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There are no Christians in the world!

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Nominally there are probably about two billion persons on planet earth who call themselves Christians but not one of them is a real Christian. Actually, many of those who call themselves Christians do not know what it means to be a Christian!

So, do you want to be a Christian? Then read the New Testament part of the Bible. Read the four gospels and the epistles. Then put the book away and ask yourself what Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, required those who want to be Christians to do and ask yourself if you do so? The chances are that you do not do what the man asked you to do.  You heard the man correctly and know what he asked you to do but you probably have told yourself that no human being can do what he asked you to do and still live on earth and that only the one son of God, whom you construe to be Jesus, can do  it but not ordinary you. This is a rationalization for you not doing what Jesus told you that you must do to be a Christian.

Let us be honest for the first time in our lives: most of us do not want to do what Jesus asked us to do and that is why we are not Christians.

What did Jesus ask us to do that we do not want to do? He asked us to forgive one another. We do not want to forgive one another; we would rather bear grudges, have grievances and seek vengeance for those who wronged us. It is as simple as that.

To forgive is to love. You love the person you forgive. You and the person you love share one self, the Holy Son of God.

God has only one son. That one son of God is all of us.  God created only one son. God is one. He extended his self to one son.

God has always been with his one son. There was never a time that God and his son did not coexist. God has existed forever and ever.  God's son has existed forever and ever. God and his son have existed forever and will continue to exist forever.

God extended his self to his son.  He gave all of his self to his son.  He gave all of his powers to his son. The son of God has all of God and God's power in him.  Because he has all of God's power in him the son of God can do what God does, except one thing, create God or create his self. God created his son and his son did not create God or create himself. Aside from the fact that God created the son both of them are the same (the whole extended itself to the part; the part cannot create the whole, that is the idea).

God is inside his son; the son of God is inside God.  Where God ends and his son begin is nowhere. There is no space and time between God and his son. God and his son share one self and one mind. This statement is literal not figurative.

God gave his creative powers to his son. The son of God subsequently creates his own sons. The son of the son of God creates his own son. That way creation begins in God and extends out to infinity.  We are the sons of God and are always creating other sons of God and those creating their own sons ad infinitum. There is no time that God through his sons is not creating other sons of God.

Creation has no beginning and no end. Thus, if you ask: when did God create his first son, it is at no time since creation has existed forever and ever; moreover, there is no space and time in God.

God is the being that is simultaneously himself and his creations. One God is his self and simultaneously his infinite sons.

God is spirit, not body, not matter and does not live in space and time. God is spirit; that spirit is everywhere and contains everything that is everywhere.

God is unified spirit; it is unified because he is the infinitum of one. Infinite sons of God are in one God and they are unified as one self and one mind.

God is unseen; he is not perceptual. You cannot see him for perception assumes that what you are seeing is outside you. I can see you and you can see me because we assume that we are not one self.  I am over here and you are over there. We live in space, time and matter.   God is not that way. God does not live in the world of space, time and matter. God is spirit and does not have space, time and matter in him, and between him and you and all of us. God is in all of us and we are in God and in each other.

Right now you are in God and in me and in all creation.  Right now you are unified with all creation and its creator, God.   If so, how come you see other people as apart from you? That is the great illusion. We are one yet we see ourselves as apart from each other. How did this come to be? It has not come to be but seem to have come to be.  We dream it, literally, not figuratively.

Right now you are in God and in all of us. In God we are the same and coequal. In God we are perfect; in God we have perfect peace and joy.

You decided that you do not like the fact that God created you and want to create God and yourself and all of us. You cannot accomplish your desire. Unable to accomplish it in reality you decided to accomplish it in illusion. How did you do it?

You made yourself seem to go to sleep.  While still in God and all of us you seem to have gone to sleep. In your sleep you made you forget that you are one with God and all of us. You closed your spiritual eyes, went to sleep and dream that you are separated from God and all of us.

