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The Holy Spirit acts through each of us

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Many of us daily ask the Holy Spirit to do this or that for us; we ask him to guide us or to comfort us.

We kind of expect some supernatural force to come out of the clear blue sky and do something extraordinary for us for us to see the Holy Spirit doing something for us. This magical expectation is based on faulty understanding of what the Holy Spirit is and how he acts.

The Holy Spirit is not a person apart from each of us. The Holy Spirit is in each human being and acts through each human being.

You can act as the Holy Spirit towards other people and other people can act as the Holy Spirit towards you.

You should not expect the Holy Spirit to be disembodied force acting towards you; no, he is in the next human being you see close to you: adult, man, woman and child.

What the next person you encounter says or does to you could be what the Holy Spirit spoke or does to you through him and what you say or do to him could be what the Holy Spirit said or did to him through you.

The Holy Spirit is the voice for God in the separated world.  He uses our voices to talk to all of us.

The Holy Spirit is the immanent God in the temporal separated universe (the transcendent God is above this world of separation). He is not apart from us; he is in us and we can hear his voice through our neighbors or through our own thinking.

Therefore, pay attention to what folks around you say to you. You could be walking down the street and a child looking for a ball he had kicked away and could not find it says to you:  Mister, did you see my ball? If you respond to him with love even though you have not seen his ball what he next says to you could be the voice of the Holy Spirit talking to you. What he said to you might be what you need to hear to solve a problem you want to solve. On the other hand, if you respond to his question with anger that may prompt him to say something to you that might be the voice of the ego in him.

Each of us has two voices in us, ego or Holy Spirit; the voice with which we talk to any particular individual depends on what the sub-conscious part of us leads us to.

God himself is in each of us.  But we no longer know that fact.  We have forgotten that each of us is the son of God.

The son of God in his wake state has the same voice as God, for he is a part of God and his will is the same as God's will.

Let me do a bit of explaining here, otherwise to say that the son of God and God are one is a bit confusing; very few persons understand the nondual nature of God and his creations.

In eternity, heaven, God is one. One God creates infinite sons. God and his infinite sons share oneself and one mind; they are one.

If you like see God and his son as a coin; one side of the coin is the head (God) and the other side is the tail (the son of God); they are eternally unified and cannot separate from each other; if they were able to separate from each other both would die.

The will of God is the will of the son of God. The will of the son of God is the will of God. This is because God and his son(s) are one and therefore they have one unified will; what one says is what the other says.

The sons of God decided to experience the opposite of God. God is unified and the sons of God decided to experience separated existence.

It is impossible for the sons of God to separate from their father and from each other. Thus, they remain as God created them, unified with him and each other.

Separation cannot occur and has not occurred.

While remaining as one shared self, as it were, the sons of God seem to have closed their spiritual eyes and went to sleep and in their sleep dream a universe of separated beings and things.

They projected out a separated universe of space, time and matter. In that dream they used matter to construct bodies for themselves and now seem to live in separated bodies and walk around in the world of space and time, our world.

This is a dream world but while they find themselves in it they believe that it is real just as at night when we sleep and dream we believe that the dream world is real.

While they are dreaming they are no longer able to know that they and God and each other are one; each of them thinks that he is doing his own thing apart from God and from each other. They no longer hear their unified (collective) voice. They could no longer hear God directly communicate to them and they could no longer directly communicate to God in their unified voice.

God realizing that his sons no longer hear him or him hearing them in their separated state created the Holy Spirit and placed him in their right minds. Through the Holy Spirit in our right minds God tries to communicate with us.

When we seem to have separated from God and each other we invent replacement selves, the separated ego selves. We now identify with the ego substitute self.

The ego self is now in our left mind (mind is metaphor for consciousness). In each of us are now the ego in our left (wrong mind) and the Holy Spirit in our right mind.

In the temporal separated universe we can speak from the ego part of our mind or speak from the Holy Spirit part of our mind.

When we speak from the ego part of our minds we are expressing separated will. When we are speaking from the Holy Spirit part of our minds we are expressing unified will (we are seeking what serves our collective interests).

In the temporal universe the choice we have is the ego or Holy Spirit mind. In a few instances we transcend the world of separation and momentarily awaken from the sleep and dream of separation and hear God and his son in us talk directly.

Yes, you can transcend your stay in the world of space and time and experience Holy Instance where you know that you, the son of God, is one with God and all people; in that state you will communicate in your heavenly manner: with unified voice; you speak as the son of God and he speak to you as your father; both father and son have a joined will; your will in heaven is the will of God and God's will is your will.

When you obey God's will you obey your own will; when you disobey God's will you disobey your will; when you think and behave like an ego you are disobeying your will which is God's will; in ego an alien force has taken hold of your mind and you are obeying the will of that alien force.

Generally, after the temporary unified experience you return to living in the world of separation and see yourself as apart from God and all people; however, you tend to be peaceful and your body feels light and calm; you smile a lot because you know that God is real and that our world is a transitory and ephemeral dream so you do not take it seriously.

