes hold on your mind and stays there; it gives your mind conflict and splits it off from your real self.

If you see yourself as a separated self you must defend it and in defending it, it comes to seem real to you. But if you see it as not who you are and do not defend it , it disappears from your mind and your mind feels unoccupied, empty, peaceful and happy, for your real self is part of the whole self, God which is spiritual light and does not give you a sense of mass and weight.

When you give up the ego and think and behave from the Holy Spirit you do not have to defend that self for it is real and part of all selves; only the false self must be defended to seem real to one.

If you give up the ego you are still in the world and still work but now you work lightly for you do not take the ego seriously; you see the ego as mere means of living in this world.

To be saved is to give up defending the ego and see one's self as part of the whole self, God and see your life as beholden to God; you are not defensive; you are calm and peaceful and happy; you occasionally experience eternity, a sense of timelessness and know that your real self-lives forever and ever and you have no fear of death.

If the self-concept is only that, conceptual, ideas in your head it follows that you can change those ideas and have a different self-concept.

If the self-concept is determined by behavior one can always learn different behaviors and therefore change ones self-concept.

In truth, the self-concept and behavior are influenced by the individual's inherited body; because the self-concept and behavior are affected by biology people cannot completely change their self-concepts and behaviors.

However, people can choose to completely let go of their self-concepts and identification with body and experience a different self, the unified self that is not bodily and conceptual. The real self is not conceptual and is not rooted in body; it is formless, eternal, permanent and changeless.

PS: Some of the ideas in this essay are taken from Helen Schucman's book, A course in miracles.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 9, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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