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The dance of the gods (my religion)

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Life on earth, in human body is a joke, a humor enacted by the gods.

There is only one God; we are all part of that one God.  God is one but he has infinite parts. You can call the parts of God his sons. Thus, it is correct to say that one God has infinite sons.  Each of us is a part of God, a son of God. All the infinite sons of God are one son of God (God knows all his sons as one son; he does not recognize differences in his sons).

God and his sons are always unified as one shared self with one shared mind. They cannot be separate from each other; we, the sons of God, cannot separate from each other and cannot separate from God.

Obviously, for us to be unified we cannot be in body, space and time; matter, space and time are means of separation. Union is only possible in the state of formless spirit.

In God we do not have forms, we are spirit; there is no time and space in God.

God is the idea of the whole and we are the ideas of parts of that whole. Wholeness, idea, and parts, ideas, are intrinsically connected and cannot be apart from each other.

The whole is in the part and the part is in the whole. God is a true giver so he gave all of his self to each of his sons. God literally extended all of his self into you, me and all creation; all of God is in you and me; God is not outside each of us. This is the state of reality and eternity.


While still in the state of eternity, state of oneness, state of perfect love and union we entertained the wish to seem different from that state of union. Where we are unified we wished to seem the opposite of our natural state, separated.  Where there is no time and space we wished to experience time and space; where there is no form and matter we wished to experience life in matter, in body.

While we still remain in unified spirit state, as it were, we seem to have gone to sleep and in our sleep dream that we are now in a place with space, time and matter.

(If you want to give time frame to when separation began you can see it as the Big Bang, that is, 13.7 billion years ago...that time frame obviously will change as our understanding of astrophysics improve; I tend to believe that Fred Hoyle is correct  and that space is infinite and galaxies and stars are infinite in numbers; in this essay I am not dealing with cosmology at the scientific level; here I am doing metaphysics; I am simply trying to understand myself; if you are into physics and cosmology, I love those subjects,  please see some of my writing that extrapolated from them to explain the human condition.)

We used the imaginary matter we invented to fashion bodies for each of us and now seem to live inside bodies and walk around in an imaginary world of space and time.

We are not in bodies. Consider that at night you sleep and dream and see yourself in a dream body walking around in a dream world of space and time but you obviously are not in that body and world since you still have a self in the body lying on the bed. By the same token, you have another self that is not in the self-lying on the bed; you have a self not in body, space and time; you have a self in spirit, in God.

All of us now seem separated and are now living in bodies, space and time. Body, space and time are all illusions; they do not exist but to us in the dream they seem to exist; they seem real for us.

The purpose of the world is for us to seem separated from God and from each other. We made our bodies, space and time in such manner that they make us seem separated from each other and from God.


In fact, the purpose of body is to give us a sense of separation and having separated selves. We made body vulnerable and prone to pain, sickness, weakness, aging and death. We made ourselves seem born in body, feel pain and age and eventually seem to die. It all seems real.

We cannot be in body and not feel like our bodies are real.  A little pain and we are reminded that our body is real. A little hunger and we seek food and believe that our body is real. A little sickness and we seek medication and health and feel that our body is real. Ultimately, death makes our body seem real. We die and our bodies rot and disappear hence must have been real.

That which can die and disappear from existence never existed and was never real. We were never in bodies and our bodies never died and never existed, not for a second has matter, space and time existed!

The universe remains as God created it: formless and unified; no power in the universe can disobey the will of God and change the world he made united into a separated world; all we did is dream that we have remade the world that God made; in our dreams we see a world of matter, space and time but awake from dreams we know only the unified world.


Some of us chose particularly problematic bodies. I am one of those who chose a body that is perpetually pained, arched and weak; I always seem to be on the verge of death.  Because I always feel like I am about to die I had to be conscious of my body. I am totally body self-conscious. I struggle to survive.

Weak bodies accentuate ones sense for separation from other people and from God. The weak bodied person pursues a powerful ego for he thinks that the more powerful his ego is the more he is likely to survive.

