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The meaning of death and resurrection

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

To be dead is to live in the human body. The human body is the tomb, the sepulcher and the burial ground of the sons of God. People are buried in their bodies.

To resurrect from death is to wake up from body, to live outside body.  When you get outside your body and know that you are alive you have resurrected from death.

Jesus was crucified meant that he, like all of us, lived in body; Jesus died meant that he lived in body; Jesus resurrected from death meant that he woke up from living in body.

Actually, we do not die while living in body; we merely sleep and the light (God) in us is very faint and in darkness we use that light to dream this world.

The world of matter, space and time and our bodies are darkness; to be in the world is to be dead and to be in darkness; the light of God in us, our souls and spirits bring light to the darkness, to the world.

Teachers of God (teachers of light, teachers of love), such as Jesus Christ, folks who have awakened from the dream of death, try to awaken us from our dream of death (our living in body) but we do not understand what they are talking about.

Instead, we see living well in body as the life.  We eat well, take medications, wear clothes, live in shelters, have sex etc. and consider those as living well.

Food and sex stimulate the body; that is, stimulate the dead and do not wake it up. You cannot enjoy a dead state, body.

Joy lies outside body.

This does not mean that you should kill yourself, commit suicide. You do not leave the world by suicide but by realizing that the world of matter, space and time do not exist and simply wake up and know that you had never lived in body, not for a second had you lived in body.  Living in body is a trick you played on yourself.

(I employed terms like death, resurrection and light and darkness as metaphors representing what does not exist but seem to exist.)


Those people who are not yet ready to wake up from death, who still want to be dead find ways to divert attention from what spirituality means.

Spirituality means recognizing that to live in body is to be dead; spirituality is efforts to wake up from the belief that one lives in body.

Instead of trying to rise above body, folks do things to heal their supposed sick bodies. It is mind that believes that it is in body that is sick; mind is healthy when it knows that it is not in body.

Buddhists use sound of the gongs they beat to silence their minds.   Buddha himself did not use any sound to wake up.

In the West, mostly women do what they call energy healing, reiki and playing with crystals. All those are supposed to heal the body, make it healthy. They do not succeed for sick bodies reflect sick minds and until minds are healed bodies will be sick.

When a mind believes that it is separated from God and its real self, unified spirit, it is sick; it tries to deny awareness of its sickness by making its body sick; it projects its sickness to its false house, body, and now focuses on trying to heal the body, hence it takes medications and engages in the various phony healings of the new age crowd.

Mind is healed when the owner, you, realize that you are eternally joined to God and you stop seeking to separate your mind from God and return it to God; you reconnect your mind to God's mind.

You do so by doing what God asks you to do. God is love; to reconnect to God is to love God and all his creation and to forgive those who wronged you.

When your mind is rejoined to God you can literally tell your sick body or other sick bodies to heal and they would heal.

Let me quickly add that the folks in the new age crowd, like all of us, are sons of God hence God and, as such, have every right in the world to delay their salvation; the choice is theirs to decide when to wake up.

Body is dead (actually, body is a neutral instrument for us to dream that we are separated from God) and cannot be made healthy.

What needs to be made healthy is the mind, the spirit seemingly entombed in body. One needs to realize that one is not body and arise from body (walk away from the tomb, as Jesus did).

Ultimately, body does not exist.

To see one's self born in body, live in body, sicken in body, live in space and time and then die is an illusion. We are not born in body; we do not get sick and do not die. Birth, sickness and death take place in the state of illusion, in the dream that death, body, is life and that separation is possible. We play elaborate hoaxes on ourselves.

To wake up  you simply realize that you are not body and know that body does not exist, and that space and time do not exist, and that such things as weather, cold or hot do not exist. Say it and believe it.

The physical universe is the product of your belief that it can exist; when you give up that belief it disappears from your awareness!

First, you see you in light form of your present body and finally you experience yourself as a formless self in other formless selves (God and his infinite sons), what folks call heaven.


Traditional Christianity teaches that Jesus was literally crucified and his body died and three days later (actually, two days, for Friday to Sunday is two days) he resurrected from death.  He is said to be the only one who has supposedly accomplished this feat of magic. The rest of us are to pray to him and, hopefully, he helps us. We are still to die but look forward to a future when he comes back, the second coming of Christ, to judge the living and dead, last judgement, and then live with those he judged good in New Jerusalem and New Israel for a thousand years; thereafter, there will be the great rapture and he and his followers would disappear into the clouds, into heaven.

This is, of course, a very infantile rendition of the meaning of death and resurrection.

New age Christianity comes close to the truth. According to it, death and crucifixion means living as egos; resurrection means when one decides to live as not an ego separated self and begins to live as the Christ self.

The Christ self is a self that has forgiven its mistake that it is a separated self and what it does in the state of separation, in the dream.

Here, resurrection means awakening from the dream of separation.  We are NOW born again; Christ HAS come into our lives; this means that we have chosen to live as Christ (love, forgiveness, joining with all creation and its creator) instead of ego (separation, hate).

The last judgment is the day we individually (with the aid of our understanding of the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit) pass a judgement on the ego and its separated world and decide that they are false, illusions and let them go and start living as the Christ (a self-unified with God).

Living in New Jerusalem and New Israel means living a life where Christ reigns in our lives, in a happy dream where we still see ourselves in bodies, albeit bodies of light and are at the gate of heaven and eventually decide to relinquish all desire to live in forms, dense or light, and then experience ourselves living in formless, unified state, heaven.

These new age interpretations of traditional Christian concepts are on the right path and may lead to resurrection.

Death simply means separation from God and seeing one's self living in body.  Resurrection simply means accepting that the separated self in body literally does not exist and waking up to the real self, a spirit self that is part of unified spirit that folks call God.


Our true identity is the son of God who is one with God. We share the self of God; we share the mind of God. With our God's mind we separated from God and invented this elaborate dream we call our physical universe. We made the universe and told us that it made us; we quickly forgot that we made it; we are now trying to understand how we made it through science.

Doing science is good; we can also simply decide and wake up from the universe and do not have to study illusion. Understanding the illusions is good sport but does not make it real.

It is our minds that give meaning to everything in the world. For example, we hear a sound and attribute it to a ghost and since we have preconceptions of what ghosts are we use those preconceptions to scare us and have nightmarish dreams where ghosts are trying to kill us. There are no ghosts and there is no death.

Fear is part of the trick of the ego to make us seem to live in bodies (that are vulnerable and can be harmed and die).

There is no birth in body and no death of body. When we separate from our real self and seem to live in body we are metaphorically dead, better put, we are sleeping and dreaming.

To resurrect from death is to regain the awareness that we do not live in body and that body, matter, space and time do not exist (those are illusions that seem to exist but, in fact, do not exist).


I can just see the reader salivating to ask me if I have transcended body. Suppose I said yes would that convince you? How would you know that I am telling you the truth, except you choose to believe it? I am not interested in beliefs and faith. It is only when you have transcended body, overcome the world of egos and bodies that you know for sure that the thesis of this essay is true.  Seek your own salvation (resurrecting from body, death) and give up your egos desire to argue with folks who are trying to liberate you from the death that you call life.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 1, 2017

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