When did you do it? You have not done it. But if we must give it a time frame you did it now. You did it in this very moment that you are reading this paper.  Right now you closed your eyes and went to sleep and dream that you are separated from God. You made the dream, the universe seem to have lasted 13.7 billion years.

In that dream you produced all that you see on earth; you produced the galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals, everything you see in the universe. If you doubt that you produced everything you see then close your eyes and you would not see anything in the physical universe. You see whatever you see because you made them and want to see them. You made everything to enable you seem separated from God and your brothers.

When you entered the dream the first order of your business was for you to formulate a separated self-concept for you. You invented a separated self-concept. You first made body and other people, society, and used the body you projected yourself into and the society and physical environment you see yourself in to invent a self-concept.

The self-concept says that you are a separated self. My self-concept says that I am Ozodi and your self-concept says that you are whatever your name is. Each of us made a self-concept for himself and for other people (do other people exist apart from what you think of them, your perception of them...of course not).

We all cooperated in helping each other formulate our individual self-concepts. You helped me invent my self-concept and I helped you invent your self-concept. We then translate our self-concepts into images. I have an image of who I believe that I am; you have a self-image of who you think that you are.

Now as separated self-concepts in images we proceed to see each other. We live in the world of images, in a perceptual world. I see you and you see me. What we see is our self-images, our dream selves; we do not see our real self for the real self is not in forms and cannot be seen.

Our self-image is different from our true self. My true self cannot see your true self because they literally share one self and one mind. How can one see itself? In spirit, in God we are not in images and do not see each other. In God we know each other as parts of our one shared self.

Everything that exists on earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy, and in the entire universe is designed to make each of us have a separated self-concept and self-image.

Closer to home is one's body; the body is designed to make one see one's self as apart from other peoples in bodies and selves.

I say that I begin and end in my body and I see you as in your body hence apart from me.  Our bodies reinforce our wish for separated self.

We designed our bodies to be vulnerable, to feel pain and fear. Feeling pained and fear we do something to protect our bodies from the seeming others who gave us pain and fear. Thus, it came to be that I anticipate that since you are not me that you can give me pain and thus I fear you. Each of us experiences pain and fears other people who can give him pain. Out of anticipatory pain we keep a reasonable distance from one another.

I know that you could destroy my body and give me pain so I stay away from you and you do the same. We live apart from each other. Our mission on earth is to stay separated from each other.

Occasionally, we come together in pseudo unions (special relationships) but retain the feeling of separation. A man marries a woman. They seem unified but they retain the right separate at any time. Thus, folks divorce each other. The two retain the illusion that they have separated selves.  This is our world; the world is designed to make us feel separated from each other and from God.

We are not separated from each other. We do not live in bodies. We do not live in space and time. All these seem incredible but I am merely stating facts, facts that you actually know at the deepest level of your being, facts that you conveniently forgot for you must forget them to live on earth.

You are in me and I am in you. You projected an aspect of you to me and asked me to restate the fact that you chose to forget for you. Thus, I am stating facts that you want to hear.

Each of us is a son of God and does for other sons of God what they asked him to do for them. In this life time other sons of God asked me to state the truth of our being for them and I am doing it for them, for you.

All these sounds gibberish, don't they?  This is where Jesus Christ enters the picture. Jesus was a man like you and I. While on earth he remembered his true self. He did so by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide his thinking and behavior.

When the sons of God seemed to have separated from him and formed their world apart from him they could no longer commune with him or him with them. God created another self, the Holy Spirit and as he entered the world that his sons made.

As the Holy Spirit, God entered our separated minds. He lodged his self in our right minds.  Thus, in our minds are now four selves; the self we share with God, the self of the son of God and the Holy Spirit and the ego self.

