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The universe will not leave you alone until you are saved

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The Function Of Igbo Degraders Like Nebu For Me

Ozodi Osuji

In real life I am quiet and keep to myself; I am almost always alone and minding my business. I read a lot; I read and think about ideas. I really do not have much social life. This is primarily because I find most people unable to talk with me at the level I talk; they talk trivial stuff whereas I talk philosophical and scientific matters.

A few years ago I was referred to Nigerian Internet forums; finding the talk on it trivial I decided to do my kind of thing, give philosophical lectures.  Initially, I stayed away from responding to other folk's talks and merely posted essays on assorted philosophers and their writings.  I am interested on religion and did some writing on religion and spirituality.

Having noticed that Igbo participants at these forums mostly posted materials derogatory of other Nigerians I pointed out the danger of what they are doing.

Human beings are proud and if you insult them they tend to feel their vanity injured and feel angry at you; they assuage their narcissistic injury by attacking you, including physically killing you. I urged the Igbos to stop insulting Hausas and Yorubas.

Instead of listening to me they doubled down. Indeed, they redirected their fire to me and began doing to me what they do to Hausas and Yorubas, insult me.  On a daily basis these folks wrote abusive stuff about me.

Initially, I was irritated by what they were doing but over time learned that there is a reason for everything folks do to one.  So, why are these folks degrading me (as well as other people)?


The abusers were giving me opportunity to identify with a big ego self and defend it or to let go of identification with the false big self and know my real self as the unified spirit self, aka Christ self.

If I see myself as a big ego self, and since the big ego self is always false, I would be defensive. I would feel that they attacked me and react defensively with anger (or fear).  I would do what I used to do when I was a kid and other kids made fun of me: withdraw from them, avoid them and keep to myself.

In social withdrawal I retained the false ego self and remained neurotic (neurosis is desire to be a false big self and defend it hence live in anxiety from fear that the false big self could be shown as false).

The Igbo insulters are actually teaching me a lesson; they are teaching me not to see myself as the false big ego.

If I am not a false big self their abusive behaviors would not bother me. The goal is for me not to see myself as a false big self hence not to be defensive, to relax and be my authentic self.


What is my real self? My real self is the son of God who is as God created him, a part of God's unified spirit self.  My real self is a spirit self, is a Christ self.

That spirit self-seem separated from God and other parts of God and identify with a problematic body and in body tries to seem powerful and important, and superior to other people. It defends the superior self hence fears attacks on it.

In truth my real self is not the ego superior seeking self. My real self is not available to other egos to put it up or put it down; it  knows itself to be one with God and all peoples real selves; it knows its total worth and does not seek worth from egos, people in bodies.

What the Igbo deluded egos like Nebu did for me is offer me the opportunity to overlook their insults and affirm my real self. They insult my ego but since I know that I am not the ego therefore they cannot insult me hence have no effect on me.

They are dream figures, illusions, insulating the dream self that I had identified with and since I am not that dream self they have no effect on my real self.


These Igbo insulters teach me to know that I am not the ego; they offer me the opportunity to overlook what other egos do to my ego. They teach me to overlook their egos dances and know my real self and also know their real selves.

Their real selves is the son of God, the Christ, a spirit but they have forgotten that real self and identify with their false self, the seeming superior Igbo ego and from it assume that other people are inferior to them and insult people.

False big egos must always seek seeming like they are superior to other people, for it is in doing so that they seem real. Igbos feel utterly inferior and compensate with false superior ego selves; those false superior egos must always try to put other egos down to prove to themselves that they are indeed superior egos.

Grandiose Igbos must always insult other Nigerians to prove their illusory superiority and other Nigerians will always attack them and deny them leadership positions in Nigeria.

People elect their equals to political offices, not their superiors, not those who on a daily basis insult them, as Igbos insult Nigerians. No Igbo would ever be elected the president of Nigeria, unless, of course, Igbos change, heal their neurosis by stopping seeking superiority and stop insulting Nigerians.

