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To live in ego is to live in hell

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IN live as an ego is to live in hell, a luxury that a rational person cannot afford

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

To live in the ego is literally to live in hell, a painful hell, a hell of one's own making; no one else did this thing to one but one!

It is one who sentenced one's self to the prison of the ego. If one did it to one, the question is this: why don't people understand that to live in the ego is to in jail and hell, why do they struggle to be in ego hell?

The answer is that it is because they created the ego; the ego is their handiwork and they are very proud of it.

People are proud of what they made and don't want to give it up. We made our egos and are proud of it even though it gives us loads of psychological pain.


Upon birth on earth the human child has no ego, aka self-concept. The human child came into the world with a different self, a formless self that has the capacity to learn about the things of this world. That different self has no name but we can call it life force, son of God, or simply consciousness.

The child uses his experience in his body and society, especially his family, peers and other significant others to form his ego self-concept, his separated self-concept.

By age six the ego self-concept has been constructed by each human child using how he experienced his inherited body and society in doing so.

When it is constructed the child now sees the ego as who he is; the child forgets the self he came to the world with and now sees his self as the ego self.

Since the ego is a response to life in in body and body is vulnerable and fragile and will die the child feels that the death of his body is the death of his ego; he now fears death.

The child is not the ego so nothing could be farther from the truth than the belief that the death of body and ego is the death of the life in the child.

There is another self, the life in him, his real self that manifested in body and society and use those to invent his ego; his ego is not who he is but now he thinks that it is who he is. He can let go of his ego and not live from any kind of ego, normal, neurotic or psychotic and live for as long as people live on earth.

One simply does not have to live from the ego while one is on earth. You can let go of your identification with the ego, right now, have no ego and still live.

If you let the ego go you do what each situation you enter presents to you and you do it quite well; in fact, you respond better to situations for you are no longer responding with a canned ego driven pattern of behavior but simply doing what the logic of each situation calls for.


The ego does a lot of harm to the self that identifies with it and to other people. In pursuit of the ego people have pride. When their pride is pricked they feel angry and lash out. Some do, in fact, not only engage in verbal abuses when their egos are pricked but actually kill those they perceive as belittling their supposed important ego selves.

Nations do go to war when their national ego prestige is assaulted by other nations.

In interpersonal relationships the ego prevents efficient relationship with other people. If you are egoistic and proud you are too preoccupied with trying to seem important in your and other people's eyes to really relate to people in a loving manner.

You waste your energy defending your imaginary ego worth and as a result have no time to fully engage with other people in meaningful interactions.

In learning situations you do not let go and learn optimally but, instead, waste a lot of your mental energy trying to seem important; that effort prevents you from learning maximally; you learn less and less.

The egotistical student seldom learns at more than ten percent of his learning capability. Remove the ego and your learning potential shoots up sky high, exponentially.


If you do not have an ego that you are always defending, and anticipating what it would take to protect it you behave spontaneously, freely and experience peace and joy in your life.

However, it is difficult to have no ego at all and still be on earth; what is feasible is to minimize ones ego and make it flexible.

It is when the ego is grandiosely big that one rigidly defends it and in the process ones affect, feelings are constricted and one is no longer flexible in relating to the environment.


The world is an illusory place; it does not exist but seems to exist; to be in the illusory place one must have an illusory ego self.

What is real and permanent is our real self, life itself; the moment that life enters the world of illusions it must form an illusory self with which it adapts to the illusions of space, time and matter and illusions of other people in egos and body that it has to relate to.

In childhood, each person must form an illusory self; the only question is whether that illusory self is flexible or rigid. When it is flexible one is normal; when it is rigid one is a neurotic (personality disordered person); when it is fixed and believed at all cost one is psychotic.

One can learn about ones ego type, personality type, self-concept, behavior pattern, and understand it and then undertake to change it. That is the purpose of psychotherapy; psychotherapy aims at changing the ego self.


Change of the self can be done at two levels; in the here and now world secular psychotherapists help one to improve one's ego and make it flexible and reasonably adaptive to the exigencies of this world.

There is another  type of psychotherapy: when one gives up the ego and lives from ones higher self, a self that is not the ego; that self is aligned with life itself, God; it is, in the Christian tradition, called the Holy Spirit or Christ self (in Hinduism it is called Atman; in Buddhism it is called the Buddha self).

You can discard religious labels and simply call it your higher self. In that case you see the ego as your lower self and conceptualize a self above the ego that improves on the ego self. You then figure out how your higher self would like you to behave in comparison to your ego behaviors and behave from the perspective of your higher self.

Both ego and Holy Spirit directed behaviors are perceptual; they are responses to the world of separated selves; since separated selves and separated world are illusions, reality is unified world, both the ego and higher self-behavior are illusory; the illusion given by the Holy Spirit gives one a happy dream. The Holy Spirit gives you a happy illusion, happy fiction, happy dreaming but dreaming you still are doing.