The ego self is in the left side of our minds. It is the self that we use in doing science and technology, the self we use in understanding our world and designing technologies to adapt to it.  The ego self is the self that believes itself separated from God and all people and things; its mind studies its world and adapts to it as they are.  Each of us uses our ego mind to understand our world and adapt to it.  What the ego and its mind do is rational relative to the exigencies of our world.

The Holy Spirit, the right part of our minds, sees our world and what we must do to adapt to it. But he knows that the world is a dream, an illusion and is not seduced by it. He is not here to tell us not to adapt to our world but to guide us in case we want to leave it.  Thus, if your goal is to leave the world, to negate the world, to negate your ego self and ego mind you have to listen to the Holy Spirit. He takes you back to God, whereas the ego takes you away from God, to the world of separation.

Jesus decided to ignore his ego and did not do what the ego told him to do to adapt to this world. In this world, people are separate from you. They can attack and destroy your body. People can inflict pain on your body so your ego mind tells you to keep a distance from people and to defend yourself when they attack you.

When I was a kid if you slapped me not only would I slap you back I would go get a weapon to kill you. That was how strong my ego was. Who the hell do you think that you are to do something to my ego and body; you deserve to die for violating my ego and body.  My ego is the ego of a warrior, a general in the army. I can calmly plot to kill you and everybody related to you and your death would not make me lose sleep.

Jesus decided to ignore his ego. How? He decided not to defend his ego when other egos attacked it. He decided to be defenseless. That meant that if you attacked his ego and body he told himself that he is not the ego and body that you attacked; he told himself that he has another self, the son of God who is not in body and is not separated from the attacker and God. He was aware that you could destroy his body and ego but he said to you to go right ahead and do so for if you destroyed his ego and body he lives on in eternity as the egoless son of God.

With this Holy Spirit directed frame of mind when the Jews came to arrest him in the garden of Gethsemane and some of his followers defended him by attacking the police that came to arrest him, he told them to put away their swords for those who live by the sword die by the sword; he said that if he needed defense he could have marshalled legions of soldiers to defend him, as we do on earth, but that he has a different self and a different kingdom that does not need defense to make it seem real.

Thus he allowed the people to arrest him and try him in their kangaroo courts and find him guilty and sentenced him to crucifixion. He was killed and did not defend his ego and body.

Before he died he asked his father to forgive those who just murdered his ego and body for they know not what they are doing; they believe that he and they are egos and bodies that could be killed; they do not know that they have a different self that is everlasting, the son of God.

Jesus walked his talk. He had hitherto preached forgiveness and now walked it. Remember the sermon on the mount where he said that we have no enemy; he said, if a person slaps one of your cheeks turn the other for him to slap, too, if a thief asks for your jacked give him all you clothes; forgive your enemy for you have no enemy; we are all children of one family and there are no outsiders in it.

How many times should we forgive folks?  Jesus said: seventy times seventy times meaning infinitely.

And they brought to him a woman caught in sin (adultery) and asked him how to treat her. He told them:  let him who has not sinned, separated from his real self, be the first to stone her. All have sinned and no one should accuse others of sin. We have all sinned by separating from God and from each other.

Forgiveness is the means to return to our real self, the unified spirit self. Forgive and you have loved the person you forgive and you would know that you and that person share one self and one mind. But until you forgive the world you would not know that you and the world share one self and one mind.

Jesus taught his followers only one prayer: the Lord's Prayer. In it he asked them to forgive those who wronged them for God forgives all of them. It is only when we forgive our wrong doers that we have behaved as the sons of a loving father.

No one who hates a son of God comes to God. God and his heaven is perfect love, no one comes to perfect love who is not a loving person.

On earth where we wrong each other forgiveness returns us to love, to the gate of heaven; forgiveness brings us back to the presence of love, to God.

All these probably sound like mythology, doesn't it? Okay. But why don't you do what Jesus and the Holy Spirit ask you to do: be defenseless and forgiving and see if there is truth to it?  Let us, you and I, perform this experiment. Let us get up in the morning tomorrow and decide to forgive every person who wronged us in the past and today. Mean it. Forgive every person who has ever wronged you. There is no exception to this general rule. It is an either or rule. Simply forgive all people who ever wronged you.