The ego is an instrument for surviving in the world of separation, space and time. Since the world of space, time and matter is an illusion and do not exist, the ego that struggles to survive in that world does not exist; the ego is an illusory self; our real self is the son of God, a spiritual self.

My entire life is characterized by the desire to seem a powerful ego.  I wanted to be powerful, in fact, to be more powerful than other people. If you said something that made me feel powerless and belittled I felt angry at you and came at you with the attempt to show you that I am powerful and you are not.  That was my ego trajectory, my initial life's plan.


Everything in my life was designed to make me seem weak and rejected so as to dispose me to struggle to seem powerful.

My father seemed to reject me and that made me struggle to seem powerful.  At school my teachers seemed to reject me. At play the other kids seemed to reject me. In the work world when I applied for jobs that I am obviously well qualified for I am rejected. When I completed my doctorate and applied for teaching jobs I was rejected by all the schools that I applied to, even by those who solicited my application and interviewed me. It was as if they had to reject me; it was as if the universe insisted that I be rejected.

When I called and inquired why I was rejected they could not honestly give me a good answer other than to say that somehow they felt a need not to offer me that particular job.

The point is that I had to be rejected by the entire world. Nobody made other people to reject me. It was part of my trajectory in life.

A part of me, my higher self that I was not aware of, made the world to reject my lower self, my ego.

Feeling rejected I felt angry. But my anger was not going to change anything because before each of us entered this world he had a life plan and must follow his plan and things must happen to him as his plan called for.


My life's plan was for me to be rejected by the world.

Jesus' plan was for his ego and body to be crucified, so he had to be crucified and could not avoid it (even when he asked to be spared it). It was in his ego dying that he remembered his Christ self.

Each of us has a life's plan and what it requires to happen to one must happen to one, by one's wish.

My life's plan was for my ego to be rejected by all people so that I would consciously let my ego die. I had to have my ego die so that I remember my higher self. The purpose of the incredible rejections I was subjected to was for my ego to die for me to remember the Christ me.  All people had to reject me; my plan called for them to reject me for me to remember my real self in this life time.

Even when I acted nice to people they still had to reject me.  Indeed, when I minded my own business folks would come out of nowhere and attacked me! Consider.

When I came to Nigerian Internet forums, among the other writings that I posted were my understanding of spirituality. Nebucadinazer began making fun of me, calling me a simpleton for talking about God. He told us that he is atheistic. In his mind, apparently, to be intelligent is to be an atheist and whoever professes belief in God must be unintelligent. So he is intelligent and those of us who profess interest in God are unintelligent.

The man with no college education kept calling me unintelligent and I ignored him. Eventually, he got under my skin and I decided to let him have it; I put on my ego hat and subjected him to withering analysis.

He wanted to shame me and as he wanted to do to me and others are done to him, I shamed him. Whatever we want to do to others is done to us by some people.

If you are motivated to degrade other people they will degrade you; if you are motivated to love people they will love you. Giving is receiving. What you put out, good or bad, is what comes back to bless you.

The man was always looking out for my posts and had a compulsion to say what he felt was degrading to my ego. He insulted me beyond belief. His goal was to shame me, degrade me, and belittle me. In his ego's mind he felt that he was doing me the worst thing a human being could do to another.

He had to do what he had to do. He had to do what he was paid to do; he is like Judas and was paid to crucify my ego; what he was paid by the world to do is to help crucify my ego, so that my ego dies and my real self-resurrected. He had to help kill my ego to help me resurrect to living as the Christ self.

Initially, I did not understand his role for me and I reacted to him defensively; I have verbal skills thus I subjected him to verbal attacks; I noted his obvious paranoid character; he was always looking to provoke fights with people and got the fights he was seeking.

I attacked to kill him. I literally wanted his ego and body to die. His ego had to die so that he stopped behaving like a paranoid ego, for the Christ in him to resurrect. My function for him was to kill his ego so that he allowed the Christ, love, in him to be reborn in this life time or another life time.

