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Improved self concept is not the same as enlightenment

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

You have a self-concept; that is, you have a set of ideas about who you think that you are; you behave in accordance with that self-concept.

The individual defends his concepts, ideas of who he thinks that he is. Since they are ideas if you defend them they seem real to you. But if you do not defend them they are not real to you; defenselessness leads to having no self-concept.

In the present life and other life times you will be changing your self-concepts and improving or not improving your self-concepts. If you change your concept of you and now decide to love other people you improve your self-concept but you still have a concept and thus are still in body and wish to live in body and wish to live in separated self and our world.


The individual's present self-concept is not a product of accident; he constructed it in childhood, in fact during the five years of his life. He built on his inherited body and social experience to construct his idea of who he believes that he is.

Given the individual's inherited body and social experience he must have his present self-concept. In adulthood, all he can really do is understand his self-concept, aka his personality and behavior patterns. Having understood its strength and weakness he can choose to improve it; that is, he can change it a bit. People come to earth and in many life times keep on improving their self-concepts.

It takes a long time before the individual decides to completely let go of his self-concept and die to the ego and this world. He is afraid of his ego self-concepts death.  He is not ready to let go of his ego self- concept and become enlightened (this is fine; as a son of God he has the freedom to live in separated ego state until he decides to return to his real self, unified self).

Over several life times the individual will eventually choose to have no self-concept, no idea of self of his own making and see it as who he is. When he no longer has self-concepts (the self-concept is a limited self-view of who he is); when the individual has emptied his mind of all conceptual selves he is now on the return journey to his creator.

When the individual empties his mind of all selves that he conceptualized he no longer judges himself as good or bad and does not judge other people as good or bad; he simply has no concepts of the self, his or other people, in his mind. There is no self of his making in his mind; the self he invented with which to replace the self that God created him; he has eliminated the substitute self-called the ego and is now dead to all self-concepts (Our real self, the son of God is not conceptual, is not perceptual; it is permanent spirit and is beyond your perception and concept of it: it is one self that is simultaneously all selves; you cannot understand what I just said for human thinking and speech cannot understand it;  God, heaven is ineffable).

At that point the individual may panic, for it is difficult to go about without a self-concept; most people feel terror and panic and may, in fact, experience decompensation, depersonalization and derealization and restitute with a more false grandiose self-concept and defend it; in which case they become psychotic; that is, become deluded, or manic or schizophrenic.

But if the individual can accept no self (Buddhism's term for it is anatta, having no self; Hinduism calls it jettisoning ahankara, ego, to experience the Atman, real self, God) and live with that fact he feels peaceful and happy.

When one accepts no self of ones making one has stopped fighting with God and his creation, one no longer wants to kill God and usurp his throne and create one's self, create other people and create the world. One is no longer at war with God. At that point one feels innocent, holy, sinless and guiltless.

When you see a man or woman who has given up his ideas about who he is he looks calm, peaceful, as if there are no ideas, no thoughts in his head; he is incapable of having hateful thoughts about other people; he smiles a lot; people feel peaceful around him or from even thinking about him. He is at the gate of heaven. Every human being who encounters such a person feels happy around him for he has encountered a son of God who is near our home (our home is heaven).

But as long as one has a self-concept, sees himself as separated from God and defends his self-concept he will live in pain, fear and anxiety and anger, depression, paranoia and other mental disorders.


Ultimately, the individual must decide to give up all his self –concept, good or bad, and have no self-concept that he constructed for his self; he has stopped defending a false self-concept.

At that point he has no ego; that is; he has no ideas of who he thinks that he is. When your mind is finally emptied of all concepts, all ideas of your own making and you have no wish to live in separation, body, space and time you would escape from your world and experience your real self, the son of God.

The real you is part of God; the real you is one with God; a self that is pure light and lives forever and ever.

In the meantime, take your time changing your ideas of who you are, improving them and eventually let all concepts of you go and return to God, to the you as God created you, one with him and all creation. When you do so you are now enlightened and illuminated to your real self.