What deluded Igbo egos (deluded because they think that they are egos when in truth they are loving Christ) taught me is to let go of my identification with the ego; their relentless verbal abuses were meant to give me the opportunity to know that I am not the ego and that they are not the ego, either; they had to degrade my ego for me to know that I am not the ego that can be degraded; my real self, Christ, cannot be degraded by any one; their real selves are Christ and that real self cannot be degraded.

At present Igbos believe that they are egos and feel degraded and try to upgrade themselves by degrading other people; their neurotic wish for superiority is rooted in their fear of degradation.

Alas, as long as one feels separated from God and his son and identifies with the ego one must feel degraded. The ego is a degradation of the son of God.

The son of God in his real state, Christ, cannot be degraded; however, to become aware of that Christ-self one must stop identifying with the ego false self.

That is, one must stop seeking separation from God and give up the false substitute ego-self one made for one's self and embrace the real self that God created one as, a self that is one with God and all people, a spirit self.


I remember what happened at age twelve, my final year at elementary school. My senior brother, Eugene, he was eight years older than I and had already done the school cert when I was in elementary school, well, he gave a boy called George and I a book to read. The book was designed to enable us to do well at the entrance examination to enter secondary school. He asked us questions based on the book. I actually understood what is in the book but I was afraid of making mistakes and did not respond to his questions. The other body had no social issues and simply answered the questions that my senior brother asked us.

Eugene told us that George appeared more intelligent than I am; I felt embarrassed. Because I was embarrassed by George's superior performance I threw that book away.

My brother made me to go retrieve the book (it was rained on and I had to dry it).

What was going on was that I felt inferior and compensated with desire for big self and defended the big self.

Since the big self is false it feared been exposed for what it is, a fiction. In real life competition it did not want to be defeated so it did not even try to compete least it failed and be seen as not good.

I could have dropped out of school to avoid failing and maintain a fictitious big self in seeming existence.  But I ate my pride and continued with schooling (always wanting to be first in my class and fearing being second to another boy George).

Defending a big self makes one not wanting to learn least one fails and disappoint the big self. Those who want to be big selves often drop out of school and live on the side lines of life. It is those with more flexible egos that do well at school and stay at school.

Because I almost dropped out of school to go pretend to be a big ego I was supposed to learn that one is not a big self. But I had not learned that lesson so I still keep to myself.

Then I walked into Nigerian Internet groups where the Igbos specialize in insulting people; they are mostly paranoid and  narcissistic egos that masked their weak egos with pretentious boastful egos and egos that put other people down.

These paranoid characters gave me another opportunity to learn that I am not the ego, big or small, and for me not to bother with what other egos say of me.

Abusive Igbos at the forums did their abusing thing and it no longer bothered me.  I also took the opportunity to learn that those who do not love and instead insult other people are mostly deluded, narcissistic persons, as the unloving Igbos are.

Simply put, verbally abusive Igbos offered me another opportunity to heal myself, to get rid of my wish to be a grandiose false self- ego.


Other people do not heal you directly but offer you the opportunity to heal you. Only you can heal you.

The attacker, the verbal abuser does not heal you but offer you opportunity to see his crazy behaviors and heal you.

You heal you by not identifying with the ego false self and by accepting your real self, the Christ self that has total worth.


Muslim terrorists attacking Christians do not heal Christians but offer Christians the opportunity to know their true selves, Christ, hence not fear the terrorists who want to intimidate them and instill fear into them.

The Christ self is eternal and cannot be harmed or killed; Muslim terrorists cannot kill the Christ self although they can destroy the ego self and its body.

Since the ego and its body do not exist, destroying them is destroying nothing; thus Muslim terrorists kill nobody even when they destroy egos in bodies.

Mad Muslim terrorists kill no one. Because they cannot kill the real you, then you do not have to fear what their egos do to your ego and body; you overlook their intimidations and teach them love.

If you identify with Christ hence have no fear then no terrorist can intimidate you; you simply assert the truth that you and they share one self, Christ; Christ is love; you overlook their ego based attacks in the quiet knowledge that your real self is eternal and cannot be destroyed by terrorist attacks.

This does not mean that you should encourage them to attack you. Of course you must prevent them from attacking you. The West ought to use its military to kill the terroristic Muslim egos.