What I did to him he cannot forget until he dies. No one receives my ire and forget it until he dies. The information I gave to the savage even if his ego rejects it is stored in a part of his higher mind, the right mind, the Holy Spirit and in a different life time he would set things up in such a manner that he resurrects from the ego.

In this life time he is a mad dog that bites every person in sight but in other life times he will become a loving self.

What matters is that he was trying to shame and kill my ego.  He was my Judas; he is in existence to help crucify my ego.

Without Judas Jesus would not have died and Christ would not have resurrected in him.  This vicious man had to attack my ego so that my ego died and my Christ self-lived through me.

Each of us has his Judas who undertook to kill his ego to enable his Christ self to be rebirthed in him.

The salient point is that every person that I met in my life somehow ended up rejecting me. Even those I bent over backwards trying to help in time reject me. They attacked me in the most vicious manner.

My ex-wife used the judicial system to humiliate me; that was how I felt, anyway, but in time I learned that no one can humiliate me. Humiliation is a psychological feeling; if you feel like other people can humiliate and or degrade you they can seem to do so but when you accept that no one external to you can humiliate you, regardless of what they say or do, they cannot degrade you; the son of God cannot be humiliated by egos.

The son of God, your/ my real self has total worth and value; no human being can belittle him; you cannot belittle other people and other people cannot belittle you.

My daughter deliberately decided not to go to school even though she understood that I valued education. When I insisted that she go to school she called me sick (and in the meantime expected me to support her financially!).

Initially these rejections annoyed me until I thought about them and realized that those who rejected me did to me what I had asked them to do to me.

Listen, no one ever did anything to me that I had not asked him to do to me. If it were the case that other folks did the awful things they did to me without my wanting them to do so I would not hesitate for a second in killing them.  But they did to me what I asked them to do to me; they did to me what I had to experience to first feel anger and later over look them to experience my real self.

Folks did what attacked and crucified my ego, my pride and enabled me to recognize my higher Christ self.

In truth those that rejected me, attacked me did what enabled me to die to the ego and return to God and, as such, were my saviors from the darkness of the ego.

Thus, I had to be grateful to the people who attacked and rejected me. One must be grateful to those who did to one what ones ego considers bad for it is what one asked them to do to offer one the opportunity to forgive them, to overlook their behaviors so as  know that one is not a separated ego self but a unified Christ self, the Holy Son of God.


Before we entered this world we contracted with some people to act as our Judases, to help betray our egos so that our egos die and the Christ is resurrected in us.

The savage called Nebu (in the here and now his ego is a savage but behind his ego is the Christ) contracted with me to act as a murderer to help murder my ego so that the Christ is reborn in me. Therefore, I must be grateful to him for he helped resurrect my Christ; he is my savior from the ego and its gift of pain.

I returned the favor to him. Since he liked to attack and kill people's egos I attacked to kill his ego. Although he still pretends to be an important ego most people now see him as a clown pretending to be important. As he likes to do to people was inevitably done to him; he liked to attack and destroy other folk's egos so his own ego had be attacked and destroyed. This is called karma, aka the justice of God; as you do to other people is done to you.


The purpose of our lives on earth is for us to be born in bodies and form ego separated self-concepts and defend those and eventually crucify those egos; we must all eventually let our egos die and resurrect to our real selves (which Christians call Christ self and Buddhists call Buddha self and Hindus call Atman).

When the individual lets his ego die and allows his real self, the Christ him to live through him he is rebirthed and is now enlightened to his real self; he is now illuminated to his real self.

Henceforth he no longer tries to live as an ego. He is quiet and peaceful.  He does not attack any one nor does he pretend to be who he is not, an important ego.  He neither likes nor hates other egos. He is quiet.

He is now a passive figure in other people's dreams, in the dream of separation; he sees other people's activities but does not buy into them except to help them discover their true selves.

Like the Holy Spirit, our higher self, he sees other folk's ego dynamics; if he chooses he can even tell you about how he sees your ego dance and leave you to do your thing, for it is what you came to the world to do.  He knows that you have a higher self, the Christ self (Buddha self, Atman, Chi etc.).