Today, when a person does what your ego considers wrong you simply forgive him or her. Do not try to show that you are right and he is wrong. Do not engage in defensiveness, verbal or physical. If a person pushed you do not defend yourself. Fall, if you must and get up and walk away. Do not defend yourself. Do not say that that person did you wrong. Simply practice forgiveness.

So, a white racist calls you a nigger, eh? Forgive him.  So a white employer discriminates against you and did not hire you for a job you are qualified? Forgive him. Do not say that he did you wrong. Actually, if you understand spiritual matters he did you right!

That is true; the person who did you what your ego considers wrong did you right. As the Holy Spirit sees things, not as the ego sees them, the person who did you wrong did you the best good. He offers you the opportunity to choose forgiveness hence return to love and become saved.

For example, as the ego goes I am considered very intelligent. I got my PhD and then was not hired by some of the schools I applied to. My ego felt angry at the white folks doing the hiring.  But over time I recognized that the Holy Spirit did not want me hired by those folks, for I would have lived the drunken life that professors live. Many professors literally live a wasted life, a life maintained by liquor and drugs. They are so because they teach ego stuff that they know is meaningless and pointless.

The Holy Spirit made the employers to reject me; in rejecting me I had to ask what I am supposed to be doing. In asking I began studying the various religions and spirituality and in time recognized that there is really God. God is not the make belief nonsense that my scientific mind had dismissed as made up stuff given to the masses to placate them, the opium of the masses, as Karl Marx said.

Forgive the wrong doer for in doing so you transcend your ego that wants to fight back. The ego in you wants to fight those who wronged it, attack those who attacked it. The ego says: push me and I push you back. Push me I push you and we live in the world of conflict and wars.

Now ignore your ego and simply walk away and do not fight back.  If you are attacked and you forgive the attacker you have loved that attacker. What does that mean? It means that you have understood that you are not the body and ego that is attacked. Your true self is the son of God that no one can in fact attack, except in his dreams of separation.

Try it. Tomorrow forgive all people. Do not try to rationalize defense. Just forgive all. In fact, see your attacker, the person who according to your ego did you wrong, as your savior. That is correct, the person who wronged you is your savior and you ought to bless him; you must be grateful to the person who wronged you for  in fact he did you right; he offered you another chance to not choose the ego but choose the Christ, chose love hence become saved.

When I felt discriminated by white folks and felt angry I was reacting from my ego. In time I saw those who discriminated against me as my saviors. By discriminating against me they gave me the opportunity to go and really find out what I want to do and do it. They enabled me to seek for the truth and find it and live it. They gave me the opportunity to discover my real self, the Christ, the son of God and live it.

Tomorrow, forgive all people. Just do it and do not argue.  Your ego probably ask: suppose the people that you are asked to forgive want to kill you should you forgive them? Good question.

Did they not murder Jesus and he still forgave them?  Clearly, people can destroy your body and ego but they cannot destroy your spirit for it is eternal.

Moreover, you must know that nobody can do to you what you do not want to experience; people do to you only what you want to experience.

If it were possible for folks to do to you what you do not want to experience there is no justice in this world; if there is no justice God does not exist for God is justice.

If you decided that folks should destroy your body that they must do.  Most people do not make such choice; they merely wish for other forms of attack. Whatever is the form of attack you must forgive the attacker if you want to attain salvation?

In my case, I chose to be discriminated against to feel anger and later forgive and return to love, become saved.

If you forgive those your ego says wronged you, first, you would feel peaceful.  If you continue forgiving people you would also feel happy.

Continue forgiving people and suddenly the people around you, the people you forgive, those you had seen as out to harm you, those you now see as there to help you discover your real self, take on a beautiful hue. They would literally look like light.

