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How Do You Love God You've Not Met or Seen?

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A mutual friend introduced us (she and me) to each other. We live miles apart in North America. She is in New York, and I and I am in Georgia. We've never met face to face, though we had spent hours on the telephone, chatting and catching on news about home, our families, and tidbits on our checkered lives. Time came to say good bye, and as we were preparing to hang up, something happened that provided the purpose of the instant essay.

SHE: We'll talk again.

ME: How do we get to know each other?

SHE: We'll talk.

ME: And how do we get to love each other?

SHE: We'll talk.

ME: How do you love God whom you've not met or seen?

As soon as I clicked the cell phone off and was about to stand up, one of my sons walked into my bedroom. He did not just walk in . he did something else. He barged in and I was glad my son bulldozed in. To barge is to rush, charge, push, elbow, burst, surge, or shove. My son did not make any physical contact with me. He did something that was more appropriate, and that provided the impetus for this essay, impetus being the motivation,  push, incentive, energy, stimulus, impulse, energy, or spur.

I turned to my son and fired questions that had been disturbing me and that were meant to slow the bulldozing.

ME: Have you met God?

SON: No response

ME: Have you seen God?

SON: No response

ME: Do you love God?

SON: Yes, I do love God. I do.

ME: How do you love God you've not seen or met? How do you?

SON: When I see me I have seen God.  I meet God when I meet me.  I love God because He is in me, and I love myself. In a way, I am a god!

QUESTION? What has this got to do with how you feel about yourself?  Your spouse? About Nigeria?

Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,  11/12/2017

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