In his presence you feel peaceful. In fact, merely thinking about him you feel peaceful and happy

Let me summarize what I have said so far; I have said that we are always in unified state in eternity. We seem to have separated from it and now seem in separated selves housed in bodies, in space and time.

Bodies, space and time is a dream.  Everything in the dream, that is, life on earth, is designed to make the separated ego-self seem real in our awareness.

We defend our separated selves. At any point in time most people go through their lives on earth living as separated selves without remembering that they have another self, unified self.

Some set things up in such a manner that other people and the world attack them, reject them and crucify their egos and bodies.

Initially, we feel innocent and victimized by the world and angry. Later, we realize that we set it all up; the individual made himself crucified by seeming other persons so that upon the death of his ego his real self, the Christ self is reborn in his awareness.

When one knows that one is the Christ one knows that one is eternal; now, one is peaceful and happy.

One now sees other people dance their ego dances and knows that each person is dancing his own dance and that there is nothing that one can do about their dances. All that one can do is explain the nature of the dance, as I am doing here, and leave it to other people to do their dance.

Each person has built into his dance when he set it up for his ego to be crucified so that his Christ is resurrected in his awareness.

If your ego is not meant to be crucified in this life time things would seem to be going nicely for you and you live and die in old age.

If you set it up to resurrect in this life time the world would reject you, crucify you and your ego dies and you resurrect as the Christ you.

In this light, it was me who invented my ego self; I did so with the help and cooperation of all other egos, especially my parents.

Other people are volunteers who volunteered to do what I asked them to do to me and what they did to me in my life; I chose to be born in the body my parents gave me and to have the problems of that body.

Just as I chose my ego and body I also chose the death of my ego and body. All death, literal and figurative, is self-chosen.

I killed my ego self via seeming other egos rejecting me. Everything that has happened to me, good or bad, was done to me by me (sometimes through seeming other people).

Although I can call those who did something to me other people but they are all extension of my one self. My oneself did everything in my life just as your one self-did everything in your life.


We tend to think that terms like ego, Christ, son of God, Holy Spirit and God are disconnected, separated selves. No, only one self is in those seeming different selves.

There is God; God extended to me (and to you). I am one with God. Using the God in me I invented my ego and body. Later on in my earthly life, I realized that my ego and body are not my real self.

I invented the Holy Spirit and make him seem a different self from me and now he seems to be directing me in my return journey to my real self, the Christ, the son of God (some people invent what they call spirit guides and or angels to guide them back to God).

The Holy Spirit, Christ and son of God are me. God is me and I am God; the same applies to you.   But in our temporary universe we talk about all those selves as if they are apart from our selves.

In truth, it is one self in seeming different states. You are all of them. Heaven is not apart from you. You are heaven and heaven is you. You are God and God is you.  Hell is in you and you are in hell (when you identify as the ego separated self you are in hell). Everything is in you and you are in everything.


Hate is never justified; the only thing a human being deserves is love.  I cannot hate a human being black, white or yellow.

In the moments that other people seem to do bad things to me and I am tempted to hate them I must ask for forgiveness from them.


Human beings are at their best when they are doing something related to their understanding of God. Consider classical music, say, by Bach or Handel. What do you hear when you listen to those? You hear music at its best.  You feel that there is God and divinity. You feel that we cannot just be passing phantoms produced by an uncaring universe, born in body, live a hundred years and die and disappear into oblivion; you feel that there is a permanent part of us even though you do not fully understand it.

On the other hand, when you pursue ego goals, such as listen to noisy rock music, dance or do whatever titillates your body, such as drink alcohol, do drugs and have sex you feel that what you are doing is pointless.  Life in the ego is nothingness and meaningless.


When we separated from God and from each other, each of us developed a special self, a unique ego self. In God, eternity there was no specialness; we were all the same and coequal but in time we came to seek specialness and each of us developed a special, that is, different self, an ego; each of us developed special skills.

Each of us developed those skills to enable all of us separate and maintain the world of separation. You have a special skill and I have a special skill. My special skill is not your special skills.