When you pursue what you call individualism with its different interests you are living from the ego; when you work for our collective good you are living from the Holy Spirit.

This does not mean that the person living from the Holy Spirit knows that he is doing so. He may not consciously be aware that he is living from the Holy Spirit.

While you are walking down the street and a stranger says hi to you and that greeting makes you feel good that person did not consciously know that he is speaking from the Holy Spirit and that he is going to disperse your depression.

(Depression is a sense that one is separated from other people and from God and is all alone in the universe; another person saying hi to you makes you feel connected to him, people and to God hence that saying of hi has temporarily or permanently healed you from your depression.)

The ego and the Holy Spirit are not persons. They are patterns of living in this world. The son of God is not the ego or the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit, however, represents his real self as the son of God).

The son of God remains a part of God forever and ever. In your truth you remain a part of God and all of us. But while in God you may sleep and dream separation in which case you are now listening to the voice for separated existence, the ego; or while in the world of separation you may listen to the voice for return to union, the Holy Spirit.

When you wake from the sleep of self-forgetfulness you revert to communicating with God and all of us through our shared one voice.

You can act as the Holy Spirit to other people and other people can act as the Holy Spirit to you; it all depends on what each of us says to each of us.

If I see you and me as having common interests I am relating to you from the Holy Spirit part of my mind; you can do the same to me.

On the other hand, if I see you as different from me I am relating to you from my ego and you can do the same to me.

Each of us can function as the Holy Spirit or the ego for each of us.

The function of the Holy Spirit is not to wake the sleeping and dreaming son of God from his sleep but to enable him have a happy dream. His function is to correct our perception.

In the world of separation there is perception; I am over here and you are over there so we have to see each other. In the world of union, God, heaven, there is no perception, for we share oneself hence there is no you and I, no seer and seen, no subject and object.

Corrected perception means that you see all people as unified with you and you overlook their mistakes and love them.

In the world of perception, if you see me as part of you and I see you as part of me and we do what serves each other's good our perception is purified, corrected; we experience each other's presence happily.

Corrected perception means seeing ourselves as spirit unified and doing what is good for each of us.

The Holy Spirit enables us to correct our perception; he purifies our perception; but he does not awaken us from the sleep or take us out of the world.

However, when we have completely corrected perception we no longer manifest in the world of dense matter but live in the world of light forms, what Catholicism calls purgatory, what I call the gate of heaven; it is not heaven for we are still in forms, albeit light forms; in heaven we are formless.

If you correct your perception and work for our common good you live peacefully and happily on earth.  Every once in a while your mind flips out of the world of separation and you experience God (what Hindus call Samadhi, Buddhists call Nirvana, Zen calls Satori and Christians call the mystical union of God and his son as one self).

If you have not experienced Holy Instant no amount of explaining it will make it understandable to you.

Just love all and forgive all people and one day you experience you as one with all people and one with God and feel eternal.

It is not the Holy Spirit that made you feel oneness with God; it is you that did so. You merely listened to the Holy Spirit and removed the blocks to your awareness of God and you experienced your real self as the part of God who is one with God.

Remove the veil with which you cover the face of Christ (Christ is the real son of God who is as God created him) and you experience Christ and his father in their unified state.

To remove the blocks preventing you from experiencing your real self means not living from the ego but live from Christ, living from love (in the temporal separated universe you forgive the wrongs done to you by other people to see the Christ in them).

We are all sons of God; we all chose to separate from God (seem to do so for in reality we cannot do so, we forever remain in God).


Jesus was the first human being who completely listened to the voice for God, the Holy Spirit. He forgave all his brothers, including those who crucified him. In forgiving the world he returned to the awareness that he is perpetually in love with all his brothers and their father. He returned to the awareness of God (in Christian language he ascended to God and is now in the right hand side of God).

Jesus was the first complete student of the Holy Spirit. In that sense he is now the Holy Spirit manifest in the world of forms. He is, if you like, God in human form.  He is the God man.

You can see Jesus as God and talk to him as you talk to the Holy Spirit. If you are a loving person you might even see him in human form.

He will appear to you in the form that your mind can accept. He is always in the form of a man, though. He can appear to you as a young man, as a middle aged man or as a wise man, depending on the image your mind has of him.

He is not the image you see him as; he is the voice for God, the Holy Spirit taking form to help you learn the truth.

Many other human beings have listened to the voice for God and, as such, can be seen as the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in human form and you can use any of them as the symbol of the Holy Spirit and ask him to guide you back to God.

If you consistently listen to the Holy Spirit, you, too, can be seen as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the world.

At this moment I am talking to you from the Holy Spirit part of my mind; you can see me as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in your life. However, I can also manifest as the ego in your life. If you behave in an anti-social manner I will not hesitate in putting you into prison and when I do so it is my ego behaving draconically towards you.

Have a happy new year

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 29, 2017

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