Each of us has his ego in dense matter, the self we see ourselves as in this world. The Holy Spirit has remade our ego and bodies into a Christ self in light form.

You and I have a self in light form, the purified self, the Christ. Forgive and you will see you and all people in light forms. This is not magic but a fact; but to know it you must forgive all people.

There is no exception to forgiveness. Forgive all and see you and people in light forms and know peace and joy.

Forgiveness takes you out of our world and takes you to a different world, the world the Holy Spirit reinvented from our world. That world has been given many names, including astral world (light world), gate of heaven, happy dream, purgatory, real world, the bridge between earth and heaven, holy relationships etc. Call it what you like; it is as real as our world is real. However, it is also a fictional world for it is an illusion as our world is an illusion.

The world of light forms is our illusory world purified by forgiveness; our world, made better looking but it is not eternal.

Our real self is formless spirit. Our true self is in God and in each other. Those in forms cannot be in each other. In God experience (Samadhi) you see our perceptual universe disappear and you know yourself as one with God.

And where are God and his heaven? God and his heaven are literally inside you and you are in them.  God and heaven is a state of mind, not a place you go to. If you love all you are in heaven; you know peace and joy, the gifts of God.

By the same token, hell is inside you. If you hate people, feel separated from people you are in hell. To be in hell is to live in ego state, to be in our world.

The world of light forms, the gate of heaven is also in our minds; you live in it when you still want to live in forms but have forgiven all people.

The earth is also in our minds. You live on earth when you desire separation from God and all people; you project the earth out as in a dream and find yourself in it.

You are the one who projects out heaven (heaven is the world of one wave of light in which each of us is a particle of its formless light); world of light forms; and the earth.

You project out the type of world, heaven, world of light forms, world of dense forms, you want to live in. The universe is inside you; you are the universe; nothing is outside you!


Each of us constructed a self-concept for himself. He (that is the spirit in him) used his body and social experience to do it.  When he dies and comes back to this world he lives in a different body and has different social experiences and constructs a different self-concept. However many life times he has lived on earth offers him the opportunity to construct different self-concepts.

In the present life time one can understand one's self concept and change it. Psychotherapists help one to understand and change one's self concept. However, the changes are done within the parameters of the ego.

If one wants to completely let go of one's self concept one needs the help of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has already remade a self-concept for one; he has translated the ego to the Christ self.  To live as the Christ self-one must totally give up the ego self-concept.

Salvation requires one to give up the separated self-concept and accept the unified self-concept, aka the Christ self, the self in light form.  Salvation means replacing the human made self with the God made self-concept.

Christ is still conceptual hence perceptual and not permanent.  Nevertheless, it is better than the ego self-concept for it gives one peace and joy. The Christ self-concept means that one has accepted the voice for God, the Holy Spirit to guide one. One has given up the civilization based on the ego and accepted a new civilization, one based on the Christ.

Christ civilization accepts the unity of all mankind; because it accepts union of all it is in light forms; it is not of this world.

You may ask if I have seen the Christ civilization or known anybody who has seen it.  May be I have seen it or maybe I have not seen it. Instead of arguing with me why don't you try to see it by doing what it requires of you: forgive this world, that is, overlook this world? As long as you value this world and cling to it you would not see the world of light forms already there and you refuse to see it by cherishing the worthless world based on flesh.


You may make the egos final argument against God by saying that there is no God. True, there is no God if by God you mean the god of extant religions.  The god of extant religions was invented by the ego to serve the ego. That God does not exist.


God did not create our world. God created our real self not our ego. It is you and I who invented our ego separated selves and the world of separated selves. God did not create the ego and the temporal world, for God does not create the transitory and ephemeral. God did not create anything in form, in body, matter, space and time.

What God created is the eternal, the spirit in us and that spirit became rebellious and then invented our phenomenal world.