The real self is the self above perception, the unified spirit self; in it reside God and his infinite sons; they share one self and one mind and do not have forms and do not live in space and time.


There is the whole; a whole must have parts so there are parts of the whole. Whole and parts coexist forever and ever.

It is impossible for the parts to separate from the whole or for the whole to separate from the parts.

Separation results in the nonexistence of both the whole and the parts; which are impossible for the whole must exist and the parts must also exist.

Nothingness cannot exist; something always exists. The ego and its world are nothing that seem to exist but do not, in fact, exist but there is something that exists apart from the ego, our real self, unified spirit self.

Given the logical impossibility of the whole to be apart from the parts and the parts from the whole, the sons of God, the parts of the whole, cannot separate from God. They remain as they always are, unified.

The parts can, however, dream that they are living as the opposite of their unified reality; they can seem separated from the whole and then see themselves in an illusory world where they seem separated from each other and from the whole. That illusory world of separation is our world.

On earth we see space, time and matter and see separated things and people walking in that space and taking time to get from one to the other; it all seems real to us but it only seems so; it is a dream reality; in reality they cannot be separated from each other.

We remain one, unified. But that union and its selves is not the self we see on earth, it is the formless spiritual parts of us that are unified, and is our real selves.

Yet, we see ourselves as separated selves, as egos. We are then in a pickle. What should we do?

First, we must use our seeming separated selves to love other seeming separated selves and have a happy dream and when we are tired of dreaming we return to the dreamless state of unified spirit (with a stop at the dreaming in light forms).


The ego sees itself in a world it did not make (the son of God, unified spirit made the world; the ego is a projected out fictional self, a dream figure used by the dreamer, the son of God, to dream but is not the dreamer).

The ego appears to be independent and sees other egos that appear independent doing bad things to it and it seems to have no control over what they do, and it does not, for it has no power, so it feels victimized, angry and fearful or depressed.

The ego blames other egos for its woes. Other people do negative and or positive things that affect the ego; there is no doubt about that; in the general system world we live in everything affects every thing; other people affect you and you affect other people.

So what is the way out of this quagmire? Blaming other people for what happens to your ego is not going to change a thing.

What one needs to do is realize that one's ego part is a dream figure projected out by ones real self, the son of God and that other people's egos are projected out by the son of God in them.

The egos of this world are victims of the evil dreams of the sons of God (desire for separation is evil and sinful).

What one should do is stop, meditate and try to get in touch with one's real self, the son of God (my name for God is unified spirit self) and change its mind so that it stops having its dream of separation.

One can change one's mind and have dreams of union with other sleeping and dreaming sons of God.

If one dreams of union one loves all other egos and forgives them the evils they do to one and have a happy dream with other egos on earth.

Ultimately, one decides to stop dreaming and awakens in the dreamless state of unified spirit; in which case one is no longer seen in the world of forms, dense matter forms or light forms.


As long as you see you in body you are in ego state. Body was specifically designed to hide the spark of spirit, light, life in you and hide it from your ego mind and from other sparks of life in bodies.

The world of space, time and matter was specifically designed to enable us to seem separated and hidden from our real selves and from each other.

Even at its most refined state, as long as one is living in body one is in ego, albeit refined ego.

If you are not in ego, separated state you will not see you in body, dense or light. If you see you in light form you are still in ego, for you still see a world of separation, you and other non-you, animals, trees, stars, planets, space and time. The world of light forms is obviously more loving than our world of dense forms but it is still an ego, separated world and, as such, not our true unified home.


If you see you in body and ego what you need to do is not take your ego and body seriously; see them as masks, as something you wear to play with other children of God in ego, separated states. We are engaged in a game of hide and go seek the truth of who we are, in fact.

Use your body and ego to love other egos and bodies.  Just love all people and do not ask questions as to why you should love people.  In loving seeming other people you love your whole self, not just your separated self.


In as much as people are in egos and bodies and believe themselves as separated from you, they will do bad things you. This is because in separated states people have different interests and if your interest does not serve other people's interests they have no use for you and can harm you.

If other people do harmful things to you, you have a choice: you can choose to forgive them and still love them. Of course, if their actions try to harm your ego and body you correct them; no one is asking you to condone physical and or psychological attacks on you.

If racists, for example, try to enslave you or discriminate against you, you must work to prevent that from happening. It is only fear of death that would dispose you to tolerate other people's injustice to you.

If you know that your spirit is eternal you would not tolerate any ones harmful behaviors towards you; you teach the evil person what constitutes proper behavior, which is loving behavior.

Use your ego and body to love other egos and bodies; do not take your ego and body seriously for it is not your real self.

Your real self is the son of God, part of unified spirit self. There is nothing any one on earth, in the dream of separation can do to harm your spirit self for it is eternal.

Therefore, do not fear death and simply work for the truth of our human oneness and love all people.


We designed our bodies to last up to one hundred and twenty years before they die and decay to the elements that they are composed of.

