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Our nature is love but on earth our love is attenuated

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In our true state, in heaven, in spirit we are unified.  God and his heaven is one continuous wave of light that began nowhere and ends nowhere.  Each of us is a particle, unit of that unified light. The part, the unit and the whole of that light is one; all persons in heaven share one self and one mind: God's self and God's mind.

God and his sons share one self and one mind; where one ends and the others begin is nowhere; there is no space between them; they are in each other.  Because they share one self and one mind they live in harmony hence in eternal peace and joy. Heaven is perfect peace and happiness, bliss.

Love is the energy that unifies the father and his sons.  God and his sons are eternally inseparable; they are permanent, immortal and changeless.

We, the sons of God, undertook to experience separation and are now in a world where we see space and time between us.

On earth, in the dream of separation we house ourselves in bodies and use those bodies to give us a sense of separation from each other; bodies are boundaries indicating where one self ends and another begins.

Often, when we are getting close to the awareness that body, space and time are illusions and have the urge to return to God we make our bodies feel sick. In sick bodies we concentrate on healing our bodies and in the process forget that body is not real; body and sickness are means of forgetting God, union and affirming separation (affirming the ego separated self and forgetting the Christ unified self).

On earth we can strive to return to God. To do so we completely let go of our attachment to body and accept that body does not exist, that space, time and matter do not exist.

If we let go of our attachment to the ego and its world we awaken to the world of light forms (the world that God, through his Holy Spirit remade from our ego world) and, thereafter, experience the formless, unified world of God.

After experiencing the formless light world of God we return to the world of light forms (for no one can stay in heaven permanently until all people on earth are saved, that is, brought to the world of light forms.

We left heaven together and permanently return to it together. From the world of light forms we teach those in our world of dense forms that God is real and show them how to return to God: by not valuing the ego separated self and its world.

After enlightenment (experience of God's formless unified light world hence live in the light) if we choose to we can return to the world of dense forms, our current world; here, love cannot attain the formless perfect love of heaven or even the lesser love of the world of light forms.

On earth love is attenuated love; on earth love means accepting that one temporarily lives in form, in body and separation and using that body to love other people who live in bodies.

Earthly love means caring for people and accepting people in an unconditionally positive manner.  One must accept all people as they are, and not bother about their behaviors, for their behaviors are done in dream settings; what is done in dreams have not been done in reality.

After illumination you understand that what people do is an attempt to make their egos and bodies real. Sex, for example, is an attempt to enjoy body hence makes body and ego real.  You now know that people having sex, in fact, are not in body and therefore are not having sex so you overlook what you see them do with their egos and bodies and accept their spirit self that is formless and not in bodies.

This does not mean that you have to accept everything that people do. If they harm other people of course you tell them to stop doing so.

Harming other people is done by confused minds that think that body is real and can be harmed. Since you know that those they are harming believe that body is real so they can be harmed, therefore, you ask the hurtful person not to hurt other people.

As for you, you know that you are not body and nobody can harm your body, so you forgive and overlook what folks do to your body and ego.

You now know that the world is a dream and that each person is having his personal dream within our collective dream.

The person who hurts people is having a dream where he hurts people; the people he hurts are having a dream where they want to be hurt.

Nobody can do anything to you against your wishes for your world is your dream and you are responsible for everything that happens to you (you dream it).

But since the world is a shared dream, other people's dreams do affect you, so you cannot ignore their dreams.

In the extant world, for example, Arab Muslim terrorists want to kill people; Christians want to be killed by Muslim terrorists; the killer and the killed meet and act out their evil dreams.  Arab murderers murder those who want to be murdered, Christians.

If you do not want to be murdered by Arab Muslim murderers they will not murder you for that is not part of your dream (your dream did not call for them to murder you).  Your dream may call for you to see them murder people so that you learn from it.

I do not want to be   murdered by Muslim terrorists so they cannot murder me.  However, I do want to observe what they are doing and from its absurdity teach them alternatives to their evil dreams.

I teach that both Islam and Christianity are ego based religions; therefore, both Muslims and Christians have to jettison their ego based religions and return to true religion, the religion given to the world by the Holy Spirit and his star student, Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit's true religion is very simple: it asks you to see yourself as a son of God and see other people as sons of God; it requires you to affirm the divinity in all people and love all people.

In so far that we live in the world of scarcity (the world of God, life in unified spirit, is the world of abundance but on earth there are scarce goods and services) I work on helping all people; I teach social democracy where the public provides education to all people to all levels, university included, and provides health insurance to all people and do a few other things and allow people to shift for themselves.



Madmen like Nebu cannot be healed by other persons: I certainly cannot heal the man. His role for me/us is to show me/us his madness in all its glory so that we learn from it and understand the bit of madness in all of us.

Each of us must strive to heal his own insanity without having the illusion that he can heal other people's insanity.

It is not for one to heal other people's insanity but to learn from them; their function is to bring to light what is hidden in all of us; to present madness for us to see how it works so that we correct the bit of it in us.

As for the madmen, they have several life times to correct their insanity. Heal yourself and leave other people to heal theirs; you cannot heal other people; the only person that you can heal is you.

At Nigerian Internet forums, Nebu used to feel like he is the only Igbo who knew what he was talking about. I came along and he feels like I displaced him.

He feels jealous of me and tries very hard to convince himself and people that I am a fraud so that they may not listen to me but to him; he wants to get the attention he used to get before I pointed out his delusion disorder.

Poor thing! Just learn from his mental gyrations; he teaches me/us the workings of a diseased, deluded mind that appears to be normal; it is not for me to respond to him, or correct or heal him.

Watch the madman dance in the public square and learn from him, for his function is to teach us about the nature of madness.

Indeed one must be grateful to him for volunteering to teach us about delusion disorder (belief in what is not true as true and ego grandiosity), a kind of madness that the individual has but still seems to be a normal person.

Do not fight with him, for that is what his megalomaniac paranoia wants; he wants you to respond to him, fight him hence give him attention; the paranoid ego thrives in conflict and war.

Ignore him but learn from him so that he has no one to fight with; he has to learn to get attention by caring for people not from fighting with people (this morning the brother called me derogatory names hoping to make me angry at him hence respond to him in kind).

All attacks by a brother are a call for forgiveness; so forgive him (to forgive is to love) and, hopefully, he can do the same and heal his tortured, paranoid thinking and behaving patterns.

Love (forgiveness) is what heals all insanity. Temporarily, neuroleptic medications may help; Nebu needs to be on medications for a while until he learns love and desists from his perpetual attacks on people.

The chief ego defense mechanisms employed by paranoid persons are denial, displacement and projection. The paranoid person sees  something in him, denies it and projects it to other people and come to believe that what he thinks is in other people is in them and not in him. Nebu feels like he is a fraud, denies it and projects his negative self-assessment to me. He then responds to me as if I am what he projected to me (that is why he is a dangerous person, for paranoid persons having projected what is not in others to them can attack them, for example, if they see you as out to kill them and you are not, they hide from you, as Nebu does, he hides his identity from other people, or attacks you because they falsely believe that you are out to get them). Nebu is a study in paranoia. He volunteered himself to me to study paranoia at work. I thank him for doing so.

Ozodi Osuji

August 5, 2016

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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