In this life time my self-concept is a self that wants to be very important; I want to be very powerful. My inner self, the ego wants to be a superior self; I want to be better than all people and in fact better than God. From when I began school, age six I felt superior to all the other kids, and eventually I felt superior to all human beings. I have not seen a human being, black or white, that I did not feel superior to. God, when I was younger if you dared disobey me I felt furious at you and would do whatever I can to teach you that I am superior to you. I became a boss on the job very early and fired several people, black and white because they disrespected me. As a college student, in my twenties I had opportunity to travel all over Europe and North America.  While visiting the White House, for example, I felt that the president of the USA is a rat and is not capable of tying the laces of my shoes. The same phenomenon took place while I was in Europe. As for Africans, given their backwardness I must confess that I did not even see them as human beings!

What all these mean, metaphysically speaking, is that  I, a son of God, wanted to chase God out of his creator throne, usurp it and create myself; I wanted to create God, me, and all people and the universe; I wanted total power.

The son of God, you and I want to kill our father, God and replace him as the creator of ourselves and the universe (we did so in a dream setting; our physical universe is a literal, not figurative dream).

This desire to replace God is conscious in my mind, for I was born highly evolved; the desire may not be conscious in your mind; in fact, if you are a normal chap the desire to kill God and replace him is hidden in your ego unconscious mind (from where it makes you do the irrational things you do on earth).

In this life time, like most people, I can change my self-concept and see me as not that important and powerful person that my ego wants to become; in doing so I will develop a humble self-concept. If I have a humble self-concept I would live with relative peace and joy.

Eventually, however, I will have to decide to let go of my self-concept, grandiose or humble (for both are illusions since the self-concept is a mere wish and not reality); I must have no self-concept that I constructed (I would have deconstructed my ego, reconstructed it and eventually see the wisdom of having no ego and let it go).

When I extinguish my self-concept I would have peace; I would return to my real self, the son of God and feel one with God and become enlightened. This is the trajectory of my life during this life time (it is also the trajectory of your life but, perhaps, not during this life time).


In all my life I have not seen an Igbo, Nigerian, African or black American who is enlightened; most Igbos, Nigerians and Africans are egotistical; they are full of themselves; in fact, most of them have  childishly unrealistic big ideas of who they think that they are.

Nigerians steal and do incredible criminal things to get money with which they support their grandiose self-concepts (they do not even know that the self-concept is not real, does not exist, is a chimera, a dream figure, a replacement self, not their real selves).

How can I put it delicately? Well, you cannot express something that is not true in a delicate manner; all you have to do is state the truth as you see it. Here is the deal.

Igbos, Nigerians and Africans are literally living in the pit of hell and do not know it!  They do not know that to have an ego is to be in hell.

White folks also have egos hence are in hell. I must, however, say that I have seen a few white persons who are less egotistical hence are at the gate of heaven, that is, they have improved their egos to the point where they now use them to love all persons. They are still not in heaven.


To enter heaven you must have no self of your making; you must have no ego separated self-concept; you must become love itself.

God is love (unified self); to come to the presence of God you must become as he created you, love. If you hate even one single human being you cannot come to your creator.

You can quote me for I have been in the presence of God; I did so during the few moments when I forgave and loved all people.

Heaven and its God is love; only totally loving persons enter heaven. In the world today there is not even one enlightened person! I and a few others are at the gate of heaven (we still have egos but have transformed them to egos of love; to enter heaven we must give up the bit of ego, albeit it refined, that we still cling to).

In this short essay, I told you what you have to do to come to the gate of heaven: give up your ego self-concept and have no ego self that you constructed, no self that you invented with which you replaced the self that God created you as.

God created you as unified with him and all his creation; to love is to unify with the person you love; so love all and you unify with all and in so doing you come to your creator.

In the presence of your creator you experience permanency, eternity and changelessness; you experience perfect peace and joy; no human mind (those still in separation states) can comprehend it.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 14, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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