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Everything is light

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April 9, 2016. As usual, I lie on my couch and read. In the afternoon I decided to go take a walk. It was 3PM when I walked out of my door. I walked the two blocks from my house to the park behind my house and entered it.

If you do not live in Alaska your concept of park is probably not our concept of parks. Parks in Alaska could be as large as typical cities. Indeed, you could enter a park in a suburb of Anchorage, Eagle River, and walk inside it for over 500 miles! That is correct. You can enter the Chugiak Park and keep walking in it until you reach Juneau and not have come out of the park to see civilization.

Anchorage is dotted with parks the likes of which you probably have not seen in your life. Anyways, I entered the Chester Creek Park and hoping to join other parks, such as Russian Jack and Campbell parks.   As I walked I began to appreciate the beauty of nature. The trees, grasses, occasional animal (I walked pass some moose) were all enchanting. Everything in the park looked so beautiful that I was in cloud nine.

Alaska is so beautiful that those of us who live here upon visiting the lower forty eight, as we call the states below us, feel really, really annoyed at the ugliness that is the lower forty eight. I go to the east coast often, to New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston etc. Whenever I am over there it is like I am in literal hell and could hardly wait to get away and return to my beloved Alaska.

Alaska is the last paradise on planet earth. Even the city of Anchorage is the most beautiful city in the entire USA.

I go to symphony orchestra in most cities I go to and can honestly tell you that there is no orchestra house in the lower forty that is like what we have at Anchorage. In Washington DC I go to the John F Kennedy Performing Arts center and ask who built such ugly monstrosity of a building; why didn't they come to Anchorage to see what a beautiful performing Arts center is like?

We Alaskans say to non-Alaskans: come visit Alaska, stay for a while and then go die for you would have seen heaven on earth.

Listen, you should not die before you have seen Alaska (Denali Park alone is about the size of New England states!)

My intention for today's walk was to walk one hour one way and then turn back and walk another hour and go home. But I got so carried away by the beauty of nature around me that I kept walking. Before I know it I had walked almost two hours.

As I thought about everything around me it occurred to me that everything is made of light.  I love physics and chemistry, so let me briefly explain to you the physics of how everything is made from light.

I am surrounded by woods. If you cut down the woods and burned them you would reduce them to heat and light. What was wood and grass would burn and give off heat and light. You could do the same to all the things in the park.

My body and the bodies of the animals in the park could be burned and they give off heat and light (go to a crematorium and see them burn a human body into a few pounds of ashes and those, too, could be heated some more and reduced to nothingness.

Actually, there is nothing like nothingness. If you burn the human body you reduce it to the 26 elements that compose it (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, sulfur, copper, sodium, chlorine, phosphorus and so on). If you keep heating those elements (atoms) you break the electro-magnetic force holding electrons to nuclei (there are four forces of nature: the strong nuclear force; the weak nuclear force; the electromagnetic force and gravity).

If you keep heating a typical atom you separate electrons from nuclei. If you keep heating electrons you reduce them to light (photons).

If you keep heating the nuclei you break the strong force holding protons and neutrons together; you separate them.

If you keep heating protons and neutrons you reduce them to quarks. If you raise the temperature to what existed during the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago, you reduce quarks to light, photons.

The point is that if you keep heating everything in our universe, including stars, planets, animals, plants, human beings, everything you reduce them to light energy.

But where did the heated light (radiation) that existed during the Big Bang come from? We do not know. Physics ends at the state of singularity; everything beyond that is beyond the laws of physics and chemistry.

Anyways, I walked in the park and kept thinking about how we can use heat to reduce everything in the park to light, photons.  At some point, I decided to sit by an embankment and just admire nature.

I sat down and felt peaceful. My whole self was bathed in peace and happiness. Life is beautiful, I told myself and simply sat there and savored the sensation of joy and tranquility that surrounded me.

Suddenly, the entire environment took a different ambience. The entire park looked like light. I mean this literally not figuratively. The trees, grasses, my body, the ground and air etc. seemed like light. I saw the trees and everything in their light forms. You could look through each of them. They simply looked lovely. It was such beauty that words cannot describe it.

As I appreciated the world of light forms that surrounded me I began to hear music. It is the music of the spheres.

I love classical music; indeed, it is the only type of music I listen to: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Brahms, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Mendelsohn, Schubert, Rachmaninov, Dvorak, Debussy and others are my idea of music. If you have listened to such music and liked them they are mere prelude to the beautiful music that I was now hearing. The music in the world of light forms is beyond human words articulation.

I felt like I was in a wonderful world of light forms with the world's best symphony orchestras serenading me with quiet, lovely music.  I felt blissful.

Suddenly, the world of forms disappeared and everywhere was just one wave of peaceful light that began nowhere and ended nowhere. Everything was one continues suiting light.

It is not physical light but we can use the physical light analogy to try to describe what words really cannot describe.

I felt like I am one with that wave of light; I felt like a particle in it but the particle and wave are the same.

There is no place where the particle of light ends and other particles start. It was just one wave of light, each particle a part of others.  There was no sense of me and you, no sense of subject and object, no sense of individuality. Everything was one thing.

The level of peace and joy that I felt is unimaginable. If you have ever felt peaceful and happy multiply it by millions of times and you would get a glimpse of what I am talking about.  In that state I felt eternal, permanent and changeless.