Before we argue as to whether God exists or not we must first ascertain what we mean by God. Your idea of God is not the real God. The real God created you and is in you and you are in him. You made the false god in body and in space and time.


So, do you want to be a Christian? Then walk the talk of Christianity. Christ is the self that the Holy Spirit made to replace the ego we made. We made the ego to separate from each other and from God. The Holy Spirit remade our ego selves into the Christ self.

The Christ self is in light form. It is still in the world of space and time. But it is a self that knows itself as one with all selves and with God. It still retains a bit of illusion in it in the sense that it still sees itself in forms.

When one accepts that one is the son of God who is in God and God is in one, one transcends Christ and disappears into God and God disappear into one and one knows one's self as one with God.

In Hindu categories, one is now God realized, self-realized; one is now the Atman who is one with the Brahman.

In the state for self-realization (Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori, mystical union of the father and son) one can do whatever God does, including healing the sick, as Jesus did. One cannot heal the sick from the ego but only from God.

The Christ undoes the ego. This means that your ego must die for you to know that you are the Christ.

Salvation, that is, living as the Christ means undoing the ego and ending separation; it means living from forgiveness.

Forgiveness returns us to love. In love we all share oneself and one mind.


If you have seen yourself in light form, which requires that you forgive all people who your ego believes harmed you, then you are saved.

Salvation means forgiving the world.  If you forgive all you are saved from the ego's world; you are redeemed from the ego and its pains; you are delivered from the hell that is our ego and its world.

Did you understand what I said in the above paragraphs? Of course you do but your supercilious ego would tell you that it is all bullshit. Knock yourself out!

Here is the fact of your existence. You left God; you separated from unified state and decided when you are going to return to it. The instant you left God you decided when you will return to him.

My job is not to make you return to God against your will but to state the conditions that you must meet to return to God.

When you are ready to return to your real self you will do so. No one can make you do so against you will.

Each of us will hear messages on salvation and take from them what he wants to hear at any point in time and when he wants to hear all of them he would do so. In the meantime, the message is lodged in the right side of his mind; that is, the Holy Spirit keeps it for him until he is ready to listen and apply it, forgive all people.

When you decide to forgive your sins and forgive all people their sins you will do so and thereafter know that you did not separate from God hence have not sinned.

The world is a dream and all that you and other people did in it were done in dreams and what was done in dreams have not been done in reality. You, the son of God, despite what you did in the dream, on earth remain as God created you: innocent, holy, unified with him, guiltless and sinless.

You are an idea in the mind of God; ideas cannot leave their source; you have never left God; you merely dreamed that you did. Now, awaken from the dream and know that you have not gone on a journey to nowhere, for everywhere you go to is in God; your journey to the world is a journey without distance, for everywhere you go to is in God.

Our world is a dream in your mind, remove the dream and you know that you are always in God even when you are dreaming separation.

For a decade I was part of Nigerian Internet forums. I read what the folks wrote; they wrote in the most egoistic manner. The typical Nigerian is the quintessential egotist; he is totally invested in separation and is living at the expense of other people. Because he is invested in the ego his country is composed of those who do not care for other people.

Nigeria is a country of selfish people, each taking from each other but not giving to each other.  Such country must be a chaotic anarchic place.

From reading what Nigerians wrote at their internet forums I learned a lot about Nigerians? I learned that these people are narcissistic egos hence the devil and that their country is hell.

The Nigerians that I read gifted me with information of who their egos are and what their country is like. Since I am from that hell on earth they gave me information on the nature of my ego. That information enabled me to resolve to transcend my ego, to not be like a Nigerian ego, and to become a Christ self.

Nigerians offered me the opportunity to overlook their ego and country and see the Christ in them and focus on that Christ and not worry about their egos. Nigerian egos are not pleasant and not something one wants to look at. One must look away from Nigerian egos.