Here I am talking spirituality, not politics.  It is Christians role to convert Muslim terrorists to true religion and help them understand their real self, the Christ self.

Islam and its Allah tell Muslims to go kill people therefore that religion is a false religion; Islam is an ego based religion and serves an ego God called Allah.

The real God is love and spirit and does not ask anyone to kill on his behalf. The true religion for mankind is what I have been articulating in my various writings; it is a variation of Christianity, not bastardized European and American Christianity but a Christianity that loves all people.


You cannot directly heal other people; you can only heal yourself and become a model for other people to learn from you and heal themselves.

Just as only you can heal you only other people can heal themselves by learning from your changed behaviors.

When you show people that their attack on you had no effect on you they learn that their attacks and abuses have no effect on people; therefore they will know that their senseless attacks have no effect on people and stop attacking people.

Igbo mad dogs attacked me; they verbally abused me; their goal was to destroy my self-confidence, in the language of Nebu, to shame me. They had no psychological effect on me. If anything they have enabled me to increase my self-confidence.

Seeing that they had no effect on me they learn to stop attacking me and generalize by stopping attacking other Nigerians and people; they learn to approach people differently.

In the long run, Igbos must learn to approach people through love and in so doing know that they are love; as love they have positive effect on people but as egos they can only have destructive effects on people.


In time, Igbos will learn that love is what has effect, not their powerless physical and verbal attacks on people. If they so learn and begin loving people instead of attacking them physically and verbally they would have learned a different way to live.

In love they find their way back to their real self and not their present false self, the ego that only knows how to attack and push people away from them.

That is to say that the Nebu ego that thinks that it can shame people by telling lies about them  learns that his ego behavior has no effect on people, that as ego he is powerless and then learn that the only way he can have power on people is to love them, not to insult them.

Insulting people, calling them put down names makes people see him as mad (clearly he is mad, he has delusion disorder); his ego is healed when it learns to love and nurture people instead of abusing them.

In time Igbo egos will go from being abusive mad dogs to being loving human beings.


You cannot directly heal members of ISIS; however, you can model a loving self for them to learn from. By observing your loving self they learn that their ego selves that want to attack and kill people and use fear and intimidation to control them is powerless.

Eventually, members of ISIS will learn that they have no positive effect on people by attacking and killing them and that they can only have real effect on people when they love and nurture people.

When they learn the power of love they stop killing people's egos and bodies (and their own egos and bodies) and accept the eternity of their loving unified self, the Christ self.

Muslims must return to true Christianity, not bastardized European Christianity but love for all people.


Nebu and his Igbo group like to put folks down; in doing so they childishly feel exalted. By calling him Nebu the thief I am obviously putting him down. In effect, I am doing to him what he did to me.  It means that I am not different from him and his fellow abusive Igbos; I am operating at their animal level of existence.

For me to operate at a higher level of existence, Christ level, I have to look beyond their thievish behaviors and see the Christ in them; their Christ self is masked by their arrogant criminal egos.

By affirming their Christ self I help them recognize that they are not their present criminal egos; they currently identify with criminal egos; they must jettison their criminal egos and embrace the loving Christ self-hidden inside them.

Until they let go of their criminal egos, their world, Alaigbo remain thief land, a place where criminal egos kidnap their people for money (and blame other Nigerians for their criminal activities).

When Igbos let go of their egos and let the Christ self in them live through them they would transform their land from thief land to love land.


My encounter with verbally abusive Igbos enabled me to realize that I am not the ego that they can abuse; they enabled me to embrace my true self, the Christ self.

The Christ self in God has eternal worth; there is nothing that abusive egos can do to make Christ doubt his God based grandeur.

Having learned my eternal worth in God I help teach misguided Igbos that that they are not their abusive egos but are in truth the loving Christ self. If they stop insulting people and accept and live love they would know peace, the peace of God that their insulting egos cannot understand.

Igbos helped me save me (when I overlooked their attempts to degrade me and know that my real self cannot be degraded by mad dogs); now I help them save themselves (when they realize that their true self is the loving Christ self, a self that does not insult people).

Ozodi Osuji

August 13, 2016

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