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I am as God created me

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 ACIM Lesson 94

I Am As God Created Me

Today's lesson says: I am as God created me.

The question that arises is: how did God create me? A course in miracles says that God did not create me as I currently see me. The me I see is in body; it is a self-concept that says that I am this and not that person; it is a self-image that says this is who I am and I present that self-image to other people and the world to approve and  if they approve it I feel fine, if not I feel bad.  I defend my self-concept and its self-image.

I believe that I am the self-concept and self-image I made for me. A course in miracles says that my self-concept and self-image in body is a substitute self, a self I made with which I replace the self that God create me as. It says that as long as I identify with the ego separated self-image I do not know who I am.

It says that who I am is in the light, is part of God's unified light. It says that my real self is not in the phenomenal world that I see.

In God there are no people in bodies, no people who live in space and time; there are no stars, galaxies, planets, trees, animals and houses; nothing I see in our world is in God.

Our world was invented by the sleeping son of God to enable him live in a manner that he forgets his real self. I must therefore let go of the replacement self, the ego and its world.

Today, I am told that every hour I must take five minutes and tell me that I'm as God created me, not as I made me.

When I run into people, especially if they annoy my ego, I must silently tell them in my mind that they are as God created them, not the body I see them in.

Having affirmed that I am as God created me I should remain quiet for five minutes and ask God (the God in the temporal universe, the Holy Spirit) to show me the me that he created. If I really believe in what I am saying, if I stop using my ego mentation and cognition to tell me who I am, the course says that I would escape from our phenomenal world and attain the me that God created.

I would see myself in the light, a formless self, a particle of the whole light called God. In that light I would know that I am as God created me; I would know for sure that as God created me I am eternal, permanent and changeless; I would feel perfect peace and joy, blissful.

I am now in the light. My real self is light so I am enlightened, illuminated to my real self. Light is strength; in the light I am strong; in God I have tremendous power. But in the ego, in body and its flesh I am weak.

To be in the light, to be enlightened all I have to do is remove the ego things that I made for me, I have to remove my substitute self and its world.  I must dis-identify with the ego and its world; I must undo the ego and its world and then I would know that I am always in the light, always in God.

I do not have to do anything to earn God's blessing for he has blessed me for eternity; I am always in the light, but covered my eyes, engaged in ego thinking and that made me seem apart from the light; now remove ego thinking and know that I am always enlightened.

A course in miracles, from the perspective of the ego philosophy is a negative philosophy for it asks me to negate this world I see with my physical eyes; it asks me to escape from the visible world.  It teaches me that my real world is not the world I see. I must not seek to be part of the visible world I see with my naked eyes.

A course in miracles urges me not to try to improve our physical world but to see it and overlook it, forgive it and move on to my real home.

In as much as I am still attracted by form the Holy Spirit has made a me in light form for me to see, that is the Christ self. That light self is still not the real me; it is still an illusion but a loving one so it approximates the son of God in formless heaven; because the Christ is forgiving and loving it is almost like the perfect love that is God and his son.

I can live in the world of light forms for a while but I must return to the formless light world called heaven to be home.

The self in light form lasts for as long as the physical universe lasts and ends with it; it ends with separation. At the end of separation all sons of God revert to their formless state in God. Jesus lived two thousand years ago but if you want to you can see him in the light form (I did). You can see your dead ancestors in light forms. When you die on earth you see all your ancestors in the world of light forms; you can also see them while on earth in spiritual vision experiences. If seeing them in visions is too much for you to accept they can appear in your dreams; they can also subtly put ideas into your mind; you are thinking about a subject and out of nowhere the answer enters your mind; here, a spirit guide or an ancestor has provided you with the answer. Great scientists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were helped by spirits (people who once lived on earth) in the world of light forms (years ago, in my dreams I used to hold conversations with my psychological mentor, Alfred Adler, and philosophical friend, Arthur Schopenhauer).

A course in miracles is asking me to overlook my ego and body and this world. It is not asking me to condone evil; it is not asking me to allow racists to oppress black folks. It is saying that racists are egos and are as misguided as the other egos they oppress. My job is to show racists a better world.

My job is to join with the Holy Spirit and become a teacher of God who is a teacher of love and forgiveness.  As a teacher of God my job is to teach all the people in the world of darkness, the ego, to forgive the world and live only from their Christ self, the self that loves all people, and to not oppress any one.

If the course had asked me to allow oppressors to oppress the weak I would have thrown it away as a philosophy that permits man's inhumanity to man.

In the meantime, today, I am supposed to remind myself that I am not the ego I see but the self that God created me as; I am in the light; I am sinless and innocent, I am the guiltless and holy son of God. And so is every person I see in my world.

I will repeat this mantra throughout today.  If you are a student of a course in miracle please affirm the same mantra.


Ozodi Osuji

March 31, 1016

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