When our bodies die, the decaying sixty four elements in them do smell awfully; have you smelled sulfur, for example? It is nauseating. Thus, when our bodies decompose they smell like a mixture of the sixty four elements that compose them.

Our bodies decay and return to the elements in them; those elements, in time, decay and return to the particles that compose them: electrons, protons and neutrons; those, in turn, decay to quarks and ultimately to photons, light.


We are light disguised in matter (flesh). Physical night came from the projection of spiritual light. Spiritual light projected itself into the dream of separation and in it becomes physical light.

Our real self is spiritual light; the light that produced the light that formed the big bang is spiritual light.

Do not fear death and simply do what you know is right; what is right always loves you and all people.

Love all people; use your ego and body to love all people and you have a happy dream while you are in body, in the dream of separation.

Later, you have a happier dream of seeing you in light forms. When time ends we all experience ourselves in formless, unified spirit self and know perfect peace and happiness.


I began my search for the truth not out of any intention to make a living from it; in my mid-thirties I experienced a powerful urge to learn about the truth and to do so the journey took me to Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism and my inherited African religions and Christianity. I simply kept studying them and each would lead me to what it considers the truth and that truth would not be my truth and so I moved on to another search.

I enjoyed the search; that enjoyment was sufficient for me. Before you know it, however, I stopped paying attention to the rat race; I no longer cared for high positions in the world, as I did when I was younger; now, it was just trying to find out the truth.  It was read everything there is to read on Western philosophy, psychology and the world's great religions.

One can be drunk from this search; it was like it is enough to just be engrossed in the search itself. The journey became the end! At no point did it occur to me that I could make a living from the wealth of information I gathered.

I doubt that there is a professor of philosophy or psychology out there who can match me in understanding Western or Eastern philosophy and psychology. I have written on everything on those subjects and gave the information away to the public, not bothering to make a living from it.

I know that folks out there add references to my writing and publish them. In fact, I have read published academic studies that were my work with references in them! It did not make me angry, it just made me smile.

The point is that I could have made a lot of dough from the information swimming in my head that I was giving away for free if I had thought about doing so but I did not think of money.

You cannot make money off what you are doing unless you want to sell it. I did not want to sell information; I just wanted to share it.

I am proud of what I did but there comes a time when giving stuff away for free got to stop.

We live in a capitalist economy where folks need money to buy what they need. I did not believe that I needed money but now I believe that I need money, tons of it; God, in my thirties I was making solid middle class income but I gave all those up to search for knowledge.

How do they say it, water accumulates where it always does; material wealth will come to me, for it did in the past.


For almost thirty years now I have actually not paid attention to making a living that is congruent with my level of education and intelligence. Money simply was not that important to me. That does not mean that I was not aware of the utility of money.

Money is a means of exchange; instead of battering goods and services with each other we use money to exchange for goods that we need and those who we give money to use it to exchange for the goods and services they desire.  Thus, in our exchange economy it is impossible not to have money and live well.

What I did was not to seek high paying jobs, as I once did, and make loads of money as befits my skill set; instead, I made just enough money to get by. In the process I did not always meet my family obligations.

My children deserve the best that the world can give human beings but I paid minimal attention to their needs.

This situation baffled those around me. They ask: how can someone with a doctorate degree from one of the world's top twenty universities, an observably smart person be surviving from hand to mouth?

Well, there was a method to my madness. It was necessary that I gave one hundred percent attention to studying spiritual matters. But there is a time for everything. School has a beginning and an end.

My formal studying of spiritual matters has ended. Now I teach it and insist on making a good living from my teaching.

I will sell my several books and through them and my lectures make a living; I need to have money to have a happy dream while I live in ego and body.

It is now time to meet my abandoned family obligations more responsibly. However, I must observe that there are no accidents in life. My children came to me and knew that I had to take time away from them to do what I did; they agreed to the deprivation they suffered while I did it. We all made sacrifices. I could not not do what I came to do, for it was a sacred contract that I had to fulfil. The contract was made before I was born on earth.

My contract could not permit me to do other things; when I tried doing other things all doors closed to me. I simply had to do what I came to this world to do. This happened to me because I am a special teacher of God; in fact, I am a world teacher of God (who is a teacher of love and teacher of human unity).

But it is now time to have a different life style, one that embraced the material abundance of the universe. In our universe there is no need for poverty unless one chose it, as I did, to enable one do what one had to do.

I now end giving away to the public, for free, high powered information; from now on folks have to buy my over sixty books.


Let us remember not to take our residual egos seriously; let us use them to play with each other, to love each other. The world is a thing of mirth, a place where divine souls came to pretend that they are mere matter that live for a little while and die.

We are eternal but chose to dream mortality.  While we are in the dream that death is possible let us use our bodies and egos to love each other.

The eternal Dibia has performed the function he contracted to perform for his brothers in the dream of separation; he has shown them what they need to do to have happy dreams and, eventually, what they must do to return to the dreamless state of unified spirit state (God and his heaven).


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 20, 2017


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