In looking away from Nigerian egos and focusing on the Christ in them, Nigerians became my saviors from the ego, for they enabled me decide not to want to live like them, ego. I do not want to live like a Nigerian ego, a corrupt thief.

I want to live like Christ, a person who serves all people, a giver (in this essay, I am giving you the good news that saves you from the agony of the ego, and I give it to you for free because you and I share oneself so I am giving it to me).


I have poured out a lot of verbiage in this essay. Put them aside and just do one thing. Beginning from this moment forgive all the people that you feel wronged you; also those you feel that did you good. Overlook the world of the ego and you return to peace and happiness. Forgiveness gives you salvation.

In childhood each human being uses his inherited body and social experience to formulate a personality, aka ego. His ego and personality is always realistic to his nature. Even when that personality is according society disordered, mentally ill, it is realistic to the individual's nature.

The human being lives his life saying that he is his ego-body personality and defending it.  He defends it with food, medications, clothes and shelter and at the psychological level with the various ego defense mechanisms, such as repression, suppression, denial, displacement, projection, rationalization, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, anger, fear, guilt, shame and so on.  All these ego-body defenses make sense from the perspective of the survival of the individual's ego and body in our world.

When the individual realizes that he is not his ego and body then defense of them becomes redundant. He no longer has to behave from the ego. He can overlook other people's attacks on his ego and body, for even if they destroyed them he knows that he lives forever and ever in spirit.

But until one gains some awareness that one is spirit and not body to ask one to not defend the only self-one knows one to be, body-ego seems like a big joke.

But how do you know that you are spirit unless you stop defending the ego? This seems like a catch 22 matter. Okay.

Take a chance and see if you are spirit by forgiving all. When you forgive, that is, overlook the ego personality you would experience a different self, the Christ self, the Buddha self, the Atman or whatever you choose to call it; the real self has no name for name limits it; it is limitless and eternal.



America refuses to provide to all her people publicly paid health insurance.  Thus, millions of Americans do not have health insurance.

America refuses to pay for her people's education at all levels, from kindergarten to university; America allows even its veterans to become homeless folks and yet Americans call themselves Christian.

Jesus Christ asked his followers to serve and care for one another but Americans would not do that and instead pervert the bible to mean caring only for the self.

Americans are not Christians but uncaring evil egos.

They come to the public square to argue about the cost of providing folks with health insurance and education but will not argue about the cost of incarcerating them. You hear the politicians make stupid arguments about how to make America great but not how to provide services to the people.

Listen, it is not for us to argue whether to provide health care and education or not to people, we have an obligation to do so.  That Americans do not do so means that they are egotistical, self-centered people. How dare you have health insurance and other people don't and you call yourself a good person!

I agree with Bernie Sanders, one of the Democratic Party's candidates for the American presidency that America needs to become a democratic-socialist state with a mixed economy, an economy that is capitalist but provides the people with publicly paid education at all levels and publicly paid health insurance for all her citizens.

The Scandinavian countries are good example for America to copy if it wants to be a Christian country that cares for all her people instead of concentrating wealth in few hands while the rest of the people are poor.


This essay was influenced by insights from Schucman, Helen (1976).  A course in miracles. Tiburon, California: Foundation for Inner Peace.

Talking about the course, so far, A course in miracles has had no real organization. People meet to study it and each takes away what he wants to. I have actually seen people who go to such meetings for years and have no clue what the book is teaching. It is now time for the course to be organized.

There should be a three years training program for folks to understand what the book is teaching. After such training, folks would become certified teachers of the course and teach others.

The teachers of the course should hold two hours weekly lectures on aspects of the course (on Sundays, 10-12 PM).

The course should not be a middle class thing where well to do folks annually meet at plush hotels (they pay $500 dollars or more) to come listen to workshop presenters, presenters who mostly do not know what they are talking about.

If the course is not organized it is on its way out; it will die out. And this is a pity for it really contains useful information on spirituality.

Ozodi Osuji

April 7, 2016

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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