For example, I am very good in psychology and philosophy; you may be very good in understanding the human body and healing it, medicine; others may be very good in understanding the world of matter, physical scientists and others in working with matter, engineers.

You cannot do what others do well; you can only do what you do well for you developed those skills over several life times.

You used those skills to enable us separate from each other and now you must redirect them to help us unify with one another.

My understanding of secular psychology is now redirected to spiritual psychology that enables us to recover awareness of our spiritual nature and help us return to God.

I have a powerful ego. When I turned to God I use that powerful ego to articulate God. Each of us has an ego and when he turns to God he uses his ego to talk about God in his own way.

We invented egos for ourselves and now place those egos at the service for God, our higher self, the Holy Spirit; we use our egos to serve the course of human unity, love and peace in the world.

On earth, we are still in bodies, in the illusion of separation and must use the illusory separated selves we made to point us to the world of unity.

Perfect unity exists only in formless unified state but while we are still on earth we can move towards that unified state.

Those who have transcended most of their egos (and only have a bit of it)  are in forms of light; they are at the gate of heaven, the world of spiritual forms; they are not yet in heaven, in God.

In God we do not have forms; in God each of us is a particle of God in the one continues wave of light called God (each particle of that God light contains all the other particles of it and contain God).


We were created by God as light selves; he gave to each of us his entire self (the particles is the wave of light and the wave is the particle of light). Our real self is the part of God, the son of God.

We sought to experience the opposite of God, the opposite of our true self and, as it were, cast Maya, magical spell on us and went to sleep and in the sleep formed (dream) our ego separated selves and live through them.

Enlightenment is not doing anything new, it is removing the ego false self we invented for ourselves so as to experience the already there son of God, Christ in us. To experience the Christ self we have to stop trying to live as the ego self.

We are already enlightened and just have to remove the ego, the block to enlightenment; we used the ego to cover our already enlightened self and must now let go of that ego to see the alright light self in us.


This morning, Sunday, June 12, 2016, I went to a new age church service. I had a strong urge to go to that service. At the service was a woman, Ruth, who said that she channels a spirit entity that she called Tia.  She tuned out her normal ego personality and went into silence and said that Tia is now speaking through her (of course I have no way of knowing if Tia is real or not...in my perception, Tia is her higher self that her lower ego self is not aware of).

Everything that Tia said is what I have already thought about and accepted as true.  However, I did not attribute my knowledge to disembodied spirit guides and angels although clearly my reading of spiritual books such as A course in miracles and my study of Hinduism and Buddhism shaped my thinking.

For me, what the congruence of my thoughts and Tia's thoughts means is that my mind is independently capable of knowing what apparent spirit guides tell those who channel them. I do not need to disown my mind and claim that another mind is speaking through me. I do not need to have spirits channel their messages through me. My mind is capable of understanding what spirit guides tell those they supposedly guide.

For example, I, more or less, independently reached the conclusions in A course in miracle, Gnosticism, Hinduism and Buddhism before studying those spiritual paths. If I put my ego aside my higher self knows as much as supposed enlightened spirit masters.  This means that I am already an enlightened spirit.

My ego says that I am grandiose in making such claims but I am not being egoistic, I am merely speaking the truth.

I am already dead. To live in ego state is to be dead to my real self, Christ, so since I live in ego I am already dead.

Moreover, my ego did not give me the rewards of following it, such as high social positions and material abundance. Therefore, I have no particular reason to allow the ego to guide me.

The ego does not deserve my alliance and allegiance; it has done nothing good for me; all it did was give me psychological pain; it is good riddance for me to give up the ego.

Since I am already dead I must deliberately resurrect to living from my higher self. My higher self knows as much as so-called ascended masters, Jesus Christ and Buddha included.

I might as well live the truth that I know and live peacefully, happily and fully without fear. Fear is of the ego that fears death but since I have already accepted my ego death and accepted that I live in the eternity of unified spirit I do not have to live in fear.