I automatically knew that I am in heaven. I felt like I am finally home. The prodigal son who had left his father to go on a journey to nowhere has come home and the entire heaven is rejoicing that the lost sheep is found and has come home.  The journey to nowhere is now over and I recognized that at no point have I left my heavenly father and brothers (I felt that the entirety of the lovely light is God; I did not see God as apart from me).

I automatically knew that while always in heaven I merely slept and dreamed that I left home and suffered in an imaginary place called planet earth. I felt at home. I do not mean our earthly physical home; I mean our spiritual home.  Our home is in that world of light.

Listen, I cannot describe heaven and the joy that I felt returning to it, to our home, other than to give you a poor glimpse of it.

I wanted to stay in that blissful place forever but an inner voice said: son, it is now time for you to return to earth and go tell your brothers that they have a blissful home and remind them that they ought to do what they have to do to come home. I did not want to go but when God talks to you, you must obey.

No force in the universe can disobey the will of God. Each of us must do what God asks him to do. Thus, I said, okay, father, I will return to the hell called planet earth and do my share in awakening my brothers.

Upon making that statement, the whole experience ended and I got up from where I was sitting and walked on.

There was residue of joy and peace in me. An hour and half later I walked out of the park and shortly thereafter came to my house.

I went right to my computer and typed the experience.  I have had similar experiences in the past. When I was essentially a monk at a Hindu temple I used to have spiritual experiences. I could be sitting in a place and wish to be somewhere else and find myself there (teleportation) or thinking about somebody and he would call (telepathy). I had incredible visions including seeing Brother Jesus.

If you have not seen Jesus you are not really a Christian; he is not what you probably think that he is, your lord and savior; no, he is a playful son of God who simply wants to play with you and does not understand why you call him your lord; he is generally in light form so you can see him in form; he can also come to you in a non-form manner, as a friend talking to you in your head.

Do you want to see Jesus?  If so, do what the brother asks you to do: love and forgive all people.  As long as you hate one human being you will not see Jesus the Christ.

Heaven is perfect love; to come to it you must love God and all his creations. No one enters heaven who hates even one son of God.

Love includes forgiving those who wronged you. If you have not forgiven all people you would not know heaven and God.

If you forgive all you would be brought to the gate of heaven.  Thereafter, you would have moments of perfect love. Heaven's metaphoric door would sometimes open and you find yourself in heaven, in the wave of light that I described above, a suiting light and you would be bathed with incredible music of the spheres and feel total certainty that you are God's son and are eternal.

When I took the study of spirituality seriously and played with Hinduism and Buddhism and meditation, I used to have such incredible spiritual experiences that at some point I felt that I needed to stop them and stay in the world of space, time and matter. To do so I needed to be wicked.

If you are wicked, that is, do not to love other people, do bad things to other people and feel anger instead of forgiveness for people who wronged you, heaven's door is automatically shut for you. I deliberately hated those who wronged me and was ejected from the experience of unity. I wanted to live on earth to do what earthlings do and not return to formless heaven yet.

In sum, this afternoon I was given the experience of heaven.  You might call it nature mysticism.  If you are into philosophy and have read Blaise Pascal recall his light experience. Suddenly, he felt in light and peaceful and could not believe that there is such peace and joy in this world. He wrote the experience down and attached it to his jacket and carried it to wherever he went. Pascal was a philosopher and mathematician.

Yes, scientists do have spiritual experiences.  In fact, most of the outstanding scientists, from Newton to Einstein and Schrodinger were mystics.

To do real science you have to take your ego out of the way so that your mind is permeated by real thinking, not the shabby thinking average human beings are prone to.

In sum, today I had what Hindus call self- realization, what I call experience of unified spirit self.  I am still basking in the afterglow of that beautiful experience as I am typing. I completed my typing at 7:30 PM, Anchorage time.

It is still very bright outside. Alaska has weird climate. In April it does not get dark until about 10 PM. By June we have nearly twenty-four hours day light. Then we gradually start losing day light so that by December we have almost twenty-four hours of darkness. This is neat, eh?

I tell you, this world is a fascinating place!


Everything is at root light. The physical universe, although it began in light, is designed to hide light. This is because light is love and love is God. The physical universe exists to mask love, to hide God. God is unified state.

We want to live as separated selves and thus found a way to hide the fact that we are eternally unified and give us the impression that we are separated from each other.

We, the sons of God, invented the universe of space, time and matter and use those three illusions to convince us that we are separated from other people. I am over here and you are over there; there is space, time and matter between us so our separation seem real to us.

But separation is apparent not real.  If you melt down the entire physical universe you convert it to light.

We began in light and remain as we were, light. Light is unified. Light is love. Light is God. We merely hide light, love and the God we are all parts of. We are always as God created us, unified with him and with each other, in light.

Occasionally, a son of God breaks through Maya and experience what we are hiding, light, love, God. When one does so one knows that all of us are one. Subsequently, one lives a loving and forgiving life. In so doing one becomes a bringer of peace and joy to a conflicted world, a world at war with itself.

I am a bringer of peace and happiness to the world. I am a prince of peace; I am not the teacher of conflict. Conflict inheres in the ego, for to live as an ego is to have a divided self, the ego and the Christ, the separated self and the unified self; the unified son of God and his opposite, separated ego self; Christ and anti-Christ.

This cognitive dissonance is resolved when one lives only as the Christ, the son of God who knows his self as one with all of us and loves and forgives all of us.

Ozodi Osuji

April 9, 2016

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