That which is preserved by fear, ego and body, is not real and is not worth it; the real, Christ does not need fear to protect it.

My body and ego means nothing to me so I let it die and resurrect to the real me, the Christ in me, the son of God as God created him, the formless unified spirit self.


God is the state of union; in God everything is unified. In our eternal state we are all unified as parts of one whole-self called God. Love is the spiritual glue that unifies everything.

We are always in love with each other and with God. This is the state of eternity. We cannot separate from God, and from love.

It is impossible for a part of God, a son of God to separate from him, to not be in in love with God and all creation. We cannot not be in love.

If it were ever possible for any of us to separate from God, from each other and from love we would die and God would die.

The universe of God and his sons would end if separation were possible; if it were possible for us not to be loved by God and each other we would die. We are always loved by God and by one another.

Clearly, at present we do not feel loved or unified with God and each other. Therefore, we have to understand how come we do not feel loved and how we can return to the awareness of love, aka God.

At present we are in the state of apparent separation; each of us has a sense of separated self. The most that we can now do is using our seeming separated self to love other seeming separated selves.

But we must understand what it means to use ones separated self to love other people. It does not mean doing for other people what only they can do for themselves.

Each person is on a journey of his choosing. Love for him is not going to alter his trajectory. What it means is that you affirm the son of God in him and leave him to do whatever he is doing.

You cannot prevent a son of God from doing what he came on earth to do, even if he is doing what we on earth call negative things, such as doing drugs, even killing other people.

Each person will do his own thing and you will do your own thing. You see what others do, describe them and talk about the consequences of their behaviors and then tell them that you always love their real self, the son of God in them and cannot not love them but that in the temporal universe it is up to them to choose what they do and to choose when to change directions. You cannot change people nor can they change you.

If it were possible for one son of God to change another then we do not have freedom. We have freedom and each must do his own thing but we all can describe what we see people doing and leave it for each of us to choose to change if that is what one wants to do.

Each of us before he was born on earth had already chosen when to change (if it is not in this life time it may be in other life times).

In sum I have allowed my ego to die so that henceforth I live through my higher self, which Christians call the Christ, Buddhists call the Buddha and Hindus call the Atman and Igbos call Chi.

I voluntarily gave up the ego separated self and now live from the unified spirit self. In relinquishing my go I now know peace and joy.

Since to identify with the go is to attack my real self, attack Christ and his father, I have stopped attacking my real self, the unified spirit self and now love it and live from it and experience its gifts of peace and joy.

You can do the same and must do the same when you have planned to do so.

Finally, nothing said here implies that you should not physically help other people. Obviously, you must help people as much as you can.

If you are married and have children it is your duty and responsibility to take care of their material needs until they become adults, preferably until they graduate from university (age twenty-two). You must not shack your parental responsibility to your children with the poorly understood concept that each person is responsible for his fate.  You must support your spouse in an interdependent manner.

Yes, each of us is responsible for his fate but we are also contributory to other people's fate. The world is a system and we affect each other. You affect other people and they affect you. There is no such thing as individuality; individuality is a bourgeois chic concept, a nonsense propagated by egotistical Americans to give them the illusion that they are separated from each other.

We are unified in eternity and are also joined in time. It is our duty to work for our collective good. If you have money, give some of it to the poor.  If you do not have money obviously you cannot give to the poor.

The relevant point is that we are all our brothers' keepers. If you are walking down the street and see homeless beggars you should give money to them; give to them whatever money you can afford to give to them.

And who are you giving money to, anyway? The homeless beggar is you; you projected him out and he projected you out. If you help the beggar you are helping yourself and if you ignore him you are ignoring yourself.

Give to the world and you will receive from the world. Give and serve other people and you are given and served by other people.

As we do to other people they do to us.  Give and serve selflessly, egolessly; it is in doing so that you know the little peace and joy possible in this world.

Perfect peace is only in unified heaven; the world of light forms has more peace and joy than our world.

Love all for in loving all you are loving your complete self and as such receiving the gifts that love give to us: peace and happiness.

Ozodi Osuji

June 12